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Maria Maranzano stood on her balcony over looking the vast grounds below dressed in a long white robe, her long dark curly hair let loose down her slim shoulders, inhaling softly deep in thought “Palermo, her home town in Sicily, her roots her origins all started here and all shall end here, her father Luca Maranzano made sure she was kept and stored here within these walls in Sicily, a very known “mafiosa padrone.” Luca Maranzano was not a man to be tampered with. A widow with no sons and just his beloved Maria beside him, he watched her like a prison guard.”

A loud commotion below disturbed her thoughts, looking down she saw two men standing in the driveway shouting at her father’s right hand man Gino, one of the men specifically caught her attention, a young man dressed in a white shirt, black pants and extremely handsome. Quickly turning inside she rushed to get fully dressed wanting to reach her father’s study before they left, she needed a better look at this young man.

Salvatore Masseria known as Sal looked up and caught a glimpse of the beauty standing overhead, before he had a chance to examine her more, she had fled inside away from his gaze. He wondered was she one of Luca’s little whores? For the man was famous for the beauties he kept at his side.

Rushing down the stairs dressed now in a short black dress, not too sexy and not too simple, Maria entered her father’s study to find him sitting there with one of his friends Marco.

“Buongiorno padre.” she stepped closer to her father and kissed his forehead.

Turning towards Marco she nodded her head replying to Marco’s Buongiorno Maria. Turning back to her father she sat beside him on his arm rest smiling down at him.

“Padre I wondered if I could go into town today, I would like to do some shopping?”

Luca replied, “my sweet Maria, of course, but you must take Antonio with you.”

“Ma padre!”

Maria’s words were lost when he interrupted her by saying, “don’t ma padre me Maria, Antonio escorts you or no town!, that is my final word.”

Pouting Maria dropped her head, “as you wish padre, Grazie.”

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Gino came in, nodding his head at Maria he turned towards her father.

“Padrone, Salvatore Masseria is here, he wishes to talk to you and he simply won’t leave.”

“What does that figlio di puttana (son of a bitch) want?”

“He says that he bears a message from his father.” was Gino’s reply.

“Let him in, the faster I hear the message the faster he leaves my home.” said Luca.

Nodding, Gino turned towards the doors and knocked two times on it, meaning that they should send him in. the doors opened and Salvatore strolled in, Maria’s eyes widened, she had heard of her father’s rivals and she knew the Masseria family was one of them, but this man was simply handsome, beautiful and most interesting.

“Speak Up. What do you want Salvatore? What is this message your father has sent me?” luca’s thick voice rose.

“At least let me say Buongiorno to you and your friends, but since you want to get straight to the chase, my father sends you this message, Luca I advise you to keep your people off my grounds or you shall bear the consequences, last time I forgave your interruption next time I shan’t.” came Salvatore’s quick statement.

Swiftly rising from his seat Luca came to stand before the young man.

“You must be very brave coming into my house and giving me this message, and for that I will not kill you, tell your father that he should look around his men and find out who is in whose business. Now Esci!! (get out) before I change my mind and kill you boy.”

Unmoved by the man’s threats, Salvatore kept looking him straight in the eyes, nodded his head and slowly turned, his eyes coming to Maria a devilish smile rose upon his lips.

“Good day” he said as he walked out of the room

Maria felt her heart leap at the sight of his smile, his eyes, his lips, the way he looked unaffected by her father’s threats. He was indeed brave standing before her father like that, no man or boy had the courage to look Luca in the eyes.

Turning towards Maria her father said, “Gino, tell Antonio to accompany my daughter into town she wishes to go shopping. Now Maria if you would please leave us we have some work to discuss.”

Nodding her head Maria moved to her father, kissed his forehead and silently left the room, she knew now wasn’t a time to be around.

The meeting


The drive into town was a quiet one. Antonio never said a word on both ways, he was just her watchdog.

Maria spent a few hours walking in and out of shops buying and enjoying the warm weather, deciding to sit at a little café to have something cold to drink, Antonio looked at her disapprovingly, arching her eyebrows she turned her head and walked into the café. She needed this drink and she was going to have it, no matter what.

Salvatore stood there, he was extremely shocked to see her in town, he noticed the watchdog nearby and decided to wait kocaeli escort for her to enter the next shop then he would capture this beauty without being interrupted.

Maria paid her bill and walked towards Antonio.

“I’m going into that lingerie shop, wait for me here please.”

Sal saw her walk into the lingerie shop.

“Mmm this should be interesting, it is owned by one of his friends and he could sneak in through the back way.” starting his car he quickly sped to the back alley where the back door was.

Maria ran her fingers along a white sheer lace baby doll, the material felt so soft and sexy beneath her fingers, she knew it would fit her perfectly. Taking it off the hanger she showed it to the attendant, and was led towards the changing rooms to try it on.

Stripping of her clothes, she stood there in just her black g-string, sliding the cool material down on her, it felt amazing on her skin, she smiled and turned towards the mirror then gasped.

Standing there with the curtains open a bit was Salvatore.

“Beautiful!” was all he said as he stepped inside the stall .

“Get out!” she screamed out, trying to cover her body with her shirt.

“No I won’t get out, I was curious to see what Luca has seen in you so that he keeps you at his side in his home.”

“You think I am one of Luca’s whor.. Whores?” she stammered out.

“Then what are you if not his Whore?”

“I’m his daughter!” Maria’s head rose with pride.

Stepping even closer towards her, Maria stepping back towards the wall till she hit it, his hands came on both sides of her head, his hand reaching for the shirt she clutched in her hands, tugging at it and throwing it aside.

“You don’t need this I want to see you.”

“Get out before I yell.” she barely whispered out, her heart hammering in her chest.

“First I want a kiss and then your name and besides my dear no one will call your watchdog because you are in my territory my dear.”

Leaning forward, his lips brushed on hers, his hands cupping her face as he kept her there, she moaned beneath him, “her first kiss” her mind kept screaming “amazing!!”

Sal felt a hard jolt of lightning pass through him, her lips, never had he kissed softer lips, he wanted more, pushing himself into her he pressed her further against the wall his hands leaving her face down to her neck, her shoulders , her sides, his kiss deepening, and his arousal throbbing. He felt her response and it drove him to mad.

Breaking his lips from hers panting, “Oh my god! You are sweeter than honey; tell me your name please.”

“Maria, my name is Maria.” was all she could say, for she felt as ruffled as he.

“Maria.” he repeated her name huskily.

“Meet me at the vineyard near your house, tonight at 7 please.”

“Perche? (why?)”

“Because I want to see you Maria, from the first moment I saw you on the balcony at your house you intrigued me, even as I was talking to your father it took all my will power not to look at you, to approach you! Per favor Maria, per favor, I’m begging you.”

“Si, I will see what I can do.” thoughts rushing through her mind, she knew this was wrong yet she had felt the same thing when she first saw Sal.

Leaning in he whispered, “Grazie Mille.” just before his lips touched hers once more, his hands now holding her sides, bring her in further for the passionate kiss that enveloped them.

Maria’s arms went instantly around his neck, her whole being coming alive, a feeling so new to her, a passion she had only read about in books and seen in movies wrapped around her soul.

He then broke the kiss, “Maria you do not know, what you do to me, how much I would love to take you here and now, to love you, to have you, amore mio! But I must leave you now before I lose all my senses and do just that.”

Whimpering her protest as he drew away from her, Maria’s heart beating so fast she felt as though she had run a thousand miles.

“Questa notte, amore mio” (tonight, my love) he kissed her one last time before he turned and slipped out of the stall as quietly as he had come in.

Gathering her wits, Maria quickly changed back into her clothes, she quickly paid for the garment she had chose, keeping her head low avoiding the eyes of the shopkeeper, and swiftly went to the car.

“Are you ok Maria?” Antonio asked.

“you were in there quite a long time.”

“I’m fine Antonio, there was just a wide variety of things, take me home please.”

The love begins


“Padre I’m going out for a walk, and I would like to go alone.” Maria announced to her father.

“Che?” (what?)

“You heard me, I am going for a walk on the grounds and I do not want any watchdog with me, I am tired of having them lurking around my every step.”

“Well, since you will be on the grounds, then there is no need for anyone or shall I say a watchdog as you call them Maria.”

“Grazie padre, I just want to be alone for a while, and I won’t stray far, I promise.” she said happily kocaeli escort bayan leaning down to kiss her father’s forehead.

“Bene, now go, I have business with Gino and Antonio.”

Maria happily rushed out of her father’s study and dreamingly walked towards the vineyard. She knew there was an empty cabin there, which no one used, it was a perfect place. She could not believe how strongly her heart was beating, could it really be love? She pondered, or was it just a new feeling to her that she didn’t understand. But she had seen, she had seen that look in Sal’s eyes, a look she had never seen before. Men have looked at Maria with lustful eyes, many men in fact, but they dared not approach, for her father would have had them all killed.

Her father! She stopped in her tracks.” What would he do? Would he kill Sal? Would he kill her? No! She was his only daughter, he loved her, he wouldn’t do that, he would understand love; he would forgive her IF he ever knew.”

She resumed her walking towards the vineyard.

“She came!”

Sal could see her walking towards the vineyard, her figure couldn’t be mistaken, his heart thundering, joy and happiness rushing through him. Something was so new with Maria, he had had many women before and with none had he felt such a jolt of joy and happiness. He even overlooked the fact that her family was a sworn enemy of his, he just wanted her, wanted to hold her, kiss her, feel her and most of all love her.

As she saw him, she smiled, he was standing there reclining against a tree, his hair all ruffled, a smile so wickedly beautiful on his face, his eyes gleaming in the dusk light. As she approached him, he stood tall, coming towards her, his face joyful, setting a fire aflame in Maria’s heart.

“Maria! Amore mio, you came, you came to me.”

“Si, how could I not Salvatore.”

“Sal! Maria, call me Sal.” he whispered as he leaned in to kiss her lovely lips.

“Sal.” she managed to whisper against his lips.

Taking her hands, he broke the kiss, “come Maria.”

Happily being led by him she knew where they were heading to.

Sal opened the cabins door, she noticed it was neat and clean, someone was here before, it was clean and candles were lit everywhere.

“Sal? You did this?”

“Si Maria, I came here earlier to prepare.” he smiled down at her.

Closing the door softly he turned towards her, wrapping her in his arms he leaned down and kissed her lips once more.

When the kiss was broken he finally managed to ask, “Maria what have you done to me?”

“Niente (nothing). It is you who has done to me Sal.”

“Maria, you do understand I want to make love to you, to feel you, to kiss you, to have you?”

“Yes Sal I know that, I have thought about it all day and I want it to, even if it is just for tonight, I want to be with you.”

“It will not only be tonight, I want you to come and meet me here every day Maria.”

“Sal, it could be dangerous.”

“I don’t care Maria.”

With those words her hands reached for his face and brought his lips back to hers, kissing him passionately.

“Sal, por favore, make love to me! ora come ora!! (right now)”

Words were not needed, quickly Sal let her towards the little bed in the corner of the cabin, his hands running down her body, slowly stripping her of the dress she wore, only to discover she wore the baby doll he had seen her in earlier.

Whispering his words of approval as he kissed down her shoulders, slowly sliding the baby doll down each shoulder till it fell to her feet at the floor.

Sal stood back looking at her, “oh my god, a vision, she had no faults, her body perfect, her skin so tanned and soft, he had to go slow, he knew this was her first time from the way she blushed, the way she had responded to him.”

“Maria, lay back for me.”

“I will when you are naked for me Sal, I want to see you too.”

Sal practically ripped his clothes off, stripping naked till he was as bare as her. Standing before her, he did a little turn.

“Happy now?”

“No.” she said as she approached him, her fingers running down his bare chest, her lips tasting his skin.


“Shhhh.” she said as her lips resumed their exploring, her hands however went lower to touch his thighs, then up to his throbbing erection which stood proudly between them, her finger tips shyly brushing against it.

Sal gasped and closed his eyes.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No Maria.”

She them wrapped her small fingers around him, feeling the power he held there, watching his expressions as she caressed him slowly.

“Maria!” was all he said as he grabbed her by the shoulders and brought her in for another kiss, this kiss more deep more demanding, his tongue probing her lips, running against hers.

Lifting her gently he took her to the bed, laying her down he came to kneel down beside her. His lips once more capturing hers as his hand stroked down her chest, down to her breast, he caressed her, kocaeli escort felt her nipple then slowly tugging at it. Feeling each breast at a time, his lips then kissed down her throat, and lower till they joined his hand at her breast, he tasted her.

Maria’s gasps and moans were the only thing heard besides his harsh breathing, her body arching gently and when his lips went lower to her tummy, around her navel he traced his tongue then he slid lower on the bed till he was kneeling between her open thighs facing her neatly trimmed womanhood.

Inhaling her sent Sal smelt her arousal, slowly so he wouldn’t frighten her his lips touched her, gently tasting and licking, finding her swollen bud, he licked at it, his hands coming to hold her hips firm as she bucked and thrashed below him.

Her hands instinctively reached for his hair, desperately wanting more and more of him, this amazing flood of head rushing through every cell and vein in her body, she screamed out “My God” as she felt a thundering release overtake her.

“Maria, amore mio, I can’t hold on much longer, I need you now!” Sal’s plea rang through her ears, as his body was shaking with desire for her, her release shook him senseless

“Take me now Sal.”

Gently he kissed back up her skin till his lips found hers, positioning himself between her thighs he caressed his tip against her, lubricating himself so the pain would be less.

“It will hurt, just for a bit Maria.”

Gently he eased himself within her, feeling the barrier of her virginity; looking into her eyes she nodded her head at him and with one single push he broke past her hymen and tightness enveloped him.

Maria’s gasp of pain was lost as Sal’s lips closed over hers, her eyes widened yet the feeling subsided as she began to feel full.

“Maria, are you ok, I’m sorry I hurt you, but I promise it will feel better.”

“I’m fine Sal, the pain has gone, just give me a few seconds to get used to you in me.” she smiled back reassuringly.

“Just kiss me now.”

Seconds later her hips began to rock beneath him, showing him she had accepted the new feeling, Sal’s patience broke and with that he began moving gently inside her, with his lips he kissed her face, her throat and with his hands he touched her body. her moans of pleasure ringing in his ears as his little grunts echoed about the room, slowly he made love to her, making her climax one more time, her walls becoming even tighter about him he couldn’t hold on much longer.

He sat back gripped her hips, and faster he stroked himself within her, faster and faster till his body shook and arched, a deep moan escaping his lips joined with the word “Maria.” Quickly slipping out of her fearing pregnancy he shot his seed on her beautify tummy, his eyes closed his breath heavy.

Her whole body shook as Sal’s seed touched her, the heat sinking through her flesh warming her, igniting new feelings.

Sal fell beside her, his breath ragged.

“Maria, I’m sorry it was fast, but I couldn’t hold myself.”

“Shhh, it was perfect and besides you have much time to show me more.” she giggled.

They spent two more hours that night exploring each other till it was time for her to return home so no one would notice her long absence. As they parted, they decided to meet the second day at the same time, kissing each other breathless.

The Discovery


A week had passed and every day Sal and Maria had been meeting at the cabin, as they lay down, spent and exhausted from their lovemaking.

Sal turned towards Maria saying, “Maria, tiamo, from the very first moment I saw you I have loved you.”

“I love you too Sal, so much.” she kissed him holding him closer to her heart.

“Per sempre, Maria.”

“Forever Sal, no matter what.”

Antonio rushed back to the villa gathering Gino and some thugs, he saw Salvatore go into the cabin, her father had asked him to follow his daughter today, he had said, “he had a feeling.” and the Padrone was not going to be happy with what they had just discovered.

Gino had gone in to the Padrone’s study and he heard the shouts and screams of a madman and knew Maria was doomed, then suddenly the door flung open and out walked Luca with Gino white-faced at his side.

“Let’s go to her NOW!!” yelled Luca.

They walked in silence, till they reached the cabin, then Luca ordered them to stay outside, he opened the cabin door and walked in, looking down at his daughter’s barely covered body sleeping next to the bastard he hated.

Slamming a chair to the floor he woke them both from their sleep, and he stood towering the bed, as Gino rushed to his side, aiming his gun at Salvatore.

“Well, well well. What do I have here? My daughter the baldracca (whore) and the figlio di puttana (Sob). How very interesting.”

Maria’s scream was instinctive, “Padre!”

Sal’s reaction was to cover Maria with his arms, fear gripping through him as he knew this was the end.

Maria began to speak yet her father’s silenced her by saying.

“Silenzio baldracca! You dare speak to me? After what you have done. You have brought shame to my family, you are fucking the enemy, you whore, you slut.”

“Don’t call her a whore! I love her and she loves me.” was Sal’s response.

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