Emma’s Weekend Ch. 03

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At long last, after a stop for a quick sandwich, they arrived back at her flat.

Once inside the door she knelt at his feet and thanked him for being a good master for her. She thanked him for punishing her for her behavior, and yet still letting her cum in public.

He lifted her up and kissed her soft gentle lips.

“My pet, I have never been happier than now, as your Master. Thank you for being my slave.”

At this, she melted into his arms, and kissed him passionately, yet again surrendering herself utterly to him.”

He laughed as he pulled back.

“With kisses like that, I am tempted to stay in with you tonight and keep you all to myself. Take off all your clothes and come with me into the bathroom.”

She undressed swiftly, the skin tight clothes unpeeling from her luscious figure. Picking up the clothes she followed him into the bathroom. There, he gently removed the plug that had been in since first thing this morning. She winced as it came out – it had been there for some time.

She used the toilet, and he sat and watched her prepare herself for the club that night.

He felt he could never tire of watching her soap and then shave her body, knowing that this was done for him; that until him, she had never shaved the fur from her pussy.

She caught his intent gaze, and she blushed, her body tingling with expectation. With him, she knew herself more than just acceptable, she was desired. With her Master, her own dark side had found a companion with whom she could relax and be the submissive she knew herself to be. With him, she was mastered, owned and possessed with a strength of purpose that took her breath away.

Before the bath, she put together her enema kit. She hoped that tonight he would use her compliant body in every way possible, and in expectation she was making herself clean for him. Several times she went through the complete process. Using the tube and bag, she injected the warm water and then waited until the cramps were almost unbearable before voiding her bowels. The final time, there was only clean water coming out and she was satisfied. As yet he had not required her to take his cock in her mouth after anal sex. If he should do so tonight, then she would be ready and eager to perform this act for him.

All these activities increased the sense of arousal in her body. Like a knight preparing for a joust, or a priest for a ceremony, she was focusing more and more on becoming his hungry slave. Her pussy was swollen and her nipples were sore with stiffness. Having him sitting there only made it worse, as he was so close and yet so far. He did not make a move in her direction as he sat gazing at her with pleasure.

Finally, she climbed into a warm bubble bath and he stood and kissed her gently.

“I am going into the bedroom to lay out your clothing for tonight. Take your time my love, and come out when you are ready. We have a long while to go before it is time to leave.”

When she finally emerged, wrapped in a large fluffy towel, he was sitting on the bed reading a book. On the coverlet were the items she was to wear for him that night. With admirable self control she resisted going straight over to the pile and inspecting it. Instead, she continued the process of preparation.

She painted her finger and toe nails a bright red embedded with silver sparkles. Between each coat she lay back and waited patiently for the varnish to dry, using the time to covertly watch the man whom she had chosen as her Master.

He looked slim and bookish, not broad and muscular as one would imagine a Master to be. His voice was gentle and his eyes sparkled with humor. And yet, his mind was quick and imaginative. So often he saw deep into her, and gently drew out her submissive side. He could be so firm and demanding, and yet cared so deeply for her. When she was fearful, he wrapped her in his sheltering arms. When she was tearful, he kissed away the wetness with his lips. When she needed punishing, his spanking heated her like fire in her veins. When she was hungry for his mastery, he opened and used her until she was screaming with pleasure and cumming constantly. At his touch, her cunt swelled like an exotic flower to the morning sun. When he penetrated her itching bottom, her arse clenched him like a newborn suckling on its mother’s teat. When he filled her mouth and throat with his thick flesh and his salty cum, her world was bounded by the scent, taste and feel of him, and she felt safe and comforted, overjoyed to be pleasing him.

After the varnish, there was the makeup — blended down the neck to flow into the swelling curves of her breasts. The eye shadow and lipstick were exotic, giving her the air of a painted doll, a work of beauty on the arm of her lover. After the manner of “O” she applied rouge to her nipples and the lips of her sex. She dabbed White Musk behind her ears, on her neck, in the valley of her bosom, in the crease of her cunt and finally in the crevice of her behind. canlı bahis Anywhere that her master might choose to kiss and caress was marked with the scent he had chosen for her.

Before she put on any clothing, she placed her collar around her neck and the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. They were not clothing, but jewelry of the soul, highlighting her status as an owned and much loved slave.

Finally, naked, she approached the bed. At in inner prompting she hardly understood herself; she knelt on the floor beside the bed. Her arms were behind her, her wrists crossed by her ankles and she sat upright, her shoulders pulled back. Her knees were apart — opening her body to him. With eyes down, she spoke softly.

“Your slave awaits your command, Master. Please tell her your desire that she may bring pleasure to you.”

He reached down and lifted her chin so that he could look fully into her love filled eyes. He was captivated by the sweet submission and passion entwined within. He had not been oblivious to her preparations, or her longing gaze.

“My sweet slave, tonight I intend to show you off to my friends. Tonight I am going to open you and demonstrate your hungry slut nature. Are you ready for this? Are you determined to bend yourself to me so that I may be proud of you?”

Between her legs, her wetness flowed. The thought of what might happen took her breath away. In front of others he was going to expose her dark desires. He was going to arouse her and use her. He would fill every part of her with his maleness. And she longed for that so much she almost wept with longing.

“I pray that my Master will be filled with pride tonight. I am yours, please use me my Master.”

She was nervous and excited. She had waited so long for this.

“Then dress yourself my darling pet. Your clothes are on the bed.”

He leaned down and kissed her softly, and released her to rise to her feet.

There was not much for her to wear; a short black halter neck t-shirt with a sparkling kitten outlined in diamante on the front; a black micro skirt in Lycra; and a pair of black sandals with very high soles and heels and straps up to her knees. There was no underwear, neither a bra nor a thong. There was no garment that did anything than show off her full figure, and nothing to impede his easy access to her.

Lying on the bed, under the clothes, there was what at first looked like a thin cord flogger. And then, with a clench to her stomach, she recognized it. It was a butt plug with a horse’s tail trailing from it. Anybody who saw her from the side or rear would know instantly that she had a plug in her bottom by the hair spilling out from under the short skirt.

As she lifted it up he spoke.

“I thought you would enjoy having something solid in your anus until I am ready. Go and fetch the lubricant and let me insert this into your bottom.”

She fetched the jelly from the bedside cabinet and handed it to him along with the plug.

Without needing to be asked, she turned and bent over. After lifting up the Lycra skirt (which barely covered the lower curves of the twin globes), she reached behind and pulled apart her arse cheeks. The starburst was clean shaven, and was still pink and raised from its earlier attentions. He squeezed some of the lubricant directly onto the puckered ring, and commenced working it in with his finger. Even this gentle massage increased her hunger, and he was aware of the growing scent of arousal from between her legs. With more lubricant he was soon able to push one, and then two fingers past the tight muscle. She whimpered as he pushed them in and out, twisting them to stretch her and relax her for the tail. She loved this attention. Once he had spent an hour with two fingers in her butt and his thumb in her drenching cunt. She had cum three times and each time she had shuddered and groaned at the intensity of the climax.

Finally, he had three fingers embedded in her. From her panting and begging he was aware of how needy she was for release. However, he had other plans for the night. Instead of allowing her to climax, he twisted the plug into her, adjusting it so that the hairs of the tail slid nicely between her cheeks.

“Good girl. Stand for me and let me see how you look.”

Reluctantly you released her spread buttocks, and pulled down the skirt. The tail produced a satisfyingly obvious bulge in the fabric, and the tail took the eye nicely up her shapely legs.

She was even more ravishing than earlier, and she noted with pride that he was also sporting a significant lump in his trousers.

It was time to leave, and after putting on a light rain coat, she followed him out of the front door and into the car.

During the journey to the club she was acutely aware of the invader lodged in her guts; every bump in the road felt like he was fucking her there. By the time they arrived, the back of her skirt was soaking wet, and she was holding back a climax only with some difficulty. bahis siteleri As they parked and made their way into the club she felt as if she was in a dream world. Every sense was heightened, and her need for sexual release almost overwhelmed her.

So much was she aware of this need that most of the evening passed in a blur. She ignored the envious looks she was getting from men and women alike. The food and drink were consumed unthinkingly. The erotic dancers were like images on a TV screen. She was hardly aware when the host of the evening announced the start of the entertainment to be provided by club members.

With a start she felt his grip on her wrist as she was pulled to her feet. They were to be the first to step onto the stage. For a moment she pulled back, suddenly nervous at the reality of what was to happen.

He felt the sudden resistance and turned to her, leaning in close so that he could whisper in her ear and comfort her.

“Calm my sweet love, calm. If you wish we can leave now and return home. You only have to use your safe word.”

She looked into his eyes and saw love and concern. His readiness to walk away from this if she wished steadied her. She remembered the times they had talked about this, and the wetness she had felt, and the strength of her orgasm. She looked him in the eyes and gathered up her courage.

“No master, I am ready. Take me up there and make me your slave in front of all these people.”

She smiled at him.

“Let them be jealous at how lucky you are to have me.”

He smiled back at her; they were two against the world. This was their moment and they stepped onto the stage united in purpose. The platform was only raised up about a foot from the floor, and on it there was a solid table, a high back chair and a microphone.

He walked up to the microphone.

“Ladies and gentlemen. I am proud tonight to stand here with my beloved pet, Emma. She is my treasured slut slave, and she has expressed a wish that you see her perform for me.”

At that, he turned to her, and began caressing and kissing her. Almost immediately he felt her tension leave her as she melted again into his arms. He moved slowly, allowing her time to relax. At first he only touched the bare flesh on show, and then he slid his hands under the t-shirt and skirt, stroking her more intimate places.

After a several minutes, she was ready for him to lift the t-shirt and pull it off her. She lifted her arms up as he did so, and there was a collective sigh at the engorged state of her nipples. It was clear that she was enjoying this as much as anyone.

Still kissing and holding her in his arms, he eased the skirt down her hips and slid it to the ground. Her back was to the audience, and everyone could see the horsetail plug firmly embedded in her behind. She was now naked except for her collar, cuffs and shoes. Never had her nakedness been more erotic, and she pushed herself against him, rubbing her body against his straining cock.

He held her at arms length a moment so that he could look at her. Her eyes were half shut, lost in the sexual haze of her desire.

He led her over to the table, and he stood leaning back against it. He made her stand facing him and then had her bend over at the waist. With no further instructions she leaned forward and unzipped his hardness. It sprang out into her welcoming hands, and she gently stroked it, sliding her palms and fingers up and down its silky skin.

Her head dropped, and with a groan, he felt her warm wet mouth enclose the purple head. Her tongue licked at the shaft as he slid into her. After some shallow bobbing movements, she slowly pushed him deeper into her, until he was lodged at the back of her mouth. Those observers on either side were silent witnesses as she began to deep-throat him. Up and down she moved, each time pushing harder and swallowing a bit more. With each down stroke he sank further in, until her lips were at the base of his shaft. All this time her legs had been spread apart, and everyone behind her had been treated to the tantalizing site of her glistening cunt behind the gently swaying fronds of the horsetail plug.

When he was fully in, and she had begun her wonderful slow long thrusts up and down his shaft, he spoke again.

“As you can see, my slut is happily taking me deep into mouth and throat. However, this is not the end of the show. What she is doing is merely preparing me for our greatest pleasure — to have me penetrate her arse hole and use her bottom until I cum into her.”

At his words, he felt her tremble and heard a muffled groan. He feared that she was about to collapse with need.

“However, before I use my slave’s bottom, I would like to invite a Master of Mistress here to lend me a slave to use their tongue on my Emma’s behind. After all, she is putting on such a good show for us now; it seems only fair that she should also have some fun.”

He saw a number of owners lean down to their slaves. bahis şirketleri His eye was caught, though, by a striking Domme with a young muscular stud at her feet. When she raised her arm in readiness to lend him her toy, he beckoned him forward.

Without a word he stepped up, and knelt behind Emma. Almost reverently he grasped the base of the plug, and gently twisted it prior to removing it. There was a muffled keening noise as she responded to this stimulation. When it was finally removed her sex was gushing and she was driving up and down even harder on her Master’s stiffness.

And then, the slave leant forward and began to lap her stretched anus. His tongue wet the outside, licking the skin over the raised muscle. Finally, when she felt that she could not take the tension any more, he pushed his tongue into her hole. Again and again he licked and then penetrated, each time pushing deeper into her as if with a small cock. In between, he also lapped at her sweet wet cunt, drinking in her scent and reveling in the taste of her.

For several minutes the male slave plundered her bottom and pussy, and then to her Master’s amazement, he heard her scream around his cock. This was not pain, it was a climax. She had cum with the awareness of being in public, sucking her Master’s cock, and feeling someone else’s tongue buried in her sensitive arse hole. She bucked and shook, driving her hips back against the wonderful sensations. There was a smattering of applause at this outburst from her. The audience thought that this was planned.

He reached down and pulled her off him using her hair.

“Did I give you permission to cum my slut?”

She looked up at him, and saw the slight smile playing on his lips. Despite his mock anger, she sensed that although he was going to punish her, it would only be as far as she could enjoy it.

“No sir,” she said contritely. “I am sorry sir. Am I going to be punished?”

“Yes you are. Stand up by the table.”

He re-positioned her, again with her back to the other people and her legs apart, but this time her arms straight onto the table, leaning forward slightly. Her bottom was pushed out, making a perfect target for him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I do apologize. Emma is not allowed to cum without my permission. In this case, I have no option but to punish her. Each time I spank her; she will count out the strokes and then thank me.”

This was all pretty standard, and after a couple of strokes to the soft white globes, he began to spank her hard.

Each blow stung, and it was obvious that he was not holding back. Each time she felt the impact, she dutifully counted it out, and said thank you as instructed.

He proceeded slowly, taking his time between each blow. Within a few minutes, the heat and redness were starting to show on her posterior.

By the time she had counted to twenty, she was back into her sub-space again. She was now ready to accept him into her back passage, and to receive his thrusting until she felt him explode into her guts and milk him with her own orgasm.

He sat on the chair, and had her stand facing the audience in front of them. His cock was stiff with the anticipation of being buried in her again. She reached behind and pulled her buttocks apart as she had done earlier in the bedroom. He pulled her down onto him. His cock head stopped at the now shrunken entrance. She bit her lips as she felt the resistance. And then, to the amazement of those watching, they saw her push herself onto him. She was more than passive in this, she was actively pushing his prick into her bowels.

So keen was she to feel him deep in her that she pushed harder than normal, and she cried out as he stretched and filled her so quickly. Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped. And yet, still she pushed — jerking down onto him until her hips were resting on his lap.

She leaned back against him, her eyes closed. His hands played with her full breasts, pulling and tweaking the rubbery nipples. She moaned loudly at the stimulation, and started to move so that he could stretch her sphincter even more.

Her legs were spread apart — showing an empty wet cunt. He slide two fingers into it, and fed those same fingers into her mouth. In a dream state, she suckled them, savoring her flavor.

He was so close to cumming now, and he was ready to proceed to the final stage.

He looked over the Domme who had so kindly donated her slave earlier. This slave was still kneeling close by — not having been given permission to leave.

As he looked questioningly, the Domme signaled her assent for him to continuing using the young man under her control.

The Master then lifted Emma off him, and there was a sucking noise as he withdrew from her tight entrance.

He stood her side on to the audience, bent over with her head on the table and her arms stretched out. Her hips were clear of the table, and it was in this space that he positioned the male slave. Before, he had been able to lick her everywhere between her legs. Now, while her arse was being publicly fucked, he was to lick her cunt and clit.

“Remember, slut. You will not cum until I give you permission.”

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