Emily and Megan

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“I get to go first!” Megan declared. She sprinted off towards the bathroom, leaving her sister behind. Emily couldn’t run at this point. Her pussy was sore and her legs were full of lashes from the whip that Megan had used. Megan’s perfect tan skin was free from these marks. Of course, as the younger sister and the newbie, Emily had gotten the most attention. She didn’t mind of course, it was a fun introduction to her sister’s world. She watched Megan sprint off to the bathroom. With no clothes on at all, Megan’s ass, D-Cup tits, and light brown hair bounced in rhythm with her steps.

“Fine, I’ll let you have it this time!” Emily jokingly said. Megan pulled down on the handle and the door clicked open. She looked back at Emily, she smiled, blew her a kiss, and shut the door behind her. Emily couldn’t help but laugh as she half walked, half waddled over to the door. She pulled on the handle and swung the white wooden door open. Megan already began walking to the back of the bathroom towards the toilet.

“Looks like I won,” Megan teased.

“I’ll get you next time,” said Emily.

Emily started towards the sink. The bathroom itself was fairly uninteresting. Black tile, white walls, and wooden cabinets underneath the double sink. Translucent windows at the very top of the east facing wall let in plenty of natural light, while also not allowing anyone to peer in to watch the sisters do their business. Emily reached down to the middle cabinet and pulled out a basket of clothes. She first picked out a pink tank top for herself and looked over to Megan, “what top do you want?” She asked.

Megan turned around when she made it to the toilet. She squatted down and sat on the seat, her hands placed on her knees and her legs closed. “Is my red sweatshirt in there?” She asked her sister.

Emily dug through the basket but couldn’t find the hoodie. At the very bottom she saw a splash of red and pulled out the oversized hoodie, “this one?”

“Yep, I’ll take that one,” Megan said. At this moment Emily could hear the unmistakable sound of pee hitting the water. Emily didn’t even flinch, the two had seen each other pee before.

This also wasn’t their first experience with water sports today. Megan came up with the idea to drink a gallon of water each and then tie each other up in a 69 position. They both drank the others pee and filled the others mouth with their own. They had set a timer for 1 hour, at which point a box would open, granting them access to a pair of scissors which they would use to free themselves. They both choose to remain in that position a little longer than planned.

Emily’s raw pussy began to get wet at the thought of it, but for now she remained focused on the clothes. She pulled canlı bahis out a pair of gray sweatpants for herself and black leggings for her sister and set them aside. Farther down in the basket she also found a pair of panties for both of them, bras wouldn’t be necessary for the rest of the day.

The sound of Megan’s pee now filled the bathroom, which only made Emily wetter. Megan seemed to notice this, but did not yet say anything, “what was the best part Emily?” She asked.

Emily had to take a minute to think about it, but she eventually had a clear answer, “when I was tied up and you whipped me,” she said.

Megan smiled, “and then I fucked you with the strap-on,” she added on.

Megan had tied Emily in a standing position, legs spread and arms up above her head. She then relentlessly whipped her sister’s quivering body. The leather bullwhip Megan had picked found every inch of Emily’s skin, it had hit her massive G cup tits, her equally massive ass, and especially her back and thighs. When Emily was left with marks across her body Megan had brought out a strap-on and fucked her sister from behind. Megan squeezed Emily’s tits and thrusted into her ass so much that Emily squirted for the very first time.

“And then I finally squirted,” Emily said, finishing the story.

Megan laughed, “it was about time!” She said. The two laughed together. Emily’s pussy was now dripping and Megan finally said something, “get over here,” she told her sister. Emily stepped over to her Megan. She was still peeing and it showed no signs of slowing down. Emily stood in front of her sister, her pussy eye level with Megan.

Emily spread her legs and Megan responded in turn, revealing her pussy as pee continued to shoot out of it. Megan’s hand made its way to her sister’s pussy. She started slow, her thumb rubbing Emily’s clit slowly. Emily drew in a breath and leaned her head back slightly. Megan began rubbing her own clit, careful to avoid the stream of pee just below her hand. Megan sped up. Emily closed her eyes as Megan now used two fingers to attack her clit. Emily gripped her nipples as small waves of pleasure went through her body. Emily felt the rubbing stop, she was confused. Until she looked down and saw Megan’s index finger ready to enter her cunt. Emily smiled down at Megan and she smiled back up. She moved her finger in and Emily closed her eyes and moved her head back up. She felt her sister’s finger move in and out of her pussy and she felt the beginning of an orgasm build. But Megan wasn’t done yet. She slipped a second finger into Emily’s pussy. She also brought her other hand to her clit. Emily was now being fingered as her sister rubbed her clit.

She moaned softly at first, the sound of the pee hitting the water began to fade. Megan sped up again. Now with purpose she attacked Emily’s bahis siteleri clit with her tumb as she moved in and out of her sister’s loose pussy. Emily now felt an orgasm was close, but there was something else as well. Emily now began to moan loudly, just as Megan finally emptied the last drops of pee into the toilet below her. Emily now couldn’t resist, she moved her own hand down to her cunt to rub her clit with her sister. One last small wave of pleasure pushed her over the edge, she threw her head back and screamed into the bathroom. Megan pulled her fingers out, allowing Emily to release a stream of squirt in her direction. A massive orgasm gripped Emily as she felt her own juices streaming out of her uncontrollably. It took her a few more seconds to come down from her orgasm. She opened her eyes and looked down at her sister. Megan was now wet with Emily’s squirt. The two made eye contact and then laughed loudly and in only the way that two sisters could laugh together.

“I should get something to clean you up,” Emily said.

“Yeah you probably should,” Megan kept laughing.

Emily reached for the cabinets again and pulled out a towel. She tossed it to Megan who began wiping herself off. Starting with her chest and working her way down to her pussy until she was dry. She stood up and flushed the toilet. Emily walked over, “my turn,” she said as Megan stepped out of the way. Emily turned around and slowly brought her sore ass down on the seat, she felt a small amount of pain from the contact, but she ignored it. She closed her legs and moved her hands onto her thighs. She started pushing and felt the pee build in her pussy. With one more firm push the pee began spilling out of her and into the cold water below. Megan had now made it to the sink. She bent down, showing off her perfect ass and long, thin legs. She pulled out two tampons and began walking towards the toilet. Neither Emily nor Megan were on their periods, but they both enjoyed having a tampon in after sex to catch any leakage. Now that Emily’s pussy was so sore this was essential. Megan now assumed the same position Emily had, her pussy at eye level with her sister and her legs spread. Emily also spread out to reveal her pussy spraying warm pee down into the water.

Megan’s pussy began to drip as Emily worked her fingers over her clit. Megan moaned softly at first contact, but did not yet allow the pleasure to take her. Emily brought her other hand up to Megan’s cunt, replicating what she had done to her. But Emily wasn’t interested in half measures. She immediately slid her index and middle fingers into Megan’s eager pussy. This took Megan by surprise and she let her guard down. Her head leant back as her eyes closed as she allowed the waves of pleasure to flow through her uninhibited. Emily brought her sister closer to orgasm much quicker bahis şirketleri than Megan had brought her to the same point. Megan wasn’t much of a squirter, so she didn’t have to worry about getting soaked. She sped up her thrusts, moving her hands side to side and brushing her vaginal walls. Her thumb continued its assault on her clit.

Emily only briefly slowed down as she felt her cunt emptying itself, first the stream weakened, and then she felt the last droplets fall out and splash into the toilet. She resumed her usually thrusting and began to increase her pace. She was now ready to push her sister over the edge. She brought a second finger down on Megan’s clit and continued to speed up her fingers moving in and out of her pussy. Megan screamed and threw her head back. Emily felt Megan’s walls tightening around her fingers. Her whole body shook as a massive orgasm took hold of her. Emily’s fingers, now covered in juices, came out of Megan’s pussy and she finally let off of her clit. Megan began to come down. The two girls once again made a deep eye contact and began laughing. Megan was now breathing heavily from her orgasm.

Megan handed Emily a tampon, but didn’t allow her to open it yet.

“Allow me,” she said. Megan squatted down so that now she was at eye level with Emily’s stomach. She reached over to the toilet paper and ripped off a few squares. She wadded it up in her hands and pressed it to her sister’s piss soaked pussy. Once it was dried off she let the paper fall into the pee and water mixture. She pulled open the wrapping and held the tampon in her hand. Megan threw the wrapping in the trash and touched her free hand just above Emily’s clit. She brought the tampon up to Emily’s cunt. Once she found the opening she slid it in, pushed the plunger, and threw away the blue plastic. She tucked the string up into Emily’s vagina. “Ta da!” She said jokingly. Emily laughed. She had put in a tampon probably hundreds of times at this point, but there was something special about having your sister put it in for you. Emily then returned the favor. Opening the wrapping, sliding the plastic into her sister’s waiting vagina, tucking in the string, and throwing away the trash. Emily finally stood up and flushed the toilet for the last time.

The two girls walked together over to the sink. They each chose one and washed their hands. Once they had dried them off they began to dress. Emily had chosen full bottom panties for each of them, much to the dismay of Megan, “just because i’m relaxing doesn’t mean I can’t have a little surprise underneath,” she declared. She reached into the basket and pulled out a red thong. Emily slid her panties on as Megan did the same with her new thong. Emily stepped into her sweatpants before lifting her arms and sliding her tank top over her massive tits. The two girls then faced each other and embraced in a long hug.

“Thanks Megan,” Emily said.

“Anytime sis,” Megan responded.

With that, the two sisters exited the bathroom and began brainstorming their next adventure.

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