Forbidden Pleasure

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I’m Kate and happily married to Mark we have been together for seven years now. I’m 5″7 with shoulder length brown hair and these days I’m a size 12. Recently me and Mark have had to deal with the breakup of his sister’s marriage. His sister is called Laura and I get along very well with her. Not only is she my sister in law she has become a great friend over the years I have known her. For over ten years she was married to Dan and from what I could tell they were very happy. Sometimes though looks can be deceiving and I was surprised when I found out all was not good.

It was October last year and I was out having a few drinks with Laura. We did this a couple of times a month just to catch up. This night Laura confided in me about her marriage and how many problems they were having. She told me that they weren’t spending that much time together even when they had free time together. She even said although they still made love it just didn’t feel the same for her. She told me that they had talked and were feeling that they were drifting apart.

She really poured her heart out that night and I really felt for her, but what could I do. Over the next month or so we chatted but from what I heard from her it wasn’t getting better. Me and Mark went to visit them at Christmas and we were both aware of what was going on. As we were sat there chatting in the evening Laura and Dan said this would be their last Christmas together.

It shouldn’t have been a shock but the timing seemed at bit weird. After saying how sorry we were about the split we moved the conversation on. Just over a week later Dan moved out and Laura was starting her new year with what was a new start. Laura is very sweet and although it was amicable I could tell she was hurting. She has a good circle of friends who rallied round in the early days of her adjusting to single life.

Me and Mark visited her and we also invited her round to our house as well. I probably could have done more for her but there was a reason why I didn’t want to get to close. I’m bisexual and I have a thing for Laura and I always have since meeting her for the first time. What I did though was tell myself that no matter how much I wanted to bed her she was a no go. The fact what she was Marks sister and married was enough to know I couldn’t try for her.

I had controlled it and there were no problems until of course she split from Dan. But she was still my sister in law though and it was close to home. I couldn’t lie to Mark but there again asking can I sleep with your sister is not a question you want to ask. Mark knew of my desire for Laura for a few years. But I give my reasons for not trying to bed her which he was happy with.

One night Laura rang me and said she was a little lonely and could she come over. Mark was working and I was alone so I invited her over. She turned up about twenty minutes later. We sat and chatted as I struggled to not stare at her. Laura is about my height and has had black hair and blue eyes, she is 36 which was three years younger than me. She is a size 12 with C cup breasts. She used to have her hair long till she cut it a couple years back. At first I missed her long hair but her new style does suit her.

We were both sat on the sofa as we talked but then Laura got a little teary eyed. I put my arm around her to comfort her. We were sat at an angle slightly facing each other, As I put my arm around her Laura lent into me and put her head on my shoulder. I looked at her and nestled my head against hers. The thought that I could maybe give her cheek a gentle kiss crossed my mind. Then a voice in my head said.

“Don’t even think about it.”

We cuddled for a couple minutes before Laura lent back up and we talked some more. After about an hour Laura decided to go as she had work the next day. It was about 9pm when she left and after she had gone I decided to go to bed as I was working early next morning as well. I went up to the bedroom and stripped off and got into bed. The thought of Laura was still in my head and I was becoming aroused with these thoughts.

My hand moved down to in between my legs I run my fingers along my wet lips. I rubbed my clit quickly as I thought about Laura and how it would feel to have her play with my clit. I slid two fingers into my wet pussy and as I slid them in and out I could already feel myself close. My moans were loud as my finger fucking got harder and faster. I gave out a loud moan as I felt the orgasm rip through my body.

I had to get my breath back as I recovered from an amazing feeling that Laura had caused. I fell asleep thinking about what I could do next. The next day I was feeling that maybe I had to cross that line in the sand that I had drawn. I spoke to Mark about it and it wasn’t the easiest conversation I have had with him.

“I feel that maybe Laura needs some female love at this time.” I suggested.

Mark looked at me and he knew what I meant, he took his time to answer.

“Look Kate I know you like her, but please don’t take advantage of her.” He replied.

“I casino şirketleri would never do that, you know how much of a friend she is to me.”

Mark again took his time to reply.

“Just promise me you won’t push her into anything.”

“I wouldn’t do that, let me chat to her and see what she thinks.” I said.

“Whatever you two do I don’t want to know, just look after her.”

Me and Mark hugged and he kissed my cheek before setting off for work. I rang Laura to see if she wanted a night out. She hadn’t been out since the split so I thought she was due a night out. At first, she wasn’t sure but I talked her around eventually.

It was Friday night and we met up in town for a few drinks, I wasn’t sure how long Laura would want to stay out. We had both adopted the casual look for the night. Both of us had gone for jeans with a top. I had a tight blue top on while Laura’s was white and a little looser and showed her cleavage off. She did better than I thought and it got to nearly midnight before she said she wanted to go home. Laura asked if I wanted to go back to her house for a night cap. I accepted but at the same time I was aware that something could happen I wasn’t sure this was the right time.

We got back to Laura’s and she broke out the Vodka, I knew I just had to be careful. We had a couple before I wanted to tell her how I felt about her. Even with the help of alcohol this wasn’t going to be easy to say. I was sat on the sofa waiting for Laura who had gone into the kitchen. She came back with another Vodka, she next to me and we clinked glasses and drank it down.

“Can I tell you something I have wanted to tell you for a long time?” I asked.

“Of course you can, what is it?”

“You know I’m bisexual and for a long time I have lusted over you. I have kept it repressed as I didn’t want to complicate things. I don’t if it’s the best time to tell you but I feel that you need to know.”

I waited for her response, I knew it wasn’t going to be instant as it’s not every day you hear something like this. I couldn’t really tell from her face what she was thinking. I started to think maybe I should just go, then Laura spoke.

“I’m flattered and I know it took a lot to say what you feel, this probably is not the best time to tell me this.”

I interrupted Laura to in some way plead my case.

“I never told you before because you were with Dan and you are my sister in law and I didn’t want make things awkward. I’m really sorry but I needed to tell you.”

Laura went quiet again as she thought what to say next.

“What does Mark think about this?” She asked.

“He wanted to make sure I wouldn’t hurt you and that he didn’t need to know what goes on.”

“This is quite a lot to take in, I was always a little curious about that and wanted to ask but wasn’t sure it was right.” Laura said.

“I just need to go the bathroom, won’t be long.” She added.

Laura went upstairs and I decided that I should ring a taxi and go home. By the time she had returned I had called for the taxi.

“I have called a taxi I think it’s time I went home.”

Laura looked a little surprised at what I had done . “You could cancel it and stay so we could chat some more and maybe stay the night with me.” She said.

I couldn’t think straight, she was offering me possibly what I had wanted all these years. Yet stupidly or otherwise I felt this wasn’t the time to do this. I took a breath and gave my answer.

“What you just said was something I have always wanted to hear. The thing is though I want you to do this on a clear head knowing it’s want you want. I don’t want this to be an alcohol fuelled thing.”

I looked at Laura once again, I felt awkward as I seemed to have invited her in then pushed her away. I just hoped I hadn’t screwed it up by trying to be sort of sensible.

“Maybe your right and it does need a clear head for this.” Laura said.

I felt relief that she agreed with me and I was going to say something when my phone bleeped. My taxi was here so I said bye to Laura and hugged her, I left her with a kiss on the cheek.

I woke the next morning at around 11am wondering if it was a dream, did I really tell Laura about my feelings. My phone rang and it was Laura. I was worried that what she said last night was not what she was going to say now. However, my feelings eased when I answered the phone.

“Hi Kate, how you feeling this morning?” Asked a cheery sounding Laura.

“I’m ok thanks just waking up really.” I replied.

“That’s good to hear, look about what you said last night.”

I could feel thanks but no thanks coming on, I waited on Laura telling me that it wasn’t for her. Her next words though gave me hope.

“Do you want to come over tonight and we can chat some more and see how we feel?” She asked.

“That’s great I come over about 8pm if that’s ok.”

“That’s fine, I just need to talk to you some more about this.” Laura said.

We said good bye and I looked forward to going over casino firmaları to her house. This weekend was good for me as Mark was in Spain on a stag do so this made it easier. I relaxed for the rest of the day and took it easy. I had a shower and after that decided on what to wear. I went for more casual so a pair of dark blue jeans and a pink top. Underneath I went for black sheer panties and decided not to wear a bra. Just a little surprise for her should we get that far, I say that as I try not to get to far ahead.

I got a taxi to Laura’s and arrived there just after 8pm. Laura answered the door in a beige silky dressing gown. She invited me in and we went into the living room. Laura would often wear a dressing in the evening so I knew she wasn’t doing it just for me. We sat down and Laura had already had two glasses of wine ready on the table. As we drank we chatted, firstly about general things the talk turned to sex. Laura was first to ask a question.

“I’m surprised I have never asked you this, but how did you start to like woman?” She asked.

“It happened on a holiday with a friend’s mum. It was a mix of a strip card game and some dares.” I replied.

“That sounds quite fun, I have a deck of cards somewhere.” Said Laura.

I laughed but it wasn’t something I wanted to do, although if she insisted I probably would do it.

“I prefer something a little different these days.” I answered.

“Like what?” Laura asked.

“I like to kiss and caress and take it slow with a woman.”

A smile came over Laura’s face and I felt that she was ready to step forward into a new world.

“Are you sure you want it, I don’t want to pressure you.” I said as I made sure she really wanted to try this.

“It’s a new start for me so why not try something new.” She replied.

I moved closer to her on the sofa and put my arm around her, she turned to face me. We looked into each other’s eyes before I moved my head forward. I closed my eyes as my lips made contact with hers. I still was nervous that she would stop as out lips met. Laura didn’t though and as our lips met our mouths opened slightly. Our tongues pushed against each other as I gave Laura her first female kiss.

The kiss went on for longer than I thought it would but I wasn’t complaining. Eventually Laura broke the kiss and we pulled apart. I immediately looked at her to gauge a reaction. What I was looking at was a big smile on her face. We kissed again and this time I put my hand on her shoulder. I could feel her bra strap through the thin material of her gown. I moved my hand down the edge of her gown till I could feel her bra clad breast through her gown.

Laura now moved her hand as well and I felt it on my side. As we kissed more I felt her hand move under my top and she caressed my skin with her fingers. I slipped my hand into her gown and I caressed the top of her breast. I could feel her kiss get a little more intense as she felt this. She also responded by moving her hand up my side until she got to my breast. I wasn’t sure if she was expecting to feel my bra, what she could feel was my bare breast. She paused for a few seconds then I felt her hand move and rub over my breast. We broke the kiss but our hands remained on caressing each other.

“I just need to use the bathroom.” Laura said as pulled her hand off me and got up.

I started to doubt if she wanted to carry on as we seemed to be getting into it and she suddenly needs the bathroom. Maybe she did need the bathroom and I was reading too much into it. I heard her footsteps come back downstairs and she came back into the room. She walked over to me and sat back down next to me. She then put one arm around me and the other slid underneath my top. Laura moved her head towards me and once again we started to kiss. I put my hand on her shoulder again and moved it inside her gown. My hand moved down but this time I got to feel more of her body. Laura had removed her bra while she was in the bathroom. My hand cupped her breast as my thumb rubbed over her nipple. Laura reacted by cupping my breast with her hand and also rubbing my nipple with her thumb. We continued to kiss and caress and I started to think about moving my hand down her body. As I started to move my hand from her breast we both jumped as Laura’s phone rang. We moved from each other as Laura checked her phone.

“I better get this or she will just keep ringing me.” Said Laura.

I sat back as Laura talked on the phone and she managed to keep the call brief. She turned back to me to continue our kissing.

“Why don’t we go upstairs and get comfortable.” I suggested.

Laura smiled and got to her feet, I got up and followed her upstairs and into her bedroom. We got into the room and Laura switched on the lamp on the bedside table. She went over and close the curtains before walking over to me. She put her arms around me and we kissed. I undid the belt on her gown and pulled it open. We continued to kiss and Laura dropped her arms down and I slipped her gown off over her shoulders. Her güvenilir casino gown dropped to the floor and I felt her hands on my t shirt. We stopped our kissing and she pulled my t shirt up and over my head and dropped it to the floor. We kissed again and we felt our breasts push together. I broke the kiss and whispered to her. “Why don’t you get on the bed.”

Laura duly did this and lay on the bed waiting for me. I undid my jeans and pulled them down, I also pulled my panties down as well. I stepped out of them and stood at the bottom of the bed. All Laura could do was gaze at my naked body.

“So, is this the first time you have had a naked woman in your bedroom?” I asked.

Laura giggled and answered yes while still laughing. I got onto the bed and lay next to her and looked into her eyes. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed deeply. I felt Laura move and she pushed against me and pushed me slowly onto my back. We continued to kiss before Laura broke it and kissed my neck. She moved slightly down my body, kissing my soft skin as she went down to my breasts.

I had imagined that I would of took the lead at this point, I thought Laura would have been more reserved with this being her first time. I wasn’t going to stop her though as she explored my body. I felt her mouth on my right breast, her tongue flicked over my hard nipple. She did this a few times before giving it a gentle suck. She moved onto my left breast and repeated her actions. I opened my legs a little more to give Laura the hint of where I wanted her to go next. She probably didn’t need any guidance from me as she moved down the bed.

Laura was now lying in between my open legs, I looked down at her as she gazed at my wet trimmed pussy. I briefly felt her warm breath on it before I felt her tongue between my lips. I gave out a slight moan which was more to do with the fact that I was her first pussy. The thought excited me that she was tasting me first. I felt her tongue flick over my clit several times as her fingers rubbed against my hole. My moans got a little louder and I felt Laura’s finger slide into me. She started to slide in and out, slowly at first before quickening the pace.

“Put another finger in.” I shouted at her.

Laura did this and already I could feel myself close to orgasm. She pulled her mouth away from my pussy and adjusted her position. Her fingers were still fucking my soaking pussy and now she brought her other hand into play. Her fingers rubbed my swollen clit, I felt light headed as she plunged me towards a wild and total orgasm.

“Oh fuck, fuck.” I screamed as I felt my body being sent to heaven.

I screamed again as my body exploded at the hands of Laura. She pulled away as I got my breath back. Laura moved back up the bed and lay next to me.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I asked breathlessly.

“I have been looking online and I watched some porn.” She answered.

“You won’t believe how many times I got myself off watching those things.” She added laughing.

I got off the bed and felt a little light headed as I went to the bathroom to cool down. I splashed some cold water on my face as I got back to breathing normally. I returned to the bedroom where Laura was led on the bed. She had removed her panties and I stood and looked at her. She was led with her legs open and her fingers were slowly rubbing over her trimmed pussy. I got onto the bed and knelt in between her open legs, at first I just watched as she played.

Laura moved her hand away and that was my invite to take over. I lay down in between her legs and I could smell the aroma from her wet pussy. I run my fingers along her wet lips before then rubbing her clit which got a reaction from her. She gaped as she felt my fingers explore her pussy. I then pushed my lips against her pussy and my tongue run up and down between her sweet lips. I put my hands under her legs and she bent them slightly. I pushed my face hard against her pussy and my tongue played with her clit. Laura was now moaning and I felt her hands on the back of my head making sure I didn’t stop. There was no chance of that as my mouth ate her luscious pussy. I moved my hands from underneath her legs and the fingers of my right hand were now playing with her hole. She was so wet as I pushed two fingers inside her.

“Oh yes.” Laura moaned as she felt my fingers.

I started to finger fuck her as my mouth sucked on her clit, Laura’s moans became louder as I brought her closer to orgasm. I pulled my mouth away from her clit as my fingers fucked her harder. Laura dug her fingers into the bed sheet as I sensed she was close to cumming.

“Another finger.” Shouted Laura.

I slid a third one in and continued to fuck her soaking wet hole. I moved my other hand over and I rubbed her clit just like she did to me. This made her scream and shout until I felt her body stiffen and her orgasm ripped through her body. I slid my fingers from her soaked pussy and I slid them into my mouth one at a time to taste her juices. I looked at Laura’s face which was smiling but she was very red. Now it was her turn to go to the bathroom and cool down. She returned a couple minutes later and lay next to me on the bed. We cuddle for a while without any of us speaking. Laura broke the silence.

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