Europe Holiday 4

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Europe Holiday 4
Myself and my 2 slaves are back from Europe/Spain now, I can tell you it was not easy setting up my 2 slaves for a Nude walk due to the heavy Police presents in & around the cities, however, they did complete 4 walks in Barcelona.

All were during the early evening in & around the small laneways of “Carrer de Petritxol (street)” they did one big lap here which took almost 30 minutes, lots of people took their photo’s, even a girl that worked in the Hotel where we were staying took a few photo’s.

At the main beach near the Port, alice & diana did go naked on the beach, that didn’t seem to be a problem as no one said anything.

They also did one big walk right to the top of the Hotel Miramar, they were naked from the park next to the Fire Station, this was about 5-30pm, & were seen by 2 Police, who watched them cross over the road from the Park, but took no action, Yes I filmed most of their walks. Once we made it up to the top of the stairs, we all walked towards the Port Cable car {if you visit Barcelona you have to do the cable car}, they were seen walking up the steps {and there are a lot of steps} by a number güvenilir bahis siteleri of people, this is where both put their light one piece outfits on, diana had a White Dress – Off-the-Shoulder & alice had a V-Neck Black knee length both were see through in bright lights, with heels they looked hot.

We had booked a table for dinner at Hotel Barcelona right on the water, the food and service was all very good & my 2 slaves looked so great. 2 bottles of wine later, we went into the night club and danced till around 1-30am or there about’s, on leaving diana said she needed to pee, so we walked along the beach front until we got to a number of seats where she got down on all fours & pee’ed.

I can tell you this, in this vid you will see a laneway at 5 minutes 49 seconds at the Ice Cream Shop, both alice and diana were naked when they walked down this laneway { } , plenty of people saw them both, I bought 3 Ice Creams in the shop for us, they stood outside had many many photo’s taken of them. All they had on was the Black leather Collars perabet giriş and wrist cuffs & my ownership tags that hang off their inner lips.

We stayed at the Hotel Monegal, that is a great spot to stay, it’s right where the good night life is & the price was very good, although they never had a King size bed. However the four nights we were there the slaves took it in turns to sleep on a single bed. This was also a good spot for the 2 of them to do a number of nude walks on the 3rd floor, particularly when we got an invite for drinks in the breakfast room, most were in their late teens early 20’s from Germany, Austria and GB, they were all comfortable with my 2 slaves being naked there. It was a good night.

After Barcelona we went to El Portus Nudist Resort, this was a great spot, we were nude from the second we walked through the gate on the roadway. It was so good we stayed there for 2 extra days, we did have a number of people at the restaurant ask us about the collars & tags and if we were a 3some, which we did explain to a number of people these were from GB. They didn’t have a problem with that perabet güvenilir mi from how the conversation went. The train ride to there from Barcelona doesn’t take you all the way, so we stayed a night at Murcia {a visit to the old part of the city was very good as well} we hired a Hire Car & Driver to take us to El Portus Nudist Resort & to pick us back up.

One evening we walked along the track to the south of the nudist camp which was a climb but we took our time, we were still naked & were not sure how far we could walk along the tracks until we got close to Playa El Portús which is a small village, right on the water with it’s own beach. Before we knew it, we had come over a hill on the track & was in Playa El Portús, we were all naked, it was a longish walk there & a long one back, people saw us, but never said anything, I had alice go into a small shop just as it was closing and bought 3 bottles of water. While she was in there a local bus that was heading back to Murcia stopped right where diana & I were, so I asked the driver if we could get a lift back to El Portus Nudist Resort, that cost us 5Euro’s each.

While at the Nudist resort, the only play I gave the 2 girls was nipple play which included a lot of time milking them, one night at the restaurant there, alice started having drops of milk running down each breast which no one saw. We would like to return to Spain one day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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