Generation Gap Closed

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Sexy mom, daughter and friend use their legs on unwilling victim – and each other! Loads of crushing scissors, abuse and nasty ballbusting at the end!

Les was sitting in the chair talking to her daughter, Amanda, who was sitting on the couch with her friend, Clarissa. The two teen girls were looking hot in this cold time of year, the week before Christmas. Clarissa, a big, raw-boned athletic blonde wore a long black skirt slit up the front, mid-calf heavy gray socks and sandals, while Amanda, a gorgeous, willowy blonde, had on mid-thigh baggy khaki shorts, short black socks and shoes. Les was in capri pants, her slender yet muscular calves showing nicely. It was an all-leg kinda night. And it would get better for legs, worse for me.

“So, what have you got to be thankful for this Christmas?” Les said, sipping her wine. I could tell by the look in her brown eyes that the beautiful, 51-year-old blonde was feeling the effects of the wine, her third glass.

“Well, I’m happy I got rid of my asshole boyfriend, Bobby,” Amanda growled, then looking at Clarissa, adding “and I have Clarissa here to thank for showing me how to get my message across to that loser that I didn’t want him in my life anymore.”

Clarissa smiled and looked down at her legs. The skirt slit up to mid-thigh, the creamy white flesh etched in muscle. Both girls were star athletes in their freshman year of college. I looked hard at Clarissa’s and Amanda’s legs and looked away, not wanting to appear like a dirty old man.

“How did she do that, honey?” Les asked, bouncing her crossed top leg, the meat of her shin creased along the bulk of her sexy calf muscle below a knobby knee.

“With these, Mom!” Amanda laughed, leaning over to slap Clarissa’s beefy thigh. “She showed me how to use my legs to punish a man and did I ever punish that asshole Bobby in MY legs!”

“Really?” Les said, eyes widening as she eyed her daughter’s legs and Clarissa’s. “How so?”

“Well, Mrs. B., it’s easy,” Clarissa said. “I use my legs like scissors on whoever I want to hurt, in fact when you do that it’s called a scissor hold. You don’t need big, muscular legs like mine to do damage, either, you just have to know how to lock on and squeeze!”

“Do tell,” Les said, sitting back, bouncing that leg more eagerly now. “That sounds sexy as hell…is it sexy? Does it, you know, get you excited?”

“Shit, yeah,” Amanda hissed, rubbing Clarissa’s thigh now in more than a friendly way. “Wicked excited…”

She leaned over and gave Clarissa a kiss on the lips, a quick peck. Les leaned forward, eager to learn more.

“Show me girls, show me this scissor hold thing,” she hissed.

“We need a victim,” Amanda said.

The three of them looked at me.

“Uh, no, I don’t think…” I said, getting up.

“Tough shit, you are IT!” Amanda screamed, leaping up to scoop me in a tight side headlock, her lean but powerful arm cutting into my skull.

“Spread those gams, girl!” Amanda yelled to Clarissa.

Clarissa spread her big legs, hoisting her skirt aside with Les’s help, who now sat by her side pulling the skirt apart. Clarissa’s big, blonde legs were etched in muscle, honed from years of sports and I guessed scissoring. Amanda flipped me over her hip and I landed on my ass in front of Clarissa, the back of my head against her thonged crotch and like a steely, fleshy mousetrap, the big thighs slammed shut. She crossed up her socked calves and bore down, the pressure instant, intense and painful, the thick ropes of her inner thighs slicing into my skull.

“Holy shit, his head is red!” Les yelled, rubbing Clarissa’s big thighs as they squeezed me. “Fucking amazing! Squeeze him harder!!”

“Please…Clarissa…you’re killing me!” I screamed, pawing at the big legs that held me.

“Ma, watch this, a double scissor hold,” güvenilir bahis Amanda hissed, slithering to my side and hoisting up her shorts to her crotch and latching her sinewy thighs around my guts. “This is a bodyscissors!”

The two girls put intense pressure on me, Clarissa’s big thighs swallowing my screaming head, Amanda’s lean, rugged thighs slicing my guts in half. Les stood up and quickly peeled off her pants, standing in black bra and top. She squatted next to Amanda, her own thighs etched in middle-aged sexy muscle.

“Do you think these legs could do some scissors damage, honey?” Les growled, holding her daughter’s head in her hands, inches from her legs.

“Mmmm, yeah, mommy, I bet they could,” Amanda hissed, leaning forward to plant sloppy, wet kisses all over her mother’s lithe legs.

“Yeah, baby, like that, just like that, lick Mommy’s legs…thatta girl…God, you’ve always turned me on!” Les yelped, head back.

“Mmmm, Mrs. B., you are SO fucking sexy,” Clarissa growled, thundering her thunderous thighs on my head as she watched Amanda oralize her mother’s sexy thighs. “Lay down and let Amanda show you what else I taught her!”

“Gladly, honey, then I’m comin’ to get you,” Les moaned, slipping out of her small panties and laying down, spreading her legs.

“God, Mom, you don’t trim do you?” Amanda laughed, running her slender fingers through her mother’s very hairy bush. “Shit, this is so fucking sexy…”

And then she buried her face in her mother’s snatch, lapping and sucking and chewing the woman meat, pulling the lips apart and honing in on Les’s slimy clit, licking and flipping it with her teen-girl tongue. Les put her head back and moaned, lifting her legs up to accommodate her daughter’s sucking head.

“Scissor her, Mrs. B., scissor Amanda’s head while she eats your cunt!’ Clarissa roared, squeezing me so hard now I thought I’d pass out. “She fucking LOVES to be scissored when she’s lapping my cunt!”

And Les did, latching her thinnish but rugged thighs on her daughter’s head and grinding out a brutal, hard orgasm, scissoring Amanda’s head so hard the girl’s face turned blue and she released the bodyscissors from me. By the time Les finished coming, Amanda was moaning in pain and pleasure and was very nearly out. Les finally relaxed her lean legs and unlocked them. Amanda’s head slumped to the floor and Les looked down, frightened.

“Shit, honey, you OK?” she yelled, kneeling before her groaning daughter.

“Yeah, she’s fine, but you almost did knock her out in your scissors, Mrs. B., I’m so proud of you!” Clarissa hissed, thundering her big legs on my head.

Amanda flipped to her back, smiling but groggy, her face awash in her mother’s copious cum juices. She pulled her mom’s head down and the two women locked lips, tongues flashing into each other’s mouths, the obscene sucking noises filling the otherwise quiet air.

“Mmmm, Mom, can ya taste your pussy?” Amanda growled, sucking her mom’s long tongue like a cock.

“Oh, yeah, baby, tastes so fucking nasty,” Les hissed, lapping her daughter’s chin and cheeks in search of more of her own cunny fluids.

“Hey, what about me?” Clarissa laughed.

“I told you I was coming to get you,” Les growled, hitting her knees before the big blonde. “Now let that fucker go and I’ll eat you until you can’t take anymore!”

The girls squealed and Clarissa finally unlocked her mammoth legs so Les could whip off the blonde’s panties and bury her sucking face into the moist mass of Clarissa’s thick bush. Amanda quickly took me in a headscissors on the floor, sitting back and squeezing me in her lean thighs while watching her mom eat out her best friend’s cunt.

“Oh, goddam, Mrs. B., you are soooooooooo fucking good at licking pussy!” Clarissa growled, slamming her beefy thighs on the older türkçe bahis woman’s face as she ground out an orgasm. “Gonna headscissor you while I cum!!!”

“Yesssssssssss!” Les screamed in pain and pleasure as she felt Clarissa’s giant thighs quiver and quake in orgasmic relief.

“Fuck, Mom, you really do eat pussy great….how’s about eating your little girl’s?” Amanda giggled from the floor.

She released me from her headscissors and spread her lean legs so Les could nuzzle her moaning mouth into her daughter’s trimmed but soaking wet bush, lapping instantly and deeply before sucking the engorged clit into her mouth and dribbling it with her tongue. Amanda stiffened and put her mom in a quick, grinding headscissors as she came, bathing her face in her teen-girl cuntal flow. Amanda’s thighs bulged nicely with thin but powerful muscle and Les’s face turned red and then blue as she was seconds away from being scissored unconscious.

“Do it!” Les screamed from the mulch of her daughter’s gushing cunt. “Knock me out in your headscissors, I wanna feel what it’s like!!”

So Amanda squeezed hard, laughing, and Les went out like a light. Amanda let go and her mom slumped to the floor. Seconds later, she came around, a dreamy look on her face.

“Fuck, Amanda, that was so sexy, it was like I was coming out of a dream, a wonderful dream of your cunt and your thighs and your scissors,” Les sighed, struggling to recover and sit up against the couch where Clarissa now embraced her in a headscissors, squeezing Les’s head in her big, rugged thighs. “Yeah, Clarissa, take ME out, too!”

In less than 10 seconds, Les was out again, this time a victim of Clarissa’s rock-hard thighs, the adductors slicing into her neck and shutting down the blood flow to her brain.

“Time for a daisy chain headscissors!” Amanda shrieked, jumping to her feet and arranging the women on the floor. “Go for the knockouts!!”

The bizarre scene unfolded before me as I sat back in my chair, watching. All three women lay on their sides; Amanda took her mother’s face up her ass for a reverse facescissors while Les did the same to Clarissa and Clarissa embraced Amanda’s face in her giant thighs. The three women hunkered down and started squeezing, their faces going red and then blue as thighs thickened, calves locked and asses swelled in scissoring splendor.

In less than a minute, all three women were knocked out cold, each having scissored the other one out in an amazing triple-scissor scene of thigh-throbbing frenzy. It took them all a full minute or so to recover, thighs still on their heads loosely. Amanda laughed and got to her feet, facing me, as the other women slowly got up and sat on the couch.

“I’m the first one up, so I get first dibs on him,” she growled. “You, take off your pants and shorts!”

I gulped and obeyed, standing to slip out of my clothes and standing naked before Amanda, my cock hard. She laughed.

“Mom, this is IT?” she laughed. “Good grief, you have to put up with that?”

“Well, no, not really, I fuck other guys, too, with much bigger peckers than his,” Les laughed, sipping her wine in one hand, frigging Clarissa’s cunt with the other. “He just never knew it until now!”

“You bitch!” I roared, advancing toward Les.

Instantly, Amanda’s socked foot lashed out and caught me full in the nuts, knocking me off me feet and to my back where I rolled up in a ball on the floor, holding my wounded ‘nads. The women roared with laughter.

“Ever do any ballbusting, Mom?” Amanda asked her mother, brutally kicking me in the nuts after pushing my hands away. “Watch what I can make him do!”

Amanda stomped my nuts with her socked feet for a few minutes more before making me stand up as she sat in a chair. My cock was amazingly still hard. She laughed and drilled her elbow back güvenilir bahis siteleri into my balls. I doubled over in pain.

“Whack off,” she growled. “You heard me, take that pathetic prick in your hands and jerk off! NOW! While I do THIS!!”

She elbowed me in the nuts again, over and over, as I tried my best to stroke my prick. The combination of pain and pleasure mounted as I picked up the pace, beating my meat furiously while Amanda repeatedly pummeled my balls by driving her elbow back into them as she sat in the chair, I standing next to her.

“Cum, you shithead, come while I beat your fucking balls!” Amanda shrieked.

And I did, incredibly, jetting out a huge load as Amanda’s skinny elbow repeatedly smashed into my cum-laden balls, thick wads of my spew gushing out and coating her punishing arm from wrist to elbow, another few splatters landing on the muscled length of her rugged thigh. When I stopped beating off, Amanda stopped beating my balls, holding up her cum-stained arm and pointing to her cummy thigh as Les and Clarissa roared with laughter.

“Fucking amazing, honey, you made him cum while beating his nuts!” Les yelled. “I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“And I KNOW you’ve never seen anything like this!” Amanda growled. “Clarissa, put him in those legs!”

Clarissa grabbed me and scooped me back to the couch for a straight headscissors, her rugged thighs bubbling in muscle to engulf my head and face. Amanda scooted in next to her mom and offered me her cum-soaked arm.

“Lick, boy,” she hissed. “Lick that cum!”

Les groaned and fingered her hot, hairy cunt as Amanda scraped her cummy arm clean on my mouth, rubbing it in with her fingers and making me eat every drop. After she was through, she yanked me from Clarissa’s headscissors to put me in her own, the cum on her muscular young thigh inches from my face.

“Lick that shit off my thigh, now, or I’ll scissor you out like a fucking light!”

I turned my head to the side and snaked my tongue into the now cold, clammy goop on Amanda’s thigh, sucking the soup off as best I could and swallowing it as she maintained her scissor grip. When it was clean, she popped my head back into her thighs and redoubled her scissoring effort.

“Fuck it, I lied, you’re going out anyway!” she screamed. “Clarissa, take his guts in a bodyscissors, Mom, sit on his face and make him lick your asshole!”

Clarissa’s big gams tore into my belly as she laced her thighs around me on the floor and my vision and breath left me as Les backed her thin but rugged ass onto my face that was held up in the clamp of her daughter’s leggy grip. My cummy face was buried in Les’s ass and my tongue slithered out to service her hairy shitchute, digging deeply into her suffocating butt ring as she ground her slim hips to take me deeper.

“Fuck, Amanda, I didn’t know getting my asshole eaten could be this good!” Les hissed, frigging her pussy with one hand while leaning back to twist Amanda’s nipples in the other. “Don’t headscissor him out yet, I want to use his face more!”

“Sure thing, Mom,” Amanda laughed.

For five tortured minutes, my head was squeezed blue in Amanda’s thighs, my guts burned in Clarissa’s scissors and my face was literally buried deep up Les’s ass, my tongue scouring her shitter walls and tasting her bitter ass fluids. When Les finally snapped out an orgasm, a mere twitch of Amanda’s thighs was all it took to knock me out cold. And when I came to, I saw Les sitting on the couch, both Amanda’s and Clarissa’s heads scissored in her tight, middle-aged thighs as the girls took turns lapping at the older woman’s hairy snatch.

“Get dressed and get out,” she growled at me, “before all three of us scissor you into the next lifetime!”

I obeyed, ashamed, and headed for the door, with Les hollering after me, “These girls have given me the best Christmas present ever, better still cause I’m getting rid of you, loser!”

Les’s laughter cut me to the core as did the giggles of the two girls lashed between her thighs…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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