Dream Stranger

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She was bored, not just bored but bloody bored! The lecturer was boring and the lecture was boring, so what could she do about it? Well she could think about the cute microbiology lecturer, who she found out was 29. Perfect! He could check out her cells anytime.

All she wanted to do was close her eyes and dream about shagging him but the monotonous tones coming from the lecturer pierced her eyes like the alarm clock this morning.

As if on cue the lecturer flipped the lights off and put up an overhead. Who really wanted to learn statistics anyway. Certainly not her!

As she closed her eyes she began to imagine the microbiology lecturer taking his clothes off in front of her. She looked around and found she was the only one in the lecture theatre, everyone else had disappeared. Mmm Mmm.

As he continued to undress she moved down to the front off the lecture theatre to be near him. She watched his every move with hungry eyes. He stopped when he got to his boxer shorts, but they were no ordinary boxer üsküdar escort shorts but silk ones.

In the silence of the dream, she walked toward him stripping her own clothes off, watching the effect that this has on him. She noticed that there was a bulge in his shorts. Mmm Mmm.

As she reached him she placed a hand on his muscular chest, he moaned. She began to caress his nipples and because of the cold and the excitement they were becoming hard, just like his penis.

She slipped her hands round to his back and gently caressed the smooth contours slowly lingering on the small of his back. He moaned and arched his back to get the more of this touch.

She slipped her hands down his shorts and began to squeeze his firm buttocks, she pulled him close and they both began to moan. She could feel his erect penis against her pussy which was becoming very moist at the thought of him inside her.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly let them slide down her back to her göztepe escort thong and gently began caressing her buttocks returning the same sensual moves that she had done to him.

He leaned toward her and began nuzzling her neck, gently nibbling and kissing, she was feeling quite horny. She began kissing him hard on his neck and slowly worked up to his mouth. Searching deep with her tongue, licking his face and teasing him, he returned the passion, slowly licking up her neck to her lips and found her tongue, they pulled each other close.

He looked at her hungrily, taking in every inch of her body, he lunged for her heaving bosoms and took her swollen nipples in his mouth, making them hard. She moaned. He knew exactly what she wanted.

He lay her on the floor and continued to kiss her all over her body, slow then fast, she wriggled. He slowly worked his way down to her wet pussy, he began flicking her swollen bud with his tongue, savouring every moment. As he began flicking and istanbul pendik escort sucking her she moaned as pulses of pleasure surged through her body.

As she felt her body spasm, he stopped and looked deep into her eyes, she sensed what he wanted. As she wiggled her way down to his now full and erect penis he moaned as she took him in her mouth. She gently sucked and licked at his penis, using her hands to massage his balls and scrotum, he moaned with delight.

After a few minutes of this he pulled out of her mouth and beckoned for her to come up and join him, as she reached his face he kissed her deeply and held her tight as he did this he slipped his cock into her sending pleasure through them both.

As he thrust his cock in deep she could feel the pleasure rising in her until it came to a peak and she moaned deeply, he continued thrusting until she felt him moan and gently shake with pleasure.

They just lay there in each others arms until they felt fully awake, they looked at each other and began kissing again.

The dream began to fade as she realised that the lights were coming up. At last, the lecture was finished. As she stood up, gathered up her things and left the lecture theatre with a cheeky smile.

She would never look at the lecture theatre in the same way again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32