First Date

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I was 23 when I had my first “date”. I was in college and usually one to keep to myself, until this one girl caught my eye. Her name was Destiny. She was 1 year younger than I, medium length red hair, with a gorgeous body. She was in my English class and was very good with the writing assignments. I had the opportunity of working with her on a joint project and we hit off really well.

We spent every day together for almost a month straight, but I never really thought of her as a girlfriend. We would only get together to work on our assigned paper and that was it. One night the conversation went away from schoolwork and moved to talking about our childhoods and other random things, until we ended up setting up a date for the next night.


As I got ready for my date, a million things were running through my mind. We were supposed to go to dinner and a movie. Expecting to be going out to an upper-class restaurant, I dressed in tip top attire. Let’s just say James Bond was my styling cue for this date.

As she arrived at my apartment, I was just sliding on my sport coat. I walk out to find her wearing a beautiful red dress that accentuated every curve of her luscious body. I could feel my cock starting to tug a bit as I gazed up and down her body. I quickly used the tail of my jacket to mask the small bulge that began to grow as I tried to take my mind off of the situation.

We walked to the restaurant about a block from our building and had a very nice dinner with conversation that left no inclination of the string of events that was about to follow. We had a few glasses of wine and as the waiter asked if we would like dessert, Destiny said she would take care of that later. I paid the check and escorted her back to the car, where I found out she had other plans besides going to the movies.

Destiny was my first “girlfriend” to speak of. I had liked several other girls, but never had any of them really give me the time of day. So, when she said she was tired and ready to go “home” I was very disappointed and thought I had done something wrong or she just wasn’t interested in me.

I shut off the car and told her I would see her to her door. We walked back to her apartment where I asked her if it would be okay if I kissed her goodnight. She chuckled and said:

“Silly boy I owe you dessert. Did you forget that quick?’

“What do mean?” I replied.

“I said I would take care of dessert, later didn’t I? I have a treat for you inside.” she replied.

She opens the door and we go inside. She asked me to have a seat while she changed into something a little more comfortable. As I sat there on the sofa, my mind went back to her standing in front of my apartment in that sexy red dress. The way it hugged every curve of her body was just amazing. Her large breasts perfectly balanced above a tight flat stomach leading to a medium size round butt, with the dress rounding out beautifully canlı bahis just above the knee.

I could feel my cock beginning to twitch again as I glanced around the apartment to see pictures of her in almost model like poses. There were beach poses in very revealing swimsuits, there was one from Hawaii with the most beautiful Hawaiian dress I had ever seen.

All of sudden I see Destiny emerge from her room wearing nothing but the most gorgeous smile a woman could throw towards a completely shocked young man.

“Well, what do you think? Is this a good enough dessert?” she asked.

“I… Well…Uh…I… Don’t know what to say. I… I’ve never seen a naked girl before.” I managed to stammer out.

“Oh, come on now, never?” she replied.

“No, never.” I said.

“Well, I have a secret…I’ve never seen a naked boy before.”

She walked over and began to take off my tie. I took her hand and asked if she really wanted to do this.

“Baby, I’ve been dreaming about this day since the day I first seen you in our English class.” she replied.

“The first day of class? Why didn’t you say something before our project?”

“How do you think we got paired? I asked for you by name silly.”

“Really? You asked to be paired with me? But I don’t understand, why did you wait until the project was almost finished before you talked about something other than the work?”

“I wanted to get to know your character before I decided if I wanted to take a further step towards my feelings. I figured out you had never been with another girl and I’ve never been with another man, so I decided I wanted you to be my first.”

She undid my belt and unbuttoned my slacks as she began stroking my now fully erect cock.

“Wow, it’s so big. You’ve never even so much as had a blowjob?’ she asked.


She sat down beside me and started to kiss me as she slid her hand into boxers and wraps her hand around my shaft while sliding my boxers down slightly to reveal my tip that was already wet from precum.

I moaned with excitement as I reached for her large perky breast. As my finger caressed across her nipple, I felt a shudder come across her body as she breathed a sigh of excitement from what my fingers were doing to her body.

She asked me to take off the rest of my clothes. As I droped my slacks, she knelr in front of me and removed my boxers and began to take my tip in her mouth. As she slid my cock all the way into her mouth, she began stroking her clit. I began to moan and grabbed her head forcing her to take my cock deeper until I felt it hitting the back of her throat. I heard her begin to gag and I released her head in time for her to look up and tell me she wanted me to cum there.

I grabbed her head and force my big cock down her throat again as she stroked her clit faster and faster until we both climaxed. I looked down after shooting my hot cum down her throat to see her fingers bahis siteleri glistening with pussy juices.

I then told her to lay back on the couch with her legs up. She told me she was not ready for my cock yet and that she needed to cum again.

“Good, that will give me time to recover while I eat your pussy.” I replied.

I lowered myself between her legs and split her soaking wet lips open with my fingers and invaded her tight little hole with my tongue. She screamed out in pleasure as I lapped up all the cum around the entrance to pussy and on her clit. I then tightened up my tongue and rammed into her tight hole sending her over the edge and into a climax that reverberated throughout her entire body.


We both layed on the couch for a little while. I felt myself beginning to drift off to sleep, just as my eyes went completely shut, I felt Destiny nuzzle up against my chest and kiss me. She then began to lick my nipple and run her finger around my tip. My cock instantly shot to attention in turn pulling me straight back into pure ecstasy.

She stroked my cock until I’m almost to the point of exploding, then stopped with a very sharp:

“Ah…ah…ah…Save that for later. I want to feel those long sexy fingers deep inside my pussy. I want to cum all over your fingers and feel you grab my big breasts as I shake and shudder from the pleasure your giving me, then I want you to ram that monster of yours inside me and unload all your cum for me.”

I started to gently message my fingers into her tight pussy. Then she grabbed my hand and yells,


So, I rammed three fingers straight to the back of her pussy and pounded her sloppy wet pussy while sucking on her nipples until I felt her body wreathing with enjoyment.

Suddenly I felt her push my hand and yell out again.

“STICK INSIDE ME!!! I NEED to feel you inside me.”

I positioned myself just outside her tight, now slightly gaping pussy and asked:

“Are you sure want to do this?”

“YES!! Please just stick it inside me. I NEED you inside me.”

I slowly began sliding my now huge cock inside her as she grabbed my ass and thrusts my cock inside her as she screamed out in what sounded like pain.

“Are you okay?’ I asked

“Yes…fine…just…stay there a minute, let me get used to it.”

I looked down and seen a little blood and I knew right then that we both just gave each other our virginity.

She slowly began bumping against me, and I began pounding her tight little pussy. As I grabbed her breast and began caressing her nipples, I felt her pussy tightening around my cock and then I felt her sweet pussy juices begin to flow down my shaft and collect at the base as I continued to pound her. I was just about to cum when she stopped me again and said

“I want you to bahis şirketleri fuck from behind on my bed.”

I picked her up, with my cock still inside her, and carried her to her bedroom. I laid her on the bed and pulled out as she crawled on all fours to the edge of the bed with her perfect round ass in the air. I grabbed her hips and thrusted my cock all the way in and continued to pound her. I felt her cum on my cock 2 more times before I finally shot my hot sticky load inside her, pumping her sweet, young, virgin womb with creamy sperm, coating her walls with what felt like a gallon of cum.

“Oh shit! Are you on birth control?”

“No, I want your baby. I want to carry your seed.” she replied.

“No, I can’t! I’m not ready for a family!” I replied.

I thought to myself ‘How could I let this happen? What am I going to do?’

“We can’t have a baby; you have to do something. Go take a shower get that stuff out of you.”

“We can do this. I planned it this way. I already discussed it with my parents. They will take care of the baby, and us until we finish school and find jobs.”

“What if I don’t want any part of this? What if I say I don’t want a baby and it’s your responsibility?”

“Ha ha ha” Destiny chuckles.

“This isn’t funny you tricked me!”

“Open the top drawer of the night stand.”

“Why?!?” i managed blurt out.

“Just open it!”

I opened the drawer and found an empty and a partially used pack of birth control pills.

“Phew, you had me scared there for a minute.” I replied.

“I really do like you. I wouldn’t trick you like that. I’m not ready for a baby either. Maybe one day we will have kids together, but until then let’s just fuck.”

She then rolled over and stuck her ass in the air again.

“Come on honey, I know you got more for me. I want all your cum inside me.”

With her hot ass straight up in the air I asked:

“What would you say if I said I wanted to fuck your ass?”

“I’d say ‘I thought you’d never ask.’ Stretch that asshole baby, make me scream! Mmm.”

So, I used my finger to get some cum that was still oozing from her pussy to use as a lubricant to prepare her ass for the massive cock that was about to invade it. After lubricating and stretching her asshole a bit, I once again grabbed her hips and with one swift motion rammed my huge cock all the way into her tight little virgin ass.

“Oh…my…fuu…fuuucckk that feels so fucking good baby. Fuck me harder! FUCK ME HARDER!! Make that ass submit to your huge cock!”

I pounded her ass while fingering her pussy and making her cum several times before I pumped her ass hole full hot sticky cum.


We fucked until it was time for us to go to class the next morning. Then we fucked as much as possible until we finished college a year later.

When we graduated, I found out her parents were very well to do and her father’s company was looking for a manager for their IT administration. I gladly took the job and then we continued to fuck until we finally married. We now have two kids, with one on the way and still fuck as often as we get a chance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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