GILF wife’s Diary (Sexual dysfunction – why I’m su

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GILF wife’s Diary (Sexual dysfunction – why I’m su
I’m 58, I’ve gotten fat from eating way too much chocolate way, there’s no doubt in my mind, that the way to a GILF’s cunt is with chocolates and cake.

Men have fantasies about older women, complicated unrealities, and they think that a mature woman wants to fuck the same as she did in her teens, most do not! Most older women will have gone through menopause by fifty-five and have lost their sex drive and are therefore content to let their husbands or partners fuck them on their backs occasionally, and even maybe suck their cock, but nothing more. Most older women have no desire for young cock, big cock, black cock, in fact any stiff or lifeless cock, and their husbands by this time, will most likely have a large paunch, and either cannot cum, or take hours to cum. These older gals, they have inflexible joints, aches and pains and maybe even a bad back, so they have no desire to be bent into all sorts of complicated positions and fucked, or indeed choke on some hard penis as a guy shoots his load suddenly into their mouth. There however are a few older women like me, who on starting an early menopause, can have a sexual dysfunction, a rampant need for instant gratification.

Sexual dysfunction does cover a lot of areas in sexuality. It can be a bad thing for a long-term relationship, when a woman’s husband suddenly discovers his rather boring bedtime activities with his wife have been completely misplaced, and his wife/partner is suddenly a whore in-between the covers. She will most likely express an interest in fucking at any time of the day, or indeed night. I once awoke Adrian in the middle of the night by having my head resting on his belly as I sucked avidly on his cock until he came hard at the back of my throat. When he woke up the following morning, he wasn’t sure if he’d had a dream, and this was followed as my libido picked up even more, with me shaking him awake and demanding he ride me missionary as hard as he could. I just wanted fucking, not necessarily to cum, just real forceful intercourse, penetration, and of course he obliged. As a married couple we hadn’t slipped into sex once a week, it was on the cards about four times, and sometimes I blow him as he lay back and watched my ministrations, now I wanted it three or four times a day, and hard and fast. Often, I would just push down my jeans and bend over the couch arm, and then tell him, not ask him, tell him to take me, fuck me relentlessly, walloping my ass cheeks as he rides me. I now wanted anal all the time, not just occasionally when I was in the mood, and also not that slow ‘I’ll be careful’ anal, but the hard ‘Fuck me fiercely with your balls whacking off my cunt!’ type of anal.

Adrian was of course loving all this, his normally demure wife a complete slut, he never questioned why I had changed, when a desire, a fetish, daydream, a fantasy of his arose from our early history. Before we’d married, he loved to watch me masturbate whilst he jerked off, he’d taught me how to do it well, and very early on in our relationship. I loved cumming so much, that in the evening if my parents were watching the TV, and I just had to cum, I’d go into the washroom, push my jeans down, squat on the toilet seat and get myself off. It wasn’t difficult to make myself cum, it was however difficult to disguise the fact I was squirming on the toilet sea to rushes of pleasure and squirting into the bowl below my open cunt, it was also awkward not to make too much noise each time I climaxed! I always told Adrian all about my masturbation, loving to tell him in great detail how I’d been thinking of him mounted on me fucking the ass off me as I edged myself higher and higher. We had started with him watching from a comfortable chair, he be sat with his cock out of the flies of his jeans, I’d be lying on the floor on a mattress that he had dragged through from his spare bedroom (he had his own house). I lie with my thighs wide apart, cunt facing him, and he’d rub his cock as I masturbated using my fingers (late of course I discovered the delight of dildo’s and vibrators). When I had cum a few times, he would either ride me using a condom, I was still not able to access the pill due to my age, or he would cum all over my tits by standing above me. Sometimes he’d shoot a huge hard load and some of illegal bahis this would land on my face, something I started to get used to, but wasn’t impressed with. Later when I went onto the pill, he’d kneel between my outstretched legs and cum all over my cunt as I desperately rubbed out another orgasm.

One night after he had ridden me hard and I was lying back exhausted, he suddenly suggested that I allow a good friend of his, one I knew well, as he and Adrian built motorcycles together, to watch me cumming. Adrian told me his friend was always saying how lucky that ‘Adrian’ was, to have me to fuck, and Adrian said his friend Allan had a fantasy where I would let the both of them watch me playing naked as they jerked off over viewing me orgasming. I wasn’t shocked, but I wasn’t really interested either as I had only just started having sex, it was all still new to me, and I was happy with Adrian as a boyfriend. However, I could see the need in his eyes, and I was slightly worried that he might well go looking for a girl who would fulfil his desires. Adrian had plenty of interest from other girls, and I had a good time with him, he took me out a lot, it wasn’t just sex, and I think maybe I thought I might not find someone who’d fuck me so well if I lost him? So reluctantly I agreed, but with some rules, I wasn’t going to just strip off in front of them and get off, we’d need to have a few drinks, go out for something to eat, and I’d only let him see my cunt past my knickers! Knickers I had no intention of removing, in my mind I’d rub myself off through them.

A few weeks later Adrian informed me that he had asked Allan if he would like to watch me masturbate, I had thought that as a little time had gone by, that he, Adrian had forgotten or indeed changed his mind. Adrian told me that Allan had expressed great interest in the idea, and he had arranged it for the following night. So, there I was the next night, in a knee length skirt with stockings (always wore stockings in the 70’s), white suspender belt, matching lacy knickers and bra. When I had chosen my panties, I had tried on several pairs, big old ugly cotton jobs, and sexy lacy ones, there were no G-string’s available although they were out in the cities by then. As I slid off one pair down my long legs, I noticed that the cotton gusset was all damp, well sodden if I am truthful, and I realised that I was excited at the prospect of doing myself in front of Adrian’s friend, his attractive friend at that. Eventually I chose all white matching lace, daring as it was see-through and, in the mirror, I could see my red pubic hair curling and the top of my cunt was plainly visible. The next evening and at the prearranged time, Adrian picked me up in his car and then he drove to Allan’s house, nobody said anything much apart from ‘Hello’, and then Adrian drove us into town. We had a few quiet drinks in a local pub, and I felt the familiar butterflies in my tummy of sexual excitement, so when Adrian asked where we should eat out, I said “Let’s go home now and have some fun!”

Back Adrian’s house, he and Allan sat on the couch, and I sat opposite in an armchair, Adrian never suggested the mattress that we usually used for me to lie on. I wasn’t sure how to start off this new event in my life, especially as I had their undivided attention, so I closed my eyes and thought of being fucked. My panties were already flooded with my juices, I knew the back of my skirt would be wet as well, but by then I didn’t care. I rubbed my thighs through the skirt, opening my legs a little so that I could touch my pussy, and as I got more excited I let my legs fall apart, my high heels were pushing my knees upwards and outwards, so my legs dropped apart like an overcooked chickens thighs. The guys however could see nothing of my cunt as the skirt covered all, and then without any real thought I pulled my hands back from their work, and slowly opened my white blouse, revealing my lacy 36C cup bra that had a front clip. I heard one of the guys opposite breath in noisily as I released my tits and their stiff pink nipples sprang forth. Leaving the blouse to cover most of my top half, I allowed my hands to drop back to my thighs where I now pulled my skirt slowly up my long legs, inching it a little at a time until I felt the bottom edge slide over my white stocking perabet tops. I opened my eye’s just a tiny amount, both Allan and Adrian had their cocks out, and were stroking them, both had almost glazed expressions, this made me even more excited and I drew the side of my knickers away from my cunt lips and rubbed my clitoris. Slowly at first, but more vigorously as I heard the increase in their heavy breathing, I rubbed speedily until I had my first of several orgasms. As my excitement started to wane, I heard the couch groan as one of them stood up, but I resisted the urge to look up and see who. I guessed one of them was having a closer look at my displayed body, so I opened my legs even more, and pulled them back as far as I could towards my chest, exposing my cunt to their sight where my knickers were no longer hiding it. One of them made an appreciative sound, so I dared a quick look, Allan was standing right in front of me and looking down at my body, stroking his cock, his cock that was standing proud in front of him like a branch of a tree. The end of his rod was almost purple, I knew by the colour that he was near to cumming, and then unexpectedly his bell end erupted a copious amount of spunk in an arc out over me as I lay back in the armchair. Some dropped onto my revealed big lipped pussy, other sticky strings fell on my clothing and bared breasts, the next shot reached my chin, dribbling to my chest. Behind Allan, Adrian was standing wanking furiously and as Allan groaned out his last few drops onto my prone figure, Adrian pushed Allan to one side and instantly added his own cum to Allan’s. If I hadn’t been on the pill, I’d have run the awkward chance of being pregnant and all the fun of not know which of them was the father. I looked down to see my hairy pubic mound covered in cum, I could feel it stuck hotly to my gash. There was a difficult silence as Adrian got some paper towel from the kitchen, and Allan put his cock away. I mopped up the cum on me as Allan observed, and then adjusted my clothing. We never did this again, not because I didn’t want to, but because Adrian and Allan both fucked me as a threesome the following week, (Tale to follow another time), but then never spoke about it again. Although I waited to be asked by Adrian to indulge him with another ‘ménage à trois’, he never mentioned the incidents. The nearest next event was at a party a year or so later, when a drunk Allan caught me in the kitchen in a short skirt, I’d had too much vodka and we fumbled, he managed to get passed my little white G-string (they were now available) and force three fingers in my large cunt, he sucked avidly at the tips of my unfettered and now 38D tits through my small T shirt, and then asked me to come back to his house and fuck? I pushed him away and told him I was with Adrian, but I never told Adrian, and for a while I thought of just going to Allan’s and fucking him, but I didn’t. I did however masturbate furiously imagining Allan fucking me doggy with my tits bouncing to and from as he filled my greedy cunt with his cum, several times (Tale to follow another time).

Up until the age of thirty-nine, these two incidents were the spiciest of my sex life that I’d had, I had poorly sucked off one other guy before Adrian, he was my boyfriend at the time, and he’d fumbled with my tits and fingered me a couple of times (I was only young), before eventually at his insistence I had kissed the end of his cock, not sucked. He had me lie on my side with his cock in my face, and he tried to get it into my mouth, but I kept my lips firmly shut, so he had then jerked off onto my lips and nose as I lay side on to him, an event that I didn’t enjoy much, his cum felt slimy, it was the first ejaculate I had encountered. He was embarrassed afterwards, worried I might tell my parents, and we didn’t see each other again. When I met my husband to be, he was five years older than me, and he thought I was as old as him, found out later I wasn’t, but he didn’t seem concerned, asked me if I was a virgin, and I told him ‘Yes’. He taught me how to suck cock properly, and gave me my first orgasms, I didn’t even know I could have an orgasm until I met him, so that was a very pleasant surprise. He ‘Adrian’ was very liberal I realise now and taught me very early on that I needed to just let go perabet giriş when I felt I was cumming. He’d lick me out and I’d shout, scream, and felt often as though I was going to piss myself, so I always held off completely letting go. I explained to him one evening just how what he done to me had felt so good, that I had nearly wet myself, he looked at me seriously, and then got up and left the room. At first, I thought I’d said something to offend him and was a little worried! But he came back a moment later with a large bath towel and told me to undress again. I did, and he positioned me on my back on the bed with the towel underneath my buttocks. Adrian then laid down between my outspread thighs and told me to just let myself go, told me to let myself go past the edge I had been stopping at. So, I laid back and he licked me again, I reached my normal peak quickly, cumming hard, but he kept licking gently, speeding up ever so slightly, letting his tongue lap at my cunt lips wetly, salivating over my clitoris and taking me on to another level, occasionally pushing his tongue inside my cunt. I came again, and again, and again, before finally reaching the peak I had been sidestepping, and very self-consciously, I let go, rode over the edge and into the wonderful world of sheer pleasure. I pissed myself, really doing a good job, my bladder voiding in hard spurts into his face, but now I was there, I didn’t care, I came time after time, so many intense peaks with little troughs in between, I didn’t want the bliss to ever stop. Next, Adrian taught me how to masturbate, and that it was okay to do it as much as I wanted as it wouldn’t hurt me. So now my sex life was all about fucking him and getting myself off whilst he watched masturbating himself, or indeed on my own, which I did at least once a day now I knew how.

Adrian’s fantasy about me, went back to the experience we had with his friend Allan. Adrian didn’t push me now that I was so sexually motivated, didn’t go on about his fantasy, but sometimes when he was balls deep in me, and near cumming, he would whisper “I’d love to see another guy fucking you, or you sucking him off as I sit watch.” We’d not discuss this further afterwards, but I started to dream of cock, and of all different kinds of cock, different shape, different size, different colours, cock, cock, cock! It was true to say that Adrian just couldn’t keep up with my sexual needs of the moment, and I kept thinking back to when he and Allan had fucked me, and it because a fixture in my masturbating. Sure, it had been clumsy, and I had been shy, they had ridden me one after another and I had enjoyed the feeling of two different guys breeding me, and I knew I want this again, and more. Adrian had been taking sexy photographs of me for years, and I knew he occasionally showed them to his male friends, and one occasion I found out by chance that he had lent some out to a friend who fancied me, to jerk off to! However, Adrian told me that he had been posting the newer digital ones on the internet on a ‘Porn Site’, I was shocked, but he reassured me that the men on line had been getting off over me for ages, looking at me naked and paying me compliments. I sat one evening with Adrian and read the comments about how much they wanted to fuck me etc. Adrian even suggested that I talk to these guys by messaging them back, and for a while I did. Some days I would message back and forth and sit with sticky knickers, and then Adrian would use me, and sometimes he would suggest we let another guy come and use me as he watched. I would laugh, chuckle, but inside my head, I liked the idea a lot. Adrian shot some video of me sucking his cock, and of me being fucked by him, also having various dildos pushed into me, using vibrators to get me off. He even suggested we get a ‘Stunt Cock’ in to fuck me, as he said it would be a lot easier for him to film. I declined, but later realised that he was maybe more determined than I had realised, and with me in this new oversexed phase of my life, I was game for nearly anything that didn’t hurt or involve pee and shit. Being nearly forty, I eventually decided to allow him to carry out two of his other fantasies, one was us camming, and the other involved me being tied up gently and then used by him. I liked the idea of being blindfolded as well, and maybe hearing deprivation, so that I all had, was the feeling of what he did to me sexually. What happened next was a bit of a surprise for me….

GILF wife’s Diary (Sexual dysfunction – why I’m such a slut #2) will carry this tale on soon…

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