First Story

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This is my first attempt at writing, so please be kind.

How different a few years can make. Only about 7 years ago, I was watching the Spice channel (scrambled of course), being introduced to things like Doggy Style, Blow Jobs, and the such. And like any guy at 13, I was already horny most of the time, and it was just amplified.

But alas, I was a loser during middle school and high school. I never got a chance to explore. Hell, I didn’t get to first base until college.

In my mind, I always pictured my first time being on my wedding night. Both me and my bride completely oblivious of what we were supposed to do, and learning with each other. I figured monogamy was my fate.

But, then I met “Angelica”. We both worked at the same restaurant, and got to know each other. Much to my dismay, she already had a boyfriend, a Marine no less.

But even then, she would flirt shamelessly. It should be said she let me get to second base “accidentally” several times. I always thought I could convince her to leave her man for me, and she would often hint that could happen.

As time went by, she got transfered to another restaurant, and we lost contact. But one night, doing a random search of Myspace, I came across her profile, and to my shock, she was single. I immediately called her, and set up a date.

We met, and after a nice dinner and movie, we went back to her house. I figured I could maybe get a kiss out of her, but not much more.

She invited me in, the house was small, but she lived alone, so it plenty of room for just her. We sat on her couch, talking and laughing. I brushed away her hair, kocaeli escort and kissed her. She tasted sweet.

After I stopped, she told me she had been waiting for me to make a move for the longest time, and that it had been lonely since she became single. I apologized for my shyness, and asked how I could make it up to her. She just batted her eyes and giggled.

She lead me to her bedroom. I was nervous, and deathly afraid of all those nasty little surprises the penis can do to a man. Could I get it up? Would I blow my load early? Would it be big enough?

We kissed some more, this time with more passion, and I wrapped my arms around her. She could tell I was completely ignorant of how to proceed. So just smiled, and pulled at my zipper. Before I could say a word, she was down in front of me, inspecting my package.

She pulled down my boxers, and saw my cock standing straight up. Looking up at me with a smile, she took my dick in her hands, and stroked it.

My cock was throbbing as she moved her hands up and down. A little bit of pre-cum came out, and she licked off, saying how good it tasted. I could not keep quiet, and suddenly asked her for a blow job.

She looked at me somewhat shocked at my outburst. I began to apologize for being so sudden, but she just laughed, and put my dick in her mouth. And she really knew how to suck.

I was in ecstasy, she made all this great slurping noises, and said things like “I love the way you taste” and “Fuck my mouth, please.” My right hand pushed gently on the back of her head, until she had put the whole thing in her mouth.

I was so close to cumming, kocaeli escort bayan and she knew it. Angela stopped sucking, and got up. She asked me in the sweetest voice to undress her. Her clothes were off quickly, and she stood before me, only in thong, her 36b breasts so firm, and erect nipples.

I kissed her, moving my lips down her neck, to her chest. I fondled her tits as I gently sucked on her nipples. She moaned, telling me how much she loved having a mouth on her breasts.

I continued to suck, but moved my hands down her soft body, rubbing the outside of her thong. It was warm, and just barely wet. I moved aside her thong, and caressed her pussy lips with my fingers. She let out moans, and begged for more.

I got down on my knees, and pulled down her thong, giving me a perfect view of her neatly shaved pussy. I massaged a small circle on her clit, while my tongue teased her mound.

She kept moaning, kept asking me to suck her clit, and stick a finger inside. I gladly did as she asked. She was so warm and inviting. I told her how much I love sucking her clit, and that I her wet and warm pussy was tight.

I continued to suck and finger, until she was about to burst. I got back up and laid on the bed, prompting her to climb on my cock and ride me. She bounced slowly on my dick, while also grinding when she had the whole thing inside of her.

I thrust as well as I could, and she kept moaning “oh yes, god yes, harder baby” I was making all kinds of groaning noises as I tried to keep pace with her bouncing.

“OH YEAH” I”M GONNA CUM” I”M GONNA CUM” she yelled. I put every ounce of energy I izmit escort had, going as fast and hard as I could. Her pussy juices covered my cock as she came. I could feel her pussy contract and heard her give out little yelps.

She got off my cock, panting, and commented on how I hadn’t cum yet. She asked me how I would cum hardest, and I told her that I really wanted to do doggy style. She gave a very approving giggle, and bent over the bed, using her fingers to spread her cunt open for me.

I got behind her, and pushed my hard cock into her. she gasped when I first entered, then gave very satisfied moans as I began to thrust back and forth.

While I was fucking her, Angelica kept moaning “Fuck my cunt.” I’m your sex kitten” I love your cock” and asked me if I had ever been harder before in my life. I said no.

As I kept fucking her, I could feel my cum ready to squirt out, and I asked her where she wanted it. She said “fill my cunt with your hot cum.” That pushed me over the edge. I came harder than I had ever cum before, pumping cum into her welcoming pussy.

She stuck one finger inside of her, and tasted the mixture of my cum and her juices. She smiled and licked her lips.

We cuddled after that, fell asleep with my cock pushing against her cunt. I woke up first, and ate her out. After that she gave me a blow job, and then we had breakfast. I told her I loved her, and she said she loved me to. She said the next time, we would have to make love, with candles and the whole deal. I agreed and left to go home.

Sex is so much better when shared with someone you love. watching scrambled porn pales in comparison to the loving acts of two people having amazing sex. We have been together now for 5 months, and I love her with all my heart. She always wants to please me and vice versa. Maybe monogamy isn’t too bad after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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