Final Round

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Big Tits

Paul was sitting in his gym when suddenly Christie arrived. She had a letter for him and tried to leave. Paul knew Eddie had just died and he had been her closest training partner so he invited Christie in.

Before the tournament, started every participant was asked to cut off any ties with any fellow participant. Paul and Christie knew they had broken the rules so Paul emailed the details of how he was past his prime and Christie was still unwell from Eddie’s death.

To their surprise, Nina arrived from upstairs and both offered her a chance to walk away before they attacked her. However, she only was there as a messenger and sneaked her way into Paul’s room and downstairs to tell them that both would have to prove their cases to her immediately so that some other corporations and competitors check out.

Christie gave a polygraph test and her story was clean. Paul’s punches and kicks still had enough in them so Nina insisted he takes part in the upcoming Tekken preliminaries.

Paul declined as Nina received a call to bring him in anyway. Cunning as a fox she was, Nina asked him to beat her in a one on one match. If he succeeds, its Paul’s decision to come or not.

Christie, who was standing close by, told Paul to give it up and walk away as Nina might beat him and forcefully take him to Tekken.

Paul’s ego and testosterone kicked in and Christie’s suggestions were nothing soon nothing but words for him after he had spent hours consoling her.

Seeing how it might turn out, Christie hit Paul’s neck with burdur escort two chops. Paul fell down seeing an uninterested Christie looking down on him. “You bitch!” he said before trying to climb up Christie’s body.

“I’m so sorry but I have to do this and shut her up,” replied Christie.

She held him from his collar and headbutted him. Paul was out cold.

A slow clap from Nina followed. “Impressive little girl” said Nina in her sultry British accent.

They carried Paul to his room and Christie challenged Nina knowing her experience might be too much but she was confident.

Nina took her clothes and shoes off. “What in the world are you doing?” asked Christie.

“Well, no one’s watching and I’ve never fought you before so I want to be in the best shape. This is my best shape,” replied Nina.

“Alright lady you got it,” said Christie as she took off all of her clothes.

They agreed to a winner takes all match. If Christie won, Nina will leave immediately and if the latter won, Christie and Paul both enter the latest edition of Tekken direct into the main draw.

They admired each others bodies for some time. Nina, the tall blonde with a tight figure and no bush where Christie being slightly heavier and thicker than Nina, was a beautiful Latina with brown and hair and a small amount of hair hiding her thick pussy.

Nina slowly walked towards Christie and tried a roundhouse kick which knocked her down. The lack of sharpness in her reflexes surprised Nina. The latter tried to bursa escort kick Christie again and this time her kick was blocked.

Christie used Nina’s lost momentum against her and locked her up in a leg lock. Nina let out a screech. It was almost as if both had forgotten each others strengths and weaknesses.

However, turned the lock around and put Christie in a crab lock. Nina also elbowed Christie’s back again and again.

Hopelessness crept in but Christie didn’t let up. She crawled out of it somehow and smacked Nina in the face with a flying kick out of nowhere.

Nina was sent crashing on the floor as Christie tried a reverse leg drop which Nina evaded and came back with a punt to Christie’s head.

Christie was seeing stars so Nina capitalized. She ran towards her, kicked her down and locked her in reverse body scissors.

Christie was still winded and her head was turning red. Nina started teasing her and poked her asshole with her toenail.

Unfortunately for Nina, this gave Christie a rush and picked Nina on her back and slammed her on the ground.

“Never try to touch my clitoris again bitch”! shouted Christie.

Nina got up only to feel Christie’s reverse double slap and kick combo to her face. Christie tried to hit her midrib but Nina blocked her and kicked her legs out.

Using her instincts, Christie kicked Nina with her other foot and Nina fell too. Now both were in an awkward position as Nina’s face was planted on Christie’s pussy.

They backed up and Nina licked çanakkale escort her lips and smiled. Christie lunged at her again but Nina ducked and brought down Christie on her knees. Nina punched Christie in the face and grabbed her head and held it close to her own wet and warm pussy.

Nina slowly rubbed Christie’s face in her pussy as the latter eventually came to and pushed Nina away. They both stumbled around before accepting the inevitable.

All the fighting had made the women of Tekken so work oriented and they had forgotten about their vulnerable sides. “You know what fuck Tekken” said Nina.

“No, fuck Tekken, Paul and everyone who wants us to be puppets in their hands” replied Christie.

Nina took off some wires and devices off her clothes and broke them. Christie went to Paul’s room and locked him up while Nina laid knockout gas in his room which would keep him there for hours.

The two women went to the gym shower and Nina turned it on. They kissed passionately as Christie started picking Nina’s clit.

Nina got back against the wall as Christie started kissing and licking hard breast. The water from the shower and their pussies overflowed.

Before Christie could get up, Nina got down and scissored her. They both rubbed their privates together and the warmth of their bodies flowed through and through.

Nina now went for a taste of Christie’s bush. She slowly used her fingers one by one and used the tip of her tongue to lick Christie’s pussy from top to bottom and left to right.

Both women continued having sex for more than half an hour before they bathed together. They unlocked Paul’s room, took away the knockout gas cans, put their clothes on his bed and took new clothes from his wardrobe before driving his bike into the sunset.

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