From Friends to Lovers Ch. 25

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The weather had turned much colder, and now that Beth and I didn’t have lectures, we spent most of our time in the kitchen, warmed by the Aga, or in the book room with a roaring fire going. Sarah grumbled good-naturedly about still having to go out to work, but when she arrived home there was always a meal on the table – Beth and I tried to outdo one another with something from one of our recipe books – and welcoming arms.

We spent the evenings deciding on our decorations, planning food, and as the days became even shorter, we made trips into town to get baubles, tinsel, jars of cranberry sauce, all the treats to make Christmas really special. “And next year will be the little one’s first Christmas,” Beth pointed out.

Sarah nodded. “I’m feeling a little apprehensive about the giving birth part, though,” she confessed.

“We’ll be there with you,” promised Beth. “I don’t care even if it turns out to be the night before the wedding.”

Sarah leaned across to kiss her. “Love you.”

She looked down at the list. “Anyway, what’s next?”

“We can get our tree on Saturday,” suggested Beth. “There’s a place the other side of town.”

I concealed my sigh of relief from the girls. I’d been wondering how to get us all out of the house that day so that my Christmas present to them could be delivered, and a trip to get our tree – they’d surely be tempted by a diversion for hot chocolate and marshmallows – would allow plenty of time.

Saturday came, and I glanced at my watch as the girls giggled in the shower. We were in the car just in time, and I relaxed. “So what sort of tree do you want?”

“It has to have a sticking-up bit on the top for the angel,” Beth enthused.

Sarah nodded. “Do we dare have real candles? Mum used to have sort of metal holders that clipped to the branches, I loved those.”

My mind flicked back to one particular evening in front of the fire. “Definitely candles – we just have to not leave the tree without someone keeping an eye.”

We reached the tree place, and the girls wandered through the bundles of variously-sized trees wrapped in netting, brushing their fingers over needle-covered branches. “They smell gorgeous, don’t they,” said Beth.

“I think… this one?” pointed Sarah. “It’s got the bit you said on the top, and it’s just tall enough for the book room.”

“OK,” I grinned.

The man selling the trees helped me get ours into the car – “Hey, it tickles,” protested Beth mildly as the top of the tree slid between the two front seats – and I glanced at the girls as we pulled back onto the road. “Hot chocolate?”

“Mm, please.”

Our destination was a small craft shop and café just off a crossroads out of town, the road winding between trees before reaching the small village. I parked, and we made our way inside, getting a table. “Anything to eat?” the girl serving queried, and Sarah looked at me hopefully. “Ham and tomato toastie sounds amazing.”

Beth nodded. “Think the cold makes us more hungry – and one other thing, right, Sarah?”

“OK – three of those then,” I confirmed. “And could we have some pickle on the side, please?”

Sarah grinned as the girl went to fetch our food. “Thanks, Tim.”

Our toasties lived up to their promise, and Sarah quickly finished hers, spooning pickle generously on to each mouthful. She sipped at her hot chocolate, and Beth chuckled, reaching across to catch stray whipped cream from Sarah’s upper lip with a finger, flashing her eyebrows at us as she sucked her fingertip. “Mm.”

We looked around the craft shop for a few minutes, then Beth ventured, “Shall we get going? We can get the tree up and start decorating it this afternoon.”

I took my time on the journey back, and when we pulled into the drive, there was no sign of activity, only an inconspicuous new electrical switchbox on the outer wall of the house by the kitchen. “Can the tree wait a minute?” I offered. “I have a surprise for you two.”

“Sure. Where do we have to go?”

“Kitchen first, then you’ll have to close your eyes.”

The girls complied, and I guided them carefully through the utility room and into the conservatory, making sure Sarah didn’t stumble. “OK, you can open your eyes now.”

Beth gasped. “Oh, wow.”

Just outside the double doors leading from the conservatory into the garden, on an area of wooden decking, stood a generously-sized hot tub, wisps of steam rising from the water into the chilly air. “Like it?” I grinned. “We did talk about it ages ago.”

“Best Christmas present ever,” grinned Sarah. “Can we try it?”

“Of course,” I nodded. “But there are some rules.”

Beth pretended to roll her eyes. “Go on, then.”

“Rule one, no swimming costumes or trunks, not for us, not for guests,” I grinned.

She blinked, then a thoughtful smile crept across her face. “Actually I quite like that rule.”

Sarah had already started to unbutton her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri blouse, unhook her bra, and Beth followed suit. “Same rule for you,” she wagged a finger at me, raising one eyebrow.

When we’d finished shedding our clothes, I unlocked the doors, pushing them open. “You two first, then.”

The cold air from outside made the girls’ nipples hard, areolae crinkling, and Beth shivered. “Hope that water’s as warm as it looks.”

She held Sarah’s hand as they climbed in, sitting side by side with the water lapping at the top of their breasts. “Mm, this is perfect.”

I joined them, sitting facing them, stretching my arms along the edge of the tub. “Definitely.”

“Are there any more rules?” Sarah queried.

I puzzled for a moment. “Um, no peeing, like a swimming pool?”

“Are you sure?” Beth’s expression showed amusement and anticipation, and she reached for my hand, holding it between her thighs under the water. I felt a stream of warmth flowing against my skin, and Beth smiled knowingly.

“That gives me an idea,” I murmured, lifting my foot to slide it between her thighs, feeling a last spurt of warmth before my toe made contact with her, brushing the hard nub I encountered. “Oh god,” gasped Beth, “that feels amazing.”

Sarah leaned closer, sliding her arm round Beth’s shoulders and kissing her, then starting to stroke her breasts under the water with gentle fingers. I felt Beth’s hips flex against my foot in response, and after a few moments she shuddered, closing her eyes, the surface of the water rippling. “Ahh…”

“Wow,” breathed Sarah, her fingers moving to touch herself. Beth beckoned to me, and I knelt in front of them, hands now caressing Sarah’s breasts, nipples while Beth and Sarah kissed. Sarah’s fingers moved more urgently, and she broke the kiss, Beth watching delightedly as Sarah’s face showed the ecstasy she was feeling. “Mmm…”

Beth grinned at me. “I know what rule two really is.”

“Ah, go on?”

“If we make you come while you’re in here, your stuff can’t just go in the water.”

Sarah nodded. “How sticky would we get – we’d need a shower after.”

“So what’s your alternative?” I queried, pretty sure I knew the answer.

“Kneel on the seat instead of sitting, and I’ll show you,” Beth promised.

In the position she’d suggested, the water now just reached to my thighs, and Beth knelt while Sarah crossed the hot tub to sit beside me. Beth shifted forward to take me in her mouth, while Sarah’s fingers began to brush my nipples, her eyes on my face.

“Ohh,” I gasped, “that’s amazing.”

Beth moved more insistently, fingers as well as mouth working their magic, and she looked up so that our eyes met, the need in her face unmistakeable. She tilted her head slightly and I could see the outline of my hardness sliding within her cheek. “Oh – I’m nearly -” I managed, before I released, spurting against her warm wet tongue, seeing her swallow. “Oh…”

I subsided, and Beth shifted to sit beside me, both girls with their arms around my waist. “Do we need any more rules?” whispered Beth, and I shook my head. “Anything else goes – anything at all.”

“Of course we have to explain the rules to guests,” Sarah teased.

“I don’t think Marie will have any trouble understanding,” Beth nodded, and I blinked. “Er -“

“She’s coming over on Boxing Day,” Beth grinned. “You did say research doesn’t stop for Christmas, didn’t you.”

I opened my mouth then closed it again. “Well, yes.”

Sarah held out her fingers, the skin starting to wrinkle a little. “Hmm, seems we can’t stay in all day, more’s the pity.”

She rose, dripping, and I watched as she walked carefully across the decking, imagining what she’d look like when her bump did start to show a little…

“Earth to Tim,” Beth grinned. “Are you pleased with your water nymphs, then?”

She got to her feet, water streaming from her, and I nodded. “Maybe we can act out another scene, the hunter lost in the woods, comes across the nymphs bathing, and…”

“Mm, can’t wait,” Beth agreed. “But you don’t need to come alone – how about the lord and his lady are out with their falcon, they stray from the path…? I bet Marie can act, at least a little bit…”


Finally Christmas Eve arrived, the tree decorated, the cupboards and fridge bulging with good things. “I know it’s cold, but maybe just a salad for tea?” suggested Sarah. “We’ll be stuffing ourselves tomorrow.”

Beth obviously couldn’t resist making the remark that occurred to her. “Maybe it’s not just the turkey that’s going to get a good stuffing this holiday.”

I groaned, rolling my eyes. “Any more terrible one-liners like that and I’ll make you read all the ones from the crackers.”

“Sorry,” she was repentant, with just a hint of a remaining twinkle in her eye.

We sat down to eat, and I nodded. “This was a great güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri idea – nice crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and this ham’s really good.”

Sarah looked up guiltily from scraping the bottom of the pickle jar. “We have got more of this, haven’t we?”

Beth chuckled. “A whole tray – I bet the checkout girl wondered what I wanted it all for, but I wasn’t going to be camped outside the shop on the day after Boxing Day waiting for them to open because you were craving it for breakfast.”

We finished our meal, and I glanced at the girls. “Early night? Then – assuming you can sleep at all – we can get up and open our presents before we have to start properly in the kitchen.”

“Mm, perfect,” nodded Beth.

I made short work of the washing up – “Now the decks are clear for the morning -” and we made our way upstairs. “Can we just cuddle tonight?” Beth suggested, and I nodded. “Of course.”

We settled comfortably in the bed, arms wrapped around one another, and I started to drift off. Suddenly Beth looked up sharply, turning her head. “Did you hear something?”

I held my breath, listening. Somewhere not too far away, but still very faint, I could just hear a baby crying. Before I could say anything, the sound faded away, and Sarah spoke, her voice full of emotion. “Tim – I think your ghostly visitor has reached her time, and she wanted us to know that everything’s OK…”


The light filtering through the curtains the next morning seemed somehow brighter than it should, and I watched as Sarah slipped out of bed, parting the curtains. “Oh! It’s beautiful…”

We joined her, and I blinked at the reflected light from the snow now covering the garden. “Wow…”

Beth grinned. “Can’t wait to have a snowball fight – come on!”

She quickly dressed, and I scrambled to follow. “What about breakfast? Presents?”

Sarah watched from the doorway, her dressing gown wrapped round her, as Beth scooped up snow and launched it in my direction before I’d even left the porch. “Got you!”

I quickly balled snow and sent it towards her, catching her on the back as she ducked. “Hey!”

“Only fair,” I panted, chasing after her, catching her in my arms. “Are we even now?”

Beth nodded, turning to kiss me. “Love you.”

We went back inside, stamping snow off our boots, and ended up in the kitchen. “I got waffles to toast,” Beth grinned, opening the lid of the Aga.

A few minutes later we took it in turns to rinse our sticky fingers under the tap. “Don’t know how you eat black treacle on those, Tim,” Sarah teased. “Are we ready to do presents?”

We moved to the book room, and I quickly lit the fire I’d built in readiness the night before. “So where’s the loot?” grinned Beth.

I indicated the pile of brightly-coloured packages under the tree. “Santa was up well before you, lazybones. Anyway, you two have had your surprise.”

She pretended a pout, and I relented. “Of course I got you both something else.”

They sifted through the pile, and shortly the floor was covered with discarded paper. “Wow, thanks, Tim,” Sarah said, holding up the perfume gift set I’d chosen for her.

Beth’s present was a bath set, and she threw me a knowing look. “We definitely needed some more of that oil, didn’t we.”

I found my name on a couple of tags, starting to carefully peel back sticky tape. “Oh, wow. Thanks, Sarah.”

Her gift to me was cufflinks, brushed silver with a tiny stone in the corner of each. “I’ll definitely wear these at the next formal dinner in college.”

Unsurprisingly the girls had co-ordinated their gifts, and Beth’s package held a matching signet ring. “Now you have something for both hands,” she hinted. “You just can’t put the other one on for a while.”

“Hmm,” I mused. “I think that still leaves Sarah with one less than she should have. Maybe we will have to visit that jeweller after all.”

Sarah brushed at her eyes. “Thanks, Tim. Love you.”

When all our gifts had been opened and the paper tidied away, I got to my feet. “Right, I’ll get cracking in the kitchen.”

“It’s mostly done,” reminded Beth. “All that peeling, chopping…”

“Why don’t you two have a shower, change, and you can come down when you’re ready,” I suggested.

They climbed the stairs, whispering and giggling, and I went into the kitchen, rolling up my sleeves. After a few minutes I had everything in progress, and I sat down at the kitchen table, reflecting on just how fortunate I was. Love, comfortable surroundings, interesting work – not everyone was so lucky…

The girls reappeared, and I grinned at their over-the-top outfits – Christmas jumpers, Sarah with tinsel woven through her hair, Beth obviously in the character of fairy godmother with a silver-foil star on the end of a wand. “We definitely don’t have a spinning wheel anywhere in the house, do we,” she teased.

“Or güvenilir bahis şirketleri a picture in the attic,” I pointed out. “I was just thinking, what an amazing year it’s been…”

“And everything to look forward to next year as well,” Beth nodded.

She pulled out her phone, handing it to me then putting an arm around Sarah, leaning closer. “Go on, take a picture of us.”

I held it up, squeezing the button. “There – perfect.”

We carried on talking, making plans, and after a while I got up to check that everything was progressing as it should. We’d already set the dining room table – Sunday-best plates, crystal glasses, silverware – and I lined the dishes for the vegetables up on the worktop. “I think we’re nearly there – want to go through and sit down?”


I busied myself with the final touches, gravy, bread sauce, and then slid the turkey out of the oven onto its dish. “Perfect.”

I carried the turkey through into the dining room, finding Beth and Sarah sitting on opposite sides of the table, the end seat obviously left for me. “Let me get everything else through and I’ll take another picture.”

Finally the table was filled with dishes, bowls, and I picked up Beth’s phone. “One for the album, definitely.”

I started to carve, the girls helping themselves to vegetables. “Happy Christmas,” I lifted my wine glass, and they returned the toast. “Right, tuck in.”

We all managed second helpings, but finally I sat back. “Goodness – now I know why people say they just sleep on Christmas afternoon.”

“Not an option,” chuckled Beth. “Come on, let’s go back through to the book room, you can throw another log on the fire.”

She sprawled on the rug, while Sarah and I took an armchair each. Despite her best efforts to stay with us, I saw Sarah’s eyelids flicker, droop, and her breathing slowed as she dozed off.

Beth sat up, and with a smooth movement pulled her Christmas sweater off over her head, revealing only bare skin beneath.

“Mmm…” I breathed appreciatively, “I thought I could see just a hint of movement there while we were having lunch.”

Beth grinned. “I hoped you’d notice.” She rubbed fingers against the side of one breast. “The wool was getting a bit scratchy in a couple of places, though.”

I thought for a moment, then reached into my pocket. “Maybe I have something that’ll help with that.”

I pulled out the lip balm I always had with me. “Mm, strawberry, my favourite.”

Beth leaned back, propping herself on her elbows, and watched as I reached to carefully circle one nipple with the end of the soft balm. I moved to the other, watching each of her areolae crinkle a little in turn. “More?”

She nodded silently, and I brushed the balm over her nipple, leaving it shiny. Back to the other, and she gasped quietly. “That one’s always a little more sensitive.”

“Now,” I teased, “what else could I stroke these with to soothe them?”

Beth reached out to press a hand to my hardness. “I think I’d find this very soothing,” she chuckled.

I undressed, and knelt by her, using my fingers to brush my hard tip around the nearest nipple, then over it, a drop of two of clear fluid already mixing with the slippery balm. “Mmm…” Beth breathed.

I moved to the other nipple, and Beth’s hips flexed upwards as she gasped quietly. “Want to finish undressing?” I queried, and she shook her head. “Not yet.”

She held out her hand. “Give me the balm?”

I passed it over, watching fascinated as she smoothed a little more over the curve of each breast, then slid her fingers between them creating an obviously-slippery track. “Wonder what might fit very nicely in there?” she murmured.

I took her hint, carefully sliding across her so that my hardness rested in the valley between her breasts. I could feel her nipples erect against my skin, and as I moved a little, Beth moaned softly. “Oh, yes…”

Beth’s fingers moved to stroke my nipples, and I couldn’t help myself, starting to move more urgently, leaking a little onto her. “Mm,” she breathed, “I bet this feels a lot like you’re in me, but I love the way you’re putting pressure on my breasts, sliding against my nipples…”

She must have felt me stiffen a little, and she gasped softly. “Oh, yes, don’t hold back, imagine you’re going to put all that warm stuff inside me…”

I couldn’t help myself, thrusting hard, almost pushing the breath out of her, then spurting sticky white fluid onto her chest, some of it pooling in the hollow of her throat. “Oh god, Beth, that was good.”

She dabbled a finger in the sticky pool, bringing it to the tip of her tongue. “Mm… Pass me some hankies?”

I watched as she captured the white blobs in the paper hankies, then balled them up and reached out to drop them onto the still-glowing embers where they hissed a little then licked into flame.

I leaned over to kiss her. “Now, love, want me to return the favour?”

Beth shook her head, glancing over to Sarah still sleeping peacefully, then towards the conservatory door. “Maybe while you’re doing the dishes, Sarah and I will have the hot tub to ourselves for a bit. Then when we go up to bed, we’ll find another treat just for you…”

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