For Jason…

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I slid on my sunglasses as I stepped off the plane and into the corridor that would eventually end up at the gate. I had finally made it to Graduation weekend, and although I had been looking forward to it, it was meeting everyone, especially him, that I was looking forward to the most. When I had made plans to fly to Phoenix to attend Graduation, he had been the first to volunteer to pick me up. I remembered the phone conversation we had and smiled.

I stepped out into the crowd of people that were gathered at the gate and looked around. I didn’t see him but I hoped that it was just because I wasn’t looking in the right spot. As the crowd cleared, I still couldn’t find him. “Just my luck,” I thought to myself, “He probably changed his mind.” Another passenger who had been on my plane, who was obviously in too much of a hurry, knocked into me as he hurried past causing my carry-on bag to fall loudly to the floor.

“Damnit!” I said under my breath as I started to bend down and pick it up.

“Allow me.” I smiled at the familiar voice.

Turning around I looked at him with shaded eyes. I couldn’t help but smile back when he smiled at me. It was the first time I had met him face to face, but I felt completely comfortable being in his presence. He picked up my bag and flung it onto his shoulder, taking my hand.

“So, how was the flight?” he asked, as we dodged the ever-growing crowd that gathered in the terminal.

“Ah, it was ok. Nothing to brag about, and six hours on a plane is exhausting!” I said, stepping onto an escalator.

He laughed, stepping up on the step behind me. I could almost feel him staring at my ass, and I smiled. I had chosen a black mini skirt with small side slits and a white halter top; both because they did an awesome job of flattering my nice figure. The skirt hugged my hips and ass nicely, and the white top did a great job of setting off my dark tan. Because of my tan, I hadn’t chosen to wear stockings, so I sported my new Skecher sandals I loved so much. I knew by the way he looked at me; I had made a wise decision.

Half an hour later we were standing in the hallway of our hotel. He stood behind me in the dimly lit hallway as I unlocked the door. I flipped my long, brown shoulder-length hair to the side, getting it out of my face as I slid the key in the lock. I took my sunglasses off finally and laid them on the desk as we stepped into the room. He turned and sat my bags down and made sure the door was shut before turning towards me. I sat my purse and carry-on bag on the desk too, and looked at him, smiling.

His blue eyes lit up as he smiled back and held his hands out to me. I put my hands in his and he pulled me slowly to him. As our bodies touched, he wrapped his arms around me, pinning my arms gently behind me forcing my chest firmly against his. I looked istanbul escort up at him as he leaned down, placing his lips against mine. We kissed, softly at first, then more passionately as his tongue slid past my lips finding my own. Pulling away, he looked at me smiling. Still holding my hands in his, he starts walking forward, backing me up to the large bed behind me causing me to sit down.

“I really should take a shower and stuff. That plane ride was a real –”I was interrupted by a quick gentle kiss.

“I don’t mind.” He said, kneeling in front of me, sliding one sandal off, and then the other softly massaging my tired feet. Looking up at me he placed one foot on the top of his thigh and ran his hands gently up the bare skin of my leg to the middle of my thigh, just under the bottom of my skirt. Caressing my soft skin, he did the same with the other leg. I leaned back a little on the bed as he looked at me. He again ran his soft hands up my legs, this time not stopping until he reached the top of my panties. I lifted my butt from the bed a little as he grasped the sides of them with his thumbs and slid them down and off my legs. Reaching up behind my neck, he gently unhooked my top letting the straps fall across the front of my chest, the tops of my breasts peeking out from the top of my white strapless bra.

Leaning into me, he gently kissed my belly running his tongue up to the bottom of my bra as his hands pushed my shirt up past my breasts. I sat up and pulled my shirt all the way off and dropped it to the floor with my panties. My nipples were already hard and erect and I couldn’t help but moan softly as he took one of them into his mouth, sucking on it through the material of my bra. Pulling back, he reached around and unhooked my bra, letting it fall into my lap. I felt the cool air of the room on my now bare breasts, as he reached up and cupped them in his warm hands. My nipples grew harder, as he licked them causing me to moan again, louder this time. Sucking one nipple into his mouth, he reached around behind me once again, and unzipped my skirt.

He stood up and pulled me to my feet allowing my bra and skirt to fall to the floor. I stood naked before him, knowing by the look in his eyes that he enjoyed what he saw. He stepped back and undressed as he continued to look into my eyes. Once he was naked too, he took my hand and led me slowly to the bathroom and started the shower. I stepped in feeling the hot water gliding over my naked body. He stepped in behind me, pulling the shower doors shut, causing the steam to build up inside the shower. He kissed me again softly as he grabbed the soap from the wall. He lathered a washcloth and began to wash me slowly. He washed my neck and shoulders first, then gently took each arm and washed them. avcılar escort He placed the washcloth back on the towel bar behind him and again grabbed the bar of soap, lathering his hands. He laid the soap back in the dish and cupped my breasts with both hands, washing them as he caressed each nipple with his thumbs making them erect again. I closed my eyes as he turned me around and knelt behind me. I could feel his soapy hands sliding up each leg, washing them. I jumped slightly as his hands slid up over my ass, his thumbs gently sliding up and down between the crack. I moan softly as his fingers glide slowly lower between my cheeks gently teasing me. His hand slides between my legs, and cups my pussy. His fingers gently massaging my lips as he washed them. I moaned softly again as his fingers slid just inside me, not enough to bring me too close to the edge. He stood up and kissed me again, turning me around towards the water. I rinsed off and climbed out letting him finish his shower as I dried myself off.

Still a little wet from the shower, he led me to the bed. I laid down on my stomach and laid my head on my arms. He straddled me, sitting down on the back of my thighs. I could feel how hard he was as he leaned forward to massage my shoulders. Goosebumps covered my body as I felt him dribble cool oil across the tops of my shoulders. He moved down a little as he continued to massage my neck and back, every so often leaning down to kiss my back. As he slid his hands up and down my back, I could feel him sliding backwards towards my feet. He kissed the small of my back as his hands began to massage my ass. I moaned loudly, suddenly feeling his tongue lick down the crack of my ass to the back of my thigh. Using long, slow strokes he massaged the backs of my thighs, down to my ankles and then back up the insides of my legs. Gently he pushed my legs apart and continued to massage the insides of my thighs just with his finger tips. I moaned softly as I felt his fingers trace my pussy lips, and then gently he rolled me over.

He knelt at the end of the bed between my feet, taking in my nakedness before sliding forward, running his hands up my legs, his thumbs meeting at my pussy, gently parting my lips. I moaned again as I felt him gently blow across my clit. He leaned in closer yet, running his tongue across it and I couldn’t help but notice how wet I was, and I knew it wasn’t from the shower. He continued to run his hands up my body until he cupped each breast in his hands. My nipples were so hard, and I almost screamed as he pinched them between his fingers.

He laid his head on my belly, gently licking around my belly button. I smiled as he moved down, and gently licked across my lips. Teasing me, he continued to lick me, yet not hard enough to go between my lips. I pushed back şirinevler escort against his tongue a little, trying to push him inside. I know he can taste me. He teases me a little more before parting my lips and sliding his tongue deep inside me. I moaned loudly and raised my hips to meet his lips and tongue. His hands slid under me, as he grabbed onto my ass pulling me harder against his tongue. I feel his fingertips between my cheeks and I almost scream again. His lips slide up and wrap around my clit, and as he sucked it into his mouth. This time I did scream as I felt myself getting closer and closer to my first orgasm. As he sucked harder on my clit, I came, and I came hard. My body shook as he continued to taste me.

I felt his body slide up on top of me. His lips gently brushing across my nipples as he takes each one into his mouth, making them harder than before. His tongue slides down to the undersides of them and then back up the front of my chest to my neck. Softly, he kisses my eyelids, then my nose and finally my lips. As my lips part, I can feel him slide his tongue into my mouth, and I can still taste myself on him.

I kissed him back, harder this time. I moaned loudly as he slid the head of his cock inside me, teasing me. Suddenly he slid himself all the way in, and I wrapped myself around him tightly, my hands gripping onto his back. Staying still, I can tell he is enjoying the feeling of being inside me. After a minute, he starts to slide in and out of me with long slow strokes. I started to breathe deeper as he continued to move in and out of me, a little faster now. I wrapped my arms around him tightly as he kissed my neck and ear, whispering “I’ve wanted to do this ever since the first time we talked.” I opened my eyes and looked at him, “Me too.” I whispered.

I feel him moving in and out of me harder and faster. Wanting to return the favor, I sit up a little, and roll him over onto his back, straddling him as I look into his beautiful blue eyes. Kissing his lips, I ride him a little more before sliding down, my tongue tracing his jaw line, down to his neck, to his chest. I gently took one nipple and then the other into my mouth before continuing down his chest to his stomach, stopping to kiss around his belly button. Looking up at him, I slowly run my tongue straight down to his cock, licking up the side of it to the head. “I’ve wanted to do this too, ever since I first felt your tongue on me.” I whispered again, taking him into my mouth. With my lips wrapped tightly around him, I took him all the way into my mouth, my tongue gently massaging him as I moved him in and out.

His hands slid up into my hair, and he pulled me back up to kiss him. Rolling me back over, he slid himself back inside me. I moaned loudly as he started to move in and out faster and harder. His breathing became quicker and I knew he was close. I start to moan louder and suddenly I feel my body tense up and I scream quietly as I cum. My nails dug into his back as he pushed himself deep inside me, cumming almost as hard as I did. I smile, catching my breath.

Laying there in his arms, I smile again and look at him, “Thank you.” I whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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