First Time Excitement

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We had been dating for four months but we hadn’t yet “done the deed”, so to speak. You know what, I hate that phrase, but it’s something my friends are always asking me.

“Have you done the deed yet?” They’d ask with a broad smile across their face. And I’d come up with a reason why we hadn’t. “Nah we both too pissed”, or “It’s the time of the month could you believe…”

But the truth was that we were just waiting until the time was right, for both of us. She’d had boyfriends before, so far as I can tell she had at least five or six. But I’d only ever had one, and that ended years ago. Her last partner was quite abusive towards her and treated her like a sex object. She doesn’t tell me too much about those times, but it’s taken her a while until she has felt able to trust anyone enough to let them get close to her again.

And myself, I’d lost a lot of confidence over the years. I’m 27 now and the only action I’ve seen over the last five years has been with my hand. So, my friends play me about teasing me about why we haven’t had sex yet, but the real reason was that we were both a bit nervous about it all. Silly really I guess, but the longer it goes on the least likely we are to actually do it.

So we have decided this is it, today is the day. We are going to “get it on”… which is another of my friend’s sayings, so you’re going to have to forgive me as I know how cringe worthy it sounds!

Anyway, we booked a hotel for the night. We wanted to get away from home and a place where we couldn’t be disturbed by anyone. During dinner we didn’t talk too much but we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other. We were both excited about what was to come and I felt myself getting easily turned on as she delicately brushed her hand through her blonde hair.

“Shall we go?” I asked as we paid the bill and I gently took her hand in mine as we walked out of the restaurant. The air was cool and the night was dark, but the hotel was just a short walk away so I kept Amanda warm by wrapping my arm around her waist.

“Are you warm enough?”

She looked at me and smiled. It wasn’t quite like any smile I’d seen from her before. With her eyes shyly dancing between the ground and my own eyes, she said, “I will be soon”, and giggled, dancing away a couple of steps escort kocaeli ahead of me.

It was then that I knew I didn’t have to be nervous about tonight. Amanda was the woman I’d always wanted to meet. She was kind, caring, intelligent and not to mention sexy. She has strikingly blue eyes and a kind of radiance about her that you can’t really describe in words. It was just like you always wanted to be around her, and that she somehow made you feel good even if she wasn’t doing anything to make you feel that way.

We talked a little as we made our way up the stairs to our hotel room, but we both fell silent as we closed the door and looked at the bed in front of us. I walked over to the window and closed the curtains as Amanda settled herself down on the bed, resting her head against the soft pillow.

“Will you join me?”

I felt a shiver run through my body as I realised that this was what we’d both been waiting for. The time was right for both of us and I couldn’t help a smile wash itself across my face.

I perched next to her and suddenly her fingers were laced in my long hair, pulling me towards her. We kissed intensely, her tongue dashing itself against mine and I smelt her perfume against her neck.

My hands started running down her body, at first delicately down her face and neck before resting upon her heaving breasts. She had been wearing a pretty yellow dress, but within moments I had stripped it from her so her sexy body was exposed other than her pink bra and matching underwear.

My lip trembled, as it sometimes did in the past whenever I’ve been as excited as I was now. Amanda pushed me down on the bed and it took her only moments to pull my shirt from my body and relieve me of my trousers.

Her hand traced itself around my stomach before drawing itself lower to my underwear. She tugged at my firm cock which swelled with her touch.

“You’re a naughty boy aren’t you?” She asked and I nodded without saying anything.

She peeled away my underwear and my cock throbbed with anticipation. Her fingers are delicate and they easily spread around my shaft as she began rocking her hand back and forth, her lips getting closer to the tip of my cock. At first she lightly kissed it, almost teasingly, but soon she began drawing gölcük escort her tongue up and down along my cock before fully embracing me into her mouth. I hadn’t felt this sensation for years and I pressed her head down as she sucked me off. It was a wonderful feeling and my breaths began to get shorter.

A band of sweat formed across my forehead and I reluctantly pulled her away from my cock. If she went on for any longer I’d have finished there and then, and I wanted this night to be as much for her as it was for me.

We swapped places on the bed so she was now lying down. I went on top of her so my face was above her breasts and I cupped them in my hands. She sat up slightly so I could unclasp her bra and I smiled as her nipples hardened as my tongue lashed against them.

“That’s so nice,” she said, squirming through excitement. But at this point I could barely hear her. I was so focused on her breasts nothing else was really registering to me.

I kept on kissing and licking both of her breasts, which were firm and perfect, before I began moving my kisses downwards, past her belly button and resting above her pussy, which I could feel getting hotter and wetter through her underwear.

For a moment I did nothing except breathe slowly and purposefully against her underwear because I knew the warmth of my breath would make the anticipation unbearable for her.

When I saw her roll her eyes backwards I knew the time was right. I tugged her underwear down her legs until she was finally completely exposed in front of me, her body heaving with pleasure.

I looked up again at her face as I knew this was a big moment in our relationship. “Are you ok?” I asked and she nodded with eagerness.

My first touch was extremely delicate, so my tongue was barely touching her pussy lips. But my second was more confident, and I brushed it from her vagina all the way up to her clit. She tasted gloriously and I knew that without restraint I would lavish her pussy juices up in a moment’s notice. But my job now was to tease and to build up the excitement. This wasn’t about me, it was about her and allowing her to gain her sexual confidence again.

Her body started to tremble after a few more gentle licks and she moaned with ecstasy when izmit sınırsız escort I started using my fingers too. At first they tickled against her pussy lips, not really doing too much, but when I pressed my finger against her opening and she gave a sudden intake of breath, I proceeded to gently suck her clit with my mouth and allowed my finger to glide into her slowly.

At this point she could barely restrain herself and her hips bucked towards me, her moans getting loader. I placed my finger inside her directly until I felt the texture getting firmer and I knew this was her g spot. I pressed firmer against it, her clit still in my mouth as my tongue swished itself against it. Amanda threw her arms behind her head, “Don’t stop!” She shouted, “Whatever you do don’t stop!” And I didn’t. I carried on doing exactly as I was doing and in just seconds she squealed in delight, her body pulsating like I’d never witnessed before.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She said as I watched her breasts glisten with sweat and her cheeks were red and her eyes misty.

“I need you… right now.”

I didn’t need asking twice. She widened her legs and my throbbing cock easily pushed through her pussy lips until I was firmly, deeply inside. I had missed this feeling. I don’t even know how I could describe it, other than it felt like I’d come home after a long journey away. Like I had found something that had been missing for so long I’d forgotten how much I had needed it.

I wrapped my arms around her as we rocked together back and forth. She was kissing my neck and her nails were scratching my back. Looking in to her eyes I knew that Amanda was the woman for me. I had known it when we first met all those months ago, but now, as we were both connected in this way, I was surer of it than ever before.

It didn’t take long, the excitement of the occasion and the sensation of my cock being lovingly wrapped up inside of her, was too much for my member to bear and it pumped semen into her. We were both completely spent and we had huge smiles as we lay beside each other.

We knew this was the start of such exciting times ahead of us. And you know what, I don’t care what my friends think any more. This was such a special moment for us both I don’t want to ruin the memory by telling them about it. What we do in our private lives are going to remain exactly that and the only people who would know about it is you – the reader who has no idea who we are, and only know that there are two very happy people around somewhere in this world right now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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