Easing My Stress Pt. 02

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I was in the shower. The warm water pulsating on my back. Lara was on her knees, her mouth full of my cock. Billy was pacing toward me

I pulled Lara up, my angry cock protesting the loss of her warm mouth. I stepped out of the shower and waited for him, barely noticing when Lara ran a soft towel over my back, down across my ass and legs. The feel of the towel as it brushed my cock almost pushed me over the edge. But not yet, not until I had forced him to his knees.

Billy stopped just a breath away. He was just shy of my height and the breadth of him made me pause. But something about his powerful frame had me wanting to dominate him. I wanted to see him submit, down on his knees with his mouth full of me. I stared him down. The room was quiet, but my ears were roaring. Finally he dropped his eyes from mine and I knew I had him. “On your knees”, I barked.

His eyes met mine again and flashed with anger. I raised my hand to push him down, but he went anyway. Naked, on his knees, his chin raised toward me was just how I wanted him. I let my finger slowly trail down the side of his face, to his chin, back along his jawline and then across to his full lips.

The feel of his lips, which were slightly rough and beginning to part, fascinated me. I pushed my finger between them and ran it along the edge of his bottom teeth. He opened his mouth slightly wider and I pushed my finger deeper into his sweet hole. He began to tongue the tip of my finger as I probed deeper into his mouth.

Lara, who had come up behind me, ran her hands toward my cock. She pushed her cunt up against the bottom of my ass. I swatted her hand away and she ran it instead over my chest. It was enough to break the spell Billy’s mouth had wrought whilst sucking my finger and I quickly pulled it out of his mouth. I wrapped both hands around either side of his head and locked eyes with him.

My hard cock was between us, like a soldier waiting for orders. I gave the unvoiced order and Billy opened his mouth and slowly slid his lips down over my waiting dick. He encased me in the warm velvet smoothness of his mouth. I was almost undone.

The feel of his rough 5 o’clock shadow under my hands coupled with the heat and softness of his mouth had me ready to blow. I took a moment, closed my eyes and savored the slow progression of his mouth sliding down the length of me and hitting the back of that gorgeous throat. His cheeks suckered in as I began to pull out of his mouth. The force of him sucking made my eyes cross.

I held bahis firmaları his head in earnest and began to pump his face. No longer slow, I was building my thrusts, each time pushing into his mouth just a bit faster, a bit deeper. Saliva was gathering around Billy’s lips and I could hear the sweet sucking, gagging sounds he was making. I felt all-powerful, like Superman. This man, who was all male, was down on his knees for me, taking the whole of me. The thought, let alone the feel of it all, was amazing. By now I was well and truly warmed up and ready to fill his throat with cum.

Lara was still wrapped around my back. I had almost forgotten her. She had been playing with my chest and nipples. The feel of her hard tits against my back whilst she rolled my nipples between her fingers, had me right on the edge, not to mention having my cock deep in Billy’s mouth.

Lara was clearly bored though because no sooner was I aware of her playing with my nipples, she dropped her hand, moved away a little and began to run her fingers down my back, tickling and scratching slightly. When she got to my ass, she tickled and scratched all along the swell of it and down toward the top of my legs.

Becoming aware of her brought me back from the edge. Her fingers slid between my ass cheeks and began to explore my crack. I stilled, my cock no longer ramming into Billy’s mouth. Billy took the opportunity and slipped my cock out and began to run his tongue along my shaft. He knelt further and sucked first one ball and then the other into his mouth, using his teeth gently to scrape them as he let each ball go.

Lara had managed to find lube somewhere and the coldness of it as she slipped her finger along my crack had my heart racing. Billy slid his tongue back up along my shaft until his lips perched at the very tip of my cock. Lara pushed her finger into my ass at the exact moment that Billy slid his mouth down and took all of my cock into his throat. I stopped breathing.

I had fucked many girls asses, stuck my finger deep inside them, rammed my cock up to the hilt in their sweet tight holes, but never had anyone dared to invade mine. The feel of her finger hard in my ass, while his mouth sucked my cock in deep, had me bucking against them both and yet not moving at all.

Billy began to pump his head up and down just as Lara began to fuck my ass with her little digit. I could feel my orgasm building again. But this wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to take, to dominate. Right now I was the meat in their sandwich kaçak iddaa and had no control over anything. They moved as one, each fucking me to a rhythm they had created.

I pushed Billy away. I had to push him a couple of times and the last time I was non-to-gentle. Lara moved of her own accord. I followed Billy as he backed up, pushing him to turn around, away from me. He half stood and half fell, but quickly recovered as the massage bed broke his fall.

My belt was lying on the floor. I retrieved it and in one movement grabbed Billy’s hand. I forced his arm behind him, grabbing the other and looping the belt around his two hands, pulling them tight quickly behind his back. I pushed him to half stand, half lie, on the massage bed. I kept him there with my body. My hand slipped around him and felt for his cock. He was erect and straining.

I began to pump his cock, moving my fingers up and down the length of him. I wasn’t being gentle. My other hand slipped between us and down to his ass. I felt for his hole. I pushed my finger in without waiting for encouragement. Working his ass hard with my finger, I pumped his cock with my other hand. We were both breathing hard. His hole was wet and ready. This wasn’t his first rodeo. I let go of his cock, pulled my finger out of his needy ass and braced both my hands on his hips.

My cock positioned with the tip just at the opening of his hole, I took a breath and looked up over his shoulder. There was a mirror on the wall in front of us that I had failed to notice. I could see Billy, bare chested, hair tousled, and mouth open with his hands pulled behind him. I stood at his shoulder. I looked big and angry and ready to dominate.

My hands on his hips, I began to push and push and push my cock into his hole. The tightness of him was unlike anything I had ever felt before. He held completely still, not moving, barely breathing as I kept pushing and pushing myself into him. I could feel his muscles tensing and releasing around my hard throbbing dick.

I edged him over the length of me until my balls were hard up against his ass. The hardness of his back and hips against my chest and hands were so different from a woman. I felt I could pump him as hard as I wanted without breaking him. This idea took root and while his body was still getting used to me and expanding around the length of me, I began to move.

Lara came into my line of sight. I kept forgetting she was even there. She scooted herself up onto the massage table in front of Billy. Lara kaçak bahis straddled the table. I could smell her cunt and see her slippery naked lips. She was shaved completely except for a full triangle of dark pussy hair above. She lent back a little and I could even see her naked little ass hole.

Billy had noticed too. I could see his face in the mirror, rapt with excitement as I took his ass and he watched Lara, who had begun to play with herself. She slid her finger along her clit and down into her pussy. Slowly at first and then again and again, speeding up each time. “I want to fuck you, come closer”, Billy grunted.

She smiled and slid her ass closer to us. I stopped thrusting into Billy and drew back slightly as Lara maneuvered herself until she was in position. Billy’s red and straining cock needed no invitation. He somehow managed to line himself up with her wet cunt, which was no mean feat considering his hands were still tied behind him and I was balls deep inside his ass. He then pushed deep into her. We all took a moment and just savored the feel of being encased or encasing warm and willing flesh.

Both Billy and I started to move. First we were off rhythm and nothing worked but before long we had sorted our strokes out and we both timed our thrusts to work with each other. I worked his ass and he worked Lara’s pussy. Lara’s hands were all over us both, as far as she could reach. I was balanced on my hands, which were now grasping the massage table. Billy’s hands were over mine and then Lara moved her hands to grasp my wrists. We moved at a steady pace, even our breathing and heart beats in staccato unison.

I forgot where I began and ended. I became the sum of my cock pumping into Billy, pumping into Lara. All I could feel was the tightness and the building rise of my orgasm. All I could hear was the sound of our collected breath and banging hearts.

Suddenly I was coming and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. My legs began to buckle. Billy started yelling that he was about to blow, but it was too late for me as I had already filled his tight hole with my cum. I pulled out of his sweet ass and pushed my fingers into his hole. He was cuming and I was fucking his ass with my hand. I could feel my cum dripping out and slip sliding down his legs. When Billy had finished, he pulled his cock out of Lara and I let him go. He went to a draw and pulled out a large dildo. I watched him as he began to lube up the dildo.

Lara was lying with her legs still open and Billy’s cum dripping out of her cunt. She didn’t need lube. She looked delicious. I walked over and began to lick my tongue down her clit and into her cunt. I fucked her wet little pussy with my tongue, tasting Billy’s cum and sucking it down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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