Fashion Man Ch. 03

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This story is a work of fiction containing adults in adult situations.

The persons depicted do not exist nor have they existed to the author’s knowledge.

This story is not to be read by, read to, or printed and given to any minor under the age of, oh let’s say 20.

Situations may be portrayed which may be considered in bad taste, or downright illegal in some places and therefore should not be attempted unless you are a story character and not a real human being. If this piece of fiction offends you in any way, stop reading it and go back to watching Big Bird on TV.

For what it’s worth, writing this story damn near got me fired from my job, so it is likely going to be my last story. I hope you enjoy it

Feedback is appreciated both positive and negative, although I consider downright mean-spirited, nasty feedback by “Anonymous” people the work of genuine chicken-shits. It may not be, but that’s the way I feel about it, so I ignore it as much as I can.


Welcome back to “Jackie’s House of Fashion”, the upscale fashion store for ladies of means who like to spend far too much cash on clothing in order to look better than their neighbors. I work here as a Fashion Consultant / photographer, male prostitute, (although that bit isn’t actually on my resume’ as a job title), and the only male employee in the store. That fact alone has its advantages when it comes to romancing the newest employees, which I’ve done with some success, but it also has advantages since I have my own private photography studio in the back of the store. In the studio I photograph the customers using the best lighting for the situation they feel they will be in while wearing the outfit I pick out for them, or that they pick. I just consult. The customer is the one making the decision. The photographs go directly to a computer, and I can then change outfits, or alter parts of the outfit so that… well, you get the idea. The customer ends up looking the best she can, and I get paid. A lot. A lot more than I expected when I started this job, but Jackie, the owner, has seen the value of my work and what I can bring to the “company”, and so my salary is kept secret from even the store manager. The fact that Jackie and I had hooked up and done the horizontal hula back in my studio a few weeks ago didn’t hurt my bottom line any either.

The fact is that I have gotten the quiet reputation as a discrete and competent male whore, so many of my customers come in for “consultations” and leave with a happy smile on their faces along with a nice dress. Word of mouth has been my only advertisement, but that’s been enough. Hardly a week goes by that I don’t dip my happy stick into some nice bit of pussy. Even the older customers are grateful for the attention, and I don’t mind their usually large “tips” either. Even the ones that don’t tip well provide me with enough influence to make it a wash. I do a little photography for art as a hobby and some of my work has sold well at the local galleries due to that influence.

This morning was kind of slow in the store, only three customers, two of them “just looking”. The third bought a nice sweater that I thought would look terrific covering the ample bosom she sported. Frankly I tried convincing her to try it on just to see it on her, but she declined. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Just as I was about to give up and try doing some hobby photography, I notice that Miss Rebecca Halveston has parked her new Ferrari in our limited parking lot and is headed toward the store with a young girl in tow. The girl has a striking resemblance to Rebecca except that her hair leans more to red than the blonde that Rebecca is. The two women float into the store and I get a look of hard edged disdain from the younger woman and one of anticipation from Rebecca.

“Hi Collin,” says Rebecca in a breathless voice, a sexy smile spreading across her pretty face. “This is my sister, Anna. She’s twenty, and has the fashion sense of a trailer-trash mother of four. Her idea of high fashion is designer jeans and a halter top. Dad is giving a fancy party for some big-shots next week-end and wants his whole family to attend. Needless to say, little Annie has nothing decent to wear. She needs help.”

From under her breath I can hear Anna say, “Get fucked.”

I’m a bit taken aback at Anna’s attitude to her sister, but I don’t know her so I say nothing while we stroll back to my studio, Rebecca chatting about the upcoming corporate party and how she can’t wait to go. As soon as we enter the studio Rebecca shuts the door behind us and locks it, leaning against it as she twists the lock.

“Take off your clothes and sit on the bench,” Rebecca demands as I step behind the camera, and Anna begins stripping off the admittedly frumpy clothing she has on.

“She thinks she’s homely, Collin, and I’ve brought her to you in order for you to convince her otherwise. Of course, that is if you really think otherwise. escort izmir Give her your honest opinion. See what we have to work with.”

Underneath the sweatshirt and jeans is a body to kill for. Anna crosses her arms and lifts the sweatshirt revealing a pair of perfect round breasts with beautiful pink nipples. No bra. Under the fashionably worn jeans are long, very well formed legs and a bottom that was as round and tight as her breasts. She wore a pair of lace panties in a pale pink that matched the color of her nipples.

I took several photographs of Anna in different poses, vowing to keep duplicates in the separate folder I have for myself on the computer. From the photos I began adding clothing from the program of “in stock” dresses, looking for just the right dress for the occasion.

“I only have one question,” I said looking up at Anna from the screen. “What is the homely part of you? You have one of the most perfect bodies I have seen through this lens in a very long time. Not since Rebecca sat where you are,” I added.

“My tits are too small and my ass is too big and my legs are too skinny and I’m too short,” she said without hesitation.

“When was the last time you saw a model with fat legs, flat butt, and huge saggy tits? The short part has nothing to do with anything Anna, you’re beautiful.”

She blushed a little at this, but I could see that she was pleased with an independent opinion.

“You get paid to say that.”

“I get paid to photograph a subject and suggest clothing to enhance the woman’s look. You only need to wear clothes to avoid arrest. Nothing I put on you could make you look better than you do right now.” Anna blushed again.

Her look softened a little, and she actually smiled for the first time, a smile that rivaled her sister’s in its beauty, and I told her so.

Rebecca came back to look at what I had on the computer screen, leaning close to me as she looked.

“She needs to get laid, too,” she whispered. “We both do, only she doesn’t know she needs it.”

“Both of you?” I asked, hoping I wasn’t sounding too anxious. The opportunity to do two very beautiful sisters at the same time only comes around once or twice in a lifetime, and I didn’t want to fuck it up by sounding too anxious and scaring her off.

Rebecca stood up and walked over to stand behind her sister. With a pretty smile on her face she began slowly shedding her clothing until she too had on nothing but a pair of panties that matched Anna’s. I began to smell a conspiracy, especially when Rebecca reached around her sister’s shoulders and gently grasped her breasts. Anna’s head leaned back. The hair that had been piled on top of her head in an unflattering pile suddenly fell loose in a cascade of golden reds and I stood like a stone watching as the sister’s lips met in a very unsisterly kiss. Anna’s hands caressed Rebecca’s face as they kissed and I have to say it was a very arousing sight to behold. The bulge in my pants attested to that!

“Care to join us, Fashion Man?” asked Anna.

“I think I’ve been set up,” I said, trying to sound offended, and pulling at the buttons of my shirt.

“Stop trying to be coy, Collin, and get over here,” said Rebecca wiggling out of her panties and spreading her pussy lips slightly with her fingers. “You know we Halveston women are on a tight schedule.”

“Sure you are, Rebecca,” I teased, “How long did you keep that client waiting the last time you were here?”

“About an hour,” she smiled, “but he got over it.”

“I’ll just bet he did,” I chided, easing out of my trousers, and boxers.

“Very nice!” exclaimed Anna as she watched my cock spring upwards from the confines of my clothing. “A girl could get to like a thing like that!”

“We aim to please our customers here at Jackie’s,” I said, kneeling down between her legs. I tugged the panties to one side and leaned my head between her thighs as she eagerly thrust her hips toward me. I spread the lips of her cunt apart gently, brushing aside the almost transparent patch of soft blonde pubic hair and shoved my tongue into the warm channel, tasting the heady sweetness of her. Immediately she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer, groaning softly, and leaning back on the bench. I eased my tongue to the base of her clit and teased the sensitive bud sending shivers of pleasure through her body. Her legs trembled and I felt them wrap around my back, stroking me, pulling at me, urging me closer to her while her hands stroked my head, the fingers raking through my hair.

I was so intent on pleasing Anna that thoughts of her beautiful older sister had been pushed aside. Suddenly I felt hands pushing my legs apart, shoulders touching my calves. Rebecca took my cock in her hand and pulled it to her warm, wet mouth, suckling on the head of it, her tongue dancing lightly on the skin, probing the tip. I jammed my hips toward her and with a groan of delight she took all I gave her, her fingers circling my shaft, stroking escort izmir what she couldn’t take into her mouth.

Anna’s hips began to thrust harder at my mouth, her sweet heady juices flowing freely into my throat. I could feel the beginning of her orgasm in the insistent way she pulled at my head, in the fluttering of her vagina, the thrust of her hips, the moans that seemed to come from deep inside her begging for just a little more. Her hips had moved to the edge of the bench, her sweet ass just barely hanging on. I slid my hands under her tight bottom and pulled her off of the thinly padded bench, holding her up, and buried my tongue as deeply inside her as I could get it, licking furiously at the walls of her cunt, lapping and drinking her sweet tasting fluids. Her legs spread wider, almost to her sides, opening her succulent pussy wider to my boring tongue while she groaned louder and thrashed about in orgasm.

I love feeling a woman climax. It gives me a sense of having done a job well. I think only men get that feeling, knowing they have done the job they set out to do, and having done it flawlessly. Maybe women get that feeling too, but I doubt that it comes with sex so much since making a man climax is really quite simple. A woman takes more time and finesse, so if I can bring a woman to orgasm in a relatively short time I figure I’ve done a good job. Hence the feeling of accomplishment.

Feeling Anna climax only added to my own rising passions and I thrust harder at the tender sucking mouth below me. Rebecca began kneading at my ball sack, her tongue swirling furiously around my cock as my hips rammed like a piston into her face.

I didn’t want to cum, not yet. I wanted to save it, wanted to shove my pole into the tender pussy that was dripping its sensual juices down my chin and spew my fluids inside of it. I wanted to feel the tightness of her vaginal walls, feel her pulling my cock deep inside her body as I pumped my seed into her, I wanted to feel…, but I didn’t. I felt the swell inside of me, saw the exploding stars inside of my tightly closed eyes, felt the warm flush wash over me and my cum pumping deep into Rebecca’s sucking mouth.

It was hard holding Anna’s hips to my face while my cock gushed cum into Rebecca’s throat, and I’m not sure how I managed it, but I did somehow until I felt Anna stop thrashing about. I eased her back onto the bench and leaned back while Rebecca sucked the remaining drops of sticky fluids from the head of my now deflating cock. I looked down between my legs and into Rebecca’s fiery eyes, watching her lick her lips, smile sweetly and mouth the word “Yummy” as the last of my cum trickled down her throat.

Anna grabbed my shoulders, pulling me to her as she sat. Rebecca scooted back,

got to her feet again, joining her sister on the bench.

“Rebecca said you had a fantastic tongue,” she said in a very sexy voice. “I don’t think I’ve ever climaxed that hard before. She also says you have a very short recovery time. How would you like to be the one to fuck me for the first time?”

“Excuse me?” I asked, more than a little shocked by the question. It took me a second or two to wrap my head around her question. “After what we just did you’re going to tell me you’re a virgin?”

“Yes.” She said it as if it were the obvious answer to a really stupid question.

“It’s not like I’ve never had an orgasm before. I do have fingers you know, and boyfriends that were willing to eat me in exchange for me sucking them off, which incidentally, I’ve been told I’m quite good at. In fact, I rather enjoy it. Almost as much as my sister seems to. It’s just that I’ve never wanted a man inside of me before. I wanted to stay a virgin until my wedding night.”

“So what changed your mind, and why me?” I asked.

“Last month my fiancé left me for a little whore he knew from college who had fucked him steady the previous weekend. He said he couldn’t get enough of her and was leaving me until he did. I told him to keep the little slut until they fucked each other to death. They got married a week later. So much for saving myself for my husband. It seems as if all men want is to fuck. As to why you? Well, you can thank Rebecca for that. She said you were very good. Said you would be gentle and kind and also that you were discrete. That part’s important to me too.”

“So, no love or anything like that, just a roll on the floor, a quick poke in the puss and you’re good to go, is that about it?” I wasn’t too happy about the way this was turning out. I don’t mind taking over a broken hearted woman whose lover has dumped her, but to deflower a virgin just for spite didn’t seem right somehow. “You’re sure this is what you want to do?”

“I know it sounds kind of impersonal, but yes. Right now all I can think of is having that big beautiful cock of yours rammed to the root in my pussy. I’ve had six orgasms from your tongue and now I’m so horney all I can see is that cock of yours, and I want it. I want to feel your arms around me and feel you slide inside of me while my sister watches. I want to be a slut too, Collin, like that little slut that stole my boy-friend. Hell, I’m offering you my virginity. Isn’t that what men dream of, making a slut out of a sweet little virgin?”

I had to admit that she was right there. Turning the sweet little virgin Anna into my own five foot one inch slut could be the icing on the cake, so to speak. Who knew what perversions she could be trained to enjoy or even suggest on her own? Fuck it! Now I want her too, just about as much as she seems to want me. I reach up and pull her head to mine, planting my mouth on hers, sliding my tongue into her, flicking at hers. Immediately she got the idea and began stroking my body, her hand sliding between my legs, gripping my cock softly and stroking it to rock hardness in a very sort time. I felt her leaning back onto the bench and I followed her down, keeping my weight on my elbows and knees as we reclined, edging Rebecca out of the way.

We continued to kiss and my dick continued to get harder as we did, thoughts of sliding into that virgin well doing nothing to hinder my erection. I stroked her head and she mine, squirming her taut body under me. She was starting to sweat and so was I, adding to the heat that was building quickly. Anna pulled away from my mouth, breaking the kiss.

“Do it, Collin, do it now!” she begged in a whisper, her breath coming in short gasps.

Rebecca had moved behind us and had heard her sister. I felt her grip my cock and position the tip at the entrance to Anna’s pink treasure, sliding it up and down just inside the girl’s slit. It’s not like I needed the help, but her cool hand felt nice wrapped around my shaft and so I let her do it without protest. Anna groaned, spreading her legs wide across the bench, her heels dug into the edges. My first reaction was to ram myself into her and fuck her for all I was worth, but I didn’t. This was her first time and I had to be the gentle and caring lover she needed. I had to make her want to do this again and lust after every stroke if she was going to be the slut she wanted to be, and frankly, the slut I wanted her to become.

It occurred to me that maybe I could have this sweet piece of cheesecake for myself if I did this right. Then I began to wonder, what woman sets out to become a slut? That thought flashed across my mind for about a second as Rebecca let go of my prick and it slid into the incredible soft tightness of Anna’s quivering vagina.

“Honey, when he first breaks you it’s going to hurt just a little bit,” said Rebecca, leaning close to her sister’s ear. “The pain will go away quickly. Concentrate on the feeling of him inside of you rather than the pain. Feel how nice it is to have a man inside of you, filling you up. Feel the power you have over him, knowing how much he wants to be there, how much he wants you. Feel the power he has over you, producing that beautiful orgasm you crave. That’s what sex is, an exchange of power between two lovers.”

By this time my cock was just touching the thin membrane that guarded Anna’s virginity. I could feel it, and so could she and she gave a little grunt as the membrane stretched ever so little. I pulled back until I was almost out of her and slid back in again, getting her used to the feeling of me, opening her channel, relaxing her.

“Please, Collin! Just do it! I don’t need gentle! Fuck me!”

With that, her hips thrust into me, hard, ripping away the precious membrane forever, tearing her virginity from her body. She shuddered, wrapping her legs around me, squeezing, pulling me closer, her fingers raking my back as her body shook. I let her know it was alright, that the pain would go away and only pleasure would be in its place…

“Tiny pain!” she said through gritted teeth. “It feels so fucking good! Deeper, put it in all the way! Please, I want to feel all of it inside of me!”

You know me, never one to turn down a reasonable request from a woman in heat, so I thrust my hips forward and sank deep into Anna’s quivering pussy, rocking forward as our hips ground together, putting pressure on her hard little clitoris, rubbing the little bud of lust, feeling her shudder, feeling her cunt contract inside squeezing my cock to within an inch of it’s happy life.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed as my hard cock rocked her hips with each drive into her aching body. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she exclaimed with each thrust. Her fingers continued to rake my back, her nails leaving what I knew were going to be long red trails. Anna untangled her legs from around me, digging her heels into the bench again, her hips thrusting hard at mine, wrapped them around me again and ground into me as I jammed my cock as deep into her soft flesh as I could get.

“Oh, Collin,” she groaned, “Don’t stop, don’t ever stop! I want to feel you inside me forever! Please…”

I felt her body stiffen, felt her pelvis squirming against mine, her legs tighten across my back and listened as primal sounds escaped her throat. Her cunt tightened around my boring cock pulling me deeper into her, gripping my shaft like a vice.

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