Freeing the Submissive in Me

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He was there again. I pulled my car in next to his in the area designated for walkers and runners at our local park. I could not help but stare. He had just finished his run and sweat poured off his body. His dark brown hair was plastered against his head. You could see dark curly hairs through his white sleeveless t-shirt and his navy shorts were plastered to his legs and slight protruding belly.

Oh, how I loved real men with real bodies. The ones that have enough soft skin that you can actually suck their nipples into your mouth and pay reverence to their belly with your tongue. I started to get wet. He had just straightened up from pulling a towel out of the trunk of a sleek black sports car and was drying himself when he noticed me staring.

My face flushed and I turned away from him, pretending I didn’t see him. I was embarrassed enought knowing he caught me staring at him. I finished stretching my legs and started my daily walk.

The next day it happened. I was surprised to see him waiting for me as I finished my walk. I went to get the keys out of the pocket of my shorts and felt nothing. They weren’t there. Great, I sighed. I will be late to work. I walked around my car and on the ground hoping that they had just fallen out of my shorts. That’s when I heard a deep masculine voice ask,”Can I help you?”

He was even more handsome than I first thought. His deep brown eyes, long straight nose, and dimpled chin mesmerized me for a moment. “Oh, I quietly said,” I can’t seem to find my keys.” We both looked for a few minutes when I thought to look and see if they were in the car. Groan! Yes, right there on the driver’s seat.

“Great!” I rolled my eyes.”They must have fallen out of my shorts pocket as I getting out of the car and locked it. Damn! I feel so stupid.”

I pointed to the seat and he just shook his head. He chuckled, “Hey, tell you what. How about I take you where you want to go. I am free today and as you can see”, he teased me by jingling his keys in front of my face,”I have my keys right here.”

He reached out and stroked a stray hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear. I was mezmerized by his touch. I felt as though his voice and his body were calling out to me. My body seemed to sway toward him of its on accord. I was so turned on by this tall, quiet, and very masculine man.

I climbed into the passenger side of his car, my mind racing. My face still felt flushed as I sat in his air-conditioned car. I wonder if he could tell how turned on I was? I softly sighed and told myself not to be silly. He was being nice. It was then that I noticed him staring at my breasts. My nipples hardened immediately and I shivered. I turned and our eyes locked. Oh God, if this is what he does to me with just a stare,what would happen bakırköy escort if he should kiss me?

I was about to find out. Next thing I knew he had pulled into a parking lot in front of a large modern apartment building. He said nothing,but pulled me toward him and I went willingly, as if in a trance. My lips parted when they met his and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I started squriming on the seat. My hands went to the back of his head and played with his dark silky hair.

He pulled away and we were heading into the building and up an elevator before I could gain my composure. My head stayed down, staring at the floor. Here was a stranger, someone I didn’t even know and I was going to let him fuck me senseless if he so chose. I knew I wouldn’t put up a struggle. In fact, I was hoping for that very thing.

We arrived at the penthouse suite. He led me inside quickly and immediately he started taking my clothes off, carressing me as he slid my shirt over my head and started sucking my nipples thru my bra.I became weak in the knees and slid down to the floor. Right in front of me was a large bulge tenting out his shorts. I slid my hand up and down and the bulge became larger and longer. The tip of his long cock peeked out the top of his shorts. I pushed his shorts down those long muscular legs eager to taste his precum. I slowly tongued the top of his cock and I heard an exclamation. With that, he grabed my arms and lifted me up until I was standing.

“Oh baby,this is not how I want to cum inside you for the first time.”

He took me by the hand and led me into a darkened room.The curtains, walls,carpeting,and even the bedding were black. It took my eyes a few minutes to adjust after being in the sunlight only minutes before. He led me to his bed and and I sat down.

“Now where were we?”,he asked wickedly. “Oh, I know. Right about here”.

He unfastened my bra and pushed me gently until my back touched the bed cover. He lifted my hips and slid my shorts and panties off quickly. I felt a whisper soft touch to the inside of my thighs and I sighed. He quickly slid a finger inside my wet pussy. Then added another. With his tongue he lapped at the outer lips and I was in heaven. It felt so wonderful.

Next thing I knew my legs were being lifted and spread far apart. I felt so exposed. The cool air in the room made me shiver. My pussy felt so exposed. He placed his now hard cock at my wet entrance and shoved until it was all the way in. I gasped,barely able to breathe. Oh God, I felt so full! I whimpered, feeling pain from him stretching me without giving me time to relax. I had never had such a long hard cock inside of me.

He started moving in and out. Slow even strokes designed to make me want beşiktaş escort more of him. He would pull almost completely out and then slam it back in deep inside me. I grabbed at his ass trying to get some kind of hold over his movements. I groaned. Oh God, it felt so good. Please! I thought to myself. Faster, faster! I tried moving my hips but he held me so still and kept up his slow even pace. I was going crazy.

He leaned down to my ear and asked in that deep,husky voice,”What do you want, baby? Tell me.”

“Please”, I cried out,almost delirious from that pumping in and out of me. “Please what?” he asked. “Oh please, faster! Oh God, faster, and harder!”

“You want me to fuck you faster and harder with my big cock don’t you,”.

“Oh yes, please”, I begged. “Tell me”,his voice commands me, “Who wants my big,hard cock inside her, fucking her harder and faster?”

“I do! Oh please!”

Tears are forming in the corners of my eyes now.They slowly slide down my face leaving a salty trace as one reaches my lips. The torture of his cock methodically pulling almost all the way out and slamming it in so slowly is driving me insane.

“Is it my own little fuck toy that wants me to fuck her senseless?”, he asked, still teasing me.

“Oh yes, I am whatever you want me to be. I am your little fuck toy. Just please fuck your fuck toy now! Harder and faster!”

“Alright”,his hardened voice tells,”Here it comes my little fuck toy. Here is my big cock filling up your tight little pussy.”

He starts moving faster. Oh God, its wonderful. I hear him grunting,concentrating, moving faster and faster, pounding away at me. I can feel the sensations of my pussy tingling, the pressure building, knowing I am going to cum soon. My pussy walls tighten on his hard cock, milking him as I cum repeatedly. I lovingly call out to him,”Oh thank you, thank you, for making me cum!”

We lay on the bed together. Amazingly he is still hard inside me. He takes his time to softly push the hair away from my sweaty brow and gently kisses my lips. He pulls out and puts my hand on his hard cock.

“Okay, my little fuck toy, show me how much u appreciated my big cock making u cum,” he grins at me.

I am only too happy to oblige. I start stroking his long hard shaft with my fingers, and put my tongue on the head. I slowly lick him up and down and take his balls inside my mouth, gently sucking. He groans, then smiles at me. I return his smile and start sucking on his head. I work his shaft in and out of my mouth tonguing him on the underside of his shaft. He is groaning again and reaches out to gently carress my hair. Hmmm, I can smell the scent and taste of me on him mixed with his own delightful muskiness. I start getting into trying beylikdüzü escort to deep throat him, gagging as I keep trying to relax my throat. Finally, I feel him at the back of my throat. I swallow and suck with all my might.

His,”Dammit!”startles me. I question him with my eyes, wondering what I did wrong as I release him from my mouth.

“No, my sweet little cocksucker,don’t look so worried. You did nothing wrong. I just don’t want to cum in that sweet little mouth of yours yet. We have all the time in the world.”

I vaguely remember there is somewhere I need to be, then realize I dont care. This is what I crave right here, right now.

He positions me on all fours. I anticipate his pushing into me all at once and I try to relax. I lower my head onto the bed and I wait,excited and still a little nervous. My nipples are so hard, and I feel so achy inside. What is taking him so long? I feel that wonderful hard length against my ass, spreading my cheeks apart, slowly sliding up and down all the way from my ass to the outer lips of my pussy. I am dripping now, my wetness seeping out of me and running down my legs.

I can’t help myself. I start to squirm, moving back against him, trying to get him to enter me. He softly laughs.

“God, you are suck a horny little slut aren’t you? You will get what that sweet little pussy needs and love it”.

Oh, thank you master” I breathlessly whisper, not even realizing what I said, until he repeated, “Master? Oh hell yeah, I am going to love fucking my little fuck toy!”

“Here it comes, baby”, he grunts, pushing himself deep inside me. I backed into him at the same time and felt his hard length touching my womb. It was almost too much. I could hardly breathe. He reached my hair and pulled my long blonde hair, not hurting me, only enough to force me to arch my back. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on the back of my neck.

I was so happy. I felt as though I was home for the first time. He started pounding away at me and I sighed, blissful. I met his thrusting hips with my ass and I could hear the slapping noise of big balls against my ass. He started pistoning in me faster and faster, holding my hips. Oh God!, I thought, right before an earth shattering orgasm hit me. He groaned and started pulsing inside me. He bit my neck gently, and his cum shot deep inside me, on and on and on,until it seeped out of my pussy and onto the bed.

We both collapsed. He lay on me for just a moment and then rolled over. He lovingly carressed my face and traced his finger over my lips.

“I think we might have hit on something good here”, he said. “This is the best fuck I have had in a long time. Why don’t we rest up, then I take you home. You can pack your things and become the best little fuck toy I have ever had.”

I looked up at him adoringly, knowing I would never say no to this man about anything he requested.

“Oh yes,my wonderful master.”

My eyes were shining with joy.

“I would really love that.”

I turned into his waiting arms and slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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