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There are two large universities in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. Shawn was a Senior at one of them. His sister, Sue, was a first year at one of the two small, mostly women’s colleges also located there. Though they lived in Pittsburgh, they spent little time at home. Both had wanted to get the full college experience, including living in the dorms. Of course, they also liked the idea of getting out from under their parents’ watchful eyes.

Shawn was also a member of a fraternity. This added a great deal to his party life. If living in a dorm had gotten him free of his parents’ rules, pledging a frat had gotten him free of dorm rules. It also had gotten him a lot more alcohol and girls!

The women at the mostly female colleges depended on the nearby universities for their sources of men and parties. Being the good big brother, Shawn invited Sue over for many of the fraternity functions.

“Bring along your friends, too,” he had told her. “Especially the hot ones!” he added, smiling. He not only was a good brother to his sister, he was a good brother to his fraternity. It was a real win/win situation for him.

His fraternity was not the most upstanding one on campus. Especially when it came to parties. They usually involved more drinking, drugs, and sex than the average frat. Often they were close to losing privileges with the university, but so far had managed not to. Shawn didn’t mind involving his little sister in this, however. She had done a lot of all that in high school as well. She did not think of herself as a slut, but yes, she was a bit promiscuous. So was he. As long as she was willing, he was happy to let her.

The very first party he had invited her to, however, had nearly ended badly. Sue had arrived with a few of her friends when the party was underway. They were welcomed and noticed, as all hot girls are at a frat house. Sue was the hottest of her group. She was a tall, leggy blonde with a great figure and large breasts, which she enjoyed showing off. She loved watching guys fall all over themselves when she wore an outfit showing a lot of cleavage. She felt so powerful because of them. She never used the phrase, “My eyes are up here.” She liked guys staring at them.

When the girls arrived many of the guys flocked to them, as they did to all of the good-looking girls. They were quickly offered drinks, and spent most of their time being passed around to different dancing partners. Sue got separated form her friends, seeing them only occasionally, but that was fine. She was there to meet guys, and meet them she did. Shawn tried to keep an eye on her throughout the evening, as a big brother should, but as the night wore on he lost track of her.

As a Senior, Shawn was expected to keep the members and guests in line. As he was checking the second floor hall around midnight, he saw a gathering of guys outside one of the rooms. Checking on them, he saw that there was a couple in bed in the room having sex, and the other guys seemed to be waiting in line for their turn at the girl. This didn’t seem to be a good idea. But when he checked on the couple in bed he was shocked to find out that it was Sue.

He wasn’t sure what to do. He stood near the front of the line of horny guys and said, “Did you guys know that is my sister?”

He didn’t look happy when he said it, and the guys looked shocked. None of them was about to challenge him. He was a senior, as well as tall and well-muscled. They mumbled into the floor and broke the line, disappearing quickly. The couple in bed, though, were too enthralled with each other to notice. Shawn wanted to leave, but he also wanted to speak to his sister, since he did think this behavior crossed the line. Or did she even know that a line of guys were waiting to use her body?

As he quickly debated with himself, he found himself staring at the couple. Shawn couldn’t tell who the guy was, as he only saw his ass pumping up and down. As he watched he could see his dick as it pounded in and pulled out of Sue’s pussy. She was obviously enjoying herself, voicing her excitement with loud moans. Her legs wrapped around him, pulling him harder into her,

“Yes, yes,” Sue yelled. She sounded close to her orgasm. He was grunting with the force of each thrust, and she grunted receiving his body pounding into her. Shawn suddenly realized that he was standing there watching his sister fuck, and told his feet to move. They wouldn’t. He couldn’t seem to pull himself away as the couple approached their climax.

Sue started calling out, “Oh, oh, yes, there, harder, yes, there,” and then, “OH, YEEESSSS!” she screamed as she hit her orgasm. As her legs pulled him in deep so that he couldn’t pull out, her pussy was clenching tightly on his cock, causing him to lose control. He started shooting his cum as he was held deep in her pussy. After a few spurts he collapsed onto her, then off to the side. When he saw Shawn he was startled and quickly covered himself up, but he was not embarassed. He smiled at Shawn triumphantly. Sue then looked up and güvenilir bahis said, “Shawn! What are you doing?” as she raised her knee to cover her pussy and laid an arm loosely across her chest.

The guy, a sophomore named Brad, said, “Man, why are you…”

Shawn interrupted him. “Do you know she is my sister?”

Brad stared at him for a long moment, then took a quick glance at Sue and scrambled out of the bed and the room, forgetting to even take his clothes.

“What are you doing?” she repeated, but this time she sounded pissed.

“Me? What the hell are you doing? Fucking every guy in the house?” Yeah, he was a little pissed, too.

“What are you talking about? I just made it with Brad and then saw you watching. Did you like it?”

He ignored the question. “Is Brad the only one you screwed?”

Sue was confused and still pissed at him. “What the fuck? Yes, of course he was. What do you think?”

He answered that one. “I think I saw a line of guys right here waiting their turn to fuck you.”

They stared at each other, saying nothing while what Shawn said sunk in.

Finally, quietly, she said, “What?”

He just stared at her and nodded.

She was trying to make sense of it. “Really? Other guys were waiting?”

“Yes,” he said. “About six of them.”

“Shit,” she said, to herself more than to him.

“So you didn’t know?”

“Of course not. Why would I do that?” She looked at him in disbelief. “Shit, why would they do that?”

“They must have thought you were willing.”

“No!” she answered quickly. “I didn’t say anything …” She was searching her memory. “I flirted with a lot of guys, but not like that.”

She didn’t seem to be drunk. Buzzed, sure, but even that seemed to have cleared away with this turn of events.

“Don’t worry then,” he said. “No harm.”

She was still dazed. “I guess I should thank you then. I’m glad you were here.”

“Well,” he said. “I don’t think they would have raped you, so if you weren’t willing you’d have been okay.” As they calmed down he had started to notice her breasts, which she had covered only a little. She wasn’t shy, with him or anyone. She knew her breasts were terrific. Large, pear-shaped, hanging high on her chest, mostly jutting out and coming to a point as her large nipples pointed upwards. “But you do have a great body.”

With that comment she seemed to remember that she was still naked, and pulled the pillow from behind her to cover her tits. She then scrambled to find her clothes and started dressing. She didn’t really seem embarrassed as he watched her dress. He couldn’t help but stare. Her body was even more gorgeous than her face. He had seen her at home on many occasions in her underwear, and had gotten glimpses of her naked breasts and even her pussy, She liked attention and was a bit of an exhibitionist, but he never got to enjoy her body like he was tonight.

They walked downstairs when she was ready and found her friends, and he ushered them to the door since the party was breaking up anyway.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked.

“I had a REALLY good time,” she smiled. As she leaned in to give him a hug, she added. “Thanks for making sure it stayed that way.”

The next time she was over to the frat house was just for a visit, not a party. One of the reasons Shawn wanted her to come by was to make sure everyone knew she was his sister. Not to make them stay away from her, but to make sure she got some respect from them.

She looked great as usual. Her long blonde hair hung down across one shoulder, the end seeming to curl around her breast. It didn’t block the view of her cleavage that her low cut top showed off. Even though Shawn kept mentioning that she was his sister, a lot of guys couldn’t keep their hands off her. Some gave her a hug, some put their arms around her slim waist, even letting their hand slide over her round ass. She loved the attention, and as he said, as long as she didn’t mind…

As she conversed with a guy named Steve, they found out that they were taking the same class, though at their different schools. They started talking about how the classes compared, separating themselves from the other horny guys. Eventually they ended up off by themselves with his book and notes. The class wasn’t the only thing on their minds, however.

As they talked, sitting close, they each had a hand on the other’s leg. It seemed to be a contest as they took turns letting their hands move further up. Steve was enjoying her bare leg under her skirt, but she reached home first, her hand bumping into Steve’s cock in his pant leg. He moaned, and Sue looked up at him and smiled. She then moved her hand onto the shaft, which was by now nearly fully erect. As she squeezed it, Steve moved his hand into Sue’s crotch, a finger pushing directly along her her slit. Her smile faded for a moment as she moaned with the excitement of his touch.

His finger kept pressing into her slit with only the silky panty protecting her pussy. türkçe bahis Sue was suddenly more excited than she expected to be, and her panties were getting wet. Sue stroked up and down on the erection, and when her fingers found his fly she pulled it down without much trouble and reached inside. Leaning her head on Steve’s shoulder, she could reach easier into his pants and grab his dick. His boxers were still between them, but they offered little resistance.

They were each being driven crazy by one hand and forgot that they were in a semi-public space. Sue started moving her hips slightly into the finger pleasuring her, and she in turn continued stroking the dick in her hand. It didn’t take long before Steve was nearing the brink, and he had to work not to make noise, not wanting to draw the attention from his brothers. He strained and then creamed his pants. making a mess that only the two of them knew about.

When he was done cumming, he returned his attention to Sue, who was still quite turned on. Steve’s fingers found the edge of her panties and slipped them aside, then pushed his fingers between her bare, soaking wet labia. As soon as he slipped a finger inside her, she pushed her hips forward onto it. She writhed on it as he moved it around, and it wasn’t long before she burst forth with her own orgasm, biting her lip to control her moans. They both were now wearing cum filled underwear, but neither seemed to care.

The second party Sue attended was the most special of the year. It was the traditional Toga! Toga! Toga!, held every year since about the time the movie Animal House had come out. This party, like many, was by invitation only, mostly because the rules stated that nothing could be worn underneath the togas. And with that rule, more sex than usual took place on that party night.

All eyes turned to Sue as she entered the house. She wore her long hair pulled up, so that her toga could better show off her cleavage. One side of the toga just barely covered her nipple, and the shape of both breasts and nipples were easily seen through the thin material. It was also one of the shortest togas. Each guy who saw her couldn’t wait until she bent over to pick something up, as she was sure to show off everything underneath.

Shawn was one of the first to greet her at the door, but the real reason he did was Sue’s friend Gail. Gail had gotten his interest before, and he had made some time with her at the first party before he got involved breaking up Sue’s “gang bang.” Though he had called her a few times, they hadn’t gone out on a date. Shawn hoped to make up for that tonight.

Shawn whisked Gail away and monopolized her time while most of the others talked and danced with the group. Gail was very attracted to Shawn, and had pumped Sue for information, especially after each phone call. He was quite a hunk. Dark brown, wavy hair sitting on a 6 foot 2 inch body. Shawn had a firm, square jaw and penetrating eyes that girls seemed to swoon over. And many years of lifting weights had given him a firm, big chest and biceps that were always noticed. Gail was anxious to get her hands on that body.

They got a drink – a strong drink – and danced a little. They danced to all of the slower songs, as Gail could caress his biceps and even his chest as they danced. She also noticed another muscle that began to be pressing into her thigh. She knew what that was, and pressed back to apply more pressure. When a faster song came on they ignored it, deciding to stand there in a corner of the room and rub against each other instead.

Shawn reached down to his throbbing erection and pressed it between her legs, rubbing it along her slit. Already wet, Gail thought the feeling was heavenly. She squeezed her thighs together to exert more pressure on her thighs and on Shawn’s cock. There was still too much cloth between them to really get the best sensations, but Shawn’s hand had worked its way up her thigh underneath her toga. He reached high up and slid his hand to the center, sliding through her pussy hair and finding the top of Gail’s slit. She moaned loudly, but the music covered the noise.

His other hand quickly reached under his own toga, lifting it above his erection and pushing his cock skin to skin with Gail’s pussy. He felt the wetness on his cock as he slid it between her legs, letting it slide back and forth along her nether lips. Their togas hanging down hid their activities from the other people.

As they moved their genitals slowly together, on one trip Shawn’s knob met some resistance. As he realized that it had pushed up at the opening to Gail’s vagina, his eyes got big and he looked at her. Her eyes were already wide, staring back at him. They paused momentarily, then Gail raised herself up on her toes and rotated her hips, allowing Shawn’s dick to push more firmly at her hole. Shawn caught on quickly, realizing she was willing, and bent his legs, giving his dick a better angle. He then raised up slowly, pushing his cock into her tunnel. It was not an easy thing to do, but it felt güvenilir bahis siteleri so good.

Shawn pulled back to let his cock slide back, then lowered himself again and pushed up and into Gail again. He was only getting in a couple of inches, but they were both ecstatic with the feelings. He placed his hands beneath Gail’s ass and lifted her up, still on the floor but higher than she could comfortably do on her own. He was able to get only a few more thrusts into her until the angle and the situation caused him to cum abruptly. He shot his load in her pussy, apologizing almost immediately for cumming so soon.

“That’s okay,” Gail said. “That was so hot! I want to cum, too. Is there a room?”

His cock twitched again as he heard this, and quickly nodded his head. They pulled away from each other and he started leading her toward a hallway. He took a step or two before realizing that his toga had caught on his semi-erect penis leaving him a bit exposed. He grabbed at the material so that it dropped down, and looked around to see if he had been noticed. It was just impossible to tell.

When they reached the room and stepped inside, Shawn quickly shut the door and they fell into each other’s arms. Gail reached for and grabbed his penis, while he slid the toga off her shoulders, dropping it to her waist. She pulled it off her waist and dropped it to the floor. She stood still, letting Shawn gaze at her naked splendor. Her breasts were not large, but perfectly shaped. Her hips flared out, framing a triangle of thick hair. His cock twitched as he looked, causing her to smile.

She reached over and slid his toga off, seeing the strong chest and flat stomach that she had been tracing her fingers over earlier. His cock had never softened completely, but was not hard, just hanging gently away from his body. She reached out for it and dropped to her knees. She licked the head as she held the base of it tightly, then wrapped her lips around his knob. Her tongue flicked rapidly over the tip before she sank her mouth down engulfing most of the shaft. She started sucking strongly on each upward motion, and before long his prick was once again at full strength.

He pulled her off his dick and took her over to the bed. He fell on top of her and quickly aligned his penis with her cunt hole and shoved it in. He was so excited that he went most of the way in on his first thrust, causing moans from both of them. He pulled out and shoved in balls deep on the next thrust, then pounded into her over and over. Gail was just as excited. Her knees were bent and spread wide as she pushed her cunt up at him to get deeper penetration on each thrust. She couldn’t last long as she screamed into her orgasm.

Shawn didn’t stop, pumping into her right through her orgasm, causing it to continue longer than she ever had. She started feeling very uncomfortable and got him to roll off her. She took his cock in her hands as soon as he was on his back. Both hands wrapped around it, each rotating a different way. As she continued this near torture she bent over and licked his knob. Her top hand slipped up and over the head several times, then reached down to grab his balls. She pulled on them sending more shivers through Shawn. Finally she slid a finger on down toward his ass and circled around his asshole. He groaned at the new feeling, and then she shoved a finger into his hole. He moaned loudly and felt a familiar stirring deep inside. When she wiggled it more, he reacted by shooting a wad of cum high into the air. He spurted a couple more times, and continued spasming even after he had run out of cum.

Sue had been busy as well while Shawn was nailing Gail. Sue had been dancing, and each slow dance had caused an erection from her partner. One of her partners, Gary, had been flirting and laughing, and they lost their balance. Or at least he pretended to, They ended up falling onto an overstuffed chair, and as Sue bounced on his lap he cried out in pain.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Was that me?” Sue asked, actually concerned she had hurt him.

Gary smiled as he held his crotch. “It’s okay. You just bounced on my, uh, erection.”

They laughed again, and she sat on his knees and gave him a peck on the lips. “I’m so sorry. I hope I didn’t cause any permanent harm.” She smiled a very flirty smile.

“No, I’m fine.”

“Well, maybe we should make sure,” she said, sliding her hand up his leg under his toga. She didn’t stop until she felt his erection and wrapped her hand around it.

“It feels okay,” she said. “Strong, and hard, and nice and big.”

Gary was ecstatic. “God, yes, it feels great.”

She pumped his cock quickly for a minute, then turned her back to him and pulled her toga up from under her. Then she slid back on his lap, guiding his cock to her pussy. She settled herself down on it and let it push into her from behind as she sat on it. She sat impaled on his cock in the same room with a dozen people, but no one could tell. She moved her hips slowly, letting his cock rub the inside of her cunt. She squeezed the walls of her vagina, causing his cock to throb inside her. It didn’t take much more before he groaned aloud, spurting his cum deep inside her and making a few nearby people wonder why he was moaning and sweating.

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