Dreaming of a white Christmas Ch. 02

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“Thank you for tonight Angie it was really good, can I see you again?”

“Of course you can, you have my number.”

“Thanks again.” We kissed a final time and I stepped out into the corridor then out into cool night air feeling like a million dollars.

The only thing I remember about the drive home was the raging erection in my pants as I thought about the fantastic Angie and the way I’d filled my belly from her boobs.

I hadn’t expected my erection to fade after the initial experience of her gorgeous black naked body but the reality of adult breastfeeding was way, way different to the fantasy I had in my head, I was expecting it to be the biggest turn-on possible but the feeling changed to one of overpowering emotional comfort. I felt safe, overprotected and secure to the point of being wrapped up in cotton wool. It was luvvverrrly.

Funnily all of that thought had now changed back into the fantasy and remembering Angie, and her nakedness, and her firm round breasts, and those dark black chunky nipples,

oh… and that contrasting white milk,

and the sensation of it spraying inside my mouth,

and the feeling of my tummy filling, and the peace,

oh the peace…

on top of all of that I still had that unique taste on my palette.

So I was on my way home with a solid willy in my pants and so turned on I could feel the pre-cum soaking into my clothes. The seven mile trip home came to an end when my car reached the end of the drive by the garage door and I sat there in the last deep thought before I opened the door to let the cool night air invade my senses again.

I shivered and left the car, as I stood I felt yet more pre-cum leave my less restricted willy, in truth it felt like it was flowing like I was pissing in my pants and by the time I’d got indoors there was a big wet patch showing on the front of my trousers.

It was late and I went to the bathroom. I had never known anything like the mess in my pants, there was so much that I could grip the pre-cum with my fingers and lift long strings of the clear sticky liquid. It became the very first time I wanked with any form of lube, well I say wanked but I actually managed to count the number of strokes before my willy erupted it’s biggest ever load into the sink. Eight, that’s right eight strokes of my massive erection covered with clear slime and now blobs of it mixed with my spunk lay in the sink.

After the spasm’s finished I opened the tap to rinse the mess away then rinsed my willy to clear the slippery goo then straight to bed. I refused to wash my face or clean my teeth in fear of washing away the last remaining evidence of a truly amazing evenings experience. I think I started snoring before my head hit my pillow.

The dream was wuuunderrrrrfuuuuulll as I recounted every single detail of that visit in perfect time order including the point where I counted the strokes above the bathroom sink and came. At that point I awoke and found my hand holding another very respectable amount of sticky mess.

I wanked on, and dreamt about, that visit for several weeks and I must have looked up her profile at least every day, bonus veren siteler I assumed I’d return one day for another treat and the inevitable happened when I saw her phone number in my recent call log while looking for another. I simply pressed green. The moment the ring tone started I got very nervous and shaky, with each ring my mouth got drier and the tension in my chest heightened until I started finding it difficult to breath. Then relief as I heard her soothing voice: “I’m sorry, I can’t take your call righ…” I pressed red and started breathing again.

“Water, I need water.” My phone rang as I was drawing a glassfull, I managed one mouthful before answering.

“Hello Terry speaking.” Then took another mouthfull.

“Hello Terry. Actually it was your brother Tommy I was expecting to speak with.”

The water sprayed forth, “Oh Angie hello I err…”

“Forgot your name?” she laughed.

“Oh I err set-up…”

“A different name for your profile?” she continued for me “So what do you wish me to call you, Terry or Tommy?”

“Terry is good, thanks for err… under…”


“Yes, I…”

“It’s fine Babe most men do it.”

I let out a big breath, and then nervously blurted out: “Can I see you again?”

“Yes I’d love that, but not tonight,”

My heart sank.

“I’m on my way out to see my mum. How about tomorrow night?”

“I’d love to, what time?”

“How about eight, that way it won’t matter much when you fall asleep.”

“Fall asl… Oh yes I did, didn’t I. Eight is good for me.”

“See you then.”

I didn’t want to hang up, in fact I wanted to dash round there and give her a big cuddle but instead I replied “Bye bye.” With a croak in my voice.

The following day was hell for me, the anticipation was awful with a mixture of nerves, horny and… I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I managed to get through the day then home for a light meal, shave and shower then the now familiar feeling seven mile journey to her door.

Angie called down from a window, with a towel wrapped around her head. “Tommy, I’m not ready yet, can you hang on for ten minutes?”

“Yeah, err… sure. I’ll… I’ll wait in the car.” I checked the time and saw I was twenty minutes early and put a Dire Straits CD in the player, I sang right through ‘So far away’ then ‘Money for nothing’ came on and while I sang along I had to smile that I was shortly going to hand over eighty pound to suck on a womans tits, if that isn’t money for nothing I don’t know what is… But remembering what happened before I mentally commented to my self it was well worth the outlay.

The timing was perfect, my phone rang as the last sounds of the track finished and my hands free connection took control of the radio.


“Hello Tommy, sorry I was having a sho…”

“It’s OK Angie, I’m very early, I was just listening to some Dire Straights.”

“Cool sounds. Come up when you’re ready.”

“On my way.”

I pushed 12 on the panel and the door buzzed instantly, the flat door was cracked open and it half opened as I approached. We were straight bedava bahis into the big hug and full-on kiss like last time before the door shut behind me.

“Oh I’ve missed you Angie.”

“Same here Babe.”

Before I could get my head around the speed we were in the bedroom, laying side by side on pale green silk sheets with a breast deeply drawn into my mouth and spraying its tasty white milk. A hand stroking my back and another my hair took me straight back to that comfortable safe place.

Ten minutes or so later it felt so rude when Angie disturbed me from my distant place to move me. This time she puffed up pillows against the headboard.

“Do you always wear this?” I touched the tiny micro skirt.

“I don’t like my ugly tummy so yes.”

I didn’t have chance to answer as my head was dragged onto a pillow on her lap to take the other breast into my mouth. From this position of laying across the bed I had a comfortable position to hold her empty breast but the other hand would only go beside me or a bit more comfy on my tummy, her hand soon found mine and intertwined fingers seemed to wander around me. I had a good sight of her face and the little smile added to my comfort.

“I love this reaction. I can tell you are obviously enjoying this she moved my hand down low to place it in the puddle of pre-cum beside my willy then once both our hands were covered she placed them on and gripped my stubbornly soft willy, between us we very slowly masturbated it and despite not making any attempt to get hard I could feel the build up deep inside, I could feel my balls contract and I definitely felt the weird sensation as my little swimmers flowed to join the sticky puddle on my tummy.

Weird wasn’t the real description I wanted to use but feeling a massive cum happen without an erection or the usual pulsing and jerking associated with an erection had never happened to me before.

It washed over me as I continued to suckle and feeling my stomach filling I could tell I was starting to fade towards sleep. I was soon awake when I felt Angie moving, she removed her breast from my mouth then told me to move round beside her. The breast was returned to my mouth and slowly I felt the fade appearing again.

I woke to see Angie walking across the room with a baby in her arm and a breast filling it’s mouth.

“Oh I’m sorry Angie, I must have… um…”

“Fallen asleep.” She smiled, “it’s lovely to see you do that. Do you fancy making us coffee’s”

I stretched and yawned, “”Mm, yeah, OK.”

“One sugar please.”

I found the immaculate kitchen, the massive clock hands on the wall showed after 10:35, “I should get you to do this to my kitchen.”

“What’s that?”

“Keep it looking like this.”

“Careful what you wish for.”

I filled and boiled the kettle, made the coffee and asked where the fridge is for milk.

“Second door from the window, top door.”


“Don’t use the small bottle.”

I was confused, the two pint bottle was a quarter full but the four pint hadn’t been started. “You want me to start the four pint?”

She appeared still deneme bonus feeding the baby and looked in the open fridge. “Yep the small one is this mornings breast milk.”

My willy instantly sprung into life and Angie smiled.

“You’re welcome to use it but you need a lot to colour the coffee.”

“Is that OK?”

“Sure, there’s loads in the freezer if I need it. It tastes good but you need lots.”

She was right, it looked like there was hardly any milk in the coffee but that… that… unique taste shone through and somehow the thought of it turned me on massively as I sipped at it.

Angie disappeared for a while and I took the opportunity to have a crafty play with my hard willy, still crusty from the earlier session and I soon felt I’d cum if I didn’t stop playing with it.

She re-appeared alone, “It’s strange seeing you in here.”

“How’s that?”

“Most times it’s straight into the bedroom and out the door after. Sometimes the bathroom and sometimes a shower or bath but I can’t remember the last time anyone was in the kitchen.”

“How many others do you see?”

“You’re really asking me that?”

“Shouldn’t I? I’m still green with the escort malarkey.”

“Most want to think they’re the only one.”

“Wishful thinking. I’d love to think you’re my girlfriend but…”

“That’s so sweet, you do realise I’m a third of your age don’t you?”

“Yes of course I do and I also know this is not ‘boy meets girl’.”

“Ok. Would it upset you if I said up to ten.”

A short pause.

“Ten? A day? Wow.”

“Nooo. I generally only see about one person a day and possibly up to an extra two or three a week tops.”

Another short pause.

“OK, that sounds fair Angie.”

“That’s on a busy week that is. Times are a bit slow at the moment and I probably average four a week.”


A longer silence.

The coffee tasted good.

“I think I should be getting away, it’s late.”

“No Rush Tom… Terry.”

“I’ve got a fairly early start so I really should get some sleep in tonight.”

Angie rinsed the two cups and the spoon before dumping them in the dishwasher. Then turned to me for a nice huggy kiss.

“Thanks for tonight Terry.”

“No, thank you! You think I’m just another punter and…”

“No Terry, that’s the case for most of them but not you. We actually talk, all most of them want to hear is ‘Oh what a big one, Ooo, ahh, I’m cumming, yes , yes’ etcetera. There’s not many words from them other than: ‘Faster, deeper’ etcetera.” She stood behind me and snuggled the back of my head into her cleavage. “if I’m honest most treat me like a second rate person, whether that’s because I’m black or an escort I don’t know and to be honest I don’t really care. You are so sweet with me though.” She shook me quite hard, “But you are so yummy I could eat you.”

I laughed, “I don’t know how to reply to that Angie.”

A silent pause. “I must be going, thanks again for tonight.” I extracted myself from the hug, found my clothes in the bedroom, dressed and left after another hug and kiss with promises of coming back soon.

It was cold outside but it was plenty hot in my pants around my erection.

I did return about half a dozen times over the next three months.

I hope you enjoyed this, please no comments about editing unless you’re offering to help.

Look out for chapter 3.

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