Getting Caught

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You told me you were going to go out with your friends, so I have the whole night to myself. I was rather looking forward to it.

I lit some candles and got a glass of Asti. Started a bubble bath. I letting the water run a little bit on my clit. I have always loved that feeling.

I sat back in the bath tub and just relaxed. Tonight was for me and I was going to enjoy it as much as possible.

After relaxing in the bath, I got out and dried myself off. Rub some lotion on my body, playing with my breast and nipples a little. Then putting my robe on and went in to the bedroom.

I have some music on in the background. It is nice and peaceful. I walk over to that special, private hiding place of mine and pull out a box. No one has ever seen what’s in it. I would be way too embarrassing.

I take the box and put it on the bed. I take off my robe and lay it on the chair. I climb on the bed and start looking through the box.

The box has some vibrators, dildos and other sex toys I have collected for myself. I have one that is my favorite called the panther. It is a rubberish type vibrator that curves up with some pearl around the edge. It also has a little panther shaped piece that is on the outside that sits on my clit. When I turn it on it vibrates and rotates. I take it out of the box and lay it on the side. I put the box at the end of the bed.

I lie down and take a deep breath. I start rubbing my hands slowly over my breast, playing with my nipples. Using light touch and a little rougher also. I squeeze, rub and flick them. I take one of my fingers and getting it wet and rub it on my nipple. It feels so good. I feel a tingle happening between my legs.

I take one of my hands and slowly move it down my stomach lightly, playing with my belly button moving down to my freshly shave area. It feels so smooth after it has just been shaven.

I slowly move my finger down lower until I reach my lips. I part them and I can feel my wetness. The thought of my toy and playing with my breasts has made me pretty wet. I take my finger and put it kaynarca escort on my clit. I let out a little moan as I start to move my finger. It feels so good with the wetness making it so slick.

Now while I am doing this, I have no clue that your plans have fallen through and you decided you are going to surprise me.

You show up at my place and knock on the door. I am too much in to what I am doing to even hear the knock. You know I am home because the car is in the driveway and my bedroom light is on.

You know where a spare key is and open the door. You walk in and close the door. I still do not hear this. You walk quietly to my bedroom and look in. You see me on the bed playing with my breast and rubbing my clit.

You didn’t know what to do. If you should just leave or if you should stay and watch. You decided you would rather stay and watch. You are in a perfect position where I really can’t see you unless I was looking really hard and my attention was else where.

You watch me play with my clit. You hear me moan and arch my back. You are getting so turned on from watching me and your cock is getting very hard. You start rubbing it through your jeans.

You see me taking my finger and putting it deep inside of me. I start to finger fuck myself from slow to rather fast.

Then my hand goes to the side of the bed. You try and see what but can’t. Next thing you see is my panther in my hand. You almost fall over. You always thought I was rather reserved. This was a side of me you have never seen and you liked it.

You watch me put the panther slowly inside my pussy, moving it in and out a little bit more each time. After I get it all the way it, I turn it on and you can hear it and see it moving inside of me. I let out a loud moan and grind into it.

You are so turned on that you now have a wet spot on the outside of your pants. You so badly just want to walk in there and take over but you know you shouldn’t.

I start fucking myself harder and harder with my panther, moaning louder and louder. You get so excited, orhanlı escort you lose your balance and fall back. This is loud enough to get my attention.

I quick pull out my panther and sit up. I try and cover myself up and my toys. I yell out who’s there.

You walk in kind of sheepishly. You look at me and I am clinging to the sheets, scared to death. After I see it is you, I turn beet red and become extremely embarrassed, still trying to hide my panther and box of toys.

You look at me with a smile on your face and tell me you have been watching me and have been very turned on by it.

I drop my head and only become more embarrassed. You walk over to me and lift my head and kiss me deeply. You tell me that you would like me to continue and you want to watch.

I try to turn my head again, but you won’t let me. You take one of my hands and put it back down between my legs. You whisper in my ear to please do it for you. I nod my head very little but still rather shy. You walk back and sit down on the chair.

I don’t know what to do, I want to but I don’t. But I did tell you I would, so I lay back. I am on an angle so you can see my breasts and my pussy.

I start slowly playing with my clit again. I look at you and your eyes are glued to my fingers. I am going real slow still pretty embarrassed about what is going on.

You stand up and pull down your pants and underwear. Your hard cock pops out straight. I feel a little tingle on my clit.

You sit down and start to rub your cock. I am watching you intensely. You don’t know this, no one knows this but I have a fetish. I love to watch men masturbate. And seeing you there rubbing your cock is getting me less embarrassed and more excited.

I start rubbing my clit harder and faster, my other hand playing with my nipple, not taking my eyes off of your cock. You look at me and notice how I am watching you. You position yourself better and start playing a little more than just rubbing. You can tell this is getting me pretty hot and it is doing the same to you.

You tepeören escort can tell I am getting close. My hips are rising off the bed and I am moaning rather loudly. You watch my finger move faster and faster. Your cock has gotten rock hard and all you can think about is being buried deep inside of me.

All of a sudden you hear me start moaning rather loudly. My hips start bucking and I start to cum. It feels so good. I forget you are even in the room and totally let go. You have never seen me this way.

I finally I come down and lay on the bed exhausted. You decided you are not going to let it stop there.

You walk over to the bed and pull my legs off the side. You look at my pussy. It is swollen and glistening with my cum. You take your tongue and little start licking my lips gently. I get a shiver down my spine. Your tongue finds my clit and you start to lick and suck on it. It only takes a small amount and I start to cum again. I grind my pussy against your mouth. You hear me saying yes, baby, oh yes.

After I am done cumming again, you hear me say “I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck me now”.

You pull off your pants and position yourself at my entrance. I grab your hips and literally pull you in to me pushing your cock as far as it can go. You can’t believe how tight I am, I always have been tight but this is unbelievable tight.

You can’t believe the way I am acting. I have always been very shy about sex, not doing much or saying anything. You really like this side of me.

I wrap my legs around your hips and start grinding in to you. You pump in and out, leaning over and sucking on my nipples. My pussy feels so good on your cock.

You feel my muscles starting to tighten and then hear me say, “I’m going to cum again”.

With that you feel my cum rush over the top of your cock, my muscle pulsing. I dig my nail in to your back.

With that you can’t hold on any longer and cum deep inside of me. Your cum hitting the back of pussy, coating it, mixing with my cum. I can feel your cock twitching inside of me.

You gently lay on top of me exhausted. I put my arms around you. You whisper in my ear, “I have never seen you like this and I like it.”

I whisper back “Then I guess you will have to see it more often” and I kiss you on the check.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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