For Both of Us

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For Both of Us

By: William Schaeffer © 2020

Just a short romantic story to give a little background for the character ‘Vic’ coming up in Confessions of a Videographer. The characters in this story are all over eighteen, and are complete figments of the author’s imagination. The views expressed in this story are those of the fictional characters.

* * * * * *

One Saturday evening, a few years ago, I was walking through the mall carrying a couple of suits in bags on hangars. I hate shopping, but I needed some decent business suits for my job which I was to start on Monday. My idea of shopping was to walk in, get what I needed and get the hell out. The mall hadn’t changed much in the few years I was away at college. Some of the same stores were still there, others had come and gone, but mainly it was no different. The clusters of teenage girls still looked the same, except they dressed trashier these days.

As I headed for the exit, I saw a familiar face, alone in the crowd. Susan had changed some in the last six years, but she was still recognizable . . . rich, dark auburn hair, although it was a lot shorter, with bangs that framed her face. She used to wear it long and parted in the middle, making her face look overly long.

Susan used to be as skinny as a rail, flat-chested with absolutely no ass at all! I used to wonder how she could sit. She was a stick. The joke among the guys was that she was so skinny, she couldn’t take a greased needle. She had changed in the years I was away, she was still slim, but her boobs had grown into what appeared to be a nice, solid ‘B’ cup, and her ass had also filled out to a nice pair of handfuls.

She was wearing short shorts and a snug Tee shirt. Her legs had also filled out and looked like they had been sculpted by a master. She was wearing heeled sandals on her tiny feet, giving her a couple of extra inches in height.

She smiled as she approached. I stopped dead in my tracks. “Susan?” I said. “Is that you?”

“In the flesh! God, Jerry, it’s been a long time! Where did you disappear to? What have you been doing? Are you just visiting? Are you staying for good? We have a lot of catching up to do. Do you need to be somewhere? Want to go get a drink?”

She always had the habit of running her mouth when she got excited. The one time I had kissed her years ago was to shut her up as I was dropping her off at her parents’ house.

“Sue, slow down! It’s good to see, you, too! There’s a bar just back there,” I said, nodding my head back and to the right. “It should be quiet enough to talk.”

“Okay, let’s go. Gee! It’s good to see you again. It’s been what, six years?”

“Yeah, six years of college.”

We got a booth in the bar and ordered our drinks. “Well, tell me what you’ve been doing! I’ve missed you!”

“Well, after we had our talk that day, I sorta dropped out for a while. I withdrew from all my college classes. I was so far behind, I couldn’t possibly catch up anyway. I quit the band I was in with Vic, and pretty much lived like a bum for a few months. I was a mess, depressed and sorta lost. I lost interest in everything.”

“Finally, I got my act together, and found a small college that would accept me a couple of hundred miles away. I just stayed there, working to pay my way, and studying and nothing much else. I pissed myself off for being stupid enough to let assholes like Vic and Bobbi ruin my life! I sorta have you to thank for that slap upside the head, but it took a good six months before I realized you were right! And to be bluntly honest, you were letting yourself fall into the same situation.”

Vic had been my best friend, and the lead guitarist in our band. I had fallen hard for a blonde babe by the name of Roberta . . . Bobbi to her friends. While I was working on her, I neglected college, and fell behind in all my classes. What eventually broke me was when Vic went out with Bobbi and bragged about how easy it was to get her in bed. Shortly afterwards, I happened to run across Susan, who had been Bobbi’s best friend since they were kids. She had talked to me and made me realize that Bobbi was the type who was self-destructive. She was attracted to the ‘bad boys’, the guys who treated her like shit. The worse they treated her, the harder she tried. Susan told me I was too good for Bobbi, that I deserved somebody better.

I had kissed Susan that night just to stop her ragging on me, and I was surprised at her response! I had just meant to give her a peck on the lips, but she clung to me, her mouth opened, and I found her tongue tangled with mine! She gave me her number, but I was too messed up to even follow up. It took me another six months of self-loathing before I got back on track and went off to college.

“You said I was falling into the same situation . . . what do you mean?” she asked.

“Vic is or at least was, an attractive guy. Every girl I had any interest in throughout high school, and there were at least four, he managed to take away from me. You pointed canlı bahis out to me that Vic was not my friend. Actually, you were in a similar situation with Bobbi. You never seemed to have a boyfriend, and Bobbi always did. She was doing to you what Vic was doing to me. It just took me a while to realize it. I can’t remember you ever having a date, and it certainly wasn’t because you were ugly or unattractive, or a bitch or anything. You were just overshadowed by Bobbi, and she took advantage of it.”

“Yeah, it took my conversation with you that night to make me realize that in describing your relationship with Vic, I was describing my relationship with Bobbi. I was hoping you’d call me after that night we talked, but you never did.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, but like I said, I was too wrapped up in my own depression to even think about another girl, even you. I thought about you a lot over the last six years, if that means anything to you.”

“It means a lot. I’ve been thinking about you, too!”

“Are you seeing someone?”

“No, I haven’t found anybody I could be bothered with. Any guy who hits on me, is automatically disqualified. Unlike Bobbi, I need a nice guy. They aren’t that easy to find. So what about you? “

“No, I don’t have anybody. I’m back in town permanently now. I got my MBA and I’m starting with a local company on their management track. So I’m in a much better place than back when you knew me. What do you do?”

“Real estate. I got my license a few years ago. The commissions are pretty good, but it is really spotty . . . boom or bust. But my clients seem to like me. I have some repeat business, and the occasional commercial sale really helps! I like my job.”

“Where do you live? Not with your parents anymore, I’m sure.”

“No,” she giggled. “I moved out years ago. I have a nice little apartment downtown. How about you? Have you been back very long?”

“No, I just got back a few days ago. I’ve been in town a few times for holidays since I went away, and for my parents’ funerals, and again for job interviews. I inherited my parents’ house, so that’s where I’m living.”

“Oh, I was sorry to hear your parents passed away. I remember hearing about it at the time, and I almost went to the funeral home to see if I could see you, but I chickened out at the last minute.”

“Sue, we’re dancing around here, trying not to say some things. I think doing that six years ago cost me what could possibly have been six years with you instead of the crap I went through. Listen, I’m an honest slob, and at the risk of getting shot down, I’m gonna say I’m interested in you. I always liked you, but I was too stupid to be able to see past Bobbi. She was toxic for my mental health. I don’t think you would have done that to me. So what do you think? Can we put the past back where it belongs and get a fresh start? I’d like to see more of you.”

“You want to see more of me? Hmmmm! Should I gain weight or take my clothes off?”

I laughed, “You sure do know how to lighten things up, don’t you. Sorry, I got a little intense there for a minute. Not cool, I know.”

“Jerry, to be serious, I would love to get to know you . . . this you, better. Are you ready for a girlfriend? I’m taking applications.”

“Then I’m applying for the job.”

“Cool . . . and if you play your cards right, I might just take off my clothes for you anyway!” she grinned mischievously. “I gotta warn you, though, I still can’t take a greased needle.”

“You know about that? I never said . . .’

“I know, you wouldn’t. That was something Bobbi started. I thought it was funny, but later I realized, it was her idea of a put-down.”

“Well, greased needle or not, I think you look gorgeous.”

“We’ll have to take it slow . . . I am a virgin, you know.”

“So am I. It’ll be the first time for both of us. We can learn together, okay? No pressure, no expectations.”

“I’d like that.”

“Another drink?”

“I have stuff at my place.”

“So do I . . . at my place, I mean. Mine is closer.”

“Okay, I’ll leave my car in the lot and ride with you if you don’t mind dropping me off here, later.”

“Let’s go.”

* * * * * *

We were at my place in just a few minutes. It was the house I grew up in. It was paid for, my dad had mortgage insurance that paid off the mortgage. My inheritance was that house, some cash in their bank accounts, and an small investment portfolio along with his 401K plan and an individual IRA. There were also life insurance policies on both of them. I was named the beneficiary since they both had passed away in a car accident. The bits and pieces all added up into a fairly substantial sum. It should be . . . it represented my mom and dad’s life work. After taxes, it was still a hefty sum.

I showed Susan around the house, the living room, the den, dining room and kitchen, the basement family room with its full-size pool table, wet bar and 80-inch high definition LED TV. Then I led her outside to the back yard where bahis siteleri there was a good sized swimming pool and a hot tub tucked away off the raised patio.

“I wish I had known about the hot tub, I don’t have a bathing suit, and I’d just love to try it out.”

“We’ll figure something out,” I grinned. “Maybe you could borrow one of mine.”

“Nice try!” she giggled.

I led her upstairs to the bedroom area. There were four bedrooms, and I occupied the master suite, with its king-sized bed, and ensuite bathroom with high-tech shower.

“Wow! You could have a party in here,” she said. “If you ever want to sell this place, I could get you a really, really good price.”

“Not for sale. It’s my home.”

“Gotcha! I won’t bug you about it again.” She seemed to be a little nervous standing in my bedroom. “Now, how about that drink?”

“Sure, down in the family room. I’ll have to see what I have. Assuming I have it, what would you like?”

“Vodka and some kind of fruit juice?”

“I can probably arrange that,”

While we talked, we strolled back down the stairs and on down to the family room. I had put my arm around her waist, and she snuggled in to me. . . . good sign!

“Vodka and orange juice okay?” I asked.

“I prefer cranberry, but orange works. Most people don’t keep cranberry juice around much.

“I’ll make sure I get some next grocery trip. I want you to be comfortable here.”

I poured her drink, keeping it light, and light rye whiskey with water for me. “So whatever happened to Vic? Did he die of galloping crotch rot or anything? I hope?” I asked.

“Last I heard, he got some high school girl pregnant, and disappeared.”

“Why am I not surprised? I hope the girl’s father was responsible for his disappearance.”

“Could be. I heard her father was ‘connected’.”

“Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.”

“You got that right. That could just as easily have been any one of several dozen girls. That guy had absolutely no morals, or taste . . . not a whole lot of sense, either.”

“Yeah, I heard him say one time he’d screw anything that walked, crawled or hopped on crutches.”

“He would screw a snake if it had legs to pry apart.”

I laughed, “That’s good! Got any more?”

“No, I think that pretty much says it.”

“I have to ask, what’s Bobbi doing?”

“Everyone she can, and the better ones twice. Although she isn’t having much luck lately. She’s gained a ton of weight. Those boobs she had aren’t an asset anymore.”

“Oh, by the way, I like the new you. I liked you back when you were flat-chested, but you seem to have grown up in the past six years.”

“You’re talking about my little tits? They’re still not much, but they are real.”

“Yeah, that, but really your boobs, big or small don’t really matter that much to me. I happen to think you’re the nicest girl I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Personality is everything. I’ve learned my lesson. Besides all that, you’re really cute!”

“Good save, keep going.”

I smiled, “I like what you’ve done with your hair, too. The way you used to wear it sort of obscured your pretty face.”

“Yeah, it was Bobbi’s suggestion that I wear it long and parted in the middle. I realized it wasn’t very flattering. I’m sure she did that on purpose.”

“Ya know, I’d be more than happy if we never mentioned her name or Vic’s again. We both agree they both were lousy people.”

“Deal! Let’s talk about us.”

“I’d prefer to kiss you. I still remember that one kiss we shared all those years ago. That’s burned into my memory!”

She put her drink down on the end table , and took mine out of my hand and placed it beside hers. Then she stepped into my arms and kissed me gently, affectionately.

“Nice, but not exactly like the first one.”

“Remind me.”

I kissed her long and hard. Her mouth opened and my tongue automatically stroked between her teeth. She opened further, inviting me in. I obliged, and met her tongue. We kissed and sucked each other’s tongues for a good two minutes before we broke. She stepped back and fanned herself. “Whoa! I think I remember now, but I might need more reminding.”

I kissed her again, and we repeated the tongue tangling. Susan parted her legs and wrapped one around my hip, pulling my crotch against hers. We ground our parts together for a few minutes. I was hard as a steel poker, and her nipples were peeking out through her Tee shirt. “Hmmmm,” I thought. “No bra!”

We kissed again, and I slid my hands down to cup the cheeks of her ass which were barely covered by her shorts. I pulled her against my erection.

“I think he likes me!” she said. “Is that for me?”

“If you want it, it’s all yours!” I moved my hands up and brushed her nipples with my thumbs. “Are these for me?”

“Absolutely! Completely yours if you want them.”

“Thank you,” I whispered, moving my hands up to cup both of her beautiful breasts.

“Oh!” she moaned. “That bahis şirketleri feels so nice!”

I bent my head, but the height difference was too much, so I dropped to my knees, and kissed her tits. She responded by grabbing the bottom of her Tee shirt and peeling it off over her head. Her bare tits stared at me from a distance of a couple of inches. Her nipples were the size and hardness of pencil erasers, and about a half inch long. They were a pale pink surrounded by slightly darker areolas. I sucked each of them between my lips and lashed them with my tongue.

“Oh, God! I’ve wanted to feel you do that for so long. Don’t stop, please!”

This was all new to me. For the last six years, I had been totally celibate. I had never been with a girl to as much as kiss her, let alone suck her tits. I managed to do a little petting when I was in high school, but to have a perfect nipple between my lips was a high I couldn’t describe. I really didn’t know what I was doing, but apparently my instincts were good.

Susan reached down and cradled my head against her chest, then grabbed my Tee shirt and pulled it off over my head. She ran her hands over my shoulders and upper back. I stood up to kiss her again, and she trailed her hands down over my abs and fumbled with my belt. I helped her and she unbuttoned the waistband, and unzipped my pants. She slipped her hand down, and fondled my cock through my boxers. “Oh, fuck! That’s so big! Did I make you do that?”

“Yes, it was all you, you sexy little thing.” She slid her hand down inside my waistband and lightly gripped my cock, slowly stroking it.

“That feels so nice! I want to see it, okay?

For an answer, I pushed my pants down to my ankles. Susan dropped to her knees to get a better look. “I’ve never seen one of these in person before. Only on the internet, and I thought that was just camera tricks. Jesus, this is as big as any I’ve ever seen. It sure as hell isn’t a greased needle. Why were you hiding this? If the girls at school had known about this, you would have gotten more pussy than Vic ever did! Holy shit!”

There she was, running her mouth again. Her adoration was almost embarrassing! She cupped my balls in one hand and held my cock in the other. Then she bent her head and kissed my shaft . . . just a little peck. She looked up at me with her pretty green eyes. “I have this urge to suck you. Is that okay? I don’t know what I’m doing, so please guide me. Tell me what to do.”

“Here, hold on,” I said, and turned around to sit on the couch. I finished removing my pants and shoes. I wasn’t wearing socks, so now I was sitting completely naked, slumped on the couch. I dropped one of the throw pillows from the couch on the floor for Susan to kneel on, and parted my legs, inviting her in. Susan kicked off her sandals and knelt between my legs, and once again picked up my cock. “Just kiss it, and lick it for starters. Get to know it. When you feel up to it, just suck it like a Popsicle. We’ll figure out the rest as we go.”

Susan explored my cock with her tongue and lips. She also licked and nuzzled at my balls, making little contented purring noises the whole time. Finally, after discovering the most sensitive spots around the head of my cock, she took it into her mouth. It felt like she was running a fever, her mouth was so hot and wet. Unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

She scraped my cock with her teeth, and I flinched. “Oh, I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?”

“Yeah, a little. That’s okay, we discovered something . . . teeth bad, lips and tongue good . . . really good! Maybe try a little suction?” She nodded her head and sucked gently licking the underside of my cock with her tongue.

“Oh, fuck! That feels so good! Just a little more suction if you don’t mind, and keep on doing that with your tongue! Oh, my God! What a feeling!”

Susan seemed to be enjoying sucking my cock, and I was really happy about that! If her mouth felt that good, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like inside her pussy!

“Jerry, I want to make you cum for me please?”

“Jesus, Sue, just keep on doing what you’re doing. I’m not far off.”

For a reply, Susan sucked me even deeper into her mouth, and gagged when I touched the back of her throat. “Shit! I’m sorry! Are you okay?” I asked.

Susan coughed and cleared her throat. “No, I’m okay, I did that to myself. Guess I can’t deep throat!”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not something I ever had before, none of this is. It seems the most sensitive part of me is the first two or three inches, anyway. Try using your hand as a stopping place. You can jerk me off with that hand, too!” My impending orgasm had dissipated somewhat when Susan choked, so she started all over again. She quickly brought me back to the brink of orgasm.

“Oh God Sue, I’m about to cum.”

“Okay,” she said, and returned to sucking me.

“Like right now! Fuuuuuuck!” I screamed, as the first spurt of cum erupted from my cock directly into Susan’s hot, wet, sucking mouth. She seemed surprised, but kept on sucking like a trooper. After about five or six gushes of cum, my cock got hyper-sensitive.

“Back off! Oh my God slow down. Ease off on the suction. So sensitive! So good!” I gasped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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