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It was late at night, or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it. I was sleeping on the couch of one of my friend’s friend. My friend had convinced me to go with him to this party, that it would be fun. I didn’t have a lot of friends and I thought that this was a good opportunity for me to meet new people and make some friends. Who knows, maybe I would even meet a girl there too!

We drank beers, played silly games, listened to music and stuff like that. There were a few girls there but they soon left to go to a club or something (maybe to a better party?). I admit that I probably drank too much because now I was basically past-out on this couch. I think most people had left already and I didn’t know if my friend was still there or not.

In a semi consciousness state, I heard voices whispering and giggling near me. “Come on dude, it’ll be funny, do it with me!” I heard a voice whispering. I also heard other voices in the background laughing and saying things but I couldn’t understand what. “OK, let’s do this, let’s paint his face.”

I heard someone getting close to me and I heard some muffling sounds. I could feel a presence very next to my face but I was too groggy from the beers to react or even open my eyes. I could still hear people giggling and laughing in the background but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Except that at some point I clearly heard some words out of the background bahis siteleri and I heard them repeated 2 or 3 times those words were “jerk” or “jerking”, “cum” and “jizz”, and also “face”.

I then managed to open my eyes just a little bit and then I immediately understood what was happening. Right in front of me was two guys jerking off with the obvious intent to cum on my face as some sort of prank.

At this point I was fully awake but, feeling a bit of panic, closed back my eyes and pretended to still be asleep. My heart was racing. Who were these guys? Why were they doing this to me? Where was my friend? I didn’t know what to do. I thought of getting up and calling them out but then the thought of making them angry at me and maybe punching me made me decided to stay as I was.

So being fully aware of what was going on, I was laying there on the couch of someone I didn’t know which two strangers were jerking of to shoot they’re cum on my exposed face. I didn’t take long either, soon I heard low moans and felt some hot liquid, that I knew was sperm, splashing all over my face. I think they must have cum almost at the same time because I could feel my face being drenched. I also heard loud laughs as this was happening.

With the loud laughs and my face being splashed like that, pretending to sleep was no longer an option, so opened my eyes, got up, acted confuse and said “what’s going on, what are you doing?”. canlı bahis siteleri The two guys who just came on my face and 3 other guys sitting on couches and chairs just laughed at me. Not saying another word, I quickly walked to the nearest bathroom, close the door and open the water to clean my face.

Then I saw myself in the mirror. My face was a mask! I was cover with cum everywhere. It was this thick, gooey, white and very sticky mess, covering my forehead, my nose, both my cheeks and my chin. I even had a thick cum mustache. I couldn’t believe how it was sticking to my face like this. It wasn’t running down at all. Seeing my reflection in the mirror like this, my jaw literally dropped!

I say literally because my mouth actually opened a little, and doing so some of the cum that was on my upper lip fell right inside my mouth. For reason I can’t explain, instead of spitting it out immediately, I started to move the cum a little with my tongue. It was indeed a thick consistency and I was able to move it easily. At that precise moment the smell of the cum hit me. It was a very strong smell, but I thought not really an unpleasant one. Same thing with the taste. I could taste cum for the first time of my life and it wasn’t bad, really.

Again, without thinking or understanding what I was doing, I scooped the rest of the cum that was mimicking a mustache and move it inside my mouth. This doubled the amount canlı bahis of cum that I now had inside my mouth. It was easier to move it around with my tongue. Liking the sensation, I then proceeded to scoop the cum that was on my chin and pushed it in my mouth as well. Still using my fingers like little squeegees, I clean-up both my chin. I now had quite a lot of cum in my mouth, at least two full table spoons. I was actually enjoying the taste and the sensation in my mouth. I tilted my head back and let the cum slide to the back of my throat and started to gargle with the cum.

White I had my head still tilted back, I saw in the mirror that I still had cum on my nose and forehead. In fact, the cum on my forehead was the biggest amount of cum I had anywhere. I scooped the cum from my nose and glide it carefully to my mouth. Then I picked-up the cum from my forehead with my fingers, lifted-it-up and dropped it inside my open mouth. I had to do this 3 times to get all the cum. I now had easily over 3 table spoons of cum inside my mouth.

I used my fingers like squeegees again and pass over my entire face 3 times to ensure I got it all. I saw that I also had cum on my t-shirt and some of it haven’t completely been absorbed yet by the fabric so I pinched the cum wherever it was and salvaged every little bit of if that I could. Once I was satisfied that everything was in my mouth, I twirled it around e few times, took several looks of it in the mirror, and I swallowed everything with one big greedy gulp. At that exact time, I felt my pants getting wet. As I swallowed this mouthful of cum, I came in my pants myself without even touching me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32