Fortieth Birthday Surprise

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This story happened a little over a year after my first story happened that I submitted a few months back.

* * * * *

It was the weekend of my 40th birthday and my wife Jackie and I had decided to go to our lake house a little early on Saturday to get the house ready for a bunch of our friends who were coming over to help us celebrate Saturday evening and Sunday along with all of the kids

After we had worked a little while, my wife disappeared leaving me to work by myself, making me not too happy. After I was through, I stripped down and jumped in the shower and then jumped into a pair of swimtrunks intending to go down to the boatdock and take the boat out for a spin.

I decided I might ought to see if the wife wanted to go along so I started looking for her. As I opened the door to the bedroom, my intentions changed quickly. There on the bed laid Jackie, in the sexiest pink teddie I could imagine. She had her hair all done, makeup on and decked out in her finest jewelry. As I walked in, I noticed she had every light on she could turn on so she was very much on display. She asked what I had been doing but all I could say was ” you look good enough to eat.” She smiled and said ” well why don’t you?”

With that I took off my trunks and laid on the bed between her legs, spreading them wide , getting a great view of her freshly shaven pussy already dripping with wetness. As I spread the folds of her pussy revealing her clit, she moaned with anticipation. I played with her, running my fingers over her wide open cunt and brushing up against her erect clit, teasingly. As my tongue finally touched her spread lips and worked up to her clit, she grabbed my head , not wanting me to tease her any longer. As my tongue worked its way in and out, I slowly went further down to her asshole, teasing it. As I ran my tongue around her perfumed asshole, I looked up to see her squeezing her tits and running her nipples through her fingers, stretching them a good inch or two. Watching her do this had always turned me on and my cock was responding as my tongue went back to her clit. Flicking my tongue over her clit, I sank one and then two fingers into her excited, wet pussy. As I worked her closer to her first orgasm, I pulled my fingers out, all the while working on her clit as I eased a finger up her ass, setting her off in orgasmic heaven. As she calmed down, she grabbed my head and looked straight into my eyes and told me to “fuck me right now!”

As I stood up, I pulled Jackie to the edge of the bed and put her long legs on my shoulders. As I looked down, my thick cock was hard and ready to fuck her hot, wet pussy. Jackie grabbed my cock, looked me straight in the eye with a devilish smile and said “fuck me hard” and guided my cock into her waiting pussy. I drove into her with wild abandon, fucking her so hard her tits were flying back and forth, almost slapping her in the face. As she came again, her face was all contorted as she moaned to keep fucking her.

It was about this time that I noticed something else going on in the room. I looked behind me and saw that our video camera had been set up on its tripod and was taping us. We had taped our sex sessions before, but it was always my idea . An even bigger surprise was that Jackie had connected it to the tv in our room and you could watch us live on tv! It had always turned on my wife to show off for the camera but this was even taking it further.

As I continued to work my cock into her, slowly now, I noticed that we did not have a good angle to see a whole lot for the camera so I suggested we get into my wife’s favorite position, the spoon position. As she laid on her side, I lifted up one leg and eased my cock back into her. She moaned as I watched her look at the tv, which had a perfect view of my thick cock working its way back and forth into the engorged lips of her pussy, being stretched to the max as she rubbed her clit for the camera. She then reached over to the nightstand and got the remote for the video camera and zoomed in on the action, which sent her over the edge again.

Calming down, she turned to the camera and said to me ” baby, I want your cock down my throat.” With that, she slid down to the end of the bed and hung her head down over the edge. Needing no further instructions, I stood over her and offered her my cock. She started running her tongue all over it, cleaning her cum off of my cock as she slowly slid it into her mouth. Taking half of it into her mouth, I turned so the camera got a full view of her oral talents. Since she had first learned to deepthroat a year ago, she always loved to put on a show for me as she works my cock down her throat and today was no different, especially with the camera on her. She gradually worked my cock into her throat until my balls were slapping her in the nose. She glanced at the tv to make sure she was putting on a good show and as she saw my cock going in and out of her throat , she moaned and started rubbing her clit. As I watched this porno flick being made, I knew she was ready for me to fuck her throat. I grabbed both bahis firmaları of her tits and started fucking her mouth and throat, slowly at first and then as she moaned on my cock as it was deep in her throat, I could stand it no longer. I started cumming as I slammed my cock as deep down her throat as I could go, watching as she swallowed every drop. She released my cock from her mouth with cum still on it, looked at the camera and winked. My wife, the porno star.

I sat down in a chair to recover as Jackie laid on the bed facing me and smiled. She looked down at my spent cock and said “lets see if we can do something about that, let me put on a little show on for you.

With that, she grabbed a bag off of the nightstand and pulled out a vibrator. I was in total shock, she had always told me she had no interest in going into an adult bookstore! Jackie put some pillows behind her and laid her head and shoulders on them and started working the vibrator around her swollen pussy lips. As she worked the vibrator in and out, her eyes were closed and she was pulling on her nipples with her other hand. I could not believe what was happening in front of me as she would open her eyes and look at the camera, running her tongue over her lips and moaning like a total slut! It wasn’t long before I could tell she was about to make herself cum right before me as her hips started bucking and she nearly fell off the bed as her orgasm engulfed her.

After coming back down to earth, my beautiful wife reached into her bag again and pulled out about a 4 inch butt plug. As my mouth dropped, she looked at me and said “baby, I know you love to fuck my ass and we only do it on special occasions, but tonight is a special occasion and I got this to try and make it even better.” My wife had only given up her ass to me about a year ago and we had only done it maybe a half a dozen times with it getting easier and better each time. I knew I enjoyed a lot more than my wife, but she was getting more into it each time. Now with a butt plug in her hand, my cock was rock hard again.

She turned and got on her hand and knees with her ass facing the camera. She started wiggling that perfect ass in front of me and reached in her bag and brought out some lubricant. She poured some on the butt plug and down the crack of her ass and brought the plug up to her tiny rosebud, rubbing it all around and wiggling her ass teasingly in front of me. She slowly worked first the tip in and then a little more at a time, stretching her asshole more and more as it went deeper. Then with a little yelp, it was all the way in, her asshole closing around it. As she kept wiggling her ass, she brought the vibrator up to her clit and started working it on herself as she turned and looked at the camera with a slutty little look, pulling on her sore nipples again.

Jackie turned and looked at me and then my cock, telling me ” it looks like you are enjoying the show, aren’t you?” Working that vibrator all around her pussy, she was getting hotter by the second until she looked back with a slutty smile said ” it’s time to come get your birthday present!”

As I got up, she moved herself to the edge of the bed and I came up behind her, sliding my cock into her dripping pussy in one hard stroke. She put the vibrator down and held on as I started slamming into her pussy as hard as possible. I slowed down and grabbed hold of the butt plug that was still in my wife’s ass and started working it in and out and around and around. Looking at my wife’s asshole being stretched, I could barely control myself. Jackie then turned, and looking at the camera told me,” ok baby, shove that big cock up my ass and fuck it hard!!”

I poured lubricant all over my cock, down the crack of her ass and slowly pulled the butt plug out. Her asshole stayed open as I placed my cock on it and pushed. It was incredible as I was able to shove my cock all the way in on the first stroke. Jackie screamed ” oh yes” as she felt my full cock all the way inside of her. Her asshole had been loosened up enough by the butt plug that I could pull my cock all the way out and then back in as she grabbed the vibrator and started working on her clit. I would catch her looking at the camera, looking at it as if it was a person and telling it to “fuck her in the ass, fuck her in the ass.” As I was pounding away at her pink little asshole, she turned and told me ” lets try a new position.” I pulled my cock out reluctantly and she told me to lay down on the bed. I did and I leaned my back on the headboard of the bed as she rubbed lubricant over my cock. She turned facing away from me, holding my cock in place as she eased her asshole down on it in one smooth stroke. She leaned back against my chest as she started lifting herself up and down on my cock. As I reached around to squeeze her nipples, I realized why we were in this position. My wife had a perfect view on the tv of my cock stretching her tiny asshole and going in and out as she moaned in pleasure. I grabbed her hips and started lifting her on and off my cock as she started working the vibrator kaçak iddaa on her pussy again. When she started doing that, I grabbed the remote and zoomed in on the action. That seemed to set her off as she started screaming for me to cum in her ass as I pounded her asshole with no mercy. She came harder with my cock in her ass than she had all day, and thats saying something. As I felt my cum shooting up into her ass, I didn’t think life could get any better.

As I laid back, Jackie watched as my cock shrank and slowly came out of her asshole, cum dripping out behind it. As she laid down beside me, I asked her if she had enjoyed herself. Smiling, she said ” I think you know the answer to that.”

Later that evening, after all our friends had arrived, we had dinner and everyone went down to the boatdock to play in the water and sit around and bullshit. As the night progressed, Karen, who was the wife of one of my good friends, said she had a headache and was going up to the cabin to lay down. As she walked off, I again wondered how my friend Bob had landed such a babe. She was a health nut and always worried about her weight. She has a great body with the biggest set of tits for her small body that I have ever seen. She is a size 40 DD and had talked about having breast reduction surgery to lose weight!!! Karen has a great body, but would never wear anything to show it off, always wearing a shirt and shorts over her swimsuit and always being a bit of a prude. She also has a strange personality, one day being sweet to you and the next day acting like she hardly knows you.

After she left, we were all having a good time and enjoying ourselves when we ran out of some drinks. Jackie told me that we had brought some with us but they were still in the van and asked me to go get them. Walking up to the cabin, I decided to walk around the outside of the cabin to go to the front where the van was parked. As I was going by our bedroom window, I heard a noise inside the room. As I looked inside, I nearly fell over. There was Karen sitting on our bed with her bikini top pulled up over her huge tits and her hand down her bottoms feverishly rubbing on her pussy. I then realized she was looking at something and I turned to see she was watching the tape Jackie and I had made earlier in the day.

As my surprise gave way to being turned on, I watched as she massaged first one then the other of her massive tits. Her action suddenly stopped and wondering why, I looked at the tv screen and it was at the time I was about to penetrate my wife’s ass. As Karen watched intently as I shoved my cock up her tight ass, she became like a woman possessed as she rubbed her pussy furiously and squeezed her huge breasts. She started talking to me on the tv screen saying ” come on J.D., fuck that bitch in the ass, come on fuck her ass, fuck it, fuck it.”

I could not believe what I was hearing, Miss Goodie Two Shoes seemed to be a slut underneath. As she kept talking to us on the tv screen, I remembered Jackie telling me that when she had talked to all of her girlfriends about us having anal sex the first time, Karen seemed to be the only one that was interested in trying it. She had tried to get Bob to try it she had told Jackie, but he was not the least bit interested in it. As she worked herself up to an orgasm, I had to pull my cock out and started stroking it as I watched those heaving tits and thought about my cock being in between them, squeezing them together and fucking them. Hearing Jackie scream on the tv screen, I looked to see and it was a closeup of my cock going in and out of her tight rosebud as she rode it.

My mind then drifted, thinking of what Karen’s ass must look like as she kept fucking herself with her fingers, working up to a climax. As I came in Jackie’s ass, Karen came with her hands buried in her pussy and I came all over the grass as my cock shot another load of cum.

As I got back down to the dock with the drinks, everyone gave me a hard time about taking too long, especially Bob. I wondered whether he had any idea what his pretty little wife was up to!

That night as we laid in bed, I wondered about telling Jackie about what had happened, but thought better of it. I was afraid if she found out about it, she would never videotape us again.

The next day, everyone slept late and we had a late lunch. Everyone decided it was time to go boating and jet skiing. As we loaded up, Karen and Bob left on the jet skis and the rest of us tried to get in the boat but it was overloaded. As we discussed what to do, Jackie asked me to stay behind and put up the ceiling fan in our bedroom. Not liking that idea much, I was about to protest when she whispered in my ear that if I did, maybe we could have a repeat of the previous day when she got back. I told everyone I would gladly stay behind and for them to have a good time.

As I went up to the cabin, I was thinking about ravaging Jackie’s ass again that night and was in a really good mood.

Working on the fan, I was nearly finished when I heard someone come in. As I looked down, there kaçak bahis stood Karen in her bikini without anything else on, which I found a little strange, but I wasn’t going to complain! I asked her what she was doing back so soon and she said that she needed something. I asked her what she needed and she said ” I need you to fuck me in the ass the way you did Jackie on that videotape.”

My mouth probably dropped wide open as she peeled her top off and freed those massive tits from their restraints. It had been a lot of years since I had seen anything like that as they bounced up and down as she walked over to me. She then peeled off her bottoms, revealing a nicely shaven pussy that only had a small patch of hair above her clit. My brain was telling me no but my cock had a mind of its own and was already standing at attention.

She then walked over to the bed with a sexy look on her face and laid down, patting the bed beside her , inviting me to join her. Taking off my swimtrunks, I laid down on the bed beside her and she was immediately on top of me, rubbing those huge tits in my face.

Reaching behind her, she grabbed my hard cock and ran it up and down her slit, moaning heavily. As she gently slipped my cock into her cunt, I thought I was about to fuck a virgin, she was oh so very tight. ‘” God it’s so big, I don’t know if I can handle it all, oh fuck me” were her words as she tried to stuff my thick cock into her.

As her tits were hanging in front of me, I buried my head into them, almost suffocating. God they were huge!! As I roughly handled them with my hands and tugged on her nipples with my teeth, she sank all the way down on my cock. She leaned back, chest out, with a look of total pleasure on her face. Slowly working her way up and down, her cunt gripped my cock like a vise. Getting in a good rhythm, she got her feet under her, squatting over me and started bouncing up and down furiously on my cock. Those huge tits were bouncing so violently, they could have knocked somebody out!

As she worked herself to an orgasm, I thought she was going to squeeze all of the blood out of my cock! Calming down, she collapsed on top of me and I decided it was my turn. I flipped her over, straddling her stomach, and laid my twitching cock between those two mountains she called tits. Looking up at me with a puzzled look, she asked me what I was doing. Looking down at her, I informed her I was going to fuck her tits. She told me no one had ever done that to her as I reached out to the nightstand and retrieved some baby oil. I could not believe Bob had never tit fucked her, what a waste. As I had her squeeze those mountains together, my cock slid so smoothly between them as I poured a little oil down on them and increased my pace. She tried to get her mouth on my hard cock as it came through that mountain of soft skin, but I would not slow down enough to allow her to. Knowing I may never get the chance again to feel my cock engulfed in all of that tit flesh, I let myself loose control as I felt my cum rising inside of my cock. I came with a sense of urgency not often seen, as I splattered my cum all over her shocked face and tits.

Rolling off of her, Karen pleaded to me that she still needed to have my cock in her ass as she wiped my cum off of her face. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I told her to get down on the floor on her hands and knees. She quickly rolled off the bed onto the floor and stuck her ass high in the air. I told her she needed to get herself ready for my cock so she reached under and started running her fingers over her pussy and teasing her clit.

I reached the lubricant and started stroking my cock as I lubed it up and poured some down the crack of Karen’s ass. Getting my first look at her pink, virgin asshole, it looked way too small for my cock. It was going to be a challenge. As my cock regained it’s hardness, I rubbed it up and down Karen’s ass, teasing her with it. Telling her if she wanted my cock in her asshole she was going to have to get it good and lubricated, she looked at me with doubt in her eyes. Deciding that I meant it, she slowly reached behind her and teased her asshole with her index finger. Pouring lubricant on her asshole while I fingered her pussy, she slowly worked her finger into her ass. As she began to work it in and out, I thrust three fingers in and out of her cunt and she began to breath hard.

Her asshole gradually opening up, she inserted another finger in and moaned as she sank both of them up past the knuckle into her ass. Turning to the side, I could watch all of this happening on a floor length mirror hanging on the wall. Awesome.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I told Karen “back up, reach around with both hands and pull your asscheeks apart for me.” Doing this, she moaned in anticipation as she was totally exposed to me as I laid my fat cock down on her asshole. Gripping it tightly, I slowly began to penetrate her virgin ass. Being patient, it took several tries before the head of my cock finally violated her ass. As it did, Karen became deathly still, I thought she had passed out! Slowly starting to breath again, she looked back at me with lust in her eyes. ” You are in control now, take as much cock as you want” I told her as I reached under her and began playing with her clit.

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