Getting to Joan Ch. 02

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After I came I pulled out and fell on my back beside Joan.

‘Why did you stop?’ she whined.

‘I am done. I got what I wanted.’

‘Why did you talk to me like that?’

‘ I already told you, I don’t like to repeat myself.’

‘Don’t I mean anything to you?’

‘Listen to me. Do you know how many single thirty and forty something women like you are out there’ You have a lot of competition my dear. I should probably find myself some young, dumb, babe to spend my time with. You aren’t bad for a woman your age. I told you that you had some good pussy, but frankly everywoman has one and if she’ll listen to me I can teach her to be a good fuck.’

She began to reach for my cock. It was soft now, but she was still hot. It was her way of changing the subject. She wasn’t used to being talked to like that. If offended her sensibilties. They didn’t talk to her that way at work. I love to talk to a woman like that, especially when she still needs to be fucked. Joanie was like that, I knew it all along. When that little pussy of hers started twitching, I knew I could do as I pleased. Sex was like a drug to her. She had to have it just like she had to have her pills. She couldn’t live without it and when she needed it she would do anything to get it. I intended to see to it she would have to do anything, anything I wanted.

You see, that is what scares some men when they meet a woman like Joan. They are afraid that they can’t handle her and she’ll fuck around on them. And she would too if you didn’t know how to treat her, just like she had done in her past. You see honesty is the best policy. You can’t let women fool you. They never say what is really on their minds. Every word has an alterior motive. You have got to show a woman what she is and treat her like it. She may not admit it, she may balk at first, women have all these romantic illusions about how things are suppose to be, but you’ve got to get rid of all those ideas. Women were made for man. Everthing about them is designed çatalca escort to please a man. The way they look, the way they are made, it is all there to please a man and if a man will be a man at treat her like woman she’ll respect him. Hell, she’ll do anything for him.

My cock was getting hard now. Joanie had her head on my chest stroking my cock, watching it get hard.

‘You know I never really liked the way a man’s cock looked. I never really paid attention to it, but I love to look at yours.’

‘There you go trying to flatter me again. You have seen plenty of cocks.’

‘Why won’t you let me be nice to you?’

‘Joanie, the problem is you want to be nice to me on your terms. That is not the way it works. If you want to please me you have to obey me, submit to what I want, forget that stuff you and your girlfriends talk about. You just want me to fuck you, make you cum, make you feel good, and you think that flattery keeps the deal even. It doesn’t work that way. If you really want me you have to show me.’

‘What do you mean’ I do show you.’

I had had enough of her talk.

‘Do you want to please me?’

‘Huh huh’

‘Then go in the bathroom, you’ll find my razor, put a new blade in it and shave that cunt of yours.’


‘You heard me, shave it, shave it bald, bald as a little girls’.’

She acted put-out, but she got up and went in the bathroom. Joanie was going to be all right. She still didn’t like to admit it, but this was turning her on. She turned on the shower and spent quite a while, but soon she came out.

‘There, do you like that?’ She stepped back into the bedroom and stood by the bed. ‘I feel so stupid. I can’t believe you made me do that.’

‘I didn’t make you, you did it to please me’, didn’t you?’

Her pussy was bald now, pink and smooth, the way I like it. I liked to make her feel exposed and naked. I wanted her to know that she couldn’t hide anything from me. She needed esenyurt escort to feel naked and exposed, emotionally and physically. I had to do that, to make her understand how to please me, and quit playing those games she had played with all the other men in her life.

‘Yes, I do want to please you. Do you like it’ I think it looks funny.’

‘You’ll learn to like it. You’ll like the way it feels when the cool air blows between your legs. Oh, and another thing, no panties or panty hose from now on. You’ll wear dresses. If I want you to wear anything else, I’ll tell you. Now come over here and get on your knees and show me how much you like my cock. Make it hard and wet, and then I’ll give you the fucking you need.’

Joanie knelt by the bed. I opened my legs an watched her take it in her mouth.

‘No hands. Lets see what you can do with just your mouth and tongue.’

She began to lick it like a stick of candy, then she sucked the head of it in her mouth, twirling her tongue around it. Damn it felt good. I really wanted to fuck her but better judgement told me I still needed to work on her some more. Joanie was raised a Catholic and now it was time for confession.

‘Get up Joanie.’ I moved back and leaned against the headboard. My cock was still hard and sticking up in my lap. ‘Now Joanie, I want you to lay across my lap, face down, with my dick between you legs.’

‘What kind of position is this’ Do you want to spank me or something?’

‘Shut up and do it.’

Joanie obeyed, laying herself across my lap, positioning my cock between the lips of her pussy. She was quite wet. It felt hot and warm.

‘Ooooo, this feels good. What are you going to do to me’ Spank me?’ she said in a silly voice.

‘Would you like me too?’ My voice was serious. ‘Have you ever been spanked Joanie’ Do you ever think about it’ I began to rub the cheeks of her ass softly with my right hand. She sqirmed slightly beginning to rub her clit against etiler escort my cock. ‘I turns you on doesn’t it’ You’d like to be spanked like a little girl, a naughty little girl. You know you need it. You have been such a bad girl.’ I began to rub the insides of her thighs. She arched her back and opened her legs. ‘Oh my look at you, you’re such a slut, rubbing that nasty pussy on my dick. I can see how hot and wet you are. My, my such a slut.’

‘Oh god that feels good,” she panted, “you make me so damn hot.’

She began to rub my dick harder against her pussy. I could feel her juices running down between my legs.

‘Be still slut! Be still.’ Then I raised my hand and came down on her ass.

‘Oh that hurts.’

‘But you like it don’t you?’ and I hit her ass again. She said nothing this time.

Swak, swak, swak. I spanked her harder. She began to tremble and then shake, her hips began to hump my cock hard. She was cumming.

‘Ohhhhh god, god, ohhhhhh.

‘Now tell me what you are?’

Her voice was shakey, ‘what?’

‘Tell me what you are.’

‘I am yours, your slut, what ever you want me to be. Why do you make me feel this way’ Why do you treat me like this?’

‘Because it is what you need. You just never admitted to yourself. You are just like most women. You haven’t been honest with yourself. You have always wanted things on your terms. The way you thought things are suppose to be. Well darling, now you are going to learn another way.

I pushed her off of me and on her back. I rolled on top of her and pinned her hands above her head. Her legs opened automatically. I let my dick slide inside of her and began to fuck her deep and slow. Very soon she began to hump frantically against me. She locked her ankles around my legs and fucked me back. I held her wrist hard over her head as she struggled to pull them free. She had the look of deparation in her eyes. Desparate to get fucked, to get what she needed. He hips bucked violently against me. My cock was splitting her pussy apart, banging hard into her clit.

Her voice was trembling. ‘Ohhhhhh, ohhhhh, I am cumming again.’

I watched as she lost control and her orgasm over came her. Then I came inside her. I came so hard it almost hurt. I could feel the heat of my cum as it shot inside her.

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