First Time Oral

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I was a computer geek back in the nineties, before being a computer geek was cool. When the other guys in my classes were hitting the bars, enjoying freedom and getting laid… I hung out in the computer lab between classes and then went back to my aunt’s house after classes.

It was October of my freshman year, and classes were just settling in. I was hanging around at the computer lab on the VAX system, looking through the message boards and checking out what things were happening on campus. I was a strange mix of wanting to be social, without the having to be social part. Sometimes I would show up at social events, pay to get in, and then stay in the background NOT being social.

Reading though the messages I came across one asking for computer help. Janet, the woman that wrote the post, was a year ahead of me, and claimed to be the only person at the university still using a manual typewriter to write term papers. I figured that helping out a person in need couldn’t go too wrong, and that I might make a friend in the progress, so I dropped her a reply email offering to help.

*** “Hi. Thanks for the offer of help. How much do you charge.”

*** “Don’t worry about pay, happy to help.”

*** “No, I can’t do that… wouldn’t be right.”

*** “Ok, if you insist, then Pizza and a coke.”

I explained to her that I wasn’t really a computer wiz when it came to word processing and such, but I could probably help her out to get started. We arranged to meet up at the computer lab Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon came and I was sitting outside of the computer lab waiting. People came and went; I checked my watch a few times and realized Janet was nearly an hour late. Figuring I had been stood up, I grabbed my backpack and got up when a woman came rushing up to the computer lab gasping for breath. She was average height, about a foot shorted than my 6’6″. She had on a neat, professional dress that fit her curves nicely, just long enough to be business appropriate, but just snug enough to appreciate her womanly shape. The top was low enough to show off her large breasts, but not low cut enough to be considered slutty in the office she was an intern at. She had curly shoulder length light brown hair, that was somewhat frazzleed by the rush across campus, and a bag that was overflowing with notebooks and papers.

“Ummm Janet?” I asked tentatively.

“Uhhhh…” gasp… “Yeh… uhhh… Luke…?”

“Yeh, that’s me.”

“I… Am… So… sorry…” she gradually caught her breath. “Work ran WAY over at the legal office that I am interning at. Then traffic up 84 was a nightmare. I couldn’t find parking. I ended up over at the bar, and ran the whole way. I am really sorry, I’m NEVER late… usually…”

We managed to get into the computer lab for the last twenty minutes before it shut and we were kicked out. In the time that we had I showed her around Microsoft Word, how to save a file to disk and open its up again.

When we finished up we went to the local Pizza restaurant. We spent the evening chatting over pizza and coke, and then a few coffees. I found Janet to be friendly and very nice. We talked at length güvenilir bahis about school and the things that we were interested in. She admitted that she didn’t spend a lot of time at the university outside of classes so she didn’t have many friends in the area, and that she was hoping that the request for computer help would lead to a friendship.

I decided to be a bit brave, and asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner over the weekend. She laughed and pointed out that we were already out to dinner, and since it was Friday night, she already considered it the weekend; then she graciously accepted my invitation. It came time to leave as the restaurant was closing. I walked her to her car, when she unlocked the door, I opened it for her. She smiled and thanked me, then we both stood there with a bit of awkward silence for a few moments.

A cool wind picked up, Janet didn’t have a jacket on so she shivered, and moved closer to me.

“God that’s freezing!” she said. I could feel her shivering, pressed up against me, so I put an arm around her and sheltered her from the wind. When it stopped she looked up at me, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before getting into the car.

The next night we met at a family restaurant for dinner. The food was a step above fast food, but still cheap enough for a couple of college students. At the end of dinner, we decided on a whim to go out to a drive-in movie. I have no idea what the movie was, because I barely paid attention to the screen. In the end we ended with a while lot of kissing and a bit of groping around in the dark. For a guy that was still a virgin, I thought I had done really well when my hands were under her skirt, and she was rubbing the front of my pants.

We parted again that day with a kiss. This time it was on the lips with a closed mouth.

Things were going well, and we talked over the week before making another date the following weekend. My parents were going out of town for the weekend so I was heading back to their place to look after the house and dogs for them. I had a couple of frozen pizzas and a new bottle of coke for the occasion. I was still twenty so wine was out of the question.

Janet showed up at my door wearing very tight jeans, and a white t-shirt that made her look extremely sexy. Her hair was up in clips, and she was sporting these nineties style large sunglasses. When I opened the door my eyes went wide seeing her and it took a few minutes for me to come to my senses.

She smiled and crinkled her forehead. “You were expecting me right? I mean you invited me over.”

“wow…” I said dumbly.

“Can I come in?” she asked. I backed up nearly tripping over myself.

“Yeh umm… come in. I was going to make…” I lost my train of thought as she passed watching her ass in the jeans. “Pizza… Yeh Ummm I have pizza I was going to make.”

She sat down in the breakfast bar and watched me ‘make’ the pizza, which entailed preheating the oven, sliding the pizza in and setting the timer. We ate what would have been probably the worst pizza of my life, then sat down on the couch and put in a VCR tape. Being October the house started cooling türkçe bahis off in the evening, so we cuddled up together and covered ourselves in a blanket.

Her back was pressed against my chest, my arm was wrapped around her stomach, I could smell her perfume. The closeness of her body had me really turned on, it wasn’t long before my hand was up under her t-shirt and the bulge in my pants was pressing against her ass. She was wearing this black lace half cum bra, so with very little work on my part her nipples were free and hard. She was rubbing her ass against my crotch and we were both breathing heavy.

“Take me to your bedroom” she whispered in my ear. I didn’t need another invitation.

In my bedroom she laid down on the bed and we continued to kiss heavily. Soon I had her shirt off, and her bra followed. Her tits were amazing, far more than I had imagined, her nipples were hard, and she moaned when I sucked them. Our hands were all over each other.

I was out of my mind with lust, I wasn’t thinking about anything. I reached down and unbuckled her belt.

She did the same to me.

I slid my hands down her pants, kissing her while I went.

She did the same.

I could feel her hands wrap around my cock, and start stroking my. My hand worked through the mass of pubic hair, finding her slit. Her pussy was wet already, as were my shorts. My fingers glided over her clit, her eyes closed and she moaned. Her strokes intensified.

“Wait” I said panicking.

“What?!?” she looked confused.

“Stop… you are going to make me cum.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Not yet…” I said.

Confused she stopped, and slid her hand out of my pants. She reached down and started to adjust her panties in place, and do up her pants but I stopped her hands. I had to give myself a moment to calm down physically, then I grabbed the edges of her pants and started pulling them down.

She resisted for a moment, but then lifted her back off the bed and let her pants slide off.

“Ummm… Look… we can play around. But that’s as far as it can go. I’m… umm… I’m still a virgin.” she said to me, almost apologetic with how she said it. I tossed her jeans to the side, and then fell back on top of her, wrapping her in my arms and kissing her.

“It’s ok… so am I” I whispered in her ear. With that she wrapped her legs around my waist and ground herself against me.

More grinding ensued, with us kissing and groping her breasts. I knew we wouldn’t fuck, but I also knew that I wanted more. My hand was back down in her panties rubbing her clit, and sliding into her pussy.

I sat up again and looked down at her. The black lace panties were soaked through. The grinding against me had them wedged up in her ass. The groping had them pushed to the side. I grabbed them and started sliding them off as well. She looked into my eyes as her panties came off, she was as horny as I was.

I didn’t really know what I was doing at this point. For the first time in my life a woman was on my bed, completely naked and spread wide for me. I looked down between her legs. Her pubic hair was a wet mess, her pussy lips were güvenilir bahis siteleri parted and glistening. I lowered myself down between her legs and figured I would find my way from there.

I used my hands to spread her hair out of the way, and then used my thumbs to gently spread her lips. She shuddered as I exposed her clit to the cool air. Leaning down I licked her, starting at her hole and working my way up. When I got to the top I felt the lump of flesh that was her clit under my tongue, I felt her back arch and heard her moan. I knew I was on the right track.

She guided my head to the right spots, while I continued to lick and suck. It was a completely new experience for me, as it was for her as well, but we were both really hot for it. She was incredibly horny, and responded to every lick, every flick of the tongue. She moaned loudly and grinding her pussy against my mouth. It wasn’t long before I felt her hands grab my head, she yelled out loud and ground herself against me. I didn’t know what was happening, but I figured as long as she was grinding against me, things were going well. After a few minutes things settled down and I had fully experienced my first female orgasm.

Janet took a few minutes to recover, then moved to the side, changing positions with me. Still naked, she grabbed my jeans and pulled them down off of me, along with my underwear in one motion.

She reached down, once again taking my cock in her hands, slowly stroking it and watching as it got larger and harder before her eyes. I was extremely horny and was rock hard in a matter of seconds. She gripped the base of my cock in a very tight grip causing the head to swell even more and precum to erupt all over her hand. Slowly she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, licking up the flowing fluid with a lust filled smile.

She slid her lips up and down a bit on me. I was floating above the bed, this was the most amazing experience I had ever had. My back arched, my head tilted back, my eyes closed. Janet shifted around so she was on her hands and knees, still taking me in her mouth. Slowly she took me deeper, I gasped. She took me a bit too deep, and had to back off, then worked back into the rhythm. I could feel her wet tongue bathing my cock, could feel the roof of her mouth gliding over the head. My hands went to her head, pushing her hair out of the way. Seeing my cock disappearing into her mouth was pushing me over the edge. Then she looked up at me with those lust filled steel blue eyes, those heavy breasts swaying with every bob of the head. I groaned and gasped. My cock swelled with my approaching orgasm. Her eyes widened with the sudden increase of size and girth in her mouth, but she didn’t stop.

And then I exploded, such an intense orgasm that all I could go was gasp. I saw stars and the room was spinning. At first she looked shocked as my cum filled her mouth, then she calmed and worked my length slowly allowing my body to calm down, while still draining me of every last drop. Finally a peaceful satisfaction settled across her face as she swallowed by cum and finally let me slide out of her mouth.

Once I had caught my breath I sat up, grabbing her face and kissing her deeply. Our tongues darted in each others mouths, our fluids mixed together in a delicious cocktail of pure sex. We didn’t bother getting dressed that night, just fell asleep crushed up against each other.

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