Friends of Jocasta Newsletter July

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Friends of Jocasta Newsletter July 2022


Dearest Friends

What a month to remember, our Jubilee celebration was a huge success and it was a pleasure to see so many of you at our garden party. A big thank you to Lady J for allowing us the use of her gardens.

We raised over £5,000 with the sponsored climax marathon. Congratulations to Mrs Fox and her son Jeffrey after he made her cum 12 times. Wonderful to see a mother which such a commanding ways of leading her son and Jeffrey’s breath control and lapping ability was superb. A model for us all!

Equally thrilling was the pet show, so many fine boys on display with their proud owners. Hair was brushed neatly, teeth gleaming white, so many good competitors. The contest was tough. Following a thorough examination by Ms Chase, Miss Pecker and Lady J herself, each boy was awarded prizes for poise, ability to roll over, beg and bark on command, length, girth and rigidity of their penises and maintaining a firm erection when ordered. I’m delighted to say the level of obedience was first class. In the end, first prize was awarded to Mrs Coxon and her devoted son Ryan. They clearly enjoyed their win and it was a delight to see Mrs Coxon enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne while Ryan humped her brown leather thigh high boots, his cum splattering all over the hay bales they were sitting on.

All eyes will now turn to the Chase Estate for the Annual Summer Ball, where once again the estimable Ms Cassandra Chase will choose her Diamond couple. As is traditional couples who wish to compete be asked to the precession, where each will present themselves to Ms Chase, perform a short dance and then engage in a sexual act. Each couple will be awarded points and Ms Chase will then present a prize. It is a thrill to take part, but don’t just take my word for it, I am delighted for David Tyler, who won Diamond Status alongside his mother Kristin last year, to tell you all of his experience.

“I must say I was quite nervous attending my first FOJ Summer Ball, but what an event! I gasped as we walked into the ballroom, which was elegantly decorated in summer flowers. Although I felt a little self-conscious in my dinner jacket, I needn’t have worried. Hanging on my arm was my mother Kristin, her blonde hair elegantly styled into an up-do, with diamond earrings and necklace, she knew what message she wanted to give! Her evening dress was a scarlet flowing, backless and sleeveless dress, with two splits either side revealing her long, firm legs. It barely contained the bountiful breasts which she loves to show off. On her feet she wore patent leather heeled sandals Azia from Jimmy Choo which matched her dress and revealed her toes also painted deep red. She looked amazing and as we walked in all eyes were on us.

“When it came to our turn to present ourselves to Ms Chase we made sure we looked our best and then walked to the throne where Ms Chase was sat. I was stunned by her beauty, a mature brunette, magnificent breasts, but so elegant, with a mischievous gleam in her eye. I bowed and my mother curtsied and then we began to dance.

“Although a large crowd had gathered around us, I was only aware of my mother, looking deep into her eyes as we wrapped our bodies around each other in a slow moving tango that we had rehearsed over and over. My hands all over all my mother’s body, bahis şirketleri accentuating her curves and pushing her dress higher and higher up her thighs.

“Then, in one dramatic move, I dropped to my knees, my mother’s long, smooth leg slid over my shoulder, so that my mouth was right next to her pussy. She gathered up the dress exposing her naked pussy and bottom to the crowd. There was an audible gasp as, in time with the throbbing music, I pushed my lips against my mother’s pussy and began to rhythmically kiss, lap and suck her eager cunt.

“My tongue quickly found her clitoris and I began to thrash it. I swivelled my tongue back and forth over sex, knowig I was building the climax inside her. My mother began to moan, in a low voice at first, but then gradually more dramatically, rolling her hips and shoulders in time to the music. Her moans grew and as the music reached a crescendo she screamed out and then shouted “Wait!” I pulled my face away from her pussy as she slid her leg off me and took a step backwards.I felt her finger lift up under my chin, getting me to stand on my feet. It was then, with a delicateness of touch, that my mother pulled down my fly and pulled out my now rock hard penis. Slowly she spun me around, making sure the crowd and Ms Chase got a good look at my cock. I was delighted to hear a few appreciative gasps in the crowd from the ladies.

“As the music began to pulse once more, my mother dropped to her knees, directly facing Ms Chase and her throne. I then did the same behind her, pushing up her dress, exposing her arse once more to the crowd. The music demanded that I waste no time, so I pushed my cock deep in my mother’s pussy, my mother gasped on cue and I began to pump inside her, finding my rhythm in time with the beat. My mother and I both fixed our gazes on Ms Chase as we fucked. The music reached another moment of climax and reached forward, ripping the straps of my mother’s dress, exposing her voluptuous breasts to Ms Chase and the crowd.

“I was now to fuck my mother like she was a bitch in heat, two animals that absolutely needed to cum with each other. I quickened my pace as the music thumped and my mother moaned. I reached underneath me to find her clit and began rubbing it with my fingers while we fucked. I could hear her screams intensify. At that moment I saw Ms Chase stand, resplendent in her gold dress and she mouthed to me “Do it, do it…” I nodded once at Ms Chase’s command as my mother’s orgasm began to rip through her body. My balls convulsed and I cried out as I began to shoot ropes of sizzling semen into my mother’s hot cunt. I could hear the crown encouraging us, applauding, as my mother’s body collapsed on the floor in front and I bent over, filling her pussy with cum.

“The music had reached an end and as I felt my cum subside I pulled my thick cock out of her pussy. Steadily, I pulled my mother to her feet and we bowed to Ms Chase and then the crowd. Arms around each other we exited the circle, barely aware of the excited chatter from Ms Chase and her fellow judges. We both knew we had done well, and felt utterly satisfied. It was truly magical!”

Thank you, David, for such an inspirational story! I remember yours and your mother’s performance fondly, I widely admit it made me quite wet and took great joy in later getting fucked in the one of the bathrooms, by one of the waiters, a little bahis firmaları later. You certainly made us all very aroused!

It’s worth remembering what winning Diamond Status awards you and your lucky partner. An all expenses paid trip to our Friends of Jocasta resort on the island of Ikthos in the Aegean Sea. As many of you will know, it’s the perfect getaway for the Cougar and Cub and we’ll have an in-depth review in our August issue, as we all head there for the FOJ summer break!

You’ll also win a £10,000 shopping spree at Ginette’s Fashion House, our highly discreet boutique located in Mayfair. Ginette’s provided many of our most stylish members with the latest in Italian heels, Parisian lingerie and, yes, homegrown British leatherwear for many years. Ginette will provide a private viewing and changing room so that women can try on the outfits they might like, while their boys give their appreciation. Ginette encourages young men to show their reactions physically, helping to stimulate their young cocks while all you mothers, aunts, friends next door and bosses get to explore the latest fashions. You’re guaranteed to have fun and come away with some delightfully cock-teasing outfits to please your young man!

So get practising your dancing, ladies! Remember to register your interest before the 10th of July, the usual rules apply: ladies must be in heels, 2″ heel minimum, your young men must be 18 or over – we will check!


Every month Doctor Carmen Monroe, professional family and sex therapist, answers your questions.

Dear Carmen

Ever since lockdown ended, my husband has kept his role working from home. He never leaves! How am I supposed to enjoy my son’s larger, fatter cock with him skulking about the house? I am at my wits’ end!

Mrs P, Oxford

Dear Mrs P

I feel for you! Lockdown was hard on all of us, especially those of us that had to endure dreary husbands. Now, we have those that won’t return to the office, it’s a disgrace for us mature women who need young cock to thrive. Luckily there is a simple solution – you introduce your husband to golf. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – why would I do that?! Well, trust me, it gets them out of the house for hours on end, makes them happier and more docile and should afford you plenty of time for the fucking you and your boy sorely need. Sure, you may have to put up with the odd boring golf dinner, but that’s purely an excuse to pick up a young caddy, waiter or son of the chairman, depending on your taste. So buy him the clubs, send him on his way and then bend over the kitchen table to receive your wonderful son’s aching prick.

Love Carmen xxx

Dear Carmen

I have to attend a conference at the end of July and I’m taking my gorgeous young nephew to be my PA. Of course he’s only window dressing to attract women to our booth and to help me relax at the end of a long working day. The thing is though I would quite like his bulge to be prominent in his trousers all day while he’s on the floor. He’s only 20 years old and can maintain an erection for hours, but this would be all day. Plus I want to be able to rub my hand against it whenever I get the opportunity, it makes the working day pass so much quicker. Any thoughts?

Yours, Mrs LT, Manchester

Dear Mrs LT

What a wonderful idea! Giving your nephew first hand experience of being in such kaçak bahis siteleri a pressurised work environment can only help improve his attitude and be an asset to any office environment. And, who else doesn’t love a hard cock to stroke and play with all day? It really does improve any dull work day when you have a stiff member to toy with while you sit at your desk or attend a business meeting. What you need here is a plastic cock ring, nothing too cumbersome, just enough to be wrapped around the base of his cock in order to keep the blood where it needs to be. Regular stimulation with your fingers through the thin cotton of his trousers will also help of course, as will other sorts of visual stimulation, such as a glimpse of breast or a peek of stocking-top, so a low-cut blouse and short skirt are essential. Hope you both enjoy the trip!

Love Carmen xxx

Dear Carmen

I’ve enjoyed spanking my son for many years for both discipline and our mutual pleasure. However, given all of life’s interruptions, work calls and of course my lame hubby, I don’t always have time to fetch my spanking tools, the flogger or the paddle. Do you have any recommendations about what I could use instead if my son and I only have time for a quick spanking?

Yours spankingly

Mrs C of Leeds

Dear Mrs C

How lovely to hear that you’re keeping up the wonderful tradition of loving domestic discipline. So many mothers neglect this means of getting closer to their boys, especially as they get older and start to go out more. What better way to welcome him home from university than with a long hard spanking? Anyway, I digress. The answer, Mrs C, is simplicity itself, get a pair of wedge heel slippers, I recommend Michelex of London. They’ll be practical for wearing around the house and your husband won’t ask any questions, but the slight heel will be arousing for your boy and they deliver a satisfying wallop when brought crashing down on an errant bottom. Happy spanking!

Love Carmen xxx


Which recently widowed high society MILF clearly couldn’t wait to get her hands on her son as soon as the coffin of her husband was in the ground? According to attendees of the wake, mother and son ‘took a long, reflective trip’ in the black limousine they had ordered and when they finally did show up, mother needed to reapply her make-up! A widow wearing torn, black stockings at a wake – imagine!

Which member of a famous boy band apparently acts all shy in front of his teenage fans, but has an insatiable appetite for dominant cougars? He ditched his band mates at a recent tour afterparty for a session with 50-something dominatrix who insisted on smothering him with her huge breasts and trampled his penis with her high heeled red stiletto until he came screaming?

Which of the Royal Family’s Ladies-in-Waiting is reportedly ready to flee the UK with her young chauffeur? He started driving her just three months ago and now she’s been spotted buying a new shag pad in Saint-Tropez! Her new beau was seen in uniform surveying the riviera view from the terrace of the new house, albeit while his employer sucked his thick cock in the bright sunshine. Elderly residents were shocked to see her grabbing the base of his pulsing penis and shaking his thick semen all over her exposed breasts. Rub it in like sun lotion, milady!


That’s it for this month! Next month we’re all off to the island of Ikthos for our annual summer getaway. See you at the summer ball and remember to leave your requests and comments below!

Be naughty, but shhhh, MUM’S THE WORD!

Pandora x

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