First Thirst Ch. 07

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How lucky can one guy get? Here I was, in the bed of the prettiest woman I’d ever known, holding both her tits while sucking on the nipples. I felt like a nursing piglet and probably sounded the same, but that didn’t bother me none. I concentrated on squeezing and playing with those titties, yes titties, as much as I could. I needed too, before I woke up and discovered all of this was a dream, as I had so often.

Colleen and I were lying in bed facing each other, the entire lengths of our bodies touching at crucial points. My penis throbbed happily in the humid envelope formed by our proximity. It pulsated with the knowledge of nearness to her. While mouth and hands attacked those titties, I continued taking in deep breaths of air through my nose at a very slow tempo, and releasing them slower. I needed to catch my breath and calm down, though I didn’t expect my penis to calm down as he was in a world of his own.

My penis had the ability to sense on its own and was going crazy with the thought of entering this lovely woman, ‘Colleen’, I reminded him in thought. I moved him as close to his target as I could. Things were not up to me, Colleen was in charge, but I took him as near as I dared and let him poke around. It was all up to him, could he melt her heart? In the meantime, I concentrated on sucking. Nursing stirred up a deep-seated emotional catastrophe of the most pleasant type. The opportunity to chew on thick nipple’s, to bite, gnaw, and slobber; To fit as much tit in my mouth as I could and hopefully swallow; To take and munch on both rubbery nipples at once; All this enflamed my desire for more, more, and more. More, more, and more… there would be no bottom to this addiction, and Colleen didn’t seem to mind.

I discovered Colleen’s head thrown back and it seemed she was asleep. She had one arm under her head, the other behind her, and her body in a most appealing arch. I knew it was all for my benefit and dared to take some advantages. I dared to take a breast in both hands and wring its neck, while sucking on the nipple as hard as I could. çankaya escort Colleen moaned and sharpened her arch, pushing her breast into me, rousing me on. Her hairless mound bumped the head of my hard-on and retreated. My penis groped about in a game of blind mans bluff, seeking his mate and a kiss, and more. I became braver and dug my fingers into firm breast-meat, took as much of it into my mouth as I could and began gnawing.

I was now tapped into the matrix of mans insatiable nature, a surging river of archetypes from the ocean of infinite existence. Even drunk, I realized this was it. I was here to conquer Eros’ realm, while held in check by the temples’ priestess. I was attached to Colleen by a psychic leash and obedient to her wishes. ‘Had I known her but a few hours…? Did I know her at all?’ Thinking caused me to lose control of my heart, and once it got rolling everything else collapsed under waves of psychic disturbance. Colleen’s moan and the way her body responded told me I was on the right track for the first time in my life, and I rambled on.

The best my penis could do was bump against the woman we loved in occasional jabs, quick feels. He was frustrated beyond belief and drooling like a mad dog. I could hear him bark and feel him pulling on the strings of my libido like never before. This time my hands were busy and they wouldn’t have surrendered their prizes for all the money in the world. God, I couldn’t pry my mouth free of that nipple, ‘cept long enough to latch onto the other. I sucked -and sucked -and sucked as hard as I could, while mangling and mauling to my hearts content. My poor penis…. oh well, lucky mouth and hands.

Soon Colleen seemed to calm down and I felt it wise to follow her lead. I loosened my grip on her tits, took a nipple in my mouth, and let myself relax as best I could. My screaming hard-on demanded release, but the best I could do was press him as near to our lover as possible. He now suffered dearly in his humid prison, with pussy, pussy everywhere and not a clit to lick, but çankırı escort I had more than enough to ponder. I held more than I could explore and taste in a life time, and I thanked God to have been given the opportunity.

I lifted my eyes to Colleen and found her head still back. I thought I’d detected a smile, but I could only see her neck and the bottom of her chin. I dwelt on the rubbery nub I chewed as if for life itself. I wanted to suck the nipple right off the breast, and swallow the entire orb, never had I felt safer. I had to stay calm and relax, follow Colleen’s lead. I sent my eyes aloft, to the canapé, and detected enough light to make out more then shadows.

My eyes came down to Colleen and I scanned what dreams are made of. They crept carefully up and down Colleen’s long neck, growing more accustomed to darkness by the second. I now sucked gently, like a baby on a bottle of warm milk, falling into a rhythm that lulled me to doze. I scanned gently the surface of all I could find, skin so fair and fine, so serene. I cuddled the firm mounds of flesh in my hands, I treated the breasts like newborn twins. Everything was perfect and my dreams became reality, and I suddenly found myself stirred to an occasion.

I must have fallen asleep because I found myself awakening. I discovered myself humping a fist that had hold of my boner and was bringing me back from that dream. I was still on my side, with breasts in hand, mouth crammed with nipple. I struggled in the fist to awaken further, growing ever more excited, again. I really picked up a lively rhythm and had the entire bed dancing along with my antics. I grabbed at the tits and held on for dear life. I bit down on a nipple and broke out in a sweat. My hips went out of control. They gyrated into the danger zone, working the self-lubricating piston to the brink of a gigantic orgasm. This was it, this was to be the ‘mother’ of all orgasms…, and the building pressure was unbearable. I could feel Colleen’s hand draining my testicles of their molten magma. I could feel the slag scorching çayyolu escort and charring my insides as it bubbled and oozed to the surface. Colleen’s experienced hand promised to make this orgasm the best ever, from every point of view. All I needed to do was let it happen, so I squeezed her breasts as hard as I could. I sucked as much tit meat into my mouth as I could, and worked my boner into the slickening fist as fast as I could. This was it, the coming of an orgasm angels feared. And for the first time in my life, it was all real. I almost blacked out, but….

Suddenly I was humping the air because hand was gone. The ‘mother’ of all orgasms was left in the tube to cook and fester in the fires of hell. I couldn’t believe it and looked up to Colleen in shock. Why at the restaurant and not here? Her head was still back and I still detected a smile. She was once again relaxed and I could think of nothing else.

“Lay still,” Colleen ordered in a sleepy whisper. She made it sound as if I’d bothered her. Nonetheless I complied and once again forced myself to subside as best I could. It wasn’t easy to slow my hips and more difficult to stop them from bucking involuntarily. My balls ached so much I almost had to reach down and squeeze them, I didn’t of course. I concentrated on Colleen’s tits and the nipple I chewed, as I attempted to work my swollen scrotum out from between my sticky thighs. I had to keep pushing my poor hard-on out of my mind, his dilemma was killing me. As I simmered down I watched Colleen’s neck, hoping for glimpses of her face. I just knew she was laughing, but I was tired and drunk and slowly nodding off again. I let the nipple slip from my mouth long enough to catch my breath and slow my heart. Then I went back to suckling

Tortured out of my mind or not, this was heaven and I slept in the arms of an angel; an impish angel who kept rousing me throughout the night simply to turn me on, so she could hear me cry myself to sleep. Like a hungry alien entity, I attached myself along Colleen’s body and fed from it. I felt like a giant leech, a blood sucking parasite. I thrived on carnal desires that oozed from every pore of Colleen’s body as an insidious chemical, there for the enjoyment of those around her. I was hooked on it, body, mind and soul, and it was to be mine, all mine, for the rest of my life.

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