Empire of Vampires 1.2.2 Laboratory

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1.2.2 Laboratory

When Richard awoke the next morning after eight hours of sleep he found himself in Selene’s bed. The woman next to him looked simply breathtaking in her latex catsuit. Her stunning beauty didn’t even make him wonder how he got here or where he actually was. He wanted nothing more than to possess this woman. Selene sat beside him in bed and stroked him gently.

“Did we?” he started to ask before she interrupted him.

“You would remember that, Richard. But we will. Because from now on, you are my slave. You will work for me and if you do your work well, I will reward you,” Selene said gently but firmly and continued to stroke his body tenderly.

Richard wasn’t used to being treated like that, but if she wanted to play the dominant role this time, it was OK for him. He had a thing for dominant women and liked to submit himself. But he had learned that it was better to submit his partner so that she would be faithful to him. He could tie her up next time. “I really was a bad boy and must be punished,” he replied, hoping she would punish him with caresses.

“I won’t punish you just because you are a Mafia boss and are responsible for several murders last night alone. You’re gonna help me with a medical problem. Put some clothes on, we’ll need your laboratories,” Selene said, still softly but firmly. Then she stood up and grabbed him by the shoulder with one hand and stood him upright. She wanted him to understand that she was stronger than she looked, but she didn’t want to show him right away that she could kill him with one finger. She loved him too much for that.

“How did you do that?” he asked, confused but more curious than afraid. To make a strong dominant woman his slave appealed to him much more than a submissive weak woman. He loved challenges.

“I told you to solve a medical problem for me. Examine me and you’ll understand,” Selene said mysteriously. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and dragged him behind her to the elevator.

Selene let Richard drive his car himself and sat down next to him. She let him choose the appropriate laboratory of his company. If he could drive the car, he might feel like he had everything under control, although from now on he would do whatever Selene asked him to do. Selene had hinted that he would need his genetic engineering equipment. On the way to his lab, she gently explained to him that she was a vampire but could not reproduce. He accepted that she was the first and only one of her kind and was curious like a child that he could be the first to be allowed to examine her genes.

They also had breakfast on the way. Selene fed him a breakfast that her servants had prepared and she herself drank a few bags of blood. Feeding a man was always a way into his heart. And Richard put up with her spoiling him with his favorite foods. He stood on it like Selene’s rubber-covered fingers stroked his mouth and tried again and again to catch one of her fingers to kiss it.

Selene let him have his fun and kept feeding him scrambled eggs and bacon. When she noticed how much he liked to eat out of her hand, she picked up the scrambled eggs and pushed them into his mouth. He obviously loved to lick her rubber fingers, so she let him taste her gloves.

Richard took her to one of his brothels and led her into the cellar. His biggest brothel, called Rubber Pussy. Selene could see cells here where women were locked up and mostly slept. It was the middle of the day and accordingly no customers here. All of Richard’s slave girls were wearing rubber. Some were completely wrapped in latex, others only had a latex dress, but most of them were somewhere in between. Selene was happy that he shared her fetishes.

Many of the hookers also wore a choker connected to a sturdy chain that was anchored in the wall. They were not women who played at being a slave for just a few hours. They were permanently. But the women didn’t really look unhappy. Not like women held by force, but like women who had voluntarily submitted. Almost like Selene’s own maids. “Do you keep all your women in cages so that they won’t escape you.”

Selene never felt comfortable in brothels. Every man hoped she was at her beck and call, and it was tiresome to keep sorting out the rankings. Almost as if her natural authority was challenged by the building itself. Selene suspected that the building was a trap, but she trusted her strength and her ability to force Richard to cooperate.

“Of course. It costs a lot to bring them into the country. But each of them signed a contract binding them to the brothel for five years. During that time she’ll have shelter, food and medical care. And at the end, they get the ten percent of their wages that don’t go to me.”

“You’re just gonna let them go? And you pay them?” asked Selene. Selene had never let any of her slaves go. And she found money far too scarce to give them freely. Much more than canlı bahis şirketleri they needed to live, she would not let her slaves go.

“Of course. But not only because it’s in the contract and then they’re free, but because they’re less profitable then. Younger women go better. Only some I keep after five years in my companies or in the management of brothels.”

“The girl who usually accompanies you, is she locked up here too?” Selene asked.

“Alicia? She’d like that! But no. She is my adopted daughter. And I would never share her. Since she’s grown up, I train her to be my companion. She is in love with me and fulfills all my wishes. She also lets me run the brothels she inherited. Technically, they’re hers, but as her guardian I’m in charge,” Richard said. He tried not to let it show that Alicia owned his heart. He only wanted Selene for sex.

“Well, that’s why you have me now. I will grant you all your sexual desires if you can help me. Why do the brothel need a gene lab anyway? Or do you think you can keep me locked up in one of those cells.”

“A cell for you is not a bad idea. I’m sure you’d make a lot of money, but I want you for me. These cells are not the reason we’re here. I have my own private laboratory here and when I need inspiration, I go visit the cages. It’s not a brothel with an attached genetic lab, it’s my genetic lab with an attached brothel,” Richard led Selene down another floor until they entered a well-equipped lab on the third basement floor with all the medical equipment one could need.

“Best we start with a genetic analysis, then the computer has time to understand your genes. May I take a few drops of blood, or do you have a bloodlust then?” Richard asked cautiously. He only knew vampire legends and did not want to risk her becoming aggressive.

Wordlessly Selene grabbed a test tube, bit her wrist and let a few drops of her blood drip into it. She showed him clearly how her canines worked and that her skin healed almost instantly. She gave him the test tube, and then asked, “What’s next?” He showed her the sequencing machine and also the computer that would analyze her data. “It’s best if I look at your body first from the outside and then from the inside with an MRI. Can’t hurt to do a full workup before we get intimate. The latex suits you, but please get undressed so I can examine you properly,” Richard asked.

Selene realized at that moment that it had been decades since a man had actually seen her naked. Only her maids knew what she looked like naked, but only to clean her. She had constantly exposed intimate areas for men to interact sexually, but completely naked for a man had been ages ago. She was hoping she could still strip halfway through. But there were only six pieces of clothing.

First Selene stripped off her boots and then slowly took off her gloves. Then followed her corset, which she skillfully opened at the back. Her catsuit only had a zipper in the crotch, but it didn’t create an opening she could get out of. So she grabbed the catsuit from the neck down and finally freed her feet from the rubber dress. She could see clearly that her released pheromone cloud widened his eyes. He would cooperate. But whether he could still concentrate before his sperm was inside her body was questionable.

“Good, you’re shaved,” Richard noted as he admired Selene’s flawless body. He tried to remain matter-of-fact, but he had trouble keeping his penis from stiffening.

“Actually, I’m not shaving. I only grow eyebrows, eyelashes and hair on my head. You won’t even find any fuzzy hair on the rest of your body,” she corrected Richard.

Richard was confused. Only children were really that naked, but her breasts and appearance were clearly grown up. Just to be on the safe side, he asked “Are you sure you’re of age? Not that you have to go through puberty first and can’t get pregnant because of it.”

“Don’t worry, Richard. I’m older than I look. I should be asking you if you’re old enough. But I like younger men because they’re more potent,” Selene evaded that for the time being with a specific age rating. Men were confused when they found out she was over 100.

Selene slowly turned in front of Richard and let him admire her body. “What kind of sexual experiences have you had? Do you have intercourse often?” Richard asked cautiously.

“Let me put it this way: I drink three to five liters of blood a day. And anyone who gives me blood, I have sex with. And I drink at most a liter per donor usually only half a liter, because they bring in more blood if I don’t kill them but harvest from them regularly,” Selene said.

“So several times a day. Does that bring you to orgasm?” Richard asked further. He started stroking Selene. She seemed to have no objection to kneading her breasts or stroking her cleft. She also spread her legs a little to allow him to get closer, but showed no other signs of canlı kaçak iddaa arousal.

Selene’s skin was incredibly soft and delicate and yet everything was firm. Her skin was also silky smooth. Nowhere did he find any scars or spots. No freckles, moles or other impurities blemished her. Even her sebaceous glands and sweat glands were much smaller than normal. Richard was sure that he had never seen a woman whose most beautiful piece of skin was even remotely as flawless as Selene’s whole body. Compared to Selene, even Alicia looked wrinkled even though she had the body of a supermodel.

“Most of my lovers have no talent for pleasing me. But once a week I have a victim who is talented enough to satisfy me. But you’re doing well, sure you’ll be able to satisfy my lust. But first you have to work,” gently, Selene grabbed his hands and ended the massage but gave him a short, gentle kiss as compensation.

“Do you have the same position every time or does it alternate?” Richard continued to ask objectively.

“I’m not fixated on anything and try different positions. But often it boils down to me lying on top and taking over the active part. But with men I want to get pregnant by, I’m also at the bottom sometimes,” Selene said lasciviously.

“What about anal and oral sex?”

“Neither in my mouth nor in my bottom has ever been a penis. Both would be too subservient for me and wouldn’t help with fertilization anyway. But if the man is nice, I’ll let him lick my cleft,” Selene said.

“I’m not sure if this is part of your problem, but it sounds to me like you’re fixated on the dominant role and pretty frigid. You should really loosen up and try anal and oral sex as well. You might like it,” suggested Richard.

“If you like it so much, I can start with you. But first I want to get pregnant. If you can do that, I will fulfill all your sexual desires,” promised Selene, “But I think you should examine me. Where should I lie down?”

Richard showed Selene the table he was going to examine her on. The table stood directly in front of an MRI and was just waiting to make her inner structure visible. When Selene saw the table for the MRI, it faltered briefly, “Must the restraints be?”

Selene was sure that he was already at the point, that he didn’t want to hurt her because he loved her. But that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try to enslave her. Perhaps he had means here to weaken her and make her defenseless. It was his turf and it seemed a bit early for her to surrender herself completely to him. The strategically thinking warrior in her and her need to be more than just a vampire were fighting in her. Her desire to reproduce was greater than her concerns. She would have to risk something if she wanted to achieve anything.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. The shackles are only important to keep the image from blurring. As soon as I’m done, I’ll set you free,” Richard promised. Selene could see in his eyes that he was lying, but he wouldn’t endanger her. She sensed that he would betray her, but she still decided to lie down on the table and let him fix her. She would have to trust that he wanted her too much to hold her forever. She would rather give up her freedom for a few years than forever to being childless forever.

He now strapped her down with two cuffs on each arm and leg. To her astonishment, Selene found the fixation of her thighs and lower legs pleasant and comfortable. She was the only one who occasionally tied up her victims to pamper them, she had never been tied up herself before, but with him she had a good feeling about it. He had a lot of experience in tying up a woman in such a way that she was completely helpless, but still had it comfortable. Afterwards she got a belly strap, a chest strap and a cuff around her neck and forehead to fix her head. She liked being completely immobilized and she became aroused. Should she convince him to take her like this? Not really a good idea because then she was his slave the first time and would not get rid of this role.

“Will you also stabilize my tongue by giving me a gag?” Selene said. She guessed that he would enjoy gagging her. Getting gagged by her maids rarely happened, but it excited her. And maybe he’d let her go again if she offered him more.

Richard paused for a moment. It was a good idea he’d never thought of before. Selene had stressed it so much that it seemed like she wanted to stop it, but why did she bring it up? He got a ball gag and put it on Selene and secured it to her neck.

He pushed her into the tube and her body was scanned with ultrasound, X-rays and magnetic resonance. The combined device was significantly more expensive than the individual devices combined, but it was faster this way. He was thorough and he had the best equipment on the planet.

Richard looked at the inside of her body on the screen. It was really a perfect woman. Totally symmetrical. canlı kaçak bahis Perfect bone structure and well-trained muscles. Yet completely female anatomy. But there were a lot of differences between Selene’s internal structure and an human.

Selene’s lungs were considerably larger than usual and she had three extra pairs of ribs. But her digestive tract was much shorter. Apparently designed to digest blood. Her stomach and bladder were each able to absorb large amounts of fluid, but her intestines were not even half as long as those of humans. Other digestive organs, such as the liver or spleen, also looked completely different to adapt to the different division of Selenes belly between lungs and digestion.

Selene’s reproductive system was present, but had some details that surprised Richard. Her vagina and also her rectum were surrounded by muscle tubes. Was it used to massage and milk a penis? He discovered vessels connecting her vagina and rectum to the stomach.

Only now did he realize that both openings had several extendable spines which, depending on the depth of the bite, could suck blood or sperm from a penis and redirect it into the stomach. The spines were as thin as needles and certainly as hard. They were connected to muscles that made them extendable. Just like Selene’s fangs. But there was also the possibility that blood or semen could be drawn from the spines into the womb. So it’s possible she could be impregnated by anal intercourse after all. So he would get her to do it after all.

He also noticed that each of the spines had a small gland that resembled those on her canines. It seemed to instill something into its victims to make them submissive. Just wondered what.

Sex with this woman seemed dangerous but it also promised complete pleasure. Richard wondered if Selene didn’t get pregnant because drinking the sperm all the time. Her ovaries at least looked functional and her uterus contained an egg that seemed to be just waiting to be fertilized. But why did her uterus have a connection to her rectum? Very odd, this woman. She was certainly not human, even if she appeared to be.

Suddenly he noticed a little thing that surely didn’t belong there. There was a capsule just below the bone of her skull. It was cubical, so it wasn’t a projectile from a firearm. Just half an inch in size, but certainly not of natural origin. He had to have this thing, maybe then he’d understand more about her body.

He pulled her out of the tube. “I’m going to need some more tissue samples from you. Do you want an anaesthetic?” Richard said and took the gag off her again. Judging by her smile, she liked gags. But she probably wasn’t ready to admit it.

“They don’t work on me. Just take what you need, it will grow back. I can handle it,” Selene was far too busy trying to suppress her lust to even try to fight back.

He took a scalpel and a tissue probe to collect samples. He wanted to keep her in the dark about what he had found, so he took samples from more parts of the body. He cut open her skin at the appropriate places and took skin samples, samples from their muscle cells and samples from her internal organs from three places each. During the first cuts he was still amazed how quickly the cut healed without scars, but after a while he got used to it. He found it convenient that he didn’t have to sew them together and that he didn’t have to take them into consideration when making the incisions. His stitches were not really good and he was glad not to disfigure Selene.

Selene endured her dissection uncomplainingly until he finally seemed to be finished. “If you have everything, you can cut me loose,” she asked him not really convinced she really wanted to be free.

“Next, I’ll need a sample of your saliva. You know, the stuff you give your victims when you drink from them,” he held a test tube out to her.

“You’ll need two. In the beginning, when I bite, you’ll get something that reduces your pain and increases your pleasure. In the end, you’ll get something that will close your wound faste,” Selene said as honestly as she knew.

Accordingly, she put a few drops of the painkiller into the first test tube and a little later a few drops of the wound closer into a second tube. “But I can change the means of wound closure. When I drink from someone who is sick, my body analyses the infection and I can enrich it with specialized white blood cells, which heals the blood donor. But it only works if I get sick blood before. Diseases that are not in blood or lymph, I cannot cure well,” explained Selene.

Richard looked at her in surprise. Surely that was the reason why she had pretended to have studied medicine. Sure she wanted to be able to use her skills in a hospital. At some point, he may have found a way to use it for his own profit. “I need another sample from your brain. Please hold still, I don’t want to hurt you more than necessar,” Richard just replied and fetched a razor.

“I don’t think that a sample from my brain will help you get me pregnant. What is this? Are you trying to make me so docile?” Selene asked angrily. She tore at her restraints, but they were too strong to break free.

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