Fran’s Liberation Ch. 04

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Fran and I worked hard to see each other as much as possible. Not helpful was living in two separate towns with both of us having small children. One night it was something with one of her kids and school then it would be an obligation I had with my children and school.

Don’t get me wrong; we were fucking like bunnies every chance we had. If we could steal 10 minutes in the parking lot of the mall. 15 minutes at a Vista point. Hell, one time in the parking lot at church as mass was being held. Between mouth and hands, we were both experiencing massive orgasms. It just wasn’t enough though. I know, sounds strange for a guy to complain about lack of intimacy but there you are. I missed just holding her. The smell of her hair as her head laid on my chest. I wanted to feel her cuddled up to me in bed with my arms around her.

A few weeks after our walk in the woods I found an opportunity that I could not pass up. I called Fran on Wednesday evening to say “Hey darlin, get your ex to take the kids this weekend. My sister is taking mine and I am taking you on a first real date.”

“A real date huh?” came her reply. She sounded skeptical and amused. “Why do we need the entire weekend without kids for a date?” she asked.

“Well, I am taking you away for a weekend up the coast in Mendocino. Already booked a room for us for two nights. This will be our chance to start to know each other.” I told her, sensing some sort of resistance but not sure what it was.

“I don’t know. Away from the kids. Hours up the coast. What if something happens and I have to get back?” she said.

“If something happens, we will just jump in the car and drive back. I don’t care what time it is; we will pack and leave. Please come with me, I’m starting to fall in love with you and want to see if we can make it work. This weekend would be a good test.” There, I said it. It was time to see if she had feelings for me and damn the consequences.

The silence on the phone was starting to scare me. I could hear her breathing.

“Yes, I’ll go with you. I’m just a little afraid. Pick me up Friday night at five?” she finally asked.

“I’ll see you then. Pack for a weekend and all types of weather” I said and hung up.

Two days passed rather slowly but Friday finally arrived. My sister picked up my boys right after school and they were away in good hands. I sat at the house for a couple of hours drinking coffee. I had packed on Wednesday night since I was excited to hear her say yes. Finally, time came around and I drove to Fran’s to pick her up.

As I drove up, she was standing outside her place with two small suite cases. She was absolutely stunning to me. Her hair was lit up by the sunset, casting an amber halo around her face. Her eyes were lit up with what I hoped was anticipation. She was wearing what I came to know as her favorite outfit: white t-shirt, khaki shorts, and brown leather hiking boots. The t-shirt was just clingy enough to highlight her b cup breasts. I could see she was not wearing a bra as her nipples stood out proudly under the cotton. The strings of her shorts were drawn in tight accentuating the fullness of her hips and covering her legs just below her pussy. I don’t know if she did it on purpose but the waistline was tight against her but the legs were a little baggy. Perfect for access. Her legs, perfectly proportioned to her size, went all the way down to her boots showing very little fat in the trim, taught muscles.

I parked the car, popped the trunk, and went up to her. I immediately bent down to kiss her on her warm, sultry lips. I didn’t try to French her; just wanted to kiss those lips and let her know that I loved her. She reached up and grabbed my neck and kissed me for a full 30 seconds. The smell of her was intoxicating to me as I leaned further into the kiss and held her close.

“Let’s go.” She whispered. “It’s a long drive up the coast and I want to get started before I chicken out”.

As I grabbed her luggage, I said “Madame, entre mon carriage s’il vous plait while I store these and we will vanish!” Okay, I’m a dork and do not speak French but she giggled and got in the car. It was great to hear her starting to relax and enjoy herself.

As we drove up the coast, listening to some British jazz on cd, Fran and I started to talk of ourselves. We really hadn’t spoken all that much; just hints of things here and there. This was the first time we spent time talking some and not just tearing off each other’s clothes. It was nice to hear her talk of family, friends, childhood, teen age years, and adulthood.

We arrived in Mendocino just as the sun was setting on the ocean and quickly checked into the hotel. We were both quite surprised when the desk agent told us that the hotel had overbooked. Before we could start to protest we were told that the hotel was going to upgrade our stay to one of the ocean front bungalows. It sounded great halkalı escort to me as this would put us right on the cliffs and included a tiny private beach for our private use. A few seconds after saying this I watched Fran start to blush.

I asked Fran “Are you okay with this? You don’t seem too relaxed”

Through her blush and downturned eyes Fran said “I didn’t bring a bathing suit”.

This evoked a surprised giggle from the young lady checking us in. As she settled her face in the “take care of the guest” attitude she stated “Ma’am, it’s a private beach; you don’t need to have a suit. And, if you don’t mind me saying, you look like you really don’t need one!”

This of course sent Frans blush into overdrive. My mind had already gone there imagining her naked body basking in the sun. A towel, a pair of sunglasses. Her nipples hard in the breeze. Her pussy on display. Ah, all things were going to be good in the world. I guess I spent too long thinking about the scenario because my cock started to harden and get tight in the jeans I was wearing.

“And you sir,” the agent continued after my brief fantasy running through my head, “won’t need one either and I don’t think you’ll have anything to be ashamed of either” as she stared blatantly at my growing erection.

“I don’t think that will be a problem either” I stated, wondering if this young woman was seeking an invitation. She was a petite African-American girl with her hair in loose curlets, running down her long neck to just past her shoulders, settling on top of her rather large tits. She must have been a D cup at least. The rest of her was small and athletic and by what I could see I was already thinking what it would be like to be sandwiched between her and Fran.

“Well, let me take you over to your bungalow. It’s down a path and I wouldn’t want you to get lost on the way. My names Jerri by the way” the agent told us. “Please, follow me” she said as she came out around her desk and beckoned us to follow.

I turned and grabbed Frans small cases and when I turned back I saw Fran staring at Jerri’s ass as she moved out to the path. Fran’s nipples had hardened and I watched her quickly lip her lips as she started to follow Jerri.

“My” I thought to myself, “this could get interesting”

I lagged a little behind the two women as we made our way to our room. The view of the ocean and the forests was suppressed by the view of the two asses walking in front of me. Fran’s curves, not fat but a little on the plump side, and Jerri’s tight, young athletic swish. I was so distracted by watching this that I almost missed the innuendo going back and forth between Jerri and Fran. The laughing followed by a touch to the arm, a touch to the hip, a slight hug. Oh, it was definitely getting interesting to me.

Shortly we arrived at our bungalow. Jerri opened the door and swept us in. It was magnificent; one large room built around a glass wall looking out on the Pacific. A king-sized bed set directly opposite the window allowed you to stay in bed and watch the waves come in to the beach. The bath was just over a third of the room and was lined with marble from floor to ceiling with a four-person soaking tub built into the middle.

While Jerri showed Fran around the room, I decided to check out the balcony set just outside the window through the French Doors. I went outside and felt the cool nip of the ocean breeze. A small metal railing surrounded the balcony with a gate built in to allow access to the stairs leading to the beach.

As I turned and re-entered the room, I saw Jerri pass a card to Fran and with a light clasp of her hand, say her farewells and leave. I walked over to Fran and enfolded her in my arms.

“Well, what do you think? Are you going to be able to relax here this weekend?” I asked her as I kissed her on the top of her head.

“Oh, god, you have no idea” Fran said to me. “Jerri just set up a massage for us for tomorrow night. On the house even.” Fran was a little breathless and I could feel the excitement growing in her. “Tonight, we’re by ourselves. Come on, I want to check out the beach”

Fran bounded through the French doors, through the gate, and started to walk down the steps to the beach. Halfway down the flight she drew her shirt over her head and left it on the stairs. By the time she reached the bottom, her shorts and boots were gone too. As she walked across the sand, all she had on was her panties. At the edge of the waves, she turned to me with a fire in her eyes and pulled her bikini panties down to her feet and stepped out into the ocean.

As she took a few steps back into the water, not even high enough to reach her calves, she said “Well, you were bragging to Jerri so why are you still not naked?”

The fact that she had stripped to nothing the second we started down to the beach and the subtle flirting and touches she had with Jerri taksim escort had already started my cock north. The fact she brought up Jerri’s name so soon after she had left brought my libido out more. I just discarded what I had on right there. Releasing my cock from my pants was a relief alone as it had been half hard for a while now. I moved towards her in direct strides, my mind racing with the possibilities.

“No, you’re not going to fuck me on the beach with no towels” Fran stated in a commanding voice. “I’m not getting sand in my pussy. But what I can do for now is this” she stated and she reached out to grab my cock and start to slowly rub it against herself, caressing its full length. She kept us six inches apart as she rubbed the head up her stomach and down to the top of her pussy, all the time running her hands along the length. She kept me from touching her for a bit while she continued to massage my dick and just stared at me. I felt a little intimidated honestly as she had never taken control this firmly and quickly.

My cock was now at full length and was dripping pre-cum slowly on her hands. She’d just wipe it up and spread it on my cock for lube. I could see her nipples become rock had as she continued her ministrations. I could tell she was enjoying torturing me like this.

All of the sudden she said “Enough of that now, time to say thank you for taking me out of the Bay this weekend.” With that, she bent over at the waist and took my cock in her mouth in one swallow. I could feel the head of my cock jamming against the back of her mouth trying to find a way to her throat. My god it felt like heaven.

As I adjusted to the wonder feeling of her tongue on my dick and the warm sucking from her mouth and throat, Fran dropped down onto her knees and her hands went to grab my ass. My cock immediately popped into her throat and Fran began to bob her head up and down the length of my cock. She’d almost take it out of her mouth, allowing her tongue and teeth to lightly graze the head the she’d slam herself down and the way until her nose was buried in my hips.

I’m standing on a beach, in public, being deepthroated by the woman of my dreams; there was no way I was going to last long at all!

“I’m going to cum” I warned her as I felt my cock start to load up.

Fran moved her left hand to my balls and start to massage them. Her right moved to my dick and started to stroke it in time with her mouth. I was done for!

“Gauggghhghhhhgh” was all I could say as my cum flowed into her mouth. My legs and hips froze in place as I shot load after load of cum into her. Fran kept on sucking and bobbing, milking my cock and balls for all she could get.

I was just starting to come down from my orgasm when I heard a voice behind me.

“Here is your complimentary wine. I’ll just place the bucket and stand here” Jerri stated as if two people obviously involved in a blowjob was the most normal thing in the world.

Fran slurped my cock one last time and, keeping her had on it with a firm grasp, took her mouth off my cock, leaned over slightly to the right and said “Well, Thank You. That’s very kind of you. I’d get you a tip but as you can see Jon doesn’t have any pants on right now. Is there some other sort of gratuity you’d like?”

I’m literally standing naked between two women, one an attractive hotel employee who had spent most of the last half hour flirting with my girlfriend, and the other, my girlfriend, nude, on her knees on a beach, with a string of my cum moving down her chin and my cock in her hand. My head must have swiveled a dozen times back and forth. After a few seconds, Fran moves my semi hard cock back over to her mouth and starts tonging the head, as if daring Jerri to say anything.

“No Ma’am, Thank you. We’re not allowed to take gratuity on complimentary items. And just seeing what I’m seeing is more than enough. I hope the meat in your meal goes well with the wine” Jerri said. I felt a hand on my ass that I knew wasn’t Frans lightly grasping it. “I believe white meat is suggested. Looks like you have enough. Good night”.

As Jerri made her way to the stairs Fran continued to kiss and lick the head of my cock. Light tongue and licks were starting to bring my erection back and the look in her eyes told me that she was far from finished.

“Well, she said white meat was good” Fran said in a lower sultry voice as she continued to stroke my cock in front of her face, “I wonder if she was hoping for a meal with us. What do you think?”

“I think the white meat she was talking of was your pussy. I saw the way she was hitting on you on the way down here” I responded, looking for a response.

Fran rose from her knees and, grabbing the back of my neck, pulled me into a kiss heavy on the tongue. I could taste myself in her mouth. It turned me on so much more than I expected as my cock grew rigid again.

As she broke the kiss, Fran moved back a step şişli escort to look at me in the eyes.

“I was hoping you saw that. It was hard not to respond. My pussy was soaked before we got to our bungalow. I had wished she had touched me there and then.”

“I see that it excites you. Don’t hold back for me.” I said. “I’ll just watch it turns me on so much.”

Fran moved forward and pushed me down with both arms. Before I had completely hit the ground, she was grabbing my cock and guiding it into her pussy. She thrust down violently, impaling herself on it in one stroke. She was on fire; I could feel her soaking pussy squeezing my cock as she started to move herself up and down on me.

“So, you want to watch a woman fuck me, do you?” Fran whispered as she continued riding my hips, pounding on my hips in desperation to get more into her. Her eyes were smoldering lost in a half fantasy as she rode me.

“I want to watch your face as a woman sucks on your tits with her hands buried in your pussy, rubbing your clit between her fingers.” I responded, looking directly into her eyes. My hands were on her tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples. They were rock hard and swollen. I pulled gently at first but harder as we went along. I could see the look of pleasure and pain in Frans eyes as I did. If anything, her hips were grinding mine more as I was doing this; the pain was turning her on more.

“And what else do you want to see?” Fran asked as she moved my hand down to her pussy, forcing my fingers against her clit. As I started to rub Fran leaned back and placed her arms on my shins for better leverage and just started to flex her hips causing my cock to move back and forth in her pussy. Her juices were running down my balls and dropping into the sand in a small torrent.

“I want to see your face buried in her pussy. I want to watch you lick and tongue fuck her to orgasm. I want to see your face covered in her juices and you come up to French kiss her.” I responded.

Just as I finished saying this to her Fran went rigid. I could feel the muscles in her pussy grab tighter onto my cock. Fran gave out a loud guttural noise as she came and came on me. I stayed still allowing her the orgasm that she needed. It must have lasted for two minutes before her body started to relax. Her panting breath had given me a great show as her tits bounced back and forth as she had lost control. Finally, her orgasm spent, Fran collapsed back to the sand. My cock finally released it sprayed the juices from her pussy up on my stomach and chest. I watched as more seeped from her pussy and she lay still on the sand though the position must have been killing her with her knees bent out and up.

I crawled out from underneath her, letting her rest in the bliss after orgasm. I moved her legs to a more comfortable position as I stood above her and watched her body come back under control.

As I took a knee next to her and gently kissed her forehead and lips, I whispered “I don’t think we’re going to top that one tonight. Just let me rinse off and I’ll carry you up to our bed.”

I turned and entered the ocean. A mistake as the temperature was quite low and the sun no longer out. I quickly rinsed myself and turned back to Fran. I knelt and picked her up and slowly made my way up the stairs to our balcony. The whole time Fran just relaxed in my arms and kissed my chest gently and sighed as if completely content.

As the door to our bungalow was open I just moved through and placed Fran on our bed. I moved around to the other side and pulled back the cover and blankets and draped them on Fran while she lay there in a semi sleep condition. I noticed a card on the nightstand but thought it was just one of the hotel cards they leave to tell you of housekeeping, hours of operations, that sort of thing.

I turned to Fran, who was on her side looking at me. “I hope you don’t mind if there is no more sex tonight. I am tired from driving but even more nervous as I have never slept the night with you.” I admitted to her. I was a little anxious about this as I had not spent an entire night in a woman’ company in quite a long time.

This brought a slight smile to her face as she said “Just come and cuddle. Let me feel your arms around me tonight. My pussy hurts right now anyway so the best you’d get is a blowjob. I’ll take care of that in the morning.”

We spent the night in complete contact. If she moved, I moved right with her. The only thing that did not change was that my hand was on her tits the entire night. It was magnificent.

We woke late in the morning, in no rush at all. The view was stunning; Fran standing in front of the window staring out at the ocean without a stich of clothing on. I just sipped my coffee staring at that perfect ass and the sea.

We spent the remainder of the morning and afternoon hiking through the Redwood forest behind the hotel. It was a warm day to climb up and down the hills in the privacy of a forest. We spent most of our time kissing and teasing one another. First Fran would strip to her shorts but not let me touch her. Then I would catch her and kiss her until I felt her start to respond then break off. It was a fun day with building excitement. We both agreed that we would save the contact for the evening.

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