Friends Ch. 01

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Marcus had just arrived home from his last day of school. Unofficially a college student now he hoped to enjoy this summer as much as possible. His parents weren’t home though he knew they wouldn’t be. They had gone up to the family cabin which they owned at a nudist resort. Yes, they were a nudist family and he grew up this way. So, being naked around his family or others had never been an issue for him. The family would also be gone all summer he would be joining them later on in the summer for about a week.

Once in the house he closed the door and stripped out of his clothes. It was the

house rule when you’re a nudist to check your clothes at the door. Marcus could never wait to get home and strip growing up a nudist made him uncomfortable in clothes. He would always wear as little as possible all the more reason he loved summers. On those really hot days he could just walk around in board shorts and a t-shirt when he went in places that required a shirt.

Now naked he made his way through the house noticing some balloons on the dining room table. As he got closer he saw a box and card. He wasn’t expecting them to leave him a card or gift, as he expected if we were to get anything they would give it to him when he met up with them later in the summer. It truly was a nice surprise. Picking it up he began opening the card and reading it:

“Happy Birthday Marcus we know it was a week ago. As your parents we figured it’d be best to give this to you at graduation. So in the box is a key to your gift that’s above the garage. Enjoy your summer. See you in a few weeks. Love, Mom & Dad”

He didn’t hesitate a second grabbing the box opening it he removed the key, heading for the garage. Practically leaping up the stairs two steps at a time, he usually loved the way his cock and balls bounces off his legs when he ran. Though in his excitement to see what waited for hi upstairs he hadn’t even noticed. Once up the stairs he grabbed the knob and turned only to realize the door was locked. Remembering the key he opened the door standing in awe in the door way. His parents had completely renovated the upstairs of the garage into a one bedroom apartment.

The garage was detached from the house and they did have some property so the neighbors weren’t that close. So running out there naked had never been an issue. The property is also covered in trees which also offered some camouflage as well as privacy. He began making his way around the apartment noting all his belongings had been moved in. Something they must have did as soon as he left for school this morning, and before they left for the resort. They had stocked the kitchen with food, as well as furnishing the whole place.

“Nice ass, I never get tired of looking at that view!”

Startled he turned toward the door only to see Jane his best friend standing there. She was wearing a sundress that is quite visibly transparent. The dress is yellow with tropical flowers all over it but the material was thin and he could pretty much see through it when the sun hit it. Though he had seen her nude plenty of times growing up. Jane’s family had also been nudists and lived just down the road. Their parents met at the resort well before either of them were born and have stayed close friends ever since. Even moving out here to the middle of nowhere and getting houses right next to one another. The idea had been they could visit one another and never have to put clothes on if traveling through the woods. Their fathers had created a trail years ago making it about a ½ mile walk between the houses.

“So, you gonna invite me in?” She said giggling.

“Well, since when do you need to be invited in?”

“I see you got your gift what do you think?” She asked making her way toward the couches.

“It’s awesome, you knew?”

“Yeah, your parents asked for help getting stuff you’d like to furnish it.”

“Sweet well thanks!”

“You’re welcome!”

“So, are you going to leave that dress on, I am just curious why you bonus veren siteler even have it on in the first place?”

“You’ve seen me naked so many times why the rush now?” She asked turning and walking into the apartment. Pulling the door closed behind her.

“As for the dress I thought it would be inappropriate to drive over here in my new car naked, as you never know who might see.” She said.

“Good point.” He smiled back at her.

They were best friends and practically inseparable. She had seen all the changes his body went through and vice versa. Yet, they were never embarrassed about being nude in front of one another. It was usually odd if they were together and not nude, and it had also been amazing to their friends that they hadn’t done anything sexual yet. As they went through this change new feelings would arise and she knew she was developing a crush on him. Though she never made any moves for fear it would ruin the good thing they had.

Now at eighteen she loved his body and decided this summer she wanted to explore those feelings with him. Marcus went from short scrawny little kid, to 5′ 10, shaved head and tanned athletic muscle toned body that he kept hair free. She also knew from all the guys she had seen at the nudist camp that Marcus would be considered hung. Though she grew up knowing the size never mattered, she just knew his was a perfect fit for his body.

Jane was 5′ 8″ just a little shorter than Marcus long brown hair that extended just past her B cup breasts. She also had a nicely toned swimmers build, and a tan body that she also kept hair free. Marcus had also been aware of the changes her body had made. He also had developed feelings for Jane. Despite the fact they told each other everything, and were always open and honest with each other, neither had it in them to reveal their true feelings to one another.

“Well I am a nudist so I like to be naked, but you know as well as I do that I don’t like to be the only one naked. And honestly I really do enjoy looking at your body.” There she said it. She didn’t think she would have the guts to but decided what the hell it was time he knew.

Marcus turned and looked at her still standing in the doorway. Giving her a puzzled grin he knew he had a crush on her but he never knew she felt the same way.

“Really and for how long have you enjoyed this show?” He asked deciding to probe a little deeper. Sitting on the couch and patting the seat next to him.

Jane hesitated then began to make her way to the couch to sit down.

“If you want me to sit next to you, you need to strip. Nudist code Jane no clothes on inside the house.” As he said this she pulled her dress up over her head tossing it on the floor by the door. She walked closer to him swaying her hips back and forth in a seductively teasing way.

As she got to the couch she stood right next to him. Marcus looked her body up and down knowing what he did at this moment would determine how the rest of the summer went. He knew how he wanted this summer to go so before Jane could react he quickly sat back down pulling Jane down on his lap.

“Is that better?” He asked with a grin stretching across his face. His muscular arms still wrapped around her body.

“I… I’m speechless. How long have you been planning this mister?” She asked loving that he just made the first move and a bold one. As she could now feel his flaccid yet still impressive member pressing against the underside of her thighs. She knew this was exciting her and hoped that none of that excitement would run down her thighs and leak onto his cock. Well, not yet anyway.

“Well, considering that I just found out about this apartment about 40 minutes ago…”

Jane smacked his arm as they both laughed.

“Ok, seriously how long have you been interested he asked her?”

Jane turned and looked back at him. “Honestly, I started getting this crush on you about the time that I realized boys aren’t gross. As we got older bedava bahis it just got stronger but I wasn’t sure how you felt and I love our friendship so I didn’t say or do anything. Though I decided last weekend that I wanted this summer to be different, that I have faith that no matter what happens our friendship is strong enough to get through it, also I don’t trust any other guy the way I trust you.”

Marcus looked at her then leaned down and gave her a kiss on the forehead. As he pulled away she grabbed each side of his head and kissed him hard on the lips. Holding for a few seconds before they began to make-out.

“Jane I have felt the same way for almost as long as you have. I to decided that this would be the summer that I finally made a move to see if you had the same feelings. Clearly we both had the same intentions, and I swear to you know matter what happens this summer, I will always be your best friend.” With that she kissed him again.

“I agree and no pressure, what happens, happens. Let’s just promise to be honest with each other no matter what.”

Marcus nodded his head in agreement. “I promise.”

“So, with that out of the way and a huge weight now lifted I do have a question for you.” Marcus said looking at Jane.

“Go for it I am an open book, ask me anything.”

“Ok, last summer when my family and I had to leave the resort early because my little brother got sick. I heard a rumor you gave Jay Dumphry a hand-job by the lake. Is that true and what was it like?”

Jane looked at him and dropped her jaw. “Yes, a bunch of us went swimming at the lake the last night we were there. After some swimming we were sitting around a fire and someone suggests playing truth or dare. I know I am not usually one to play, but he dared me to give him a hand-job. So, we went off into the woods were I stroked his cock. Honestly, he didn’t last that long, he made me sit with him so it would seem it took longer than it did. I am sorry I never told you I was just afraid you’d be mad.”

Jay was a friend they knew from the community. He lived out of state so they only saw him during the summer. He was a year older than they were and always had a thing for Jane.

“Why would I be mad? We are just friends your free to do what you want. Well you were free now for the rest of the summer your mine.” Marcus said bear hugging her and laughing.

“Oh, really I am yours. Here I had been thinking that you belonged to me. Well maybe just this belongs to me.” As she said that she reached drown and grabbed his stiffening member with a firm grip.

“Oh, don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“Oh, Marcus I got all summer to finish this.” Laughing she gave his cock a few strokes then let it go. She then slid off his body lying across the couch and placing her feet in his lap.

“So, is there anything else you’ve done with boys that you’ve been too scared to tell me?” He asked looking over at her.

“No, I promise that was it. You were my first kiss just now and hopefully you will be many more firsts.” With that she placed his stiff member between her feet and began to rub and stroke it.

“So, what about you? Have you done any exploring with any girls?

“Nope, though I don’t think that would have been a problem. Especially at the resort as I got older and my body began to develop and fill a lot of those girls seemed to be throwing themselves at me whenever you weren’t around. A few girls in school were interested as well, but I think they were only interested in this.” He said pointing at his cock sandwiched between Janes feet.

“I want someone who is interested in more than just my cock. I am aware girls like the idea of trying a big cock. But I don’t want to be an experiment so some girl can see what I big cock feels like.”

“Well, that’s good to know. Not that it would matter but I like that whatever happens we’ll be experiencing it for the first time together this summer. And for the record I’m interested in more deneme bonus then just this.” She replied stroking her feet on his still rock hard cock.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Asked Marcus.

“Um… How big does it get?” Jane really was curious to know now, though she has seen them in all shapes and sizes.

“Honestly I never measured it. I know I am bigger than most guys so never felt the need to compare.”

“Well Jay was about 5″ fully hard and he was super thin. When I saw you earlier before you got hard you were def bigger than him while still flaccid. I know size isn’t supposed to matter and I don’t want to sound like one of those girls you despise. But, honestly I think yours is just perfect for your build.” Jane said hoping that she didn’t upset him.

“It’s okay I don’t despise you as your just curious, as am I. Besides if all you were after was my cock we wouldn’t be sitting here talking and just enjoying one another’s company.”

“Soooo… true!” Thought Jane, she could really careless that he was hung and she wanted to explore more than just his cock. His cock had been the main focus of the discussion right now.

“Are you enjoying my feet right now?”

“Yes, that does feel quite amazing are you enjoying teasing me?”

“I am enjoying keeping you in a constant state of erection. Though if I wanted to tease you I would do this…” With that Jane sat up then stood in front of him turning around to bend over giving Marcus a great view of her pussy from behind. Then spreading her legs slightly she grabbed his cock between her legs and lowered herself. Marcus thought this was it only she stopped lowering herself when the tip of his cock made contact with her wet pussy lips. Then she began teasing the tip of his cock by rubbing it against her pussy lips a few times. Also, teasing herself but she wanted this to last longer.

“Not so fast big boy.” With that she released his cock and ran for the door.

Marcus stunned ran after her chasing her down the stairs as she made her way to the pool. She stopped by the side facing the water. He came up behind her palming both of her tight little ass cheeks giving them a little squeeze as he lifted her up and pushed her in all in one motion.

“You’re totally going to pay for that.” She said as she resurfaced swimming toward him.

Marcus laughed and as she approached the side of the pool he quickly dove in over her head. He swam away reaching the other side. As he turned around Jane was right there and before he could react her hand gripped his still hard cock in her right hand. This sent an instant chill through his body and his cock responded.

“Hope you enjoyed that, and I hope you enjoy this even more.” Before Marcus could respond Jane took a deep breath and went under the water. He didn’t have to wonder what she had in mind for too long as soon he felt the head of his cock slip into her mouth. Her tongue began to dance around the tip of his cock. The head of his cock was large, his shaft thick, it took sometime but she managed to get past the head. She had to resurface three times while doing this but it had been amazing giving him head underwear.

Marcus and Jane had both been swimmers on the school team and were always in the water. She had been sneaking peaks at him under the water for years. After watching several porn sites and seeing lots of pic and videos of people doing things in pools she couldn’t wait to do this.

On her third trip down it wasn’t long when she felt his cock begin to pulse. She knew this meant he was getting close so she sucked hard and stroked faster. Then just as she pushed his cock a little deeper Jane felt the first blast of cum into her mouth. She stroked him for as long as she could feeling about 5 spurts, he was still shoots when she needed to go up for air swallowing his load on the way up and realized she like it.

“So…” Before she could say anything Marcus pulled her in for a super hard passionate kiss. He even got a taste of his own cum which didn’t bother him at all.

“No need to say anything that was freaking amazing.” He said kissing her again reaching down and gripping her ass pulling her close. His softening cock now bobbing in the water between them.

To be Continued…

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