Gay for a Day

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“So, I want to try being gay for a day.”

“Sorry, what did you just say?”

“I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided that I want to try being gay, just for a day.”

Dumbfounded, she looked over at her man. She wasn’t sure what to say. Her mouth hung open, but no words came out.

“I want you to arrange everything. I want you to arrange a gay makeover, so I look the part, and then I want you to find a guy to fuck me.”

She considered this request for a long while before responding.

“If I set this up for you, you need to go along with everything. There is no backing out half way.”

“I’ll do whatever you want if you make this happen.”

Over the next week she planned all the details of how her man was going to get fucked by another. She didn’t really know where to start so she started searching online. She started by looking at some gay porn to get an idea of what the guys online looked like. Most looked like regular guys, but a few looked really over-the-top gay. Each time she found something like that she made a note of it. The more she searched, the more she found herself getting aroused by the images. A day or two of searching later and she had finalized her plans. On the day of she wasn’t sure she could really go through with this. She decided that if this is what he really wanted she would do it. A few hours later she sent him a text message with directions.

“Go to your haircut place and ask for your normal girl. She’s going to cut your hair for you.”

He did as instructed. After a short wait he was in her chair. She grabbed her scissors and started cutting. She didn’t say one word as she worked. She only smiled knowingly at him. Did she know what was happening? He didn’t ask and only smiled back to her. She worked quickly and soon had his hair cut very short. It was barely half an inch all the way around and faded it in a little bit on the bottom and the sides. She led him from that chair to one in the back. She stepped away for a minute and then came back holding something. It smelled strongly of bleach. She applied it all over his head, even his eyebrows. Then she left and returned 15 minutes later to rinse his hair out. After that she applied even more bleaching cream. She repeated this three more times until he had been in the chair for over an hour. He could only imagine what his hair must look like. She didn’t offer a mirror, but he knew it must be completely bleached blonde by now. Next came the color. It was blue, bright neon blue. She applied it all over, let it sit, washed it out, then applied it again. She stood in front of him as she dried his hair a bit then she grabbed some hair gel and covered his head with it. She worked it in and made it spiky all the way around. Satisfied with her work she stepped aside so he could finally see in the mirror. His head was covered with short blue spikes and eyebrows to match. He was flabbergasted by how he looked. She let him look himself over for a moment and led casino şirketleri him to the front. The men waiting there all stared at him as he walked by. He was completely embarrassed. He thought he heard a few chuckles and laughs as he went out the front door.

“Don’t worry about paying, it was all paid for in advance. I hope you have fun!”

He was sure of it now. She had to know what was going on. He thanked her as he walked to his car. She winked back at him. When he got into the car he looked at himself in the rearview mirror. When he was done gawking at himself he sent her a text.

“All done.”

“Perfect! Now here’s the address to your next stop.”

The next text had an address in it. He was supposed to follow the same routine. He pulled up in front of his destination. It was a waxing place. He walked in the front door and the cute girl behind the desk looked up. She took one look at his hair and smiled.

“Oh. We’ve been expecting you.”

She led him into the back and directed him to take his clothes off and lay on the table. A few minutes later one of the waxing techs walked in. As before she said nothing before starting her work. She set about to waxing his entire body – arms, legs, chest, ass, pubes, everything. It was painful, but it felt unbelievably smooth when she was done. When he was all dressed she led him back out front. The same cute girl was at the desk. She smirked a bit when she saw him.

“Everything is covered.”

“Thanks” he said as he headed for the door.

“Anytime, have fun!”

He looked back and she still had the smirk on her face. She must know also. Back in the car he sent another text.

“All done, again.”

“Great, one more stop and then you’re ready!”

Another address came through. He punched it into his phone and off he went. When he rolled up to the destination he was confused. It was another hair place. But he already had his hair done. He sent a text, just to be sure.

“A salon?”

“Yep, but they aren’t going to do your hair.”

He wasn’t sure what else was left, but he hopped out of the car and walked nervously inside. There was a number of cute stylists in the salon. Many of them were working with other clients. Apparently his hair gave him away again as the receptionist recognized him immediately. She led him to a chair near the middle of the salon. One the cute stylists walked up.


“I guess so, I’m not really sure what I’m here for though.”

She smiled, just like the other girls had. She knew.

“Ok, let’s get started. This should go pretty quick.”

She grabbed some tweezers and set to plucking his blue eyebrows. She carefully sculpted them so not one hair was out of place. She removed quite a bit of each one to achieve the sculpted look she was asked to create. When she was done she stepped out of the way so he could see the in mirror. He had never seen his eyebrows like that. It was immediately noticeable. casino firmaları His brows now ran straight across and then bent down at a slight angle just past his eye where they tapered off. If he thought he looked gay before now he really looked gay. Apparently she wasn’t finished. While he was looking in the mirror she was rummaging around in her little supply cart. When she turned back towards him, she had some eye liner. She carefully outlined each of his eyes with a dark line. He was at a loss for words. He looked at himself in the mirror while she turned back to her cart. When she turned around again she had some mascara which she skillfully applied to both eyes. Just when he thought that had to be the last of it, she turned again and applied a bunch of bright blue eye shadow. The color matched his plucked eye brows and hair perfectly. She faded it out from his eyelids so it fanned out and ended right near the end of his plucked eyebrows. She stepped out of the way again so he could see. His mouth hung open. This was more than he bargained for. Even still, his cock stirred in his pants.

He thanked her and headed out. He could feel the eyes of the other woman in the place on him. All of them were either smiling or smirking at the way he looked. What kind of man looked like this? Blue spiky hair? Sculpted blue eyebrows? Matching eyeliner and makeup? He felt incredibly awkward as he walked to the front of the salon. Then, as he passed the last mirror, he glanced at himself. Something inside him clicked when he saw his reflection. He liked looking this way. He liked the stares from other people. He liked wondering what they thought when they saw him. Then he realized it, he liked looking gay. He turned back as he headed out the front door. The girls at the desk were whispering to each other as he walked out. He looked at them:


The one that did his makeup responded.

“Anytime! By the way, your girl did an amazing job, you look super gay right now.”

Shocked, he walked back to his car. When he got there he sent another text.

“You told all of these women what you were doing?”

“I did.”

“So they all know I asked you to give me a gay makeover?”

“Yep! Now, head back over to the apartment. I left a few gifts for you on the bed.”

He did exactly as he was told and made quick time back to the apartment. In the bedroom he found three wrapped gifts. Each of them was wrapped in paper the same color as his hair. There was a card too, so he opened it up and read it:

“Take off your clothes. Then, open the gifts and follow the directions inside.”

He set down the letter, removed his clothes, and grabbed the first box. Inside he found a big blue buttplug and a small tube of lube. There was a note with directions, not that he needed any:

“Lube this big boy up and work it into your tight hole. You need to be ready for later.”

He wasn’t sure he could accommodate the thing. It güvenilir casino was nearly five inches long and over two inches wide. He decided to go ahead and give it a try so he lubed it up and began working it in. His ass was incredibly tight and it wouldn’t accept the entire length of the toy. Working it in and out of his ass was turning him on though and each stroke of the toy pushed it further into his ass. Finally, after almost an hour it slipped past his ring and lodged firmly in his ass. Then he opened the second box. Inside he found a bright blue cock ring and a shiny blue g-string. There was another note:

“Put this cock ring around your dick so it stays front and center. Then use this skimpy little thong to hold that big toy in your ass. I don’t want it falling out!”

The cock ring stretched easily around his cock as he pulled it on. The thong was a super skimpy, very low rise, g-string that exactly matched the color of his now spiky hair. There was barely anything to it; a small pouch in the front and a tiny, barely there, triangle in the back. Curious, he pulled it on in front of the mirror. The tiny pouch barely covered his bits. The shiny material looked as it it melted and molded itself to his cock. It left nothing to the imagination. It did a good job at its intended purpose though; the strap between his ass cheeks firmly held the plug in place.

One present remained. He couldn’t possibly imagine what was in it. It was larger than the other two, so he wasn’t sure what to expect. Inside was a pair of skin-tight black pants and also a very tight blue t-shirt. There was another note:

“Get dressed and then come over to the hotel and meet me in the room.”

He picked up the pants and slide his smooth legs inside. The fabric was soft and skin tight. It was also somewhat sheer material so when he pulled them up over his ass you could clearly see the shiny blue string he was wearing. With the cock ring on his dick the bulge in front was anything but subtle. Looking in the mirror he could easily see the outline of the thong straps running around the sides of his ass. There was no mistaking what he had on under these pants. He finished up the outfit with the t-shirt, grabbed his shoes and the address of the hotel and headed out the door. He texted his girl to let her know he was on his way.

After his whole day makeover it was mid-evening by the time he arrived. The hotel looked nice enough so he climbed out of the car and walked towards the door. It was on a busy street so he was forced to walk down the sidewalk in his new outfit. He could feel the eyes of everyone on him as he walked by. It was an incredible adrenaline rush to look like this in public. The lobby was filled with people going about their business. Many of them noticed him as he walked through the doors. He walked over to the front desk and bent over so he could lean on it while he waited. He knew people in the lobby would be able to easily see the thong he was wearing and he loved it. Soon he had a key to the room that his wife had left for him. With the key in hand he set off for the elevator. When he arrived on the 12th floor he headed straight for the room and let himself in.

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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