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Owen Edition



Authors note.

Please don”t be upset with me, but I have decided to give Brian a break for a few chapters. Due to some suggestions from my loyal readers, I am going to bring Owen into the fold. You all saw it coming, but I felt like you needed some background on Owen before he could change from a regular to a Crossman. Please send me your thoughts, I do respond to all emails sent to me.

I am a little ADD so it is hard for me to sit down and write. I will not do it if I do not get feedback. Nifty give us an outlet to write things that we cannot talk about in the real world, so donate fty/donate.html  and be sure to give the authors feedback on what you think after you read their stories..



Chapter 15

Where did Owen come from


As I lie here in bed crying, I wonder what I did wrong and why my mom hates me so much. I can”t remember a time when she hugged me or said anything to me that was not yelling.

We live in a huge house that is so big it has two wings to it. In one wing is where my mother and my sister Amanda live. In the other wing is where me and my daddy live. There is a kitchen and living room in between the wings. I am not allowed in that area, so my daddy had a kitchen and living area built on our end. I know that they fought about it. I am pretty sure that daddy doesn”t like my mom though because they are always fighting. A lot of the time it is about me.

I have a nanny that stays with me during the day and when daddy is out of town. She is a big woman, and although she is nothing but nice to me, she has never let my mom near me or allowed her to touch me. One-time a few months ago Nanny went out to get some groceries and came back to find my mom on our end of the house hitting me with a belt. Nanny took the belt from her and hit her with it. My mom called the police, but when Nanny showed them the welts all over my body, the police told mommy that if she laid hands on me again she was going to jail. Nanny never left me alone after that.

Sometimes my mom would go somewhere, and Amanda would be left with her nanny. That was the only time Amanda and I could spend any time together. One time when mommy was not looking Amanda”s nanny put a tracking app on her phone. That way she would know where my mom was so that my sister and I could spend time together. I loved my sister who is two years older than me. We would play and have so much fun until her nanny told us that mommy was coming, and Amanda had to go back to her side of the house. After she was gone I would get held my nanny and I would cry.

My daddy would come home from work and Nanny would go home. Daddy would lock the door to our wing, strip off his clothes, help me out of mine, and then we would cook dinner together. We would snuggle and kiss as we would watch a movie. I loved the way my daddy”s tongue felt in my mouth. When we would watch a movie together, sometimes it was a special movie, with boys my age loving on their daddy” cocks. I had been loving on my daddy”s cock since I was three and always looked forward to it. We would take a shower together, then I would sit on my bed with my legs hanging off. He would come up to me with his cock near my face and I would lick it all over, even his balls. If I did a really good job, he would give me my treat of daddy”s milk. I loved daddy”s milk but could only have it once a night. Sometimes on weekends if I was really good, I might get it as many as three times.

When daddy was home I could not think of any place I would rather be then by his side. We would go to the park, a movie, bowling, and even a baseball game if our team were in town. He hardly ever yelled at me, and never hit me more than a swat on the butt if I did something wrong.

One night he came home from work and after Nanny left and we got naked. I could tell something was wrong because he was not smiling as much as he usually did. I asked, “What”s wrong daddy?”

“Buddy, we have to talk.”

“Ok daddy. Am I in trouble?”

“No baby not at all. I know you are only seven, but I am going to talk to you honestly right now.”

“I am seven and a half daddy.” I interrupted.

“You are right, I am sorry. What I am about to say will be hard for you to understand, but if you have a question, just ask it and I will do my best to explain it to you.”

“Ok daddy.”

“Your mommy and I are getting a divorce. What that means is that we won”t be married anymore.”

“Why daddy?”

“Son your mom is not a nice person. When she came after you with that belt, it was the last straw for me.”

“Daddy, why does mommy hate me so much? I really try to be good, but she is always mad at me.” I say starting to cry.

My dad grabbed me and pulled me to his lap. “Son, I know this doesn”t make sense, but it really has very little to do with you. You see buddy, your mother is a very selfish woman. When your sister was born, she and your mother bonded right away. I loved seeing them together, they were so beautiful. However, when I would hold your sister, your mother would become ugly and mean.”

“I don”t understand daddy, how could she get ugly? Mommy is mean, but very pretty.”

“Ugly was the wrong word. I guess the right word would be jealous. If your sister would smile or giggle when I held her your mother would grab her away like I did something wrong. Now, when you were born I was so happy. Don”t get me wrong, I love your sister with all my heart, but I had always dreamed of having a son. The problem is that you are a sensitive boy, and I think you could feel your mothers meanness right away. When she would pick you up or hold you, you would cry and scream.”

“I didn”t know that.”

“I know son, and you were not doing it to piss her off. I mean after all you were just a baby. Not long after you were born, I found out that she was leaving you in your room crying for hours. I came home early from work and found you in your crib, laying in your own filth. You had cried so much that you were a bit blue. I changed you and ran you to the hospital. The whole time your mom was saying that there was nothing wrong with you. When we got to the hospital, they found that you were malnourished, a severe rash from lying in your own poop and pee, and you were also suffering from dehydration. I should have had your mom arrested right then, but I still loved her.”

“Why would she do that to me?” I asked shocked that something like that happened. I knew she didn”t like me now, but I was only a baby then.

“I am not sure. I felt like she was trying to punish you for not loving her right off the bat. That is when you and I moved to this end of the house and I hired Nanny to protect you when I couldn”t.”

“If you and Mommy are getting a divorce, will we still live here?”

“No baby. Because I have to work and sometimes travel, I have to find the best way to protect you. What we are going to do is leave here tonight. I already bought a house in a town called Clayton.”

“Will Nanny be coming with us?”

“No buddy I am afraid not, she has her own family here and they need her.”

“What will happen to me Daddy? Who will take care of me when you are away?”

“That is where you may not be very happy with me. You see son, you will be in school during the week, and with me on the weekends.”

“Ok daddy, but who will take care of me after school?”

“No son, you will be living at the school. It is a very nice school and you will be with other boys your age and you will even have a big brother to help you.”

I was very confused, “But daddy, I don”t have a big brother, just a big sister.”

“No son, he is not your real big brother. His job is to be there if you get scared, help you with your homework, baths, brushing your teeth, making sure you eat your meals, and putting you to bed at night.”

“But daddy, how will I get my daddy”s milk? Will he give it to me?”

“No buddy, you will have to wait till we see each other on weekends to get your daddy”s milk. Remember the rules, if you want daddy”s milk, you can never talk about daddy”s milk with anyone but me.”

I rolled my eyes, “Duh daddy I know that. I”m not stupid you know.”

“Boy, that is one of the two thing I know afyon escort for sure.”

“What”s the other one daddy?”

That”s when he grabbed me and started tickling me, “That I love you more than anything in the world.”

Giggling I asked, “Even more than your Ferrari?” He stopped tickling me and looked like he was thinking. I hit him on his chest, “Daddy?”

“Give me a minute son I am thinking.” I guess I got a surprised look on my face because he smiled, pressed his lips to my belly and gave me a zerbert (put ones lips to a child”s belly and blowing out making a farting sound also referred to as a raspberry). I laughed so hard… “Of course, I love you more than a car, but I must say that the love I have for you is equal only to the love I have for your sister.”

I sat up fast and looked at my dad. “What about Amanda, how will I see her if we move away?”

Dad got serious, “Owen, you and Amanda have been lucky so far. Your mom can”t touch you, but if she finds out Amanda has been seeing you after she told her not to, I am not sure what she would do to her. She dotes on that girl, but her hatred of you and me could get Amanda badly punished. You don”t want that do you?”

“Oh no daddy. I couldn”t stand it if something happened to Amanda because of me.”

“Good, let”s get a shower, got dressed, pack a few bags, and get out of here. I have already set up a great room for you at the new house, and we will go shopping once we get there and get whatever else we need.”

We packed two suitcases each and headed out the private door on our end of the house. There parked at the door was a big black Ford Excursion. “Where is the Ferrari daddy?”

“I have sent that into hiding for a while where your mom can”t find it. Now I am sending you and I into hiding so your mom can”t find us either.”

We put our stuff in the back and my dad went back in to get pillows, blankets, and snacks. He had already arranged with Nanny to come over, unlock the doors to the wing, pack up what was left of our stuff to put into storage, and clean out the kitchen.

We headed out for our long journey to our new home. I was sitting on the passenger seat in my booster seat with my knees in my chest. Daddy asked, “Are you alright son?”

“Daddy, please don”t be mad at me, but I am really scared. Nanny has always been my teacher. I have never gone to school and now I have to live there.”

My dad put his hand on my arm and pulled the car over kinda fast to the side of the road. He unbuckled me and pulled me out of my seat. I thought he was mad at me, but he just held me. “Baby boy, I didn”t realize how scared you were. You know it is a little out of the way, but what do you say we go a bit off route and stop and Disney World for a few days?”

I leaned back and looked into his eyes, “Really daddy, I always wanted to go. Daddy, I still think I am going to be scared.”

“I know you will, but I need you to trust me ok?”

“I trust you daddy.”

Every time we stopped for the night, we would grab dinner, take a shower, and then I would get my daddy”s milk. I loved drinking it so much, that I would rather have that then all the candy in the world.

One night after I finished loving on his cock, “Owen, we are going to try something new tonight. I want you to lay down on the bed, now roll over, get up on your hands and knees, now, while staying on your knees spread out your arms and go down on your chest. That is so nice, now spread your legs apart a little more.”

He stopped talking and I was wondering what was going to happen. “Am I doing it right daddy?”

“Oh baby, god yes. You have the most perfect butt. Oh, and this is so beautiful.”

I shivered as he rubbed my poop hole with his finger. Giggling I said, “That is my poop hole it is not beautiful.”

“You are so wrong son. To you this is a poop hole, but to me it is your love tunnel. When you got a little older, you are going to give me such pleasure with it.”

As you can imagine I was very confused by this. “I don”t understand how you will get pleasure out of my poop… I mean my love tunnel?”

It was driving me crazy with pleasure as he spit on my hole and kept rubbing his finger back and forth over it. “Well Owen, on your ninth birthday, you and I will go somewhere private and I will mate with you for the first time. What that means son, is that I will put you in the same position you are in now, and I will put some slippery stuff all around the outside and the inside of your hole. Then I will get behind you and enter your beautiful love tunnel with my cock. Then I will rub it really fast inside you and plant my daddy”s milk deep inside.”

I couldn”t believe what I was hearing. “Daddy, there is no way that your cock would fit inside me. You are just teasing me.”

“Oh, it will fit. It will hurt a lot the first few times, but it will fit. I met a group of men who also love their boys like I love you and they have given me lots of advice. That is why we have to wait until you are nine years old baby. Think about some of the poops you have had Owen. I am sure they are at least as big as Daddy”s cock. If those could come out then Daddy”s cock can go in!”

I was just about to say something else when fireworks started going off in my head. I could not believe what was happening, he was licking my poop hole. That is so gross but felt so good. After about five minutes of this I got these amazing tingles in my poop hole, then my body got real stiff and started shaking, then everything went black.

I woke up in my daddy”s arms with him smiling at me. “What happened daddy?”

“My sweet, sweet boy you just had your first of many orgasms. Your love tunnel will give you so much pleasure.”

“Even when you put your cock in there?”

“Not at first, but once you are used to it, you will beg me to mate with you.”

“I am really scared of you doing that to me.”

“I understand baby, but that is a year and a half away. Let”s worry about it more then.” We snuggled up and went to sleep.

We made it all the way to Disney World the next day and after checking in to the hotel and getting some dinner we went up to our room. It was huge! There were two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and even a kitchen. One bedroom had a regular bed in it, but the other had a big bed that looked like a whole family could sleep there. The balcony looked over the park and I could see everything, there were walls so that we couldn”t see the next room and they couldn”t see us.

Like we always did, we stripped, showered, and I went after my daddy”s milk. It was so delicious, and I made sure that there was none left inside, underneath, or on his balls. He put me back into what he called mating position and went to town licking my hole. I had one of those o”gasms things again. Afterwards daddy grabbed a blanket and we sat on the balcony and watched the fireworks show in the park. I snuggled into daddy and I fell asleep.

The next morning it was shower, breakfast and then we hit the park. I had so much fun with daddy that I never wanted it to end. We rode all the rides that we could get on. I don”t think daddy liked Space Mountain at all but rode it twice for me.

We rode some more rides and then it got weird, Daddy kept looking at his watch. We just finished getting something to drink when daddy said, “Let”s go over here son, I have got a surprise for you.”

I got all excited thinking of all the fun we were having. “A surprise for me? What is it daddy, is it Buzz Lightyear?”

Daddy just smiled at me and we went and sat on a bench. I looked everywhere and didn”t see Buzz but did see a man and a boy heading right towards us.

The man waked right up to my dad shook his hand and said, “Tom, it is so nice to finally meet you in person. We have been chatting for so long it”s like I have known you forever,”

“I feel the same way Ed, I am so glad you were able to make it.”

“I had to move some things around, but Cary was not going to let me say no. He has been looking forward to meeting you. Tom, this is my pride and joy, my son Cary.”

My dad held out his hand and shook it. “It so nice to finally meet you in person young man.” My dad pulled him in for a hug and the boy hugged him right back. Daddy pulled me to him and said, agrı escort “This is my son Owen, the sweetest boy in the world and my best friend.”

I know that at this point I should have been very confused, and I was, but all I heard was my daddy, my hero, calling me his best friend. Nothing could make this day better.

“Owen, this is Mr. Chapman and his son Cary.”

I have not been around a lot of people other than my sister, mom, dad, and of course Nanny. I was very nervous about this whole thing. Who were these people and what did they want? I hid behind my daddy, he turned around and picked me up. He held me and move towards Mr. Chapman.

I hid my face on his shoulder so I would not have to look at the man. “Owen, please turn around and be polite. Shake Mr. Chapman”s hand please”

I didn”t want daddy to be mad at me and ruin our time together. I turned around and shook his hand. He reached up and took hold of my face and said, “My what a beautiful boy you have here Tom. Owen, this is my son Cary.”

I shook his hand, he was a lot older than me, I guessed him to be about eleven or twelve, and I turned out to be right. My dad said, “How about some lunch, I am starving. This kid has kept me running around like crazy.”

We stopped and had lunch in an outdoor restaurant. I was still not sure about these two, or why they were interfering in my day with daddy. That was put to the side though when Mickey and Snow White came to our table, and I gave them both a hug. I was so happy

After lunch we were joined by Cary and his dad for the rest of the day. Cary turned out to be a lot of fun and wanted to ride Space Mountain. I was all for it, but daddy said, “There was no way I am riding that after the big lunch I just had. I almost puked before on an empty stomach.”

“Cary spoke up, “How about me and Owen ride it while you two old men sit on the bench and feed the birds?”

Cary”s dad jumped up and grabbed Cary and started tickling him. “Old man you say? Why you little rug rat, if I am so old, why do you look like you are about to pee your pants?”

I couldn”t help but giggle at their antics. Cary was begging his dad to stop, and when he finally did, Cary was all red. “Now that we have settled that, can we?” Cary asked.

My dad didn”t look happy about the idea. “I don”t know guys Owen is not used to being around other people as it is.”

I couldn”t believe I did this, but I spoke up, “Please daddy, I really want to go.” Then I gave him my best puppy dog eyes.

“Ok Owen, I will agree to this but there are two rules. Number one, Owen you will have to hold on to Cary”s hand and not let go. If you get separated and lost I would die inside with fear. Number two, Cary is in charge. You do what he tells you to when he tells you to, got it?”

“Yes daddy.”

Mr. Chapman asked, “You good with this Cary? This is a lot of responsibility.”

“Yea dad, I kinda like the little guy.”

The men looked at each other than at us and nodded their heads. Cory held out his hand and I took it. We entered the VIP line and got on the ride pretty fast. We had a great time, I liked Cary, and since I didn”t have an older brother it was kind of fun. Later after we were done at the park, we all went back to the hotel and up to our room. I didn”t understand why we were all going. I figured that they would want to go to their room and freshen up for dinner.

We got to the room and there were suitcases inside by the door. I looked at my dad with a questioning look and he said, “Since the room is so big, I invited Ed and Cary to join us.”

I started crying and ran into the bathroom. Daddy knocked on the door and when I didn”t answer he walked in. I never thought about locking it, the only door we have ever locked was the one to our wing.

Daddy reached for me and I pushed him away. “How could you do that daddy? This was our time.”

“I know baby, but you had fun with Cary today didn”t you?”

“Yes, but now I won”t be able to get my daddy”s milk.” I whispered.

“That is not true buddy. Them being here is ok because Cary loves daddy milk just like you. If you are a good boy, maybe Mr. Chapman will even give you some.”

I couldn”t believe what I was hearing. “So, I would still be able to drink your milk?”

“Of course, I would not have let them stay here otherwise. Now let”s go out there, and I want you on your best behavior. Please don”t embarrass me in front of them, Ok?” He gave me a hug and a special kiss with his tongue.

We left the bathroom to find both Cary and his father naked and sitting on the couch, Cary holding his dads cock. My dad sat down on the bed and called Cary to him. “Let”s take a good look at you Cary.” Cary stood straight, spread his legs, and put his hands by his side.

“Oh wow, you are beautiful.” I watched as my dad inspected every inch of Cary”s naked hairless body.

“Come here Owen.” Mr. Chapman said. I reluctantly went over to him. “Owen, when you are at home does your daddy let you wear clothes in the house?”

“Only until Nanny leaves.”

“Good, let”s get you out of those dirty smelly clothes.” He started with my shirt, and then pulled down my pants to see that I was not wearing underwear. “Where is your underwear boy?

I looked over at my dad and he nodded his head. I looked back at Mr. Chapman and said, “Underwear is just something else to wash, and daddy likes it better if I am not wearing them.”

“Very good boy.” He finished stripping me and said, “Now that is the way a boy should be when he is with a man. If it were up to me boys would never wear clothes.”

I looked back over at Cary and my dad. Cary was bent over with his legs spread and his fingers on his toes. Daddy was looking over Cary”s butt. I looked back at Mr. Chapman and was very nervous. “Ok boy, let”s get a good look at you?”

I moved to him and said, “Yes Sir.”

He asked me to spread my legs, and my hands behind my headat my side, “This is the way you should be look when presenting your body to a man, just like Cary did for your Daddy.” He spent some time going over every inch of my body including my butt.

When he and my dad were done with the inspections Cary knelt down in front of me. “Owen, I am sorry if we are interfering in your time with your dad. You see, our dad”s became friend online in a very private group of dad”s who love their sons in a special way. I have talked with your dad many times and am very excited to spend time with you guys. However, I have talked with my dad and if you want us to leave we will.”

I looked at both men and realized that I did have a good time today with Cary. I also wanted to try some of Mr. Chapman”s daddy milk. “No, you don”t have to go, it”s ok.”

My dad said, “If you are sure Owen, then why don”t you let Cary give you a special kiss.”

I looked at Cary and he smiled, “I have been wanting to kiss you all day. Would it be ok with you?”

I looked at the men again, then back as Cary. He was really handsome, and he wanted to kiss me. I nodded my head and Cary put one hand on my butt and the other behind my head. He put his lips to mine and I felt tingles throughout my whole body. Then I felt his tongue rub my lips and opened my mouth. I liked the way it felt with his tongue rubbing all around my mouth. It was not as good as daddy”s, but it was still wonderful.

When he pulled back and released me, I almost fell over, but he caught me. Then he stood up and his dick was hard. It was four and a half inches but looked huge to my seven-year-old eyes. Then my dad asked, “Do you like his dick buddy?” I was entranced by it I could not stop looking. “It”s ok Owen, you can kiss it and taste it if you want to.”

I looked into Cary”s eyes and asked, “Would it be ok?”

“Sure, it would.” He said as he pushed down on my shoulders. I knew what that meant so I dropped to my knees. I took his dick in my hand and guided my lips to it. I gave it a kiss and heard my dad”s cell phone camera click. That didn”t bother me, I mean he is always doing it.

Then daddy said, “Ok Owen, go ahead and make sure he is clean like you have been taught.”

I didn”t need to be told again I went to town on him. He was moaning and groaning like daddy does before he gives me his milk.

Mr. Chapman called akdere escort a hold to it and said, “That”s enough Boys, I am getting hungry and our reservation is in an hour. Why don”t you boys go get in the shower in that bathroom and we will use the one in the other bathroom.

I couldn”t believe he made us stop. We went into the bathroom and started the shower. “Do you want me to get the milk out?” I asked Cary.

“I would love to, but I am not allowed to cum without my dad”s permission. He will make me cum after dinner.

Dinner was great, all three of them had steaks but I chose the fish sticks and mac & cheese. Everyone was having a great time, but I was getting tired and laid down in the booth with my head on daddy”s knee. He rubbed my back, but I guess I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, I was looking at everyone in our room and they were naked. Cary was helping me out of my clothes and kissing me.

Both men and Cary were hard, which made me hard. Cary got on the bed in mating position and Mr. Chapman pulled me into his lap and started rubbing my nipples. I was feeling good until I saw my dad walk up behind Cary and point his cock at Cary”s love tunnel.

I screamed “NO, NO, NO, NO” and jumped off Mr. Chapman”s lap and charged my daddy. I used all of the strength in my seven-year-old body to push daddy away from Cary.

Daddy reached down and picked me up looking me in the eyes, “Hey buddy, calm down. I was not going to hurt him I was just going to mate with him, Like I will do with you when you are old enough to mate.”

“No, you can”t do that.”

“Why not buddy, he likes it.”

“No daddy, your cock in for my love tunnel, not his, it”s for me.”

“I already told you Owen, you are too young to be mated. You still have a little growing to do before you will be ready. If I mate you before you are nine years old, I could hurt you because things down there are not quite stretchy enough yet”

“I don”t care, I have to be the only one who gets your cock. I guess he can suck it if you want him to, but you can only mount me daddy.”

Both men were laughing, and I guess Cary just looked confused by it. I got on the bed in the mating position and scared out of my mind, just waited. I looked over and watched as Mr. Chapman inserted his cock into Cary. I watched Cary”s face and saw pain, but only for a moment, then he smiled.

“Cary, don”t that hurt?”

“Only when it first goes in Owen, then it feels wonderful. When he first started mating me I cried and screamed from the pain, but now I know it was all worth it.”

I put my face in my hands and prepared myself for the pain. I felt my daddy move between my feet and then touch my hole… With his tongue. I was so relieved one second and the next second I am seeing stars.

I heard Cary and his dad moaning, then Cary saying, “I am going to cum.”

Then Mr. Chapman saying, “Make sure you catch it in your hand for Owen.”

They were both moaning like crazy. My dad stopped licking me and we both watched as Mr. Chapman slammed his cock into Cary.

Cary was the first to declare that he was cuming. This was followed a few seconds later by Mr. Chapman making the same declaration. Then it was over, and both were breathing heavily.

Cary turned over and I saw the milk in his hand. I looked at Mr. Chapman”s huge cock half expecting to see blood, I mean the size I could not believe that was in Cary.

Mr. Chapman put his hand on the back of my head and guided it to Cary”s milk covered hand. I didn”t have to be told twice to clean it up. I think after a minute or so Cory pulled his hand back for fear that I would eat it.

Mr. Chapman said, “Ok Owen, you still need to clean his dick please. Make sure you are cleaning his balls as well all the way to his butt.

I looked at my dad and he nodded his head. I dropped to my knees between Cary”s legs and cleaned up every drop of his delicious milk. Again, I heard the phones clicking. When I was done Cary asked me to move over and he dropped to his knees and started licking his dad”s cock and cleaning every bit of it and his balls.

I guess Mr. Chapman saw me watching in horror as my new friend was licking the cock that was just inside his butt. He started laughing and said, “Owen I can”t believe the look on your face.”

I looked up for the first time, “Your cock was just in his butt and now he is licking it.”

“Of course, he is. That is a boy showing proper respect. I gave him my milk and let him cum as well. It is his job to clean up the mess. If you were to spend any time with us, you would be cleaning my milk out of Cory”s butt. He is squeezing tight to keep it in so that there is no mess. Would you like to clean Cory”s butt for him?”

I turned and jumped into my dad”s arms, “Please daddy, don”t make me do that.” I whined.

“No son you don”t have to do that. It is not wrong, but you are not ready for that yet.”

After that, daddy and I went to our room and Mr. Chapman and Cory went to their room. Daddy and I took a shower where I dropped to my knees and sucked on my daddy until I got his milk. Then we snuggled up in bed and I was out.

The next morning, we all woke up and went to the buffet for breakfast, then it was off to the park. Cory and I were all over the place, going on all the rides we could. We met with the men at lunch time and then it was off again. Cory”s phone rang at about five o”clock and we met the men again at the Big thunder Mountain Railroad. Cory and I had already ridden it twice. We went back to the hotel where daddy and I cleaned up for dinner. I didn”t know it would be just us until daddy and I came out of our room, and saw Mr. Chapman and Cory were already there with their suitcases.

“Are you leaving already?” I asked.

Mr. Chapman answered, “Yes, Owen sweetie. Cory has school tomorrow and I have work. We have to get to the airport and catch our flight.”

I ran up to Cory and gave him a big hug. With tears in my eyes I said, “I am going to miss you Cory.”

“Me too little bro.”

“Hey, we may be seeing you again.” Mr. Chapman said and winked at my dad.

We all went down the elevator together, said goodbye again and went our separate ways. Daddy and I had a nice quiet dinner and went back up to our room. He ended up carrying me down the hallway. I was so tired after all the running around in the Florida heat and humidity that daddy had to undress me. He put me into bed, and I was out.

The next morning, I was up before daddy. I went potty, then crawled back into bed. I went under the covers and started licking all over daddy”s yummy cock. He got hard quick and I didn”t stop till I got my daddy”s milk.

We got dressed went down for breakfast, packed our stuff, then we were off to our new home. I asked, “When are we going to see Cory and Mr. Chapman again?”

“I highly doubt we will.”

“Why daddy, I really liked Cory.”

“You see Owen, I thought that you and I might join their club and have fun with other dads and sons. However, after listening to Mr. Chapman yesterday, I don”t think it is the kind of club we want to be a part of.”

“I don”t understand daddy, I thought these men loved their sons just like you and I do.”

“Well son, I found out some things today that I didn”t like.”

“Like what?”

“Well, for example, none of the boys have the right to say no. When you and I play it is because we both want to. When I finally mate with you, it will be because that is what we both want. All day I heard about how spoiled you are. How that night when you got into mating position that I should have mated you regardless of your feeling or the pain you would have been in. In their world a boys feelings don”t matter, only what the man wants. I think that is wrong. If I were to have mated you that night, I could have damaged your insides. I would have gotten what I wanted, but at your expense. Cory was having fun this weekend, but I don”t think he has much fun otherwise. In fact, I saw Ed move his hand a certain way and saw fear in Cory”s eyes.”

“Oh daddy, that is not right. Is there anything we can do to help him? I really like him.”

“I know son, and unfortunately no. A lot of pictures were taken this weekend. If I say anything about their group, they will show the pictures of us. If they say anything about us we will show the pictures of them. It is how we protected ourselves. So, you see why we won”t be seeing them anymore?”

“Yes daddy, I am very sad though for Cory.”

“Me too buddy, me too.”


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