Early Fall Bow Hunting

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Hunt 1

I had been hunting this area for years. I have one particular tree stand that I have used for so long, that I actually bent the tree branches around the stand, allowing them to grow into curve around the stand, shielding me almost completely from the ground. The other nice thing is that this area is not well known to many, so I have almost exclusive hunting pressure, making it really great for bow season. I can slip into my stand before daylight, and will see something almost every day. Not always a shootable, deer, but something coming down one of the five deer trails that intersect within a 50 yard are at a bend in a little creek.

This last year the spring floods changed the area even more, falling a large tree across the creek, causing an area to wash out, making a five foot deep pool. This pool has moved the deer crossings all down to a single area about 20 yards from my stand. Almost a perfect hunting situation. I guess this is why I was irritated when I got stuck following another pickup, which just happened to make all the same turns I did, ending up in the parking are for my little known hunting area.

I parked my suburban a little bit away from the other truck and got out to get my stuff ready, grumbling to myself about the intruder. I turned on my read cap-brim light to let my eyes start adjusting to the darkness while I loaded the last of my stuff into my pack. I was visibly startled when a female voice said good morning. I turned so my light would illuminate her. Unfortunately the small red beam also gave away where I was looking, as I started at her feet and worked my way up. She was about five and a half feet tall, not skinny, but slender, with a fairly large chest and bright eyes and a huge smile on the only non-camouflaged part of her body.

“so do you hunt here a lot?” She asked when I was finally looking at her face.

“Actually, I do quite a bit.” I finally got out.

“Oh. This is my first time here. I put up a stand yesterday just down off a ridge about a half mile down the trail.”

“About the third ridge down?” I asked

“Uh huh. There’s a little saddle that looks like it gets a lot of traffic.”

“Yeah. I know the place. Should be a good spot.”

“Good deal. Where are you hunting at?”

Not wanting to give away my hot spot I was a bit misleading. “Oh. I have a stand a bit north of there off the end of one of the ridges.”

“Oh, well, it looks like we’re going the same way then. Mind if I hike back with you?”

“No. I guess I don’t.” I said as I leaned back into my truck and pulled out my pack, strapping it on and then pulling out my bow. I closed and locked my truck as she walked over to hers and picked up her small pack and bow.

“Ok. All set!” She said as she came back over. “I’ve only been down this trail once, so having someone who knows it beats the GPS.”

I headed out, not really sure how this was going to work out. I was partly upset that I had to share my best hunting area, and partly upset at her friendliness. I hiked with her and we talked quietly until I had to break off to head down to my stand. I learned that her name was Kathy and she was single and in her mid thirties. The only girl in a family of 4 brothers, she liked hunting, fishing and shooting, and considered herself something of a tomboy. When I split off from her I picked a way down that wouldn’t give away where my stand was. I made my way down to my stand by heading down the ridge before turning and going down into the bottom. I made my way down to my stand and pulled myself up into it, and settled in, covering the last of me with a camo face net and turning off my little red light. All I had to do now was wait for daylight in a half hour or so.

It had been warm enough when I walked in, nearly seventy degrees in the wee hours of the morning. Now that it was nearly 9 it was getting just plain hot, and there was no breeze in this little hollow. I was about to quit when I heard something coming. I stood up and got my bow ready. The sound of rustling leaves continued down the hill behind me, following one of the deer trails.

I waited patiently to be able to see what was coming. To my surprise it wasn’t a deer. It was that damn female hunter tromping right down the hill into my area. She seemed to be following her GPS. I wondered how she had found my stand. I hung my bow up and got ready to climb down and call it a day. No deer will come by now with all that noise. To my surprise, when she hit the bottom of the hill she turned slightly and walked over to the stream. She followed it down toward my stand, stopping when she came to the deep spot.

I was drenched in sweat, so it was no surprise to see her shirt mostly soaked with sweat after she took her pack off. I decided to just sit tight and not give away my position. She clearly wasn’t there for my stand, in fact I didn’t think she knew I was there. I stood in my stand, and watched as she looked around and then peeled her shirt off, kneeling down next to the creek wearing only a sports bakırköy escort bra above her waist. I really wanted her to turn so I could see better, but all I could see was her back.

After tossing some water on her face and arms, she looked around and then pulled the bra up and over her head. Now I really wanted her to turn so I could see her. She leaned over and splashed some of the cool water on her chest and back. I was getting hard thinking about how she must look leaning over like that. Suddenly she popped up, kneeling next to the stream covering herself with her arms. After looking for a minute or so she spotted the squirl that had made the noise and then relaxed, dropping her arms and giving me my first look at her tits. They were clearly larger than I had expected, being a full C cup or larger. Now I really had a hard dick.

She looked around again and then stood up, bending over to untie her boots and pull them off. It didn’t take her long to strip the rest of her clothes off, leaving her butt naked. Gingerly she slid into the deep spot of the pool. She turned around to face me, lowering herself down into the water. God I was horny now. I unzipped my pants as quietly as I could and pulled my hard dick out and stroked it slowly, not wanting her to realize she was being watched. She swished the cool water around her a few times, bobbing up and down to cover all of but her hair.

After only a few minutes she climbed up out of the pool and stood facing me, squeegeeing the water off her body. I stroked more quickly as she massaged her tits and gently played with her hard nipples. I tried to stifle my grunts as the sight pushed me over the edge, my hard dick squirting rope after rope of cum out and onto the leaves around my tree stand. I saw her stiffen and look around warily. I stood as still as I could while she dressed and then with a final look around, picked up her pack and bow and headed up the valley towards the trail, following her GPS as a map.

Once she was out of sight I quickly put myself back together, and climbed down. I knew a short cut to get out, which I didn’t usually use because it meant going up a huge hill, but I figured it might let me get out before her so she didn’t realize I was watching her. I headed down the creek line and around the next ridge before heading up the hill at an angle. I walked into the parking area from a different direction as the main path just as she was coming down it. I headed straight for my truck and started putting my gear in the back as she walked over.

“Do any good this morning?” She asked with a smile.

“Nope.” I answered as I pulled my sweat soaked t-shirt off. “Saw one doe, but that’s it.”

“Oh.” She said checking me out. I’m no hunk any more. Age and gravity have taken hold, but I still think I don’t look too bad for someone pushing fifty. “I thought I heard a buck snort at me a few times but I never saw it.” She continued with a grin.

“That’s a shame. I know there are some big bucks around in here.”

“I got that feeling.” She said as she walked over to the truck and put her bow and pack in the cab before untying and pulling off her boots. I had to admit she had a pretty nice looking ass. She pulled out a towel and tossed it over the side of the truck and then stripped off her t-shirt and pants, leaving her standing in her panties and sports bra.

“You don’t mind me changing here, do you?” she asked with her back still to me.

“Nope!” I said back as she dried the sweat off her body, bending at the waist to do her legs, giving me a great view of her ass and panty covered pussy.

“So do you prefer does or bucks?” She called from her bent position.


She straightened up and turned toward me while she pulled on some shorts. “Do you like to eat doe or buck better?” She asked as she pulled a fresh t-shirt on.

“Oh. I prefer to eat doe. It’s more tender.”

“Cool. Well, I better head out. Have a good day. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow!” She called brightly as she climbed into her truck to leave.

“Sure thing.” I called back as I closed the back of my truck and walked to get in mine, trying to hide the huge bulge I had in my pants. As I drove home I wondered if her comments meant that she had heard me jacking off. Not a nice thought.

The next morning found me pulling into the parking lot well before dawn. Kathy’s truck was already in the lot and she was no where to be seen. I made my way quietly to my stand and was settled in with plenty of time before the sky started to lighten up. Just past dawn I saw two nice does come down the trail with a nice buck following them. I decided to wait for the buck and pass on the does. To my distress, he turned and went wide of my stand, not giving me a clear shot. Oh well. There would be more chances. Just there weren’t any more this day.

Around nine I heard the sound of feet in the leaves again. I looked and quickly saw Kathy walking straight for the little stream again. This time she walked başakşehir escort up and set down her pack and bow. She pulled a towel out of her pack and laid it on a sunny patch on the ground and then sat down on it, pulling her boots and socks off. She stood up and stripped off her clothes again. I stood up and undid my pants while she was slipping into the water, stroking my already hard dick while she got herself wet. She climbed out and stood bending over her pack, her tits swinging back and forth seductively while she dug. Soon she had several items in her hands and she stepped over and lay down on the towel. She put a pair of sunglasses on and then went to work slowly spreading cream on her body. Her body glistened in the sunshine as she spread the lotion on her body. My dick was growing fatter by the moment as I watched her lay back and rub her large tits, squeezing her nipples periodically. I was getting close to squirting my juice all over when I was shocked back to reality.

“Are you going to stay up that tree, or are you going to come down and see me up close?”

I nearly fell out of my stand at that comment. “You know I’m up here?”

She turned her head to look at me. “I wasn’t sure until I met you in the parking lot. Then I was sure you had watched me. I just wasn’t sure where until right now.”

“So you didn’t know I was up here this morning?”

“Nope… Just guessing.”

“Well you guess right.”

“The question still stands. Are you coming down here or do you just like to watch from a distance?” She asked as one of her hands slide down between her spread legs and began to rub her pussy lips.

“I think I’ll come down.” I replied as I tried to tuck my dick in.

“Don’t bother to put your dick away. I know it has to be hanging out.”

I lowered my bow to the ground on the rope that is always there for that purpose and then climbed down with my pack over one arm and my dick swinging back and forth. When I stepped on the ground I turned toward her. She had lifted herself up on her elbows to look at me. “Nice cock!” She said “Why don’t you bring that over here.”

I walked over to her.

“Ok. It’s your turn. Why don’t you get naked and then wash all that sweat off.”

“If that’s what you want.” I said as I started shucking my clothes. I climbed into the cool water and washed the sweat off my body, climbing out feeling a lot more refreshed. The cool water had some effect on my dick and it was now only at half mast.

“Bring that over here and let’s see what we can do about getting it big again.” She said as she held a hand out to me. I stepped over to her and she took my hand and pulled me until I was straddling her and then she pulled me down so I was kneeling over her chest, my dick hanging inches from her mouth. It didn’t take long for her hot mouth to envelop my cool dick, quickly bringing it back to life. Before long I was moaning in pleasure as she licked and sucked my dick. “Why don’t you fuck my tits with that huge stick.” She whispered as she pulled her head off my dick. I moved back slightly as she squeezed her tits up and around my dick. I started sliding in and out of her luscious tits, playing with her nipples as the head of my dick disappeared into her mouth after appearing out the top of her tits. It only took a few short minutes and I was ready to shoot.

“I’m going to cum!” I cried out.

Her only response was to suck me harder as my dick slid into her mouth, pushing me over the top. She let go of her tits and wrapped her hands around my dick, pumping up and down my shaft while she suctioned shot after shot of cum into her mouth. I leaned over her, allowing her to continue to lick and suck my dick as I caught my breath.

“God that was good!” I panted.

“Good.” She said after letting my softening dick slip from her mouth. ” Why don’t you return the favor!”

“What do you have in mind?”

“You said you like to eat doe… I have a really wet spot that is just waiting to be eaten.”

“I think I get the picture.” I said as I stood up and turned around. I knelt back down over her, with my dick tickling her tits and my head between her legs. She smelled really turned on and her pussy was already leaking juices onto her towel. I pulled her lips apart and quickly dove my tongue deep into her, eliciting a long groan. “oh god yes…. Just like that!” she hissed as I flicked my tongue across her engorged clit. I continued the action as she grabbed hold of my dick and began stroking me as she whithered under the assault of my tongue. She continued to stroke and yank on my pole as it grew in her hands. I must have only been working on her pussy for about ten minutes when she stiffened and cried out. “OH GOD! I’m Coming!” she screamed as her body began to shake. I continued to gently lick her slit and clit, trying to make her climax last as long as possible. “oh god… no more! Please!” She panted.

I pulled my head from between her legs and she let go of my dick. I turned around and sat bebek escort on the towel ready to fuck her silly.

“Not just yet… My pussy needs a break” she panted as I started to move between her legs, so I turned and sat on the towel next to her. “Thank you.” She said softly as she reached out to idly stroke my dick.

“You’re welcome.”

We sat for some time, her resting and playing with my dick, me idly stroking her tit and nipple.

“Have you ever hiked naked?” she asked curiously.

“A few times.” I replied, remembering a few experiences.

“How about here?”

“No, but its quiet enough to probably get away with it.”

“Good!” she said brightly. “Let’s do that then!” she said as she got up and began pulling on her socks and boots.

“You sure?” I asked, still hoping to get to screw her.

“Yeah.” She said as she started stuffing her clothes into her pack. She was ready well before me and stood waiting with her pack on and her bow in one hand. Her tits giggling and swaying as she moved, making me move even slower as I tried to watch them. “Come on slow poke, or you’ll never get to stick that thing in me!”

Well that was encouraging! Maybe this wasn’t over yet. I slung my pack onto my back and picked up my bow.

“So which way?”

“Easy trail or short trail?” I asked


“This way.” I said pointing to a little trail that wound up the side of the hill. She quickly took off up the trail, so her wiggling ass was in front of my eyes the whole time. It didn’t take too long to get to the top of the hill and walk next to each other on the larger path going along the ridges. Her tits bounced and wiggled seductively, which I watched, and she watched my hard dick swing back and forth as I walked. It didn’t take too long before we were both getting hot and sweaty, and not just from the walk.

“How far to the trucks?” she asked

“About a quarter of a mile.”

“Too far.” She said taking hold of my hand and pulling me over to a tree. She set her bow and pack down and then held the tree, bending at the waist and spreading her legs wide. “I gotta have that dick in me now!”

“I think I can manage that.” I said stepping behind her. I set my stuff down and grabbed hold of her hips and aimed my dick at her sopping pussy. She was a surprisingly tight fit, even as wet as she was. It took a number of short strokes to finally get fully into her and begin to pump in and out in long slow strokes. She was quickly moaning loudly, a steady stream of dirty talk coming from her as I pounded into her. “That’s it. Fuck my hot little pussy! Pump that huge cock into my tight twat. Oh god yes! Fuck me harder. I want to feel your cum fill me up! That’s it baby… Fuck my pussy. Slam that cock into me. Make me cum! I wanna cum around your fat dick. Oh god yes… Just like that!” she cried out as her body began to shake. I could feel her pussy clamp tighter around my dick as I continued to stroke into her. She was still in mid orgasm when I rammed in as far as I could and began to squirt my juices into her. “OH FUCK!” she cried again as she felt my cum filling her pussy. I had to help hold her up as her knees began to sag, but that lasted only a minute or so before she stood up as far as she could without my dick slipping from inside her. She reached behind her and pulled me close to her, wrapping my arms around her and putting them on her tits. Then she pulled my head close to her and kissed my cheek. “God you’re a good fuck.” She whispered. “I may have to come hunting here a lot more often.”

“I have to admit that you are a pretty good fuck too.” I said as my dick continued to twitch inside her.

We stood there until my softening dick slipped from her pussy, then the pulled away and knelt before me, gently licking and sucking all our juices from my member. “mmmmmm you taste good too.” She said when she had finished.

“I had to admit that your pussy tasted pretty damn good when I was eating you earlier.”

“Well, maybe you will have to have a bit more of it later?” She said as she picked up her stuff. “Let’s get back to the trucks now.”

We walked back to the trucks, stopping only for her to dig out a shirt to wipe up the copious amount of our juices that kept running down her legs. We got back to the trucks a bit after ten, still naked except for our boots and socks. I dug into my pack and opened my suburban while she got her truck opened. I dug out clothes and prepared to get dressed while she did the same. She walked over with her boots open and a pair of shorts and shirt in her hand.

“So, do you like naked hiking?” she asked as she stepped behind me and wrapped her hands around me, grabbing my flaccid dick.

“I have to admit that the view is pretty intense.”

“The fucking is too. Will I see you tomorrow?” She whispered in my ear.

“I guess that depends.”

“On what?”

“If you’re going to be naked again tomorrow.” I answered quietly.

“Well, if that’s what you want…” she said stepping back and pulling me along with her. She walked backwards to her truck, holding me by the hand. She pulled me along as she climbed up on the hood of her truck and kicked her boots off so she was completely naked. Then she spread her legs wide for me to see her wet exposed pussy. “Is this what you like to see?”

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