Following His Instructions Ch. 02

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Sophie smiles when her phone rings, not needing to look at it to know it’s him. He calls her, like clockwork, when he’s finished work for the day and is on his way back to his hotel room. Drew’s business trips are becoming more frequent and are torturous for them both. Sophie continually worries about who he’s with and how much female attention he’s attracting while he’s away. It’s hard knowing that he’s mixing with a glamorous set, staying in lavish hotels around Europe while she’s at home in the UK, working in an office which, as she often complains, doesn’t even have a window. Drew misses her while he’s away and would love the opportunity to take Sophie on one of these trips with him. The places he visits are beautiful and he knows that she’d love them.

One of the few good things to have come out of his recent travels has been the discovery that Sophie had been so hugely turned on by him leaving her voicemail messages a few weeks ago. Drew had already seen her slightly submissive side of course, but neither had realised that she could be so easily turned on by him giving her instructions to follow on her own. Like most couples, they’d exchanged naughty text messages and emails before but now these exchanges frequently involve Drew sending requests for specific pictures or instructions to follow. What began as simple requests like dictating the colour of her underwear for the day, has turned into a game where he pushes her to bigger tasks, testing her boundaries.

Last weekend, he’d had her taking photos of herself in various poses and states of undress for his viewing pleasure while he was at work. She loved the feeling of doing something to please him, loved the compliments and praise for each photo she sent him, but mostly it turned her on to be turning him on. She stripped naked and posed to take photos in the changing rooms of a department store for him and had been so hugely turned on that she couldn’t resist touching herself as she did it. She was slick with anticipation but she daren’t allow herself to cum until she was back at home and he told her that she could masturbate, which he eventually did.

Being a working day for Drew, he had been kept in an almost constant, deliciously frustrating, state of arousal all day unable to relieve himself. When he got back to his hotel room that evening he reviewed the dozens of pictures she’d sent him throughout the day as he pounded his solid cock to an explosive release before calling to thank her for her compliance. He loves that she trusts his judgement and is willing to follow his requests so exactly.

Tonight, after their usual chat about their days, Drew tells Sophie that he is going to dinner with some clients but will be back in his room and ready ‘to play’ by around 10:30. He adds that he’ll send her some instructions throughout the evening to help her to get ready. Sophie had suspected that he’d been planning something along these lines. They’ve had phone sex in the past but never really planned. Tonight Drew has a very definite plan and she can’t wait to see what tasks he might set and how submissive and compliant she is willing to be for him. She spends her evening at home, trying to keep busy to distract her while waiting for an instruction to arrive. At 8pm he sends a text which says, “Wine, chilled”. By 9pm Drew has sent a list of other items that she will need. Lipstick (red), Underwear (black), tights (black but sheer), high heels and a vibrator (small, bullet?). She gathers the items requested and lays them out on the bed. At 9.15 she receives another message-

“Paint your nails. (Red). Let me know when it’s done.”

Sophie smiles at the message, what is it about men and red nails and lips? but sets about painting her nails as requested, taking her time to make sure it’s done to her usual high standards before taking a photo and sending it to Drew as confirmation she is ready for her next instruction.

His message back comes quickly, “Good girl. Take a shower and shave your pussy completely. You are allowed a glass of wine now, I need you relaxed.”

Sophie fetches the wine, strips off the jeans and t shirt she is wearing and heads for the bathroom. Again, she doesn’t rush the job. Instead she concentrates on the sensations of the hot water against her back and soapy bubbles gliding down over her body. She marvels at how horny she is from shaving her pussy as requested, no longer a neat triangle of hair but completely bald.

For a moment she considers sending him another photo as proof that she’s ready for her next request but reconsiders on the basis that his phone may be visible to his client. A simple text would have to suffice.

“I’ve completely my task. Shall I dress now?” she taps out.

As she waits for a response, Sophie dries her hair and applies a subtle amount of bahis firmaları eye makeup. The lipstick is what he’ll want to see. His reply is exactly as she expects, telling her to dress in the black underwear, tights and heels and make sure her red lipstick is perfect.

Sophie does as she is instructed then takes a look at herself in the mirror, admiring her killer cleavage and toned butt. She loves how much longer and leaner her legs look in these high heels. She looks good and feels sexy, ready to pleasure herself in any way asked of her. The only thing she questions is why he has chosen for her to wear tights instead of stockings and suspenders, surely they would look better, she thinks.

A glance at the clock tells her that it’s 10:30. She tops up her wine, takes a sip and takes a picture of the perfect red lipstick mark left on the glass which she sends to Drew with the message “I’m ready!”

He responds by saying that he is stuck in the hotel bar having a last drink with his client but would very much like to see how she looks right now. She sends him back a teasing series of pictures, all taken so close up that they show very little. Red lips, her hand gripping her vibrator showing the bright red nails and the bows on the delicate straps of her underwear.

Within a few minutes he Skype calls her. Sophie notes that he’s wearing the shirt she bought him on a shopping trip before he went away. He looks hot as hell although his dark hair is a little messed up and he’s a bit out of breath from running up the hotel stairs.

“Hello Princess, you’ve pleased me by following my instructions so far. Are you ready for more?” He says.

“Yes” Sophie replies, ignoring her instinct to ask him about his evening or to attempt a normal conversation. She is horny now and anxious to continue their game.

“Good Girl, let me see what you look like. Go to the mirror”

Again she stands in front of her mirror, finds a stance she likes and turns the camera on her phone around to show Drew how she looks. Her dark wavy hair is loose and purposefully untamed and the black bra gives her an Impressive cleavage.

“You’re looking extremely fuckable right now My Girl” he says.

Sophie giggles and feigns shock, “thank you”.

“Thank you, what?” He shoots back. His voice is stern but he’s smiling as he speaks.

“Thank you Sir”, Sophie corrects and he winks at her.

“I’m going to set some ground rules for you Princess. I need you to do as you’re told, if you refuse an instruction, you’ll be punished when I get home. You don’t get to speak unless I ask a question. You will not get to watch what I am doing so don’t ask. I’m turning my camera off. The show is for me tonight, do you understand Princess?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.” She says, sounding meek and submissive.

“Now show me which shoes you’re wearing.”

Sophie angles the phone, to show Drew a pair of black stiletto heels so high she has never been able to wear them out of the house. He loves them, calls them slut shoes and declares they were the right choice for tonight because she is his slut tonight.

“Are they comfortable Princess?” He asks.

“No Sir, not for long.” she answers honestly.

“I won’t make you stand for long then but I want to watch you walk in them. Put the phone down so I can see you walking around your room.”

She sits her phone on the little bedside table and checks that Drew will have a good view before she slowly turns and walks towards the doorway and back. He tells her think about how sexy she looks with the extra wiggle in her walk that the heels produce and she can’t help but to accentuate the movement a little more.

“Good girl, now get on the bed.”

Drew tells her now to imagine her hand is his as she strokes her fingers across her ribs and up over her breasts, making her nipples hard enough to be visible through the light padding of the bra. She angles the phone so he can watch each move as she tugs at the bra until she temporarily exposes her nipples, pinching them in turn as he tells her to. He tells her “Now show me those sexy nylon clad legs of yours. Let me see you stroke your fingers all the way from your ankle to the gusset but go slowly.”

Sophie does as she is bid silently, enjoying the silky feel of her tights, how easily her fingers glide along her toned calf and over the sensitive area behind her knee, smoothly running across and upto her inner thigh and reaching the gusset and repeating the motion several times before he asks her if she is ready for her next task.

“Yes Sir.” she replies, eager to be allowed to touch herself further. Sophie is directed to change her position so that she is on her knees with her back to the phone. He can see her lacy black panties clearly through the sheer black kaçak iddaa nylons although they don’t cover the globes of her ass a great deal which is perfect.

“Ok Sophie, I want you to place both of your hands on your butt.”

Her heart rate increases because she guesses what the next command will be before he speaks. She has never done this before.

“Now spank yourself Princess.” he says.

Without hesitation the command is followed and she delivers several smacks with both hands simultaneously. “Good girl” he continues, “now move your hands away so that I can see.” There is a very slight pinking of her ass cheeks which he can see and he tells her that he’d like to see them pinker.

She takes the challenge and Drew is surprised to see the vigor with which she continues to hit herself. In the mirror shebsees that she is indeed making her ass pinker but she isn’t satisfied with pink. She wants her butt to be red and is finding the physical sensation of each blow erotic, rather than painful even though her hands are beginning to sting. As the force she applies increases Drew recommends that she pauses between strikes to rub her skin and feel the heat the red patches are radiating and she’s shocked to find she’s aroused further and is pleased with herself. Drew can see the redness very clearly even on camera and cannot wait to see her ass minus the nylons.

“That’s enough Princess, you’ll hurt yourself. I think it’s time we ditch those nylons anyway.” He says.

Sophie stops her spanking a little reluctantly, although she is keen to remove her underwear and hopes that she will be permitted to masturbate soon. She can feel the buzzing arousal between her legs and her nipples are steel hard in her bra.

Sophie reclines on the bed, adjusting the position of the phone so that she can be seen. Her breath is short as she raises her hips and hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her tights to remove them.

“No, no Baby,” He says, “I want to see them ripped off.”

“Yes Sir.” Sophie giggles at the pervy request but it does seem to make the tights rather than suspenders issue add up in her mind.

Sticking to his instructions, she props the phone directly between her legs so as to provide a close up view of her red nails scraping along her inner thighs and grazing over her sex before tearing a small hole near her gusset. Slowly Sophie tears at the hole and is surprised at the satisfying sound the ripping nylon makes as she exposes her bare thighs and a clear view of her black knickers. She’s pleased by the appreciative noises that he’s making and his whispered encouragements.

“You are so fucking sexy, Slut. Leave your tights as they are.” He instructs, “pick up your vibrator.”

Sophie is eager to touch herself directly and very aware that her arousal as she strokes the bullet vibrator up and down her thighs as requested before finally being given permission to run it up over the damp gusset of her underwear. The vibrations cause her to gasp as it passes over her clit. Given free reign she knows she would cum quickly but too soon she’s asked to remove the heels and tattered tights, turning around again so that he can see her ass and the still glowing red hand marks on each cheek. Sophie is instructed to run the toy over her ass down and around, pushing against her tightest hole through her underwear. The vibration feels nice but she’s a little panicked that he will ask her to fuck her ass with the toy. Can she go that far yet? As if reading her mind, Drew tells her that that isn’t his plan for tonight-another time maybe but he would like to see her fully exposed in this position. Relieved, Sophie takes the cue and pushes her underwear down her thighs, bending forward displaying her tight hole and dripping wet pussy for him to see.

“Fuck! I can how swollen and wet your pussy is. Are you ready now?” Drew asks.

“Yes Sir.” She manages to respond between short breaths.

“When I get home, I’m going to fuck that ass so hard. I know you like it hard. Would you like that soon Baby?”

“Yes” she admits quietly.

“Yes? Or Yes Sir?” Drew chides and Sophie corrects herself. “Yes Sir!”

Sophie is told that before she moves she is to use two fingers to part her pussy lips for him to see. In doing so she realises exactly how soaking wet and hot she is and doesn’t resist the urge to drag her wet fingers upwards, pinching her clit between them for a moment and feeling how hard and ready for more direct stimulation it is. She is dizzy with arousal and her need to satisfy herself is increasingly hard to control but she knows that Drew will continue to set the pace for her.

Sophie is asked to turn around, remaining on her knees and remove her bra. Freeing her full breasts, she instinctively cups them and watches herself kaçak bahis pinch her hard erect nipples, rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers. She is allowed to play with her nipples for a while as he just watches, taking deep breaths to control his own fierce arousal which Sophie can hear. He has always loved her body and her breasts and ‘perfect’ nipples are his weak spot. Sight of them having caused his cock to stir and stiffen even in the least appropriate moments before now. She knows this will be teasing him and relishes the idea of snatching a moment where the control is not entirely his. Emboldened, she looks directly at phone and licks her lips into the camera in a move which Drew takes as a challenge. Right now, she looks more siren than submissive and that will never do.

“Enough.” he says, purposefully calm in his tone, not willing to show how affected he is. “Push one finger inside you and tell me how it feels.”

Eagerly Sophie complies slipping her finger between her folds and easily inside her pussy. Her breath catches as she slides in and out a few times before lazily circling her clit. She tells him it feels hot, wet, slippery and tight as if even her single finger is welcomed and gripped.

“Now tell me how you taste tonight.” he adds.

She doesn’t hesitate in withdrawing her finger and bringing it to her mouth. She rubs it along her red lips before sucking on it greedily. “I taste good tonight, Sir” she replies although she flushes a little with embarrassment at how brazen she must look, and sound.

Satisfied with this answer Drew tells her to show him how she masturbates alone, which she does. Remaining on her knees, she repositions the phone to provide a better view and pushes one finger of her left hand inside herself and pumps gently while with her right she circles and pinches her clit rhythmically, silently, tipping her head back a little and pushing her breasts forward. She moves on to two fingers and the extra sensation increases her heart rate. She can feel her orgasm starting to build and she reaches for the vibrator again.

“Oh no you don’t!” His voice pulls Sophie out of her trance like state. “You’re not ready yet, Princess.”

Sophie is told to hold the two fingers inside her but to push forward against her vaginal walls with them and slow her fingers working her clit. The sensation is not unfamiliar to her, she has made herself squirt a little before now, although always on her own and without an audience. The idea of squirting on camera for Drew is a huge turn on but Sophie still feels a little self conscious.

“Do you ever use three fingers?” He asks.

“Not really, Sir,” she says.

“I’d like you to use three, when you’re ready.”

Sophie takes a few deep breaths and slows right down for a minute or two while she concentrates on enjoying the feel of her two fingers rather than pushing towards orgasm. She tries to prepare herself for taking three fingers and in stretching her fingers apart and pushing back a little she gasps and declares she has squirted as she feels her juices run down her hand dripping onto the bed which Drew can see.

This is how it had been when she had squirted before and she had loved the feel of it so much she had then orgasmed but Drew tells her she isn’t done yet and to take her hand off her clit for a moment and let the feeling subside. After a few seconds she is told to continue, only this time with three fingers. The feeling of stretching is delicious and slowly Sophie starts to pick up pace again rubbing and circling her clit as she moves her three fingers in and out of her soaked pussy effortlessly. Again she feels her orgasm mounting and she is moaning quietly on shaky breaths.

“Hold them in again, you can squirt more than that. You can use the vibrator if you like.” Drew’s voice is ragged with arousal.

Sophie takes the vibrator but puts it on its lowest setting. She wants to try and squirt again before she cums although she has never managed to do it twice before. Again she stretches her fingers inside her pussy and is rewarded with another small squirt of liquid onto the palm of her hand.

“Again!” Drew commands and Sophie struggles not to cum, “keep pushing, do it harder”.

Sophie is so close to losing it and works herself faster until she is pounding her fingers in and out in between pauses to push against her g-spot. To her surprise Sophie feels a huge rush of liquid and looks down to see it running down her thighs and soaking her hand. There’s more than she had ever imagined, and increasing with every thrust. She moans loudly and can hold back no longer as she starts to cum, her body shakes uncontrollably and her fingers are gripped by her inner muscles as she rides the orgasm out. She is aware of Drew moaning at his own release before she withdraws her fingers and discards the vibrator.

“Holy fuck, Princess! You are so fucking perfect,” Drew says, panting. “I can’t wait to get home at the weekend, I’m going to make you squirt all over me.”

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