Feeling a Little NASTY Tonight Ch. 02

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I am watching the clock, waiting for it to click on 4 o’clock. I have been so horny today, thinking about what I want to do tonight. My nipples have been hard and every chance I get I give them a twist so I can feel the sensation that ripples from the tips of my nipples down to my aching clit. It is so hard to control myself when I am in this mood but I work with people all around me and I just cannot let myself loose control. This makes me even nastier and I know that I am in for an incredible night. Working myself up to the point that I am going to cum, then holding off, not letting myself get the pleasure that I desire.

I run my time card through the clock and out the door I go. I get into my car and grab the extra vibrator that I carry for such emergencies. Put some fresh batteries in and slide it down inside my pants with the tip just touching the tip of my clit. Damn, I am already juicy; it slides right in between the lips of my pussy. I pull the trigger and away it goes bouncing up and down on my hard clit. I clench my thighs together, holding it just at the very tip. My bottom starts to wiggle and I start rocking back and forth enjoying the sensation that is driving me wild. Now my nipples are swelling, searching for something, anything that makes contact.

As I start down the back roads, I reach in and pull out each breast from the cup of my bra. If I leave my bra on and just pull them out, the bra holds them tight and high, allowing my nipples to be exposed to whatever I can rub them against. When I am in my car, the seat belt that goes across my chest will do until I get home. Then I can get out of my work clothes and into something more comfortable. First, I pick out a bra that I have cut out the ends so my nipples are exposed. I usually use bras that are a size or two small so when I lift each breast into the cup, my nipples are forced out the opening.

It feels so good, that my nipples respond immediately, they are hard, sensitive and sticking straight kaynarca escort out they seem to make contact with everything. Tonight I want more so I put on a fishnet dress that I have. When I pull it up and over my breasts, my nipples search out for a hole in the fishnet to poke through. I look in the mirror; the site of my nipples sticking out sends me into an even hornier mode. I have two of these bungee ties, the one with the elastic loop and a ball at the end. I take each one and loop it through the top of the fishnet and then I adjust them so the ball bounces off the tip of my hard nipples. If I bounce up and down, they bounce up and down right on my nipples. Every now and then I just take the balls and just rub them back and forth, ooh that feels so good too.

Tonight, I want more, so I add a few heavy chains. As I walk around they will sway with my movements and increase the sensitivity. If I was not in such a nasty mood, I could easily cum right now. I can get so much pleasure from just nipple play that I could cum by just nipple play only but not tonight. I have another part of my body that is swollen and protruding from its protective cover that is demanding attention.

I walk over to the chair by my computer; I reach under and pull out the breast pump that I have converted into a sucking machine. I have several attachments that I put on the end of the hose they all have their own special way of jerking off my clit. Tonight I want my clit sucked hard, I want it as swollen as is can get. It drives me wild to have my clit sucked and this machine never gets tired. So I pull out one of the larger clear rubber ridged but flexible tubes. It just fits the top end of my clit and after sucking on it for a while my whole clit will swell up and my little penis will be sucked right out of the surrounding protective folds.

Sometimes, I like to change to a different attachment, one that will stroke and suck my penis. Actually a baby bottle nipple does a fantastic orhanlı escort job, once it is attached to the hose and I put some lube all over my penis, I will placed it right at the head of my penis. There is a wonderful sucking sound and a tugging of suction and my little penis is drawn inside. At that point, I turn the strength of sucking down a bit, just enough to keep my penis in the nipple, I can start to tug on the hose or lube my fingers and jack my little penis. Oh, the feeling is incredible, my eyes close, and I start swinging my tits so the balls start bouncing off my nipples. My hips are grinding my pussy into the chair…

I go online to check my emails, I had finally submitted a few of my stories, I had gotten feedback from a few people who had gotten off reading them, and they want to let me know. While I am reading through them I like to start tugging on the hose and attachment, if I pull just a little too far you can hear it try to suck my penis right back in.

Now I grab the attachment and start jacking my clit as the suction builds. I lean back in my chair and put both my feet up and on my bed and let my knees drop to the outside. I start jerking again making a twisting motion as I drawn my hand out from my body making a tight suction, WOW when I twist OMG, it feels so good. I look down and I can see the head of my clit, still growing more and more swollen. I slide farther down into my chair, jacking faster and faster, my tit still enjoying the tingling feeling my nipples get as the ball hits the tip and the gold chain slides across it. OMG… This feels so good… I pull harder and harder, twisting with each pull…my breathing is getting very hard…. Every time I feel like I’m going to cum I hold my breath…… and try to hold off but its getting close…..oh so close……..I have to stop trying to write because I want to get off hard……I’m going to get a tight suction on my clit and fuck the tube while I start to play with my nipples….damn tepeören escort this is going to be a fucking hard ass orgasm…. Oh ya here goes……………damn…fuck it feels so good but I cannot cum… Ahh the vibrator, yes that is it….it-fucking feels so good when my clit is as swollen as it is now, when I put it against the tube that is sucking my clit it just vibrates my whole pussy… I will be cumming in no time…I can’t cum, I am as horny as hell, I’ve got the tube sucking my clit, the vibrator right under the tube, my nipples are so sensitive. They are still sticking out of the holes in the fishnet dress, the chain sliding back and forth, ball bouncing up and down hitting the very tip of my nipple every time…When I run my fingers across them and gently squeeze them I just start to feel more NASTY.

I want to cum so bad but this feels so good. I love riding the edge like this but I want to cum. I think I need to watch a video… maybe a hot jack off session. Watching a guy take his hot shaft into his hand, pour lube over the head then slides right down between his hard shaft and his hand. The look on his face as he tightens his grip, the mushroom top of his cock spreads out and the hole on the tip starts to ooze. He starts jerking harder and harder, maybe he will take both hands and really get into it or do I feel like watching two chicks? I have one of this chick, she fucking eats pussy so good, she reminds me of Shellie. Watching a hot chick just go to town on another chick turns me on too. I has to be real not one of those lickety lick barely even making contact with her pussy bullshit ones that they usually have in most porno’s. I want to watch her hot mouth to suck on her clit like crazy, this way I can picture her between my legs, her lips on my clit. My clit swelling up so large you can hear slurping sounds come from her mouth. I can lean back, push and contract my hips as I fuck her face. I can grab onto my tits and bring my nipples to my mouth, one at a time, sucking them into my mouth and let my tongue run around the hard tips as I watch her watching me.

I think tonight is going to be ladies night, just writing that was almost enough to send me over the edge. Oh, I am going to cum so hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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