Emily’s Discovery

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He was cheating on her again. Just like before, Emily had confronted him and they’d worked their way from flat-out denial to confession. Just like before, he had sworn that it was “compulsion, nothing more” that had landed him in another woman’s bed. But unlike before, this time Emily had had enough had handed him his ring back and made it clear that the only place they were likely to see each other in the future was the courtroom for violations to the restraining order she’d get if he didn’t sod off.

But what had started out as a hiatus from dating had become an introductory course on how to become a crazy old cat lady. Days were spent working at her teaching job, and nights were spent at home, not dating. A characteristic she seemed to share with the young woman who lived across the hall from her.

Emily had noticed her from time to time. She knew her name was Erica, and that she worked in a law office downtown, that she was in her early twenties, close to her own age, liked to dress in comfy clothes when not working, and was totally and undeniably jacked like a porn star. Emily was amazed that there wasn’t a steady stream of guys coming and going from Erica’s apartment, but such was not the case.

It was about two months after the break-off with Jack, and it was another Friday night alone, when they’d run into each other in the hallway.

Erica was wearing a pair of oversized sweat pants, and a pastel tank top that was doing its best to contain the swell of her perfect D’s. Emily was tired after a long day in the classroom and an even longer staff meeting afterwards. They had ridden the elevator up together, and on the door opening the grocery bag that Erica was holding decided to rip almost in half spilling a half dozen items out into the hallway.

Emily bent to help pick up the jumble, and Erica thanked her.

“Hey,” She added. “I’m making pasta tonight and was going to watch a movie or two. Why don’t you come over? I mean, you don’t seem to be going out much….Oh shit! That sounded wrong. I mean, if we’re going to be alone tonight, we might as well be alone together…”

Emily just cocked her head slightly trying to figure out if she was being insulted or hit on.

“Oh fuck. You must think I’m an idiot.” Erica trailed off.

Emily suddenly grinned to her neighbor. “No. It sounds lovely. Just what I need after this week.”

“Great!” Erica recovered. “Just come on over whenever you’re ready. I’ll get to work on dinner.”

It became a regular Friday night date for them. Emily still felt she wasn’t ready to throw herself back into the dating pool. And Erica, despite her stunning figure, and angelic face, never seemed to have anyone on the hook. So Friday pasta and chick flicks became the norm. Emily hadn’t failed to notice that Erica seemed more relaxed and less aloof, and after about two months they had really bonded. Movie nights started not to just be a Friday night thing, but something they’d do two or three times a week.

They laughed and shared stories about growing up, school; the usual stuff except for guys. Erica seemed particularly uncomfortable with this subject, to the point where Emily was starting to wonder if she wasn’t gay or something, except Erica never talked about girlfriends either, so they’d learned to steer clear of those subjects. Despite that one area of disconnect they found themselves becoming besties, and if anything important was going on from job stuff, to visiting family, they shared it all.

It had been a particularly long week and Emily was exhausted. The car was in the shop and she’d had to take the bus in to work for the last three days. She looked forward to hanging with Erica and watching a couple of movies. Erica, sensing that the week was going to prove a long one for her friend, had gotten a couple of bottles of decent wine, and after dinner and a few refills, Em seemed to finally be relaxing.

In fact Em was splitting her attention between the romantic comedy they were watching, and slyly observing her friend. She was never sure whether she was jealous of Erica’s figure, as hers wasn’t all that bad, or whether she was just a little turned on by having her friend’s undivided attention. In any case, Erica should have been aware enough about her looks to try and show them off. Instead, every wardrobe choice she made seemed aimed at trying to downplay her attractiveness. Not in a direct way, mind you, but in a conservative, off-handed way. bahis firmaları Emily admitted to herself that she had begun to find that to be one of the sexiest things of all about her friend.

Erica had gradually become more and more aware of the attention her friend was paying to her. She had to admit that while she enjoyed it and was flattered, that she was also a little afraid. She was socially awkward at best, and frankly she’d spent her entire life trying to avoid situations like this. Still, she couldn’t help the stirring of feelings and the obviously growing mutual attraction she felt. It was a new feeling for her, and although she knew that it was wrong, she also couldn’t seem to dispel the growing desire she was feeling.

Emily had finished off the first bottle of wine and was feeling just a little tipsy as she opened the second bottle and topped off both of their glasses. She sat down on the couch next to Erica and set her glass down on the coffee table. The movie had now become background noise to the sexual tension that they both felt.

“Erica?” Emily blurted out suddenly.

“Yeah?” Erica replied.

“Anyone ever tell you that you have really awesome boobs?” Em continued awkwardly.

“That was random, but um…, yeah. I guess…” Erica’s voice trailed off.

Emily forged on. “Erica? Could I… touch them? I mean, I’m not gay or anything, but I just think that yours are perfect and I just wanted to… I know…weird.”

Erica’s reply was almost a whisper. “Em, I don’t know. I’d really like it if you did. I’m sure of that. But there’s other stuff, and I’ve never been good with the physical side of things, and I don’t want stuff to go South between us just because…of things you might find out about me.”

“Oh…. I see.” Emily responded. “I thought you might think I was strange for asking, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. I can see that you think I’m nuts or something, but it’s not that. Since my breakup with Jack I’ve been kind of in emotional neutral, or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself. The fact is, though that I feel so close to you, and…well…I want a way, even a small one to express that.”

“And touching my boobs is going to fix that?” Erica grinned.

“No. I know I’m being silly. I just thought…” Em muttered.

“Oh hell, Em. If it means that much to you then I guess it wouldn’t be that weird. Go ahead if you want. Touch ’em…” Erica said sitting up straight and arching her back so that her D-Cups stood proudly, pointing straight at Emily.

Emily grinned slyly and slowly reached out with both hands to gently cup her friends’ breasts. They were firm and warm through the fabric of her shirt. Emily could feel the texture of nipples and almost took her hands away in shock as she felt them grow firmer and harder against her palms. She looked up from what her hands were doing and saw Erica’s eyes had closed and her lips were slightly parted. As Emily worked her hands, exploring the warm flesh of her friend even more, she could hear Erica’s breathing become irregular and gasping.

Emily found herself enthralled by the beauty of Erica’s face and almost without thought she leaned in and began planting soft kisses on the side of her neck. She felt Erica’s body tense at first and then relax in response. Each kiss Emily placed she could feel Erica’s resolve melt away. Emily let one hand trace its way down Erica’s flat tummy finally coming to rest on the enormous bulge in her sweat pants.

Wait…enormous bulge? Emily was shocked for a moment. Confused for a few more. But was already so far gone in lust that she decided to just keep going and follow what came naturally. She rubbed Erica’s semi erect cock through her sweat pants and felt it respond in the normal way. Emily reached into her friend’s pants and wrapped her tiny hand part way around Erica’s now huge penis. It was hot and throbbing, thick and veiny and Emily felt a sudden flood of her own juices begin as she slowly stroked it to its full majesty.

She looked questioningly at Erica. Who was trapped in a state somewhere between arousal and panic. Emily cupped her friend’s large balls and felt a dribble of moisture. A further touch with her fingertips in between them parted Erica’s labia and revealed her drenched slit to Em’s finger tips.

“Nobody….nobody’s ever touched me.” Erica half squealed, half cried. “I mean….sex… so much better than when I do it alone…. kaçak iddaa Please Em…. You can leave after, but just do this for now…don’t stop.”

Emily’s mind was a blur of sex, alcohol, and the overwhelming evidence that reality had suddenly taken a sharp left turn. Still, Erica tasted like a girl. Her huge perfect breasts were totally natural, her entire demeanor was feminine in a natural way that most trans girls overshot the runway on. Erica was more than just a girl crush to Emily, and Em could not think of her as anything other than a female, but the fourteen plus inches of throbbing cock she was stroking made a compelling argument to the contrary. And yet… she also had a pussy. Emily suddenly understood how problematic that must be.

“You’ve never even fooled around with another person?” Emily asked in between kisses.

“I…well…no…oh that feels sooooo good, Em. Better than my fantasies…” Erica moaned.

“You mean you’ve fantasized about this…about me?” Emily asked.

“Fuck it, Em. I’m twenty five and I’ve never even been on a date for fuck’s sake. I fantasize about just about everything. Hell, in high school I’d go with friends to see vampire movies and they’d be thinking how scary it was, and I’d be sitting there feeling the vampires had it easy compared to me. I couldn’t let myself be discovered. I’m a woman with a pussy and a fourteen and a half inch long cock. How do you go about being normal like that? How do you get a date to take you to the Prom? How do you find that one special person meant just for you? All I’ve ever had are fantasies.” Erica cried.

Emily knew that she should have been having any other reaction than the one she was having. The cock that she was slowly but gently stroking was far longer and thicker than any male organ she had ever seen. It was alive and real and Emily could feel her body respond to it. Yet she also felt Erica’s feminine ache to be completed, could smell her undeniable female musk. Emily knew the effects of the wine had faded only to be replaced by something even more intoxicating.

“Take your clothes off, Erica. Take all your fucking clothes off RIGHT NOW.” Emily heard herself say in a growl that was borne of a primal need and a lust that far surpassed anything she’d ever felt before.

Erica stood, and after a moment’s questioning hesitation, she complied. Standing, for the first time since infancy, naked in front of another human being.

Emily rose off the couch as well, took Erica in her arms, and kissed her mouth. She framed Erica’s face with one hand and let the other drop to grasp the now fully erect penis that she now knew she was going to mate with. She momentarily broke the kiss to whisper “I need you in the bedroom, Erica…coming?”

Emily reclined on the bed. Part of her felt like this was where she was supposed to be. But an equally large part of her had to admit that she was in totally uncharted territory and had no idea what she was doing.

Erica walked shyly into her own bedroom, framed by the brighter lights of the living room, painfully aware that her erect cock bobbed back and forth with the sway of her hips and with each step that she took closer to Em. She let Emily take her hands and guide her onto her own bed. She tried to relax but felt that she was just a second or two away from blowing this entirely. That’s when she felt Emily’s mouth envelop the head of her cock.

The feeling was indescribably good. Em had been jerking her off slowly for long enough that she felt those tiny tingles that she knew were the harbingers of a whopper of an orgasm. She looked down between her heaving breasts to see Emily straining to fit as much cock as she could into her mouth, her lips stretching wide, one hand working the shaft, the other playing with Erica’s pussy. She felt close to cumming and then Em went and did it.

First one, then two fingers began pistoning in and out of Erica’s pussy. Each stroke sent a wave of immense pleasure that made her cock throb and twitch like it was a gigantic clitoris. Erica helplessly clawed at the bedsheets as she felt her balls contracting, ready to release her essence into Emily’s hungry mouth.

It was more intense than anything she had ever felt, and when she finally pushed past the point of no return she moaned and quivered like an animal. Emily worked hard to contain the flood of jizz that shot out of that beautiful cock, but it was just too much. Most guys, five kaçak bahis or six spurts and they were done, but Erica just kept going. And it didn’t have the bitter tang that guy sperm had but a musky-sweet flavor that Emily immediately knew she’d never stop craving. But that wasn’t the only surprise.

Erica’s orgasm had subsided, but her cock remained at full attention. Her breasts and tummy and even some of her long tresses were covered with sperm and she was regaining her composure, but her erection showed no signs of deflation.

“I’m kinda more like a girl in that respect.” Erica grinned. “If I cum and I still want to cum again…”

Emily held Erica’s cock lovingly in her hand, in a lustful trance. She cuddled in next to her lover, and they kissed. Emily rubbed her calf along the inside of Erica’s thigh. It was obvious what she wanted.

“Uh, Em…” Erica said in a low husky voice.


“There’s something. Um… It’s about my cum.” Erica continued. “Futa cum has about ten times the fertility of healthy male sperm, and motility is off the charts. Futa have both sets of sex organs but only one works. For some it’s the guy bits that are sterile. For most though it’s the girl bits, so I made sure and got tested.”

“Oh.” Emily sighed.

“What I mean is that if we fuck, Em. If I cum inside you, there’s a really good chance I’ll knock you up. That’s another big reason I’ve always kept to myself, but…”

She felt Emily’s fingers gently cover her lips as she moved to straddle Erica. Their breasts pushed together in a soft and sensitive mass. The scent and sensation of Erica’s first orgasm acting as a lubricant. It occurred to Em, that Erica didn’t have to tell her that. If she’d been most guys she would have just done the deed and let the chips fall. Erica, however, Emily now rejoiced, was not most guys.

Erica felt the dual sensation of Emily’s breath in her ear, and the heated wetness of her pussy enveloping her cock as Emily pushed herself down on it, working her hips slightly back and forth to get as much of it inside her as she could.

For Erica, the sensation was beyond imagining. She felt, for the first time in her life, complete. A tear welling in her eye as she heard Emily in husky tones moan into her ear those four words that would set the course for the rest of their lives. “Breed me, My Love”.

Emily was so fucking wet from giving head. As big and thick as Erica’s cock was, she felt no discomfort, but a growing easy fullness as she slid her pussy down onto her lover’s cock. She felt it bottom out when it contacted her cervix and then with a popping feeling she felt it push past and into Emily’s womb. While a couple guys had knocked on that door, only Erica had gotten in.

They fucked slowly. Erica might have been a virgin, but she had an instinct about how to use over 14 inches of cock to slowly drive Emily wild. Em was experiencing something she’d never imagined. A slow buildup to an amazingly intense orgasm and then Erica just kept going until it happened again…and again…and again…until she lost count and was a mewling pile of girl goo.

That is until she felt Erica’s pace pick up. Em worked her hips, wanting every inch of her lover inside her. She reached around fingered Erica’s pussy as she felt her near her orgasm. And then with a muffled grunt she pushed all the way in. Emily felt a steady stream of hot cum warming her from within. She felt wave after wave of sexual pleasure course through her. She felt a sense of completion that she’d never even approached with another man. And although the science says that it’s unlikely. She somehow knew that Erica’s potent sperm had found a mark, and that the two of them had sealed their love for each other in a way that was more profound than any ceremony or ring could express.

They spent the rest of the weekend in bed. Leaving to make meals or wash up in between rounds. Erica was making up for lost time, and they both laughed about how they were going to have to throw the sheets out.

Everyone figured they were just another one of those lesbian couples. Rumor had it that Jack was out there bragging how his cock had ruined Emily for other men, but every time Erica’s head popped past her cervix, Emily smiled to herself.

Nine months later, little Ethan was born. Perfectly normal. Erica was the youngest of 11, and had one older futa sibling, but the whole family knew the truth of things. Erica’s “dad” had been sterile from an early bout of testicular cancer as a teen. Em’s mom’s relationship with “Auntie Carla” was where the 11 pregnancies came from.

That potent futa sperm. Some things just run in the family.

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