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The tutor had emailed me my grade. I had failed. He had attached a form at the bottom which he suggested I fill out so I could resit the exam. I downloaded the form and went to email him.

Hey Frank.

Here is the form to resit. I have attached it to this email. Can you let me know when you want me to come in to do this?


I clicked send and decided to sort out my inbox. We called all our tutors by their first names. I checked out one of the emails I had for a club I had joined and decided it wasn’t interesting for me to go into the draw. Back to my inbox, Frank had responded.

Hello Sal.

Just to let you know that you can come in any time this week after 5pm. This will be when I won’t be doing marking for other classes. I would like you to pass this subject so the sooner you’re able to come in, the better. Let me know what day you can come in and I’ll stay behind so you can do that resit.


I decided that the sooner I could come in, the better it would be. It was only about 2pm on a Monday but if I could get in this evening, then I would have more holiday time. I decided to try my luck.

Hi again Frank.

I know you’re busy. Would I be able to come in later and resit then. Means I can enjoy my holiday then.



I sent the email and got up. I needed to have some fresh air so went and opened the window a little wider. It was a hot day. I went back to my chair and found Frank had responded.

Hi Sal.

Sure. That sounds like a brilliant idea. See you at 5pm in my office.


I decided to go grab a shower and freshen up.

At about 4pm, I caught the bus into town, the used my transfer ticket to get to my course. I walked down the nearly empty street, down some stairs, into D Block, went up the elevator to the third floor where his office was located and knocked on his door.

“Come in.” said Frank. I opened the door. Frank was seated behind his desk. He got up as I crossed the threshold. “Please shut the door.” I shut the door and sat down in the seat Frank had indicated to me. Frank stood up and walked to his filing cabinet by the door. “You’re lucky I agreed to stay on. Everyone else has left now.”

“Sorry Frank. I did try.”

“Just a reminder that it is closed book and while you can ask for some help, I cannot give you the answers.”

“I understand Frank. Thanks.” Frank wasn’t too bad looking for someone who was in his 50s. He was about 13-15 years older than me. You could tell from looking at bursa escort him that he would have been very handsome in his more youthful years. He still looked physically fit and would often boast about his time at the gym. He shut the cabinet and handed me the form. I placed it on the his desk closest to me. He handed me a blue pen so I could make a start.

“There is a time limit of 1 hour. Try not to stress about it. You’ll do fine.” I nodded and wrote my name on the front. I opened the first page. The first question seemed simple enough to do. All I had to do was put things in the order they had happened. This was easier said than done. Frank, seeing that I was already starting to struggle, came around to where I was. He placed one hand on the back of my chair and the other hand on the desk. He bent down low. I could smell his aftershave which smelt great on him. He helped to talk me through what we had learned. I think I understood it and put in my answers. Frank put his hand on my shoulder. “See. You did that one. I know you’ll be able to do the rest. Would you like me to stay here for a bit?”

“That would be great Frank!” I responded. His hand was still on my shoulder. He gave it a gentle squeeze. For the next hour, he stayed beside me and talked me through the questions. I was able to get them. Franks hand had slowly inched its way from my shoulder to my lower back. I hadn’t noticed while I had been concentrating on the test, but now that I had just finished, I was aware of how low his hand was. The smell of him filled my nostrils. He turned and smiled at me but he still didn’t move his hand.

“Well, I guess you’re about ready to leave?”

“Yeah but I’ll have to walk. The last bus stopped going about half an hour ago.”

“Well I can give you a lift home if you want me to. I have a few more things to do first though.” I stood up and his hand dropped to my butt. He pulled me in towards him and kissed me, his hands now both on my arse and they were gently squeezing my arse-cheeks. He pulled away a little. I was breathing heavily. “

“Oh Frank!” I responded

“I can stop if you want me to.”

“No.” I said. He lowered his mouth to mine, his hands starting to tighten on my arse. Again he stopped.

“Ever since you walked into my class on that first day, I wanted you. I wanted to tell everyone else to leave and to take you and bend you over my desk and fuck you right there. It doesn’t worry you that I’m older than you?”

“I don’t know…” He lowered his mouth over mine and he took one of bursa escort bayan his hands and started to unbutton my blouse. My breast heaved under my bra and he slid my shirt off which dropped to the floor. He stopped again and moved back slightly so he could see me. He lowered his head again and started to kiss my neck, gently at first, then more instant. His hands working their way to the clips on the back. He undid them. He started to bite my neck then started to work his way down my chest until his mouth found one of my nipples. He took it into his mouth and started to flick his tongue around it. I moaned. His hands lowered to my waistband on my pants which were elastic. He slid the pants down and my panties followed. I stepped out of my shoes and slightly spread my legs. His hands started to explore my clit and arse and I moaned more.

“Do you love old man cock?”

“I don’t know.” I said.

“Then let me teach you. Let me show you why old cocks are better than young cocks.” He stopped sliding his finger inside my pussy, waited, then continued.

“Mmmmm. I like your pussy. It’s so wet and tight!” He put a second finger inside me and slid them in and out. I moved my legs further apart and he slid a third finger in. I removed his fingers, spun me around and pushed me forwards so I had to brace myself with my arms against his desk. He bent down and started to lick and prod me with his muscular tongue. I moaned more. “I want you to beg me.” I was breathing heavily

“Oh please Frank. Please fuck me!”

“Do you want me to teach you a new lesson?”

“Yes sir. I’m your student, please teach me.” I whispered in a breathy voice laden in lust. His fingers found my pussy again. I felt him step closer to me. He removed his fingers and I felt his long, hard cock push against my pussy lips. He thrust his cock forwards. God it felt good. It felt like a release. I moaned loudly.

“You’re lucky no-one else is here!” He started to do long, slow thrusts which made me cry out.

“Oh god! Frank. Oh god!”

“Yeah. You like this don’t you? This is why old cock is better than young cock! I love your pussy. It’s so tight and tasty! I can still taste you in my mouth!” His thrusts became more urgent as he thrust harder, faster. With each thrust, I cried out in pleasure. “You’ll only want old cocks after this! And if I’m lucky, you might want more of my cock.” He said through laboured breaths. He pulled me backwards and forced me onto my hands and knees on the floor. He pushed his cock back inside me. I was noisy escort bursa but I didn’t care. God his cock felt so great as it slid back and forth inside me. He fucked me like this for a short time then he pulled out. “Stand up and sit on my lap facing me.” He sat in the chair. I walked to him and straddled him. I slowly lowered myself onto his very erect cock. I felt it go in me deeper and I cried out in pleasure again as I felt every inch slide against the sides of my pussy. I rode him slowly, grinding myself against him as I did. We both moaned together. He took my nipple in his mouth and started to bite hard. This made me cum and I cried out, half in pain, half in pleasure. My movements became faster. His hands were back on my arse. One of his fingers found my anus and he slid a finger inside it. I cried out more. “Horny aren’t you. Like that my finger is in there huh?”

“Oh hell yes!”

“Maybe I could put my cock in there?”

“Please no, I don’t mind your finger, but that’s it. Do you mind?”

“No. I don’t mind. But it means you might have to come by later this week for another lesson.” He pushed me back into a standing position and lay me on his desk. I wrapped my legs around him as he started to slide his cock back in me again. He became frantic and pumped harder and faster. Finally, he shuddered, gave a few more short but quick thrusts and slid his cock back out. “You still look horny.”

“I am!” I responded. “God I want more!” He smiled.

“That is why old cocks are better.” I went to sit up but me pushed me back down. “I haven’t finished yet.” He inserted four fingers into my pussy. I cried out and arched my back. “Will you come back later this week?”

“Oh god yes Frank, yes!”

“Good.” He made me cum two more times until finally, I was spent. I lay on his desk breathing heavily. Finally, when I had calmed down enough, he helped me to my feet and helped me to get dressed. All he had done was undo his pants and dropped them a little bit. He pulled me back into him and kissed me long and hard on the mouth, his tongue finding its way into my mouth and his hand found my now covered breast and he squeezed it. He then moved away and grabbed his things. We left and went down to the carpark. He dropped me home.

Later that week, I saw him again, and then again many times after that. The course has started back up and I’m now working in a great job, but every morning, we fuck and every day after we both finishes work. He have decided not to live together but occasionally, we will have a sleepover. We don’t always fuck each other…sometimes it’s other people and sometimes he insists on watching me get fucked by someone else. It’s been 2 years since that evening and I wouldn’t go back to any other type of cock except for old cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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