Girl’s Night Pt. 09

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*author’s note*

To the fans of this series I appreciate your patience as the chapters have been a long time coming. I am having difficulty fleshing out the club scenes that were to follow. I wrote this brief interlude which takes place immediately after the couple leaves the mall. Hope you will enjoy it. Thank you all for the positive encouragement and the criticisms, they are all noted and appreciated.


“That was fun,” Sophie said, sighing euphorically, “Don’t you think, baby?”

Taking the exit to the highway, Sophie glanced at Fisher, a rush of triumph hitting her as she took in Fisher’s faraway stare and he nodded. The swaying palm trees lining the road whizzed by and her thoughts turned to letting him in on the secret that they were not only fantasies in his mind, but also her own. Bit by debaucherous bit, she wanted this to become something that shared, and cultivated, but she wondered if it was too much. She glanced at him again, her eyes meeting his and she smiled, he turned away, staring back out to the horizon and her body ached for him. She pressed on the accelerator, now more than ever eager to get to him home.

Fisher tried to wrap his mind around what the afternoon had wrought. He knew this was a game, he knew his safe-words, he knew he could say no at any time. He also knew that it had never occurred to him to do either. Rather than fight back, he had submitted so completely that he lost track of his male self, sometimes completely. The thing that kept nagging at him, the thing he worried about most, how could he go back to what he was before now, how could he be the man Sophie loved when he ached for more.

“I want it too,” Sophie said as she slipped the Jeep into neutral and locked the parking break across the street from their brownstone. “I’ve been so turned on all week since you agreed to this, and then, last night, into today, god, you’re such a hot little sissy… I don’t know… say, something, only don’t deny what’s happened here!”

“I’m sorry Sophie,” Fisher answered, his voice barely audible. “I don’t think I know what to do any more.”

“That’s fine my love,” she said, “you don’t need to think, let your Mistress take care of you. And promise me that if you’ll get out of your own pretty head, and for tonight, just live in the fantasy of it all, promise me that you’ll follow your heart’s secret desires…”

“I promise Sophie,” Fisher answered, eyes lowering to the floor, “I promise I will.”

“And that is a promise I expect you to keep bitch,” Sophie said with venomous sneer, raising Fisher’s face so his eyes met hers. “Because if you don’t, everything that happens tonight will cease being special, and we can never do it again. And that, isn’t something I want. I loved seeing you like that today. Your gorgeous cock so hard every time you stood in front of a mirror… mmmmmhmm…. baby, I wanted to taste you so many times today.”

“Sophie, please… stop…. ” Fisher whimpered.

“I, don’t want to stop,” Sophie proclaimed. “I, want to tease you, play with you, humiliate you, make you beg to cum, give you everything your inner sissy desires… and if you don’t start calling me Mistress, right… fucking… now, I’ll spank you right here on the street…”

Sophie hopped down from Jeep and Fisher’s heart exploded out of his chest, her words sending primal urges to every nerve of his feminized body. His chest heaved, his enormous breasts rising, and he shivered as he felt their weight shift in his bra. He swung his legs out of to the curb, smiling as he hit the pavement and balanced perfectly on his pink six inch heels, the balls in his ass sending shivers up his spine.

“Jesus, you’re a sexy bitch when you smile,” Sophie said, a little to loudly, grinning as Fisher blushed. She grabbed some bags out of the back, and sprinted across the street. Setting her bags down on the opposite curb she fished her phone from her purse as Fisher was forced to wait for traffic to pass.

She took several photos of him while he stewed, laughing at his frustration and flirting with him as he was finally able to cross.

“Good thing its still a little light out,” she teased as he stepped up to curb. “Someone might have thought you were a poor, lost, hooker. Wouldn’t they be surprised?!”

Fisher could only grin sheepishly as she teased him about another of his masturbation fantasies.

Sophie watched him ascend the stairs, resisting the urge to bite him right on his tender, round ass. Now was not the time for that kind of playing though. Sophie wanted the only pain he felt to be from the agony of being kept on edge. She was going to take her time with him and he would learn what it meant to be hers. She dropped her bags and locked the door behind them, attacking him with her mouth as he stood, dumbstruck, still holding his parcels from the mall.

Fisher could barely breathe as Sophie’s lips brushed against the skin of his throat, her hands popping the few buttons of his shirt and untying the knot underneath his breasts. His cock surged in his panties, his casino şirketleri lust for her making him feel as if he could tear through both them and his shorts. He teetered on his heels, finally dropping the bags as her assault threatened to make him fall backward. He clutched at her body, his hands falling to her shoulders as her head fell deeper and her tongue grazed the space between his breasts.

She peeled his shirt from him, staring in his eyes as his raspy breaths betrayed his fear and excitement. Tossing it aside she placed her hand where her lips had just been, forcing him backward until his bare thighs made contact with the tall accent table in the hallway.

“Turn around Candi,” Sophie said, making a circular motion with her index finger. “Tell me what you see.”

Fisher had looked in the hallway mirror thousands of times, but never had he seen the reflection that was staring back at him. He opened his mouth and the full pink lips in the mirror parted, but no words came out. He blinked, and her long black eyelashes fluttered demurely. Magnificent breasts heaved as soft hands that belonged to her lover moved from her waist and up her ribcage until they danced across the cups of her dark fuchsia bra. Golden blonde hair spilled across her shoulders, framing a face that seemed both familiar and unimaginable.

“I see… a…”

Fisher paused, not wanting to speak the words that pounded in his head, clamoring to get out. He didn’t want to admit what he saw when he looked in the mirror. They both knew, the body, and the reflection, just what he was. But the words, they wouldn’t let themselves be formed. Slender fingers along his spine popped open the clasp of his bra and he groaned the lament of a twisted, tortured soul as the straps were slowly pushed from his shoulders and twin globes of soft plastic flesh swung free.

“Say it,” Sophie coaxed, “accept what you are and everything that you want.”

“I see a … tranny slut … who, is..thirsty for cum,” he admitted softly, immediately feeling a thousand pounds lighter, confessing it to Sophie, not just his Mistress.

“That’s it baby…” she said, kissing his back and turning him back to face her. “And now, when you feel the hunger pulling you, I want you to tell me, no more denying your fantasies or your desires, no matter how depraved you think you are.”

“Yes… Mistress…”

Sophie smiled, pulling his face to hers, kissing him deeply. She moaned as she tasted the salty remnants of his cum on his lips, her arousal growing the deeper her tongue drifted into his mouth. Her hands fell to Fisher’s uncovered breasts, the silicone supple under her touch, smiling as she grazed her fingers over the spongy nipples. Finally her fingers brushed against the front of his bulging shorts.

Fisher winced, his full testicles curled into Sophie’s fist keeping him close to her as she kissed him. She continued to pull him, and very slowly he found himself following her down the hall, panting desperately, pulsating in her hand.

“Such a tender girl Candi,” Sophie said, “I can’t wait to see you what this afternoon has really done to you…”

Fisher’s knees buckled, breathing sharply as his Mistress pulled him into the living room, knelt on the couch, and began undo-ing his tight denim shorts.

“Ohhh… baby, you’re so fucking hard, I fucking love it. Is that from me? your panties? or is it because my sissy liked seing Chuck’s cock so much?” Sophie said flirtatiously, licking her lips. “I can’t wait to feel you on my tounge.”

Sophie moaned again, extending her tongue to dance against Fisher’s cock inside his panties, alternately licking and kissing his cock as it strained against the satin fabric. She manipulated his flesh with practiced strokes that only she knew, knowing she could make this pleasure last hours or mere seconds.

“Gohd… Mistress…. the way you tease me …. please,” Fisher whimpered, curling his fingers around the back of Sophie’s head, biting his lip as Sophie scolded him.

She pulled back and forced Fisher to cup his breasts, holding his thumbs over the nipples, whispering sweetly. “Be a good slut and moan for me while you play with your tits…”

Fisher gripped his pendulous breasts with his manicured fingers and pressed them together, not needing to fake the shrill moan that swept past his lips. His mind was flooded with all the actresses he had seen, playing with themselves, moaning obscenities, selling it for the camera, and now he too was part of that. Except for one thing, he wasn’t acting. He was enjoying the feeling of the fleshy mounds attached to his chest, their weight heavy in his palms, their enhanced size giving him the profile of unmistakable femininity that he craved.

Sophie swept her hands down his torso as he moaned, hooking her fingers into his open shorts and jerking them roughly off his hips. She kissed his stomach along the waistband of his taut pink panties, teasing him with her lips and her tongue, laughing gently as he whimpered and moaned like a whore.

“Tell me slut…” she said, casino firmaları “what are the rules that allow you to cum…?”

Fisher shuddered violently, his voice a sultry rasp. “I’m allowed to cum when… oh fuck… when I have my Mistress’ cock in my ass…or… when I’ve had a real cock… a real cock in my mouth…”

“So which, sissy bitch…” she asked slowly, peeling his panties down and letting his cock spring free, “are you thinking about right now…?”

“A real cock in my mouth… unnnnnngh…”

Sophie took his cock deep into her throat, slurping backward, making his capacity for speech disappear. “But I only told you to jerk them off…,” she corrected as he fell from her lips, “one after the other. Chuck… and then Justin…..”

“I’ll do it Mistress…” Fisher admitted solemnly. “One after… ohhh fuck….. one after the other…”

She wrapped her fingers around his balls and the base of his cock, holding it up as she swirled her tongue around his dripping head. “And you will love every fucking second of it, but… being forced to suck cock, being used, having your mouth fucked by total fucking strangers, that’s what my little sissy really wants… isn’t it, bitch?”

“Yes!… Fucking Christ!… Yes Mistress!… all of it!”

Sophie bobbed her head on his swollen and crimson cock, once… twice… three times…

“Say it, say what you want you fucking cum hungry whore!” she commanded, releasing his cock and letting her hand drift under him until her fingers grazed the string of the vibrating balls in his ass. Her mouth devoured him as his lips parted, swallowing his cock, her nose nuzzling his flat stomach, choking herself on him as he confessed.

“I want you to force me to suck cock Mistress! Please let them fuck my mouth! Please let anyone you choose, use me!”

Fisher clutched his breasts as Sophie tugged on the string, his piercing wail echoing around the townhouse. Every admission was emphasized with a groan of pleasure as a lubricated ball slipped out of him, dropping to floor under his feet, leaving his distended asshole yearning for them. He called out to his Sophie as her hand cupped his balls again, slender fingers rimming his lubricated hole.

“Something wrong bitch?” she asked cruelly, inserting two fingers in his ass and letting his cock fall from her mouth, her saliva making him glisten magnificently in the slowly darkening room.

“Please… Mistress… let me… let me cum… please…”

“Oh, you pathetic little bitch,” she said, pressing her fingers to the soft mound inside him, “you haven’t earned that…”

Fisher moaned loudly, his hips rolling slowly as Sophie massaged his prostate, a week of edging making her manipulations impossible to resist. He could already feel his cock dripping as the pressure at the base of his cock began to build to unbearable levels, whimpering as he looked down and saw Sophie grinning, her hand cupped under his cock, her palm already filling with milky white fluid.

“I was going to let you soak your panties,” she said, looking up at him, locking her eyes on his, “but after seeing how much you loved the cum on your lips all day… well… I’m going to give exactly what you deserve….”

Fisher clutched his breasts and nodded stupidly, unable to speak as his body was no longer under his control. His ass kept spasming around Sophie’s fingers, every muscle seemingly only intent on furthering his humiliation. He began to cry, but somehow his tears did not seem to be from sadness, but from some great release of acceptance and elation. He gasped once, blinking rapidly, a sudden rush of admissions shocking them both.

Fisher wailed, sobbing softly as his words tumbled forth. “Thank you… thank you for making me your good little cum slut… I am so happy to, to be yours… I’ll suck all the cock you want me to Mistresssssss!!!”

Sophie withdrew her fingers from him as he groaned, once again demoralized, his full release staved off. Rising slowly to her feet to stand beside Fisher as he panted, his face flush, she raised her hand to his plump pink lips, smearing it on his open mouth, his cheek and the bridge of his nose murmuring her approval as it spilled from his skin, streaked down his chin and dripped onto his breasts.

“I know you will Candi,” she said softly in his ear as he licked his lips. “You have never looked quite as sexy as you do when you have cum on your face. Are you enjoying your preview of what you’re going to look like tonight?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress,” he sobbed between swipes of his tongue.

“But your Mistress may rethink that when she sees you with a fat cock buried in your ass…”

“Misstress…. please….. nnn….” Fisher groaned loudly at the suggestion, his cock trembling once again, Sophie’s other hand kneading his ass roughly. Images of Justin and Chuck raced through his mind, each one fucking him, taking turns, passing him back and forth, Sophie telling him to fuck them harder. He clutched his chest again as the urges grew stronger, his eyes closing güvenilir casino as he lost himself to the taste of cum and the hunger in his groin.

“Stop fantasizing sissy slut,” Sophie said with a grin as his eyes flashed open. “lick my hand clean and tell me what you’re thinking about…”

Fisher looked at her, an exhausted frown creasing his lips. “I…can’t say it….”

Sophie smacked his face violently, a wicked laugh spilling from her throat. “You pathetic whore!” she screamed, berating him. “You think I don’t know you want me to make you fuck Justin and Chuck? Stop pretending to be sweet and all fucking virtuous! WE BOTH KNOW WHAT YOU ARE! NOW FUCKING SAY IT, SLUT!”

“I want you whore out my ass and watch me get fucked hard Mistress!” he cried, words erupting from his mouth, “… I want a cock in my ass and one in my mouth… I want to be your whore Mistress… “

“You are my whore, you fucking bimbo,” Sophie said, smacking his ass with every word that followed. “You. Always. Have. Been.”

Fisher grimaced, her sharp stinging blows aching deep inside his bruised ass.

“I can’t wait to let everyone know what you just told me…”

“Mistress… pleeeease…,” Fisher croaked.

“Pick up your new toy, Candi,” Sophie said, ignoring him, “and then meet me up in the bedroom, you can put all your new things away while I text my friends…”

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher responded obediently, squatting to pull up his panties.

“Bend from your waist, slut,” Sophie said, scolding him, “and put your bra back on too… but no shorts… I love the way your hard cock looks in just your cute panties…”

Fisher’s face burned crimson, her compliments further twisting his warped mind. Yes, he knew exactly how to do it, he bent over, knees locked, showing off his hips and ass to her. His cock raged as he set about his tasks, retrieving his bra from the hallway, daydreaming as the sky outside turned the streets orange and red, wondering what his Mistress had in store for him.


Sophie ducked into the bathroom, smiling at herself in the mirror as she lightly scrubbed her hands. Everything was working perfectly; even if Fisher’s confession about wanting to get fucked was ahead of schedule. She hadn’t expected it until tonight after the club, or maybe even at the club, but if he was already willing to do so much to relieve his ache, she would have no trouble truly whoring him out to any of the invited guests who were interested. After-all, the club would be teeming with them, although Fisher would just think they were strangers. She shut the water off and dried her hands, smiling again as she heard the shopping bags fall onto the mattress in the bedroom.

She slipped off her shoes and climbed onto the bed, resting against the multitude of pillows that were propped against the headboard. She tucked her feet beneath her, her short skirt riding up her thighs as she thumbed her phone and watched Fisher move about the room daintily. His ass swayed in his panties and his giant breasts jiggled in his bra, every movement more effeminate than the last. Her thighs rubbed together absently as she watched him, the group text moving quickly when she told everyone about Fisher’s confession.

She laughed aloud, watching his expression as she read aloud from her phone. “Catherine wants to know if you want a ten person train run on you in the men’s room or the back alley…?”

“Ten?!” Fisher whimpered,” Mistress… no…. I can’t….. please…”

“You should see your face,” Sophie said with a laugh, “after tonight ten cocks will be nothing baby, trust me… ten won’t even begin to satisfy your craving…”

“Mistress, I don’t…”

“Stop blubbering like a bimbo, and answer the question, you dirty little slut,” she laughed, interrupting his attempt at denial. “If your cock wasn’t throbbing in your panties right now, I might believe you, but since it is… well… we both know what that means…”

Fisher pleaded with her, his hands wringing together as he clutched a pair of his new panties in his fists. “Its because of the clothes Mistress… please!!! Don’t!!”

“Its becauuuuuuse you… love………. cock!” she responded, “and since you won’t give me an answer, I’ll pick. Alley it is!”

Fisher’s mind shattered. He sank to against the dresser, his whole body shaking. She meant to have him gang raped. He would be ruined, emotionally and physically ruined. He felt her staring at him and he raised his eyes to her face.

“Gotcha…” she said, winking at him and flashing a devious smile. “Now finish up and come lay with me on the bed, I need to feel my sissy bitch’s tongue on my pussy…”

Fisher groaned softly, returning to his task, stealing glimpses of Sophie as she peeled her clothes from her toned body, his cock leaking as it pulsed inside his pink panties. His new bras and panties were in stark contrast to the blacks and grays of his normal boxer briefs, his dresses and bikinis looked peculiar next to his suits and dress shirts. He wondered what it would do to him, seeing them there everyday, a constant reminder of the licentious demon that lived within him. He touched the dresses one last time and sighed, turning back to face Sophie, a smile creasing his plump pink lips when he saw her.

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