Entree Ch. 09

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by: boy/the alter-ego of NastyPierre

Chapter 9: Like Stealing Candy from a Baby

I didn’t think my ball gag would ever become comfortable and tried to catch my breath through my nose. Here, along with my butt-plug, was something else I had to gnaw on, something to keep my mind on. My Mistress provided me something for my front, as well as my rear. It made swallowing and drooling involuntary and came with straps that bit into the sides of my mouth in admonition, as an indelicate reminder more disturbing then the leggings and tail, but still no match for my groin’s itchiness. The itchiness was a beast, an abomination that kept me twitching and on the brink of doubling over.

I was beyond controlling myself for very long and would begin squirming without even realizing it. It was the bite of dog whip and yank of leash that kept bringing me back in line. My Mistress held both leashes tight and so short I was practically lifted into the air. My face and body were dripping in sweat, tears, and saliva that ended up on the floor along with my cock’s slaver. I could feel the moisture cascading down my face and body in sheets. I could feel it run in ticklish rivers, down my arms and thighs, over hills and into crevices. The constantly changing currents of warm and cold, along with my organ being eaten alive, were helping to drive me out of my mind. But my Mistress didn’t care about my misery and pulled the leashes even tighter. She’d made it clear she had every intention of keeping me as miserable as she could until I learned my place. Even now my Mistress was simply waiting for me to compose myself, which was impossible under the circumstances, but she not only understood this, she counted on it.

On top of all this, my head was now strapped into a canlı bahis leather contraption I’d just become aware of. I wished to keep it out of my mind, but it was so confining and had become so irritating, it was unimaginable and compelling beyond measure. My head was literally bound into a leather grating that was very tight and extremely unpleasant. There was a strap girding my forehead and there must have been at least five belts crossing my head in all, maybe as many as seven. There was a triangle of small leather straps through which my nose protruded and one that connected under my chin without interfering with my mouth. The binding ran in every which direction and pressed in from all directions. My Mistress had cinched my head tight and I felt as if my head were about to explode and I almost wished it would.

SNAP! The whip caught my buttocks again and I jumped. My mind took off and then crashed back to earth while my Mistress used the leashes to hold me in position. I no longer knew what I was doing, nor cared what was happening to me and let the leash’s dictate my posture as best they could. The itching, leashes, and dog whip were my only reference points and between their arrivals and departures I began rubbing my thighs together anew. I’d almost forgotten where I was and really didn’t care, because I was in the grips of a single desire, a craving so powerful it dominated every brain cell I had, closing my mind to anything else. I needed to catch my organ with my thighs at all costs; I needed to scratch the itch. I needed to do this so badly I was ready to do anything at all. But the dog whip came to remind me yet again.

SNAP! Its devastating bite caught my right buttocks and inside thigh. It was a slap in the face, a flash of reality that came bahis siteleri out of the sky as a lightening bolt and hit with as much force. My Mistress kept me in line and standing obediently even though my head was spinning and tumbling in chaotic disturbances I would do anything to quell. My Mistress yanked the leashes and I lifted my head, knowing what it was she expected of me. I looked up in search of her and my tails tip, but couldn’t locate either. She yanked on my balls to lift my ass and tail higher. Since I couldn’t see very well through my tears, I relied on my Mistress for guidance.

“Come on, I’m waiting,” she said in a suddenly more pleasant voice. She yanked on my balls again and I strained to get my ass even higher. I felt the tails tip brush my forehead and tilted my head to send my nose in pursuit. I missed it again and thought I heard my Mistress giggle. I felt very much like a falling-down drunk trying to touch her nose while seeing double and reeling from Bourbon.

“Would you like me to make the itch go away fluffy,” my Mistress asked me. I shook my head yes and attempted to bark. I figured she would understand my gurgles and sprays. I felt the tails tip bounce around on my face, tickling my forehead cheeks and chin, but I had the hardest time making it meet the tip of my nose.

“Okay. First you must stand properly,” she said, and I may have wondered what it was she thought I was attempting to do, but I was only a puppy. “I promise to make all the itch go away once we get to my car,” she went on. So I followed her instructions and went on fighting the need to scratch while trying to connect nose and tail. Anything, I would do anything at this point to be rid of the itchiness; anything at all.

“Come on now, get that nose bahis şirketleri and tail together little boy and it’s off to the car and bye bye itch,” she said almost softly. She yanked on the leashes a bit and let me have another snap of the dog whip. The barbed tip caught either cheek or inside thigh, yet always spared my testicles, and for that I was thankful.


“Get in position and I’ll make the itch go away. Come on, let’s go take care of that terrible itch right now,” she said again. The screams caused by the itching were drowning out the voice of my Mistress, and the itch was threatening to take me down again. Still I struggled to follow orders because I wanted my Mistress to make the itch go away more than anything else in the world. So I fought against overwhelming odds to keep from scratching myself as my body turned into one big itch and terrorized me to death.

Snap! Another bite brought me back in line long enough to take the short trip to the back door. As we headed down the hallway she continued to yell commands, keeping the leashes short. She almost lifted me several times but I didn’t care because the itchiness was killing me. Whenever I got to a point of failing to the itch, another snap curtailed that moment’s reflection and I crawled on to the yanks.

I think my Mistress may have gotten her biggest surprise upon reaching the back door. It was then that I jumped a little ahead. Suddenly and to her surprise I jumped up and put my front paws on the knob, pretending to turn an object I couldn’t even grip. It was her promise to relieve me of the itch when I got to her car that spurred me into this burst of action. ‘Yes, she had been right once more’, I thought to myself as her hand came to my rescue. The door opened and I went back and down with it. Yes, she’d been right again… she already had me crawling out my door and into the world entirely naked.

“Come along fluffy,” my Mistress said pulling me along beside her and out of my apartment.

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