Freyja Inc. Ch. 04

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Chapter Four: Training begins

The elevator ride was only five stories up, much shorter than the last one. As the doors open Shea expected to see another office type setting where they would be poked and prodded again but much to her delight the atmosphere was more warm and welcoming. The walls were wood paneled and there was a nice runner on the floor instead of hard tile or office carpet.

Following the lead of their escorts each girl ventured down short hallways cutting off of the main one. Coming to a large oak door the older gentleman opened it and politely bowed his head gesturing for Shea to enter.

Inside Shea was stunned, the room was a large bedroom furnished lavishly similar to a five star hotel there in the city.

As Shea stood there looking around the older man moved past her towards a curtain. With a flick of a switch on the wall the fabric started to draw back exposing a large window looking out over a small park across the street. Shea walked over closer taking in the view when she realized she was half naked. Scurrying away the gentleman laughed and said, “No worries love, the windows are one way. You can see out but no-one can see in.” Shea was relieved to hear that.

“May I ask what I am doing here?” she said to the older man.

“Ms. Egan you are here to continue the training. This will be your room for the next few months. All of the necessary item’s you will need have already been prepared for you. Clothes are over here in the wardrobe, undergarments are there in the dresser, text and writing materials are set up for you in the roll top, and toiletries are down the main hall just before you get to the turn.”

Shea began looking through the drawers of the dresser, indeed there were bras and panties in the drawers along with socks and stockings. Shea noticed that all of the bras were either sheer or sports bras but all of them were white. Sifting through the panties again she took notice that the fabric of the garments was either cotton or sheer, but all of them were white thongs.

Shea went to the wardrobe to see what clothes they had selected for her, but to her disappointment it was empty.

“Ah, Ms. Egan the clothing will be placed in the wardrobe every morning. You will wear the item only when instructed. Until that time comes you will be wearing the uniform you have on now. Each morning I will set out your uniform while you take your morning shower. The items will be placed on the end of the bed with any special instruction for the day.”

“Ms. Egan I understand you will be needing some help in the morning with complying to the instructions I am about to give you so please don’t take offence if I seem to brash.” He said.

Shea looked at him with a quizzical expression. “What do you mean?”

“The management has instructed that you are to wear the rectal spacer for the next ten days. It must be put in at night before you go to sleep and removed each morning. I would recommend that you remove it prior to you morning wash. It could be somewhat messy if not removed after a few hours.” He said.

The shock of the statement hit Shea right in the ASS. She still had that cork up her butt and now she found out she was going to have to keep it in for ten days. That was so humiliating.

The older gentleman continued to point out things in the room when the previous statement finally registered completely. “Excuse me but what do you mean by messy?” Shea said.

“You see Madame when the item is left in for that length of time there is a likely hood that some muscle control will be temporarily lost, resulting in a small amount of leakage.” He replied. “My job is to assist you in inserting, removing, and cleaning up so to speak.”

“Wait a minute here, you’re telling me that I may have some leakage and your job is to wipe my butt if there is. I don’t think so! Hell I don’t even know your name and you think I’m going to let you get that close to my private parts.” Shea thundered.

“Ms. Egan I understand the embarrassment in the matter but you will be thankful that I am here to assist. If you need me I will be just outside the door when the time comes. For your information my name is Wesley, I am you butler and personal assistant. As time goes on you will come to trust me with the most intimate details of you life.” He stated.

“Ah speaking of removing the item, it appears to be half past four. The management only wanted it in for two hours today so we will need to remove it for the rest of the evening. If you would please take out the spacer and set it in the small pan next to the toilet.” He said as he opened a small closet revealing a half bath.

Shea looked in the small closet sized restroom with fear in her eyes. She was going to have to remove the plug which was a good thing but the thought that she might crap her self was more than she could handle.

Slowly she moved past Wesley into the small room. Closing the door behind her she could still hear Wesley’s voice canlı bahis şirketleri as he instructed her on how to remove the plug. Lowering her thong down and removing one foot from it Shea straddled the toilet as Wesley instructed. Spreading her legs as wide as she could she reached under and felt around for the edge of the base that was snug against her cheeks. With a firm grip on the base Shea pulled with very little movement in the plug. Shea was slightly frustrated with the lack of success but she knew that she didn’t want Wesley to do this most humiliating task. Asking out if there was any trick to removing the plug all Shea got back was relax.

Her second effort was slightly more successful. The plug moved but the stretching of the ringed muscle as the widest part of the plug came close to exiting shot a current of pleasure through Shea that forced her to lose her grip. With the plug loose her rectal muscles sucked the item back in eliciting another sharp jolt of enjoyment.

The third attempt was the final one; Shea removed the plug with a small amount of trouble but removed it in deed. The odd thing about the triumphant attempt was the back flip her pussy did as the sphincter muscle stretched out allowing the plug to move. As the wide rim of the plug past the tight little muscle Shea’s body felt one of the most delightful pulses of pure energy move through her that she had ever known.

Once the shudder of pleasure rolled over her Shea quickly wiped her back side to make sure she didn’t have any leakage. As her finger moved over her back door Shea could feel a wide gaping hole that once was her tight little pucker. She could feel the muscle spasm as it attempted to close shut.

“Dear god what have they done to me?” Shea thought. “I am going to walk around with a wide open asshole; shit is just going to drop out of me like this.”

As she sat there for a few moments she realized her back door was gradually starting to close. Wiping a few more time for good measure Shea finally put her thong back on and exited the little room.

Wesley quickly walked in and removed the small bedpan that was next to the toilet. Looking in the pan he stated, “Oh only a one, well you should be able to manage by yourself with this for a few days.”

Shea looked at him with a frowned brow, “What do you mean only a one?”

Wesley responded with a gentle voice, “The spacers come in sizes Ms. Egan, the smallest is a one and the largest is a five. You will need to reach a three before the management will allow you to stop wearing one daily. This may take a few extra days.” With that he walked towards the door as if it was nothing.

Shea’s jaw dropped like a ton of bricks. “They want to spread my ass wider than that thing did?” she thought. “What in the hell am I going to do with an ass big enough to drive a car through?”

Wesley opened the door and turned looking at Shea, “If you would please, follow me as I show you the rest of the facility.”

Shea slowly started to move as she became adjusted to the sensation that her back door was still wide open. The hole had long closed but her mind and nerves gave her the impression that it was still stretched out wide.

Wesley continued the tour as Shea took in the sights of the building. Venturing down the long hall Wesley pointed out the shower room where the girls will have to wash up every morning and before dinner. The room was a community shower without partitions.

Turning the corner Shea walked into a great room that appeared to be set up as a living area. There were five large sofas and matching coffee tables. On one side of the room a large flat screen TV was mounted on the wall, across the room a fire place five feet across occupied a prominent space centered between to large windows looking out over the same park her bedroom overlooked.

At the far end of the room was a wide set of stairs that curled up to the next floor. Wesley led Shea up the stairs into a room that appeared to be an exercise room. On one wall mirrors lined it from floor to ceiling. The flooring was hardwood planks similar to a dance floor. Wesley made note of the weight equipment along another wall and mentioned that Shea would be here three times a day. As they made their way around the second floor Shea saw three class rooms and a small dining area. Wesley informed her that this was where she would spend most of the day and take all meals in the dinning area. As they were leaving the back hall heading out to the exercise room Wesley made special notice of the library.

“Here you will find all of the needed materials to make your training most successful. I do hope you take advantage of the collection of text in here. There are some rare opportunities to see things that no other person will ever be able to see in here.” Wesley said with a large grin.

Shea walked into the library and looked around for a few minutes. She saw a large collection of material that covered everything from canlı kaçak iddaa arts to fiction with everything between. A section that caught Shea’s eye just as she was about to leave was over in the far corner. “Wesley, what section is this? She asked.

“Ms. Egan that section was organized by the founders. It is a rare collection of first print manuscripts and text dating back some 1400 years. Please be very careful with them if you decide to use them in your studies. The value of them is far greater than the cost of this building and every other one on this block.” He replied.

A loud buzzing sounded through the room as Wesley finished his little speech.

“We must hurry, it is time for you to meet your training instructors.” He said as he quickly ushered Shea out of the library.

Returning down stairs Shea saw the other girls coming in from different directions to the great room. Shea watched as two of the girls made their way over to different sofas. The skinny girl was oddly absent as they all took a seat.

Wesley leaned in and whispered, “Now begins the greatest thing ever to happen in your life. Take from it what you can and maybe just maybe you will become the one.”

Shea noticed that each of the butlers had leaned into their respective girl and whispered something in their ear. Could it have been the same thing Wesley said to her or maybe just another form of pep talk?

Coming through a door in the wall the three ladies who have been masterminding this entire operation came walking in holding small boxes about the size of a necklace box. Taking their place in front of all three girls the tallest one spoke. “Welcome to you new home. You will reside here until you have either completed the training or been eliminated.”

All three girls were taken aback by the last statement, each one showed fear in their eyes as the word eliminate crossed her lips.

With a slight chuckle in her voice she continued, “Regardless of what Ms. Egan believes we do not kill people or steal from them. The secrecy of our organization is for our own safety and that of our clients.”

“How did they know what she said? They must have had the car bugged or something.” Shea thought.

“You have been selected because of your intelligence, communication skills, beauty, and your open mindedness to using all of your talents to acquire what you need. You will be competing against each other for the position but you will not know how we are grading you. As you can see one has already been eliminated from the group. She was not able to pass the physical you received earlier today. She violated one of the main rules before she arrived to the manor last night. Drugs will not be tolerated! If you test positive you will be expelled on the first offence.”

“Now let us get the introductions started, my name Katrina. I will be instructing you on Finance and one of your physical training sections each day.”

Stepping foreword the honey blonde spoke, “Hello ladies welcome, my name is Danielle and I will be instructing you on Art History and the second physical training section of each day.”

The small cotton blonde stepped foreword and introduced her self, “My name is Yanna, and I will be instructing you on Corporate Law and Negotiations along with the final physical training section of each day.”

Katrina spoke up again, “By now you have toured the facilities with your personal assistant. Please use them for their knowledge and discretion. They will be here to help you with most things but not all. I am sure they have already introduced themselves to you formally but let me tell you they are some of the best friends you will ever have if you make it through the training. Each of use was once in your position and we are very glad these fine gentlemen were here to help us through.”

Danielle added, “The men behind you will be you lifeline to the world and to the daily activities you will be asked to do. Check with them each morning for your itinerary so you will know when and where to be through out the day. These men are the backbone of the training operation so if you have any questions direct them to your assistant.”

“Each one of these men will report to us on your progress in special assignments we may give you. They are not here to do the work for you but can give you helpful hints as to how it may be done. This may range from the educational portion of the training to the most intimate special assignment we give you.” Yanna said.

“Now with all of that said if you would please take these and place them in each ear.” Katrina said as they handed the small boxes to each of the girls.

Inside the box was a pair of strange looking earphones. The size and shape made them hard to see even if you looked directly in ones ear. Putting them in Shea could tell she had something in her ear put the sound in the room was not muffled or distorted. As they adjusted the fitting on one girl Yanna walked over to a small control canlı kaçak bahis panel and pressed a few buttons.

Shea could hear a soft angelic music in her head. The ear pieces were designed to balance the sound so it seemed to be inside ones head not outside the body.

Yanna asked each girl if she could hear the music making sure they had the ear pieces in correctly and there was no issue with the volume. Once each girl confirmed their ear pieces worked she told them what they would be used for. “This device is for your instruction and communication. We will be piping in the instructional information cover in the classes and additional information we feel appropriate during the day and night. With these we can also give specific instructions to an individual without alerting the others. There will be times when you will receive an order that we do not want the other candidates to know about. You must follow these instructions to the letter or your standing will be diminished. Multiple infractions will result in you being relieved of your status and removed from the program.”

Danielle interjected, “You will keep the ear pieces in at all times even in your sleep. They are water proof so you will not need to remove them in the shower. If you lose one or break one you will be placed under review for termination; if you decide to eliminate the competition by damaging their ear piece you will be brought under review as well.”

“Well now that everyone is in the know, it is time for you to relax and enjoy your evening. Dinner will be served in about three hours, until then please take advantage of the champagne and strawberries. Hershel has selected a movie for your entertainment and we look foreword to working with you first thing in the morning.” Katrina replied just before each one of them walked over and kissed the three gentlemen on the cheek as they left.

Hershel made his way out from around the sofa and began inserting a disk into a small machine just under the large TV on the wall. Wesley and the other gentleman made their way over to a cabinet on the far wall retrieving glasses and a bottle of champagne. Inspecting the bottle as they poured Shea’s glass she made out the familiar label that was on the bottle in the limo the night before.

The sound sprang to life in Shea’s head as the movie began; it was a foreign film but the actors were speaking English. Shea and the other girls relaxed as they sipped champagne and watched the movie. There were small plot twists that made the movie interesting but what caught Shea’s attention most was the number of actors and actresses appearing in the nude. The sex scenes were quit real and it was taking a toll on the girls. Shea at one point found her self becoming aroused as the main character found her self being lavishly bathed by two other women and one man. The sight of all of those hands caressing her soapy body caused a reaction in her nipples forcing them to push out against the fabric of her sports bra.

Shea glance over at the other two girls and saw they too were sporting erections on each breast as well. The image of them made her drift of into an erotic day dream where they were playing with themselves right there in front of her.

Shea was becoming more turned on as her dream progressed until she felt a tingle deep down inside her pussy. The moisture escaping her delicate lips was starting to show as her panties became damp.

Trying to snap out of her daze Shea returned her focus on the screen only to see the woman now engaged in a sex scene with one of the women and a rather endowed young man. The size of the organ the man wielded was larger than any she had ever seen. Shea was lost in the movie when she heard in her head Danielle’s voice, “He has an impressive cock doesn’t he? Wouldn’t you like to take him deep into your throat and feel it throb as he unloads his seed deep into you?”

Shea nodded her head as if Danielle was sitting next to her whispering in her ear.

“I do believe you would enjoy that Shea, I think you will soon learn how to do that if it pleases you.” Danielle replied.

Again Shea nodded her head thinking of the cock as she watched him drive it into the woman on the screen.

The movie ended without any further voices intruding her head. Shea watched as Hershel removed the disk and placed it in a small cabinet next to the TV. Wesley walked in front of the three girls and informed them dinner was served up stairs and started making his way over to the banister leading up.

Each girl slowly moved from their position on the sofas and followed his lead. Shea could tell her panties were soaked as she stood. Looking closely she inspected the crotch of the other two to see if they too were turned on as much as her. It was obvious they too had become excited watching the movie just like her. Both girls’ panties had large wet spots covering their pussies and their nipples stuck out with prominence.

Very little was said during dinner, most of the time was spent pondering the situation and attempting to grasp the reality of their new surroundings. Before each one had finished Shea took it upon her self to break the ice. “I think it would be nice to know your names, my name is Shea.”

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