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By noon the next day Rachael had finished reading the rules and had moved on to a list and description of various reward and punishment methods. The latter was on a laptop that had been provided in her living space. It was a long and thorough document. It had over 300 ideas each for rewards and punishments. Every method was described in detail and many had pictures or even videos accompanying them. In four hours Rachael had only gotten through a few dozen of the punishments. She kept getting distracted; just reading about the means of discipline made her very horny and she’d had to stop twice to finger herself off to an orgasm just to try and be able to focus. She’d just gotten back into reading after lunch when there was a knock at her door dissimilar to the style of Mrs. Heyward the day before.

Rachael opened the door wearing just her white bathrobe. The robe was nothing special or intentionally sexy but Rachael looked very good in it, nonetheless, with damp hair. Outside her door was Carl. When Rachael saw the slightly portly groundskeeper she more than half expected him to display signs of awkwardness considering her current appearance. When Carl seemed to show no signs of being off-put Rachael realized that he must have seen some pretty crazy things in his time at Dramatus.

“Miss.” he began after Rachael welcomed him. “Mrs. Heyward wanted me ta tell ye that she’d like to meet with ye at 5:00 sharp this eave’in. She wanted me to inform ye that yer not’n to eat no dinner before commin’. She’lla be waitin’ for ye in her office.” Carl then described where Mrs. Heyward’s office was. He gave a bow and left.

Rachael figured Mrs. Heyward wanted to have dinner with her and discuss how she was to proceed. Rachael set to the computer documents with a renewed determination to get through it all before her dinner with the assistant principal. Through sheer will and determination Rachael managed to keep her hands off herself and by the time 4:00 rolled around she had gotten through all of the punishments and had just gotten into the rewards. She relegated herself to having to finish it after dinner and got herself cleaned up a bit. Quite worked up from all the reading, she again had to restrain from letting her hand stray south when she stood in front of a long mirror wearing only a pair of light green panties. She admired her slender and toned body for a few minutes before forcing herself to put on a slim black dress and black heals. She donned her makeup and headed out to meet with Mrs. Heyward.

Mrs. Heyward’s office was in the converted mansion with all the classrooms. At this time of the evening there were only a few students in the halls, probably for play practice or something of the like Rachael figured. They all seemed friendly, smiling and saying hello as they passed. As Rachael reached her destination she knocked lightly on the door.

“You may enter” she heard Mrs. Heyward’s distinctive voice call out from the other side of the door. Upon entering the office Rachael saw that it wasn’t anything too unexpected or unusual for a school administrator’s office with the exception of the expensive looking furniture, decor, and lighting; left over from the building’s years as a decadent mansion. Mrs. Heyward stood and smiled at Rachael, greeting her as she walked in. Rachael returned the greeting and sat in a chair across from Mrs. Heyward.

“Have you made your decision Rachael?” she asked with the hint of a knowing smile featured on her expression.

“I have” Rachael replied, now with a few butterflies in her stomach. The moment was here when she would officially agree to place herself into a situation she had never even dreamed could actually exist.

“And?” probed the silver haired woman.

“I am very excited to spend the next several months, and maybe even more, her at Dramatus University for Young Adults.” Rachael tried to keep her tone in control but she was smiling uncontrollably and her voice was clearly showing her excitement.

“I’m so glad to hear that Rachael. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have such a promising, and beautiful, young teacher here at Dramatus.”

The two expressed gratitude towards each other and made small talk about what was to come for a few minutes.

“Well,” Mrs. Heyward said. “Have you had a chance to read the rules or the rewards and punishments?”

“I read all the rules and am more than half way through the rewards and punishments but there’s just so many I wasn’t able to get through them all.”

Mrs. Heyward smiled sympathetically. “I know dear, there’s a lot to read. Don’t worry about it, you’ll have plenty of time to get through it all. I was mostly just concerned that you read the rules. As you have now read them, you may beware that we have a slight issue which we must address.” Mrs. Heyward’s smile faded and so did Rachael’s along with her.

“What issue is that?” Rachael asked, concerned because she didn’t know to what Mrs. Heyward was referring.

“This dear” she said as she reached into a drawer in her large desk and pulled out a bottle of rum that was still mostly full. “Carl güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri found this in your room when he cooked your dinner last night. As you are now aware, there is no alcohol allowed on campus without prior approval from a member of the school administration. This rule applies to both students and professors.”

Mrs. Heyward let this information sink in as Rachael quickly played out scenarios in her head trying to anticipate where this was going. She had completely forgotten about the bottle of rum and hadn’t even thought about it when she read that rule.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Mrs. Heyward. I hadn’t read through the rules when I’d brought that into my cottage. I can dispose of it immediately.”

The old teacher took on a tone of dissatisfaction that had put ice water into the veins of countless pupils and peers in the past. Rachael was no exception. “At my school ignorance of the rules has never, and will never be an excuse for disobedience.” She looked at Rachael with cold blue eyes and the young woman felt a chill run down her spine and extend to her fingers. Then Mrs. Heyward spoke the words Rachael was hoping not to hear.

“I’m afraid you will need to be punished Miss. Rachael.” Mrs. Heyward sat motionless and let what she’d said sink in.

For a few moments Rachael looked with wide eyes at the woman across from her. She’d just gotten done learning about all the possible punishments and while many of them and gotten her very turned on the prospect of actually being the recipient of some of them was now not something for which Rachael was too sure she was ready. Rachael’s shock at the realization of what was going to happen to her lasted only a fleeting moment. She quickly composed herself and acknowledged what had been said.

“I understand Mrs. Heyward. I broke the rules and I deserve punishment for that.” She found the act of speaking those words physically difficult but knew it was what she should say.

“I knew you would understand Rachael. Now I realize that this is your first punishment, that you were in your first day here, and that your infraction for having alcohol is less severe than if a student would have had it. Despite these things I have decided to give you a standard punishment that a student would receive for such an infraction. Your punishment will involve light to moderate pain and moderate sexual humiliation. Follow me and we will proceed to the punishment room.”

With that Mrs. Heyward stood and walked out of the room. Rachael followed to her destination with trepidation. Along with being nervous about being punished she also found that she was very excited. She wasn’t sure what the punishment was going to be, but she was determined to be ready for it and to take it well.

The punishment room looked much like the reward room only instead of comfortable furniture there were many intricate looking bondage machines and devices. In the back of the room there was a young male student, nude, with his hands bound and attached to the ceiling above his head. The boy’s legs were being spread by anklets chained to the floor. Between his legs was a machine of some sort with an arm reaching up to his erect penis. At the end of this arm was a feather that was being repeatedly moved back and forth along the underside of his engorged cock. There was another man attending to the youth. Rachael saw this second man pump his hand along the bound student’s cock presumably keeping it hard as the feather tormented the young man, keeping him on the edge for longer than could possibly be enjoyable. Rachael wondered how long he’d been there and how long he’d have to endure his punishment. His body was covered in glistening sweat and his face clearly showed the signs of his discomfort and frustration.

Rachael’s attention was soon refocused on Mrs. Heyward as she had the desk assistant, another attractive, slightly older man, come over to her. Mrs. Heyward held the bottle of rum out to the man. “This was found in Miss Rachael’s room. She is to be disciplined for this breakage of rules by punishment number 132.”

“Understood” said the man. He looked at Rachael as he took the bottle of rum. “Remove your clothing, quickly” he said with confidence.

Rachael timidly began to undress in front of this man and her boss and the few other people in the room who may happen to watch.

“I said quickly!” the man said more forcefully.

Rachael briskly pulled her tight black dress over her head. She stepped out of her shoes as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. As soon as these two things were done she pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. She was now completely nude and she fought the urge to cover herself with her hands. She had the vague thought that she hadn’t felt nearly this self conscious when she was in the reward room with Bethany but was too preoccupied to dwell on the reasons for this.

Mrs. Heyward spoke “Pick them up and place them neatly in a cubby.” Along the wall were a series of shelves where Rachael placed her clothing and walked back over to Mrs. Heyward. The man güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri had gone into what appeared to be one of a few bathrooms the doors to which were along the right wall of the large room. “James has gone to prepare your enema, come with me.”

Mrs. Heyward led Rachael to what looked like a medical chair with stirrups. “Lay down and place your ankles in the stirrups please.” instructed Mrs. Heyward. Rachael laid down on her back and had to raise and spread her legs to place her ankles in position. She was now very aware of her vulnerable pussy completely on display and her face flushed bright red. Mrs. Heyward secured Rachael’s legs with Velcro straps. She then moved to Rachael’s sides and secured the young blonde’s arms to the side of the chair with the same kind of Velcro straps. Rachael was now pinned down and she started to get very nervous. If she were an asthmatic she’d probably be hyperventilating. As it was her bare chest and taught stomach heaved quickly and deeply as she awaited what was to come.

Mrs. Heyward stepped on a pedal that lowered the upper part of the chair and placed Rachael in a completely laying down position save for her elevated and spread legs. Mrs. Heyward ran a delicate hand from Rachael’s neck down through her cleavage, slowly along her belly, towards her pelvis and lightly brushed Rachael’s spread pussy lips. Rachael gasped at the pleasurable sensations and it caused her breathing to slow a bit.

“From now on I want you to keep this beautiful sex of yours clean shaven at all times. Do you understand?”

Rachael nodded her head and through her heavy breaths whispered “yes.”

Now James returned with a large water bag and hooked it to a pole on the side of the medical chair. “This will be a little cold” he said, and with a rubber gloved hand he spread a generous amount of lubrication on Rachael’s anus. He slipped a greased finger into her rectum and Rachael chirped at the unexpected sensation. “She’s very tight. I don’t think she’s ever had much up here if anything at all.”

“Are you an anal virgin Rachael?” Mrs. Heyward asked matter-of-factly.

Rachael paused as James inserted a nozzle into Rachael’s well lubricated but tight opening. The nozzle was attached to a hose that extruded from the water bag. “I am” she said in an airy voice. She’d wondered in the past if she’d enjoy anal sex but was a bit too afraid to try it out of the blue with anyone she’d been with. She might have mentioned that she’d tried inserting a couple of her smaller dildos and vibrators up her ass and had enjoyed it if she hadn’t currently been existing entirely in the moment and unable to think of anything but what she was feeling.

James twisted something on the nozzle and Rachael began to feel a warmth start to poor into her. “Oh my god!” she gasped at the unfamiliar feeling. “Holy shit!” she exclaimed even louder and a smile began to curl her lips. “Oh wow it’s warm. Oh my……Oh my!”

“This enema is special Rachael, do you know why?” asked Mrs. Heyward. Rachael had read about this punishment but she was experiencing far too much stimulus to be able to recollect it’s details. She simply shook her head no in answer.

“This enema is part water, but mostly the rum we found in your room.” Rachael heard the words but they didn’t mean much to her. “Did you know that the fastest means for alcohol to enter into the blood stream is through the walls of the anal passage?”

“What?” asked Rachael trying to understand what was being said as her anus and bowels began to feel warm and full in a way that was actually pleasurable as well as feeling very strange.

“You’re going to get very drunk very quickly Rachael.” She placed her hand on the strapped down woman’s abdomen. “This is just a 1.25 liter enema so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to hold. Once you start to become full you will feel cramping in your stomach. This will be similar to very intense menstrual cramping pains but somewhat different. You will feel that you need to use the toilet immediately but I trust you will be able to restrain yourself. When you are full you will be released from these bonds and will have a task to perform. While still holding your enema you must fellate James. The standard time for an enema to be held is five minutes. But you will hold yours until you bring James to orgasm. The better your skill the quicker you will be able to release and the less pain you will endure. Are you starting to feel the cramps yet?”

As Mrs. Heyward said this Rachael was feeling very full. Too full in fact, to the point of being quite uncomfortable. Then as more and more liquid steamed into her she began to feel the cramps. “Oh god.” She said. A few moments later the pain became more intense. “Oh god, oh god!” She said now more loudly.

“By the time you have earned your release I suspect you will be fairly intoxicated. It is then that you will receive the final part of your punishment. Once you have released your enema you will be required to release an orgasm. You will impale yourself upon a stationary dildo and ride it until güvenilir bahis şirketleri you cum. Now because you will be drunk it may be more difficult than you expect to bring yourself to orgasm. I suggest you try to cum quickly before your natural lubricant dries which is another side effect of intoxication as you will not be allowed artificial lubricant and you will not be allowed to cease trying to cum until you do, in fact, cum.”

Rachael heard what Mrs. Heyward was saying but she was now in a substantial amount of pain. She had no idea an enema would cause such severe cramps in her stomach.

“There” James said. “That’s all of it. Clench down now, I’m going to remove the nozzle and we don’t want any leaking.” Rachael squeezed her rectum around the nozzle and James slowly pulled it out. A small squirt of liquid accompanied the removal of the nozzle but Rachael managed to keep the bulk of her burden inside her. James unstrapped Rachael’s feet and arms and helped her to stand from the table. “On your knees now Miss Rachael” he said.

Gingerly Rachael descended to her knees, a pillow was there for her to kneel on. Instead of just going to her knees Rachael bent over onto her left hand and with her right she clutched her stomach.

“Please Mrs. Heyward. It hurts, I don’t think I can hold it long. It really hurts.” Rachael’s teeth clenched as she tried to hold in the liquid and even as she knelt there pleading for early release she began to feel the effects of the rum.

Mrs. Heyward adopted a harsh tone. “Do not beg to me bitch! Your punishment will not be modified! Your release will be attained only when you have cum on your face, slut, so you’d do well to start sucking!”

Rachael moaned but despite everything she found herself getting incredibly turned on by the way Mrs. Heyward was talking to her. She composed herself, still bent at the waist, and unfastened James’ pants. She pulled down his jeans and lavender boxer-briefs unceremoniously now attempting to end her agony and gain the release she wanted badly.

James’ penis was clean shaven, dark in complexion, large, and half erect already. Rachael had seen few prettier cocks but she was in too much of a hurry to enjoy it’s sight. She dove her face into James’ crotch, immediately taking his warm piece into her mouth. She sucked hard and flicked her tongue around the head. It wasn’t long before James was completely erect and in rhythm with her head bobbing Rachael began to stroke the thick shaft with her right hand. She cupped his balls lightly with her left hand and worked diligently on his member. She removed James’ dick from her mouth to let out whimpers or screams at the pain in her stomach.

Rachael began to enjoy her task and was getting hornier and hornier. She was also getting more drunk with each passing minute. As she gave the most tiring blow job she’d ever given she fought against the unrelenting pressure in her anus and kept the water inside body. She also struggled against the cramps that were also not diminishing. In fact it was more the pain than the sensation of needing to expel that drove her to furiously try to bring James to orgasm. It was then that she remembered a trick that had been so effective on one of her boyfriends that once she applied it he would cum in about ten seconds every time.

Rachael removed her left hand from James’ sack and reached it around to her ass. With her index finger she scooped up as much lube from her back opening as she could. Never stopping her sucking, bobbing, and pumping she reached her left hand between James’ legs and pressed her finger to the opening of his anus. She slowly started to press her finger into James and the handsome man made new sounds of pleasure Rachael had not previously elicited from him. Rachael wiggled her finger inside the warm cavity pressing down and pushing it in and out. Sure enough, this seemed to do the trick for James.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. Oh god yes!”

Even though Rachael heard the words they didn’t quite register to her. First she felt James’ ass clench onto her finger. Then she gagged a bit as he pumped his hips into her mouth. This caused her to cough just as James began to cum. She never stopped her hand though and the large cock exploded onto Rachael’s face. Despite her agony Rachael continued to pump penis and finger ass hole until the orgasm was finished and she had a large load of semen on her face. Some had even dripped down onto her tits and a bit had gotten in her mouth.

Desperately Rachael looked up to Mrs. Heyward who was now rubbing herself through her clothes as she watched the display. “MAY I PELASE RELEASE!?” she pleaded loudly.

“Do not wipe any of that cum off of yourself. And yes, you may now go release.”

Mrs. Heyward had not even finished her sentence before Rachael was standing, hunched over, and rushing towards one of the bathrooms. Rachael began to expel her enema the instant she sat down and she screamed as the flow of liquid from her body seemed to be endless. She sat for a good 20 minutes making sure everything was out and recovering from the pain of the cramps which still had not subsided completely. It was only after a few minutes of sitting that she realized the room was spinning around her. She wasn’t completely drunk, but she was heavily buzzed. She didn’t know how long it took her to bring James to orgasm but she figured it must have been at least ten minutes.

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