First Day Back Ch. 04

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As Tim drove home from work that day he couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. Just hours ago he’d shot a load all over Katie’s tits and stomach and then drained his balls inside her while she was splayed across his desk. Thinking about it almost made him hard again. Almost. Two times back to back was a bit of a feat for him but he remembered Katie’s words “See, I told you you could cum again. Maybe next time we’ll go for three.” He chuckled to himself and tried to focus on something else for a minute. No luck. Memories kept floating in; the look on Katie’s face while he was slamming into her, the sound of his balls slapping against her wet hole, the noises she’d made as she came on his cock. Jesus, what a thing he had for this girl. He wondered how long it would go on for and what other things they might get up to together.

He definitely had a few things in mind and in fact he must have dreamt about some of them given that he woke up to sticky sheets. He cleaned up and headed into work to finish out the week, hoping that Katie would grace him with her presence again. No such luck and he spent most of Friday thinking about how to see her again before racing out of his office at the end of the day. The next morning he woke up half hard but too lazy to do much about it. Since it was the weekend, Tim had a slow morning that extended far into the late afternoon. He lounged around the house in his pajamas, eating junk food and watching Netflix, finally dragging himself to the shower in the evening. He was meeting a few friends at a bar nearby.

As he entered the bar he spotted his friends immediately; a group of rowdy drunk guys was kind of hard to miss. Damn, they must have started early! He grabbed a beer and joined them. A few hours and more than a few drinks went by when a slap on the shoulders started getting passed around. It took Tim a moment to realize it was because a group of girls had just walked in. It looked like this wasn’t their first stop of the night as they stumbled and giggled their way to the bar to order drinks. As the group spread out Tim saw her. Katie.

No. Fucking. Way.

Was he really that drunk? No, it was definitely her. She was memorable before but now that he’d seen her naked… He tried keeping a straight face and hoped that none of his friends would notice something was up as he stood. “Anyone want another?” He walked up to the bar, trying hard as hell to be nonchalant. eryaman bayan escort He didn’t want to be a creep or infringe on her space so he waited for Katie to notice him. She did and broke from her group, sliding up to him.

“Well, look at that! Coach has a life outside of being coach!” She smiled and Tim could feel that chubby from this morning coming back.

“Well, look at that! Katie has a life outside of being a student!” He hoped it didn’t come off as lame as he felt. She laughed. The combination of that and the few drinks he’d had emboldened him. “You look fucking hot.” It was delivered at a low enough volume that only Katie could hear him.

“You think so? I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

“What if you had been?” Tim’s heart was hammering, the thrill of flirting with her in public was intense. She looked him square in the face and replied “Oh…well, I probably wouldn’t have worn panties to start with.”

“Is that right? Hmm. That would make it easier to reach up that skirt and just slip inside you, wouldn’t it?” Tim could hear the sharp intake of breath next to him. “I bet the panties you’re wearing are getting soaked just thinking about it.” A small moan. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. And I bet you’re just pulsing thinking about the last time we saw each other. You remember that, don’t you? We were in my office, you let me cum all over you and inside your pussy. You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you?” Katie was practically squirming on the barstool. Tim paused, taking a few sips of his beer. He wanted to see how she would actually respond. She gulped her drink, the glass landing hard on the bar.

“I need your cock in me, right now.” He had her.

“Meet me by the bathrooms.” It wasn’t the first time Tim had been to this bar and it also wasn’t the first time he’d made use of the single stall restrooms. He wound his way through the light crowd to the back of the bar. He glanced behind him and saw Katie following at a distance. He made sure she saw which stall he went into and left the door unlocked. For a moment he felt worried, what if she changed her mind? He started to doubt himself when the door swung open. Katie slammed it shut and locked it, launching herself at him. Their lips met and their arms flew around each other. He pushed against Katie, backing her up to the wall, pinning her there as they made out, grinding his ever growing hard on against her. She was moaning escort etimesgut loudly into his mouth.

He spread her legs with his and reached under her skirt, grabbing at her ass. Even though she claimed to be wearing panties, there wasn’t much fabric there. He certainly didn’t mind being met with bare skin and continued humping her with one hand firmly grasping her tight ass while the other found its way to the back of her neck, gathering in her hair and giving it a tug. With Katie’s neck exposed, Time landed several bites before moving down. His mouth was hungry on her skin, his free hand pulling at her shirt so he could suck on her nipples, hard from the flirting at the bar. He could hear Katie gasping and feel her thrusting. There was no wasting time when fucking in the bathroom at a bar.

He undid his pants and slid them down just far enough to get his cock out which was so hard it was almost painful. Katie had already pulled her panties aside and sunk two fingers in herself which she then jammed inside Tim’s mouth. He licked them clean, stroking himself a few times before stepping back in between Katie’s legs. He felt his cock sliding along her wetness and groaned.

“Fuck, you’re so hard.” Katie whispered.

“And you’re so wet.” Tim spoke softly but firmly into her ear. “So wet and about to get fucked in a bar.” Katie moaned. “I didn’t realize you were such a slut.” He continued humping his cock on her.

“Maybe if you had, you could have been fucking me instead of jerking off in your office.” They both gave a little laugh.

“Guess I’ll have to make up for lost time then, huh?” He grinned, spinning her around and bending her over the sink. He planted a hand on each ass cheek, spreading them wide and aiming his cock at her dripping hole. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, Katie. I’m gonna rail your tight little pussy until you cum all over my dick.” He didn’t wait for her to respond before slipping the entire length of his cock into her in one thrust. He also didn’t wait to start doing exactly what he’d said he was going to. He took a firm hold on her hips and started in on her, fucking her hard and fast. She was moaning but trying to keep it on the quiet side while a hand worked her clit, the other clinging to the sink.

“Oh my god, fuck, that feels so good. Yeah, baby.” Katie looked up, locking eyes with Tim in the mirror. That grin of hers spread across her elvankent escort face, he couldn’t help but smirk back before breaking his gaze to start down at the magnificent sight of her ass cheeks rippling with each thrust. By now, Katie was slamming herself back to meet him, his hips crashing into her over and over. Tim’s pants and boxers had fallen and lay around his ankles. He paused for a moment and whispered “We gotta be quick.” Katie just grinned and started rubbing herself furiously. “Well hurry up then!”

Tim planted his feet and hands, steadying himself to really go to town on Katie. And he did. He couldn’t imagine how this wasn’t hurting her; maybe it was and she liked it but all Tim could focus on was cumming as fast as possible. Somehow, he had the bandwidth for an idea to bubble up. He pulled out to Katie’s protest and said “Stand up and turn around. Now.” She obeyed and reached out for him, his cock stiff and covered in her juices. He slapped her hand away and stepped closer to her. “Pull your skirt up.” She obeyed again. He reached out to grab the waist line of her panties, pulling them down to reveal her lips, puffy from all the stimulation; her clit red from rubbing it.

With his free hand, Tim grasped his dick and started to brush it up against Katie, sliding easily along her wet pussy. He growled into her ear “I’m gonna fucking blow a load in your panties and you’re gonna go back out to the bar with my cum all over you.” Katie just moaned and pushed herself against him. “Fuuuck, I’m so close too.” It had been all of 5 minutes in the stall but Tim could feel his balls getting ready to shoot. “Oh shit, oh shit. Here it comes.” Tim was still deep between her legs when the first shot came out. He immediately pulled back, aiming at her, splashing his sperm all over her. It started to drip down but was caught in her panties. Tim jiggled his dick, spreading the cum around.

“Oh my god, don’t stop, that’s gonna make me cum!” Katie gasped. It was Tim’s turn to obey and he did so gladly. His dick was starting to get soft but he kept jerking it on her as she began to shake, her head thrown back, her hips thrusting at him. Katie’s voice was barely a whisper as she moaned “I’m cumming” over and over again. Tim could feel the spasms spreading through her and wrapped an arm around her, holding her up as her body slumped against his. He gave another few thrusts for good measure, even though he was completely limp.

“Now pull those panties back up and spend the rest of the night with my cum all over your pussy.”

“Yes, Coach.” Katie said with a fake demure tone.

“God, you’re such a slut.” Tim laughed and slapped her ass as they exited the stall.

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