Gift For Brenda Ch. 4

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Note: This is a continuing story line in which Suzie has “loaned” her husband Bill to Brenda for a weekend. Brenda is recently divorced, lonely and starving for sex. Suzie has decided that Bill may just be the ticket to get Brenda out of her funk and get her back on the street dating again. In Chapter 3 Brenda and Bill have just finished having sex in the bedroom and they are both starving.

I was headed to the kitchen when I met Brenda in the hallway heading back toward the bedroom, both of us still naked. Brenda stopped and kissed me lightly on the cheek, “I’m going to go freshen up. I thought I’d throw some spaghetti on, the salads are just about ready. Why don’t you get the wine out and pour us each a glass. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Sure,” I responded. “But I should probably freshen up too. Want me to help you?” I asked turning back to follow her.

“Nothing doing, Mister. You go get the wine. I can handle this myself,” Brenda responded pushing me back with both hands. “Now go.”

“Yes, Mam,” I smiled saluting sharply.

“Dismissed soldier,” Brenda smartly saluted me back.

Making my best military turn I spun 180 degrees, my limp dick striking my thighs as I turned, and marched off toward the kitchen… laughing to myself as I went. I searched through every cabinet in her kitchen before I finally found two wine glasses and the cork screw. Brenda had still not returned after I had opened and poured the wine, so I went off in search of her, carrying the glasses with me. The bathroom door was closed when I entered the bedroom so I called out to Brenda, letting her know I had the wine.

Brenda opened the door and stood in front of me, her naked body seemed to shimmer in the bathroom lights… the light scent of perfume drifted up to my nose. “Mmm, you smell good,” I smiled at her.

“Thanks,” she smiled back. “I see you brought the wine. Why don’t you come in and let’s freshen you up as well,” she instructed, motioning me in. Taking one of the glasses and my hand in hers Brenda took a sip of the wine. “Mmm, that tastes pretty good.” I offered the glass to her, whish she refused by holding her hand up in front of me. “You hold the wine… I’ve got something else to do,” she ordered.

Brenda moved me over to one of the vanities where she pulled out a fresh wash cloth and proceeded to wet and then soap the cloth. Once the cloth was full of soapy lather, she turned to me and began to thoroughly wash my genitals with the warm soapy cloth. Brenda spent several minutes washing my dick, balls and pubic region… even after three orgasms in the span of only a few hours my erection began to once again spring back to life from her caresses. Brenda then rinsed the cloth in warm water and commenced washing off the soapy residue from my body… my erection now growing to almost full staff.

“Well… looks like I may have resurrected a dead soldier,” Brenda grinned up at me.

“He may be resurrected, but he ain’t doing nothing until his owner gets fed,” I joked back.

“Then off to the kitchen,” Brenda responded, drying me quickly with a hand towel to dry off.

We headed off to the kitchen where we finished making our salads. Brenda pulled out a container of spaghetti sauce from the freezer and put the noodles in to cook. We sat at the breakfast bar, eating our salad and making small talk while the spaghetti sauce thawed out and the noodles cooked.

We talked and laughed just like we normally would have… we talked about Brenda’s job… about my job… about her house… about the vacation to the mountains Suzie and I taken two weeks earlier. However, while being normal in some ways, our conversation was also very strange at the same time. Here we were, two old friends enjoying a meal together talking about mundane things… with a few major differences.

One difference being that we were both totally naked… a second being that we had just spent the last several hours having sex… and yet another difference being that we, in all probability were going to spend a few more hours having sex together…before I left to return home to my wife… my wife who had arranged this entire weekend.

We finished our salads and carried the salad plates to the sink, rinsing them off and laying the dirty dishes in the sink. We then got out plates for the spaghetti. Brenda and I worked easily together… moving around one another in the spacious kitchen our bodies and hands still casually touched one another. The touches, even though they were to our naked bodies were very relaxed and non-sexual. Occasionally my eyes would linger over Brenda’s tits, or her jiggling ass… and occasionally I would catch her stealing a glance at my flaccid penis. But for the most part we worked with each other very comfortably… without a great deal of sexual tension.

We finished fixing our spaghetti plates and sat back down to eat. For several minutes we ate silently… each of us lost in our own thoughts. We did make a little small talk as we both cleaned our plates, ankara escort but for the most part we just sat and quietly ate our meals.

After I had finished I looked over at Brenda to see her toying with her fork on her now empty plate. “Is something wrong, Brenda?” I asked, a little concerned about her mood.

“No, nothing’s wrong… nothing at all,” she replied, looking up at me with a very sweet smile on her face. “I was just thinking about how nice this afternoon had been… thinking about what I have been missing all these years.”

“This afternoon has been very nice,” I responded. “But don’t get the idea that every weekend Suzie and I have is like this one. We do have ‘marathons’ like this occasionally… but it’s only once or twice a year… and you know from talking to Suzie that we have our share of spats and disagreements. But, all in all, we do have a good marriage… and a great sex life.”

“Oh, I know that, Bill,” she replied. “Suzie has told me a lot about your great marriage… after all we are best friends. But I’ve never had a weekend like this – ever. Not even on my honeymoon.” Brenda paused a moment reflectively before continuing, “Peter and I only had sex two times during the entire week of our honeymoon. You know I was a virgin when we got married… I couldn’t wait until our wedding night… until I could give Peter his wedding present… my virginity. Well..,” Brenda looked up at me with a small tear in her eye.

“We didn’t even have sex that first night… Peter said with all the wedding stuff he was just too tired… We had sex for the first time the second night… I wore my sexiest negligee… we shared a bottle of wine with dinner in our room… then we lay in bed and kissed for the longest time… I was sooo horney… I couldn’t wait for Peter to enter me… When he did I was so turned on… and so wet… that it barely hurt when he broke my hymen… it felt so wonderful… finally having someone… finally having my husband who I loved so dearly inside of me.

“I was really enjoying him sliding in and out of me… then.. before it was over… it ended… he came.. rolled over and went to sleep… he never even kissed me good night.”

Then after a few more minutes of reflection she added, “Today just reinforces to me that I made the right decision in leaving Peter…. and I think I’m actually glad that I couldn’t have children… it would have made leaving Peter almost impossible.”

Rising from the table I walked around to stand beside Brenda where I leaned down, gave her a brotherly hug and placed a lingering kiss on the top of her head… not really needing words to convey my love and compassion for my wife’s best friend.

Brenda looked up at me and smiled, “Just because you’re being so nice to me doesn’t mean you’re going to get out of helping me with the dishes, Buster. Now get your dirty dishes and bring them into the kitchen.”

Bringing my dishes to the kitchen we washed, dried and put away the plates before we refilled our wine glasses and headed off for the den. “Would you like to put some clothes on and watch a movie?” I asked Brenda.

“No. Or at least ‘no’ to putting on clothes. TV or a movie sounds like just the ticket though. I’d love to curl up naked on the sofa with you and watch TV,” Brenda answered. “I’ll turn on the gas logs so we won’t get too chilly.”

“Sure… what would you like to watch? TV or do you have a movie you want to see?” I asked.

“It doesn’t really matter… let’s just channel surf for a while,” Brenda answered, as we sat down side by side on the sofa. I picked up the remote and began mindlessly surfing through the channels… I passed by TBS just as the beginning credits for Top Gun was being displayed. “Oooh, go back, go back. I love Top Gun,” Brenda excitedly instructed.

“Okay. Top Gun it is,” I responded. Setting the remote down I handed Brenda her glass of wine as we both settled back to sip our wine and watch the movie.

The movie began and in short order we both finished the last of our wine. “Would you like more wine,” I asked.

“No, I’m fine. If I drink any more I’m afraid I fall asleep and then you might take advantage of me,” Brenda coyly smiled at me.

“Oh? So you’re afraid of me now?” I asked.

“No! Not afraid of you… afraid you’d take advantage of me and I wouldn’t be awake to enjoy it,” she laughed. When we first sat down on the sofa I had settled down on the left end with both feet on the floor. Brenda had been sitting a few inches away in a similar fashion. With the wine now finished Brenda had moved closer… putting my right arm around her and placing her left shoulder under my arm… her back turned slightly toward my chest. She then tucked her feet up under her as she held my right hand in hers… my fingers dangling down… perilously close to her naked tits… her left hand resting warmly on my thigh. Comfortably settled in, we continued watching the movie in silence.

For the next 45 minutes or so of the movie I had escort ankara watched as Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis flirted with one another. However, as the movie had progressed I had let my mind drift and wasn’t really paying much attention to the action on the screen. I had been thinking about the earlier part of the day… thinking about the phone call we had earlier with Suzie… and then I was thinking about how I much I was looking forward to seeing Suzie the next day.

While we were sitting together Brenda had been toying with the hairs on my thigh, pulling them slightly between her fingers of her left hand. Meanwhile her right hand, which was holding my right hand, had been absentmindedly stroking my fingers and hand. She lightly scratched the back of my hand, the motion of which pushed my fingers into contact with her right nipple. Brenda’s quick intake of air and the fact that her nipple was standing out straight told me she must be thinking about something other than baseball scores.

I tilted my head down to Brenda’s ear and quietly whispered, “Are you cold?”

“No, why?” Brenda asked.

“I was just wondering,” I answered. Then adding, as I tweaked her nipple between my fingers, “It feels like part of you might be cold.”

“Mmm,” Brenda sharply moaned. Then, turning to look at me and smiling, “No. I’m not cold… I just have this thing for Tom Cruise.”

“Oh? So you’re telling me that Tom Cruise makes you hot?” I teased.

Brenda pulled her legs out from under her body, stretching her right leg out beside her on the sofa and placing her left on the floor… her foot touching mine… Brenda then leaned back slightly in front of me and pulled my right hand down to her pussy with her left.

“See,” she said as she slid my fingers inside her slippery pussy.

“Wow, you are hot… and wet,” I whispered. “But you’re telling me that it’s just because of Tom Cruise and not because you’re sitting here beside this handsome, naked man?”

Brenda looked into my eyes and responded, “It may be because of Tom… but it’s for you.” Brenda then placed her right hand on the back of my head and pulled me toward her for a kiss. As we kissed I continued letting my fingers toy with her soaking pussy.

When we finally broke from the kiss I warned, “Brenda. We probably need to move to the bedroom… as wet as you are I’m afraid you’re going to make a mess on the sofa.”

Giggling, Brenda jumped up, “….I’ll be right back.” She returned shortly with a huge beach towel. “Here, let’s put this under us.” Brenda then placed the towel on the seat before she rearranged us similar to before.

“Now. Where were we?” Brenda asked as she once again pulled me toward her for a kiss. My left arm was behind Brenda’s back but instead of placing the fingers of my right hand back inside her I placed that hand on her breast and began squeezing her tit. “Unh Uh,” Brenda moaned as she broke the kiss. “I don’t think that’s where your hand was.”

I promptly moved my hand back down to cup her mound, “Is that where my hand was?”

Brenda placed her hand on top of mine and helped me push two of my fingers inside her, “Mmm…. that’s where your hand was,” Brenda responded, a little out of breath. “I can’t believe I’m this horney… even after everything we’ve done today I just can’t seem to get enough.” Pulling me to her once again for a kiss… Brenda hungrily sucked my tongue into her mouth.

We pretty much ignored the movie as we sat on the sofa with our mouths locked together. After a kiss that seemed to last for hours Brenda broke the kiss and looked up at me with that same lust-filled look I had seen before. “Bill, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, Brenda, I’ve told you before you can ask me anything. What is it?” I asked, holding my fingers still inside her.

“Well.. it’s,” Brenda hesitated. Than taking a deep breath and screwing up her courage, “When we were in the shower… and you put your finger in my…,” Brenda continued haltingly. Then once again taking a deep breath and screwing up her courage, “When we were in the shower and you put your finger in my… ass… well, no one’s ever done that to me before. It felt kind of… well different. When I came that time… it seemed to feel different… like it was coming from somewhere else… somewhere deeper in my body.”

“And? Did you like that feeling?” I interrupted her, once again moving my fingers in and out of her.

“Mmm,” she moaned momentarily closing her eyes. “Yeah. I did,” then smiling added, “Although I like what your doing right now too.” I moved my fingers up to strum across her clit two or three times before I thrust them back in side. “Mmmm,” she moaned through closed eyes.

Brenda then placed her left hand on top of mine, pulled my fingers out of her soaking wet pussy… but left my hand lying lightly over her swollen mound. Squinting her eyes open she continued, “Bill, it’s not going to take much for me to come again as hot as you’ve made me… but I want to talk a minute…” ankara escort bayan then she added with a grin, “First!”

“Sure…. I’ll stop playing with you. Now what do you want to talk about.” I encouraged.

Taking another huge breath, “Okay.” Brenda’s voice then took on an air of confidence as she began, “When we were in the shower earlier and you put your finger in my ‘ass’,” she emphasized the word ass as she spoke, proud of her own new born courage. “Well, I was wondering. Suzie told me that every once in a while you and her actually had sex like that… that sometimes she enjoyed having your dick inside her ass.”

My thoughts temporarily drifted to thinking about Suzie talking to Brenda about these very intimate parts of our marriage. A few days ago I would have probably felt hurt.. felt betrayed. But now, having spent the last few hours having sex with Brenda, it was different now… now it felt kind of natural… it felt kind of nice.

“But I was so shocked when she told me that one time, that Suzie never tried to explain how she did it.. how she did it without it hurting,” Brenda continued. “Well, I don’t think I want you to try… putting it – er, your dick, in me…. but… well… if you ever wanted to use your fingers again… well, I might like that,” Brenda finished with a big sigh.

I thought about what Brenda was saying, as well as what I thought she wasn’t saying. It seemed that while Brenda was trying to explain her desires to me… at the same she was really trying to make me totally responsible for fulfilling those desires… but that required reading her mind… something that, even as well as I knew her, I wasn’t capable of doing. And certainly the next guy that she wanted to have sex with wasn’t going to be able to do either.

I began lightly toying with her pussy again as I thought about what Brenda was asking… and what my response should be. “Brenda,” I began, still lightly stroking the lips of her wet pussy. “I don’t think that’s fair.” Then after a pause to let that statement sink in, “What you’re doing is asking me to be a mind reader… you’re asking me to take complete responsibility for all the sex that occurs between us.” Then smiling I quickly added, “Now while I like taking charge… I think it’s very important… a requirement actually, for you to take responsibility for telling me what you want… what you need… and how far you want to go. While I may be more aggressive than you… I still need you to tell me what you need… and when you need it.

“Now you don’t have to tell me with words,” I continued. “You can tell me with your body language… by moving my hands where you want them…” I elicited another series of moans from Brenda as I temporarily centered my finger movements on her clit. “Or by your moans,” I smiled teasingly.

“Mmmm! Does that moan tell you something?” she teased back.

Pulling my fingers from her pussy, I moved to get up from the sofa. “Nnnnoo. Don’t get up,” Brenda appealed.

I stood in front of Brenda, my hard erection bobbing in front of her at her eye level. “And all this time I thought you liked it when I got up,” I smiled down at her.

Brenda took my penis in both hands and cuddled me to her face, “Mmmm. I do like it when you get up like that.” Brenda was just starting to take me into her mouth when I pulled away and moved to my knees in front of her.

“Spread your legs,” I whispered as I moved between them and forcefully pulled her butt out to the edge of the sofa. I then kissed the inside of her right knee, which brought forth another light moan from her lips. Moving slowly upward I placed a chain of little butterfly kisses on the inside of her thigh. The aroma of her sweet core met my nose as I slowly bypassed her mound with my lips and moved my head slowly down her other thigh… letting my breath and nothing else gently brush her skin. When I reached her left knee I once again planted a series of kisses up the inside of that thigh.

With Brenda’s legs spread wide I could see her juices dropping from her lips and pooling on the towel underneath. I blew lightly on her wide-spread lips. “Unhhh,” Brenda moaned as she tried to hunch her hips up to bring her lips into contact with my lips.

I pulled my head back slightly as I used my fingers to spread her lips even wider… the nub of her clit now standing proud of her inner lips. Once again I blew my warm breath against her as she moaned in need, “Unhhh… don’t… don’t tease….” she whimpered.

I shaped my tongue into a point as I carefully licked the inside of her thighs along the line where her thigh joined her body… delicately bringing my tongue up the inside of her thigh but making certain that it didn’t come into contact with even her outer lips… I made one huge circle around the outside diameter of her mound… letting my tongue drift low into her crack… then up along the line of her thigh… across over the top of her small tuft of pubic hair… then back down the other thigh and lower to her crack.

I then broke contact with her body and blew a small short burst of air directly against her clit. “Unhhh… Bill… don’t tease me..” she pleaded… her hips rocking up and down involuntarily to this invisible stimulant.

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