Dream Drive

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My name is Evan. Events portrayed in this story did not occur. Characters are fictitious.

Chapter One

Nevada had been kind to me. After graduating college, I had come to pursue a job opportunity. After five years, that had worn thin. I was now working for an internet-order company as an account manager.

Since before I had started, there had been a female employee that was in my department, whom I had come to notice. She looked to be five years or so older than me, though my estimate might have been low. We had been pleasant with each other, exchanging greetings and such most days. She was a redhead, with pale blue eyes. She was close to six feet tall, part of the reason I had noticed her. She had a healthy figure, just leaning toward stocky, without being chubby or outwardly out of shape. Her face was a bit round, and her copper-colored hair settled right below her shoulder blades, framing her face in a straight curtain. No matter her choice of clothing, she always looked attractive, at least to my eye.

As of late, both of us had been caught eyeballing the other with interest. Each time, we’d both grinned and passed it off. We both understood what “interest” meant in this case, but I think we also understood that for the most part, romantic or love-oriented relationships in the workplace should be handled cautiously.

I do not consider myself a social, outgoing person, although I’m not awkward in public. Point is, I had not spent time or energy in my time in Nevada advertising my single status to the ladies. I hadn’t noticed a ring on my lady friend’s finger, and I also didn’t even know her name. Today, that changed. She had been out of the office for awhile tending to something, and poked her head back into our office area. She inquired as to whether I’d like to accompany her to lunch. Being that I’m not anti-social, I accepted.

We settled for a sit-down deli down the street from our office building. Each of us placed an order and paid seperately, stepping out of the customer line to let others do the same. We waited until our menu choices were up, and found a table and sat. We each started on our food. I broke the ice as soon as there wasn’t food in my mouth.

“You may know already know, but I’m Evan,” I offered.

“Well, I’ve been with the office we’re currently sharing for about five years. I know you’ve been there about three. I kinda noticed you from day one. My name’s Hope,” she finished.

“Well it’s nice to officially meet you,” I said. She responded and we continued our meal until we both finished, disposed of trash, and resumed our seats. We had a half hour to kill and that was allowing us time to get back to the office with a cushion. We compared notes on Nevada, and gently breached the relationship status topic. Neither of us was currently involved.

“But, I think it’s pretty obvious there’s some sexual tension between us, and it’s not the bad kind. W’ve both been dodging it, but I figure you’re just a hard-working guy who’s also smart and has a humorous side. Maybe we could take a drive and talk about it afer work. I’ve been thinking of you a lot in the past two years, if I’m honest,” she admitted.

“Really? I’m flattered. I’ve thought about you some too,” I said.

“Well, for me, it wasn’t looks alone influencing me. I always evaluate a person outside the immediate physical stuff, though you aren’t bad looking,” she continued.

“You have plenty in the looks department, but I judge people by similar characteristics to what you just mentioned,” was my reply.

“Thank you for the compliment. You aren’t the first, but I think it’s genuine, just based on your personality and attitude.”

“It was genuine. You’re very pretty and I can tell there’s intellect in you. You have a good head on your shoulders and your looks haven’t been the only thing helping you make your way in the world,” I said.

She answered with, “It’s nice to be appreciated that way. Tonight, then? I noticed you public transit to wok. I have the red Honda in front of the building. We’ll leave seperately and I’l meet you there.”

“Sure, see you then,” I said. We exited the deli and journeyed back to the office, entering at an interval so it wasn’t obvious we were necessarily together. We toiled happily through the remainder of our day; unlike most, neither of us thought of our jobs as a grind. Practically five p.m. on the dot, Hope organized her desk, made sure I noticed when she smiled my way, and left.

My computer went off and I neatened my office space too. I waited a few more minutes after punching the time clock and made my way to Hope’s car at the curb. As I reached the passenger door, the locks popped and I opened it and slid in, fastening my seatbelt as we awaited traffc and pulled away.

We drove to the city outskirts, about ten minutes. We found an empty parking lot and pulled in, Hope switching the car off. Both of us ditched our seatbelts. She began.

“I’ve dated, not been married. Nothing güvenilir bahis in the last year or so. But with you, I feel attraction and I have respect for you. We should see where it might lead. I’m not looking for a commitment, although I don’t think whatever relationship we might have would be brief.” She paused.

I took my turn. “There’s definitely attraction. I like you as a person and I respect you as well. I’m willing to see how things play out for the two of us,” I agreed.

“Good. Now things get interesting. I mentioned I’d been thinking of you often over the last couple of years? That’s true. I genuinely like you. You might think I’m weird, but I’ve also dreamed of you. Deliberately. The dreams have had a sexual nature,but not in the conventional “go to bed and have sex” kind of way. I’m a little unique. I’ve been having intense thoughts about wanting”–she hesitated–“a bathroom partner. Passing gas, peeing, also called golden showers, and pooping. Taking a dump with a partner, honestly, is one thing I know I want. The thought of us on the toilet together, or me leaving a big, brown gift in your lap makes me want to grab you and squat. I’ve had a fetish since I was thirty. That makes it ten years.”

As she looked at me, I was speechless. My forehead wrinkled as my brain analyzed what my pretty co-worker had shared with me. I’d heard really out-there stuff regarding sex and fetishes. Including what she had just mentioned. Yes, it was very odd. But I could not even muster distaste or anger or dislike toward Hope. She was smart enough to have thought about what to say, and when, and how, before coming to me to discuss things.

Hope’s hand found mine in the car. Our eyes met. I made a huge sigh and plunged in.

“Hope, I know a little about all that stuff you just mentioned. I admit, just between us, that I’ve dreamt of women peeing on me and being turned on by it. You’ve personally been in some of my dreams. I wouldn’t mind the right lady sitting on my face. Brutally honest as we’re being, you can sit on my face. And piss on me like a racehorse, for all I care. I just have never shared, and my dreaming has been my outlet for my desires,” I concluded.

Hope’s face had been relatively blank as I had made this entire statement. Now she exhaled a long breath and her easy smile slid shyly across her face. “Well, at least we’re kind of on the same page. I want this badly. I’m tired of not having an outlet and my desires raging while I function in the outside world. The pressure would be off if we could agree to try things out. I won’t force you, you can decide for yourself. My advice? Let’s hit the bathroom at my place. Let’s make it evenings for three or four days. I will pee on you with so much lust you’ll beg for it; let’s kiss and cuddle and comfort and confide in each other the entire time.”

I cleared my throat. “How soon were you thinking?” I asked.

“Hell, tomorrow’s Friday. Let me take you home after work. Let’s have dinner and the bathroom will happen as it needs to. We’ll take the weekend, and Monday is a holiday. You can indulge whatever desires you have while I indulge mine. Let’s adjust on the fly as far as what we explore. If one is uncomfortable, either we back off completely with that particular thing, or we adjust what the experience is regarding it.”

I let out my own breath. I was quiet for several seconds. If things had been hidden this long, both of us could hide it while our activities happened, and work would not be affected. At last, I said, “Deal.” I squeezed her hand. A huge smile on her face, she leaned over and kissed me gently and thoroughly, massaging my lips and more of my mouth with hers. I let her have her way. My first kiss was dynamite, and I didn’t need a supermodel to help form that opinion. At last we separated and I packed a bag after giving directions to my house. Be interesting to see what we had each gotten into for four days.

Chapter Two

Friday progressed with the usual assortment of job tasks. Hope and I had lunch at the deli again, and she was much quieter this time, but she looked at me the entire time we were eating with a playful twinkle in her eye, and a smile trying to play across her face. For some reason, I was very pleased with the look she had going today; black slacks and a ruby-red silk blouse, with her hair in a very neat and simple ponytail. She looked a few years younger than her forty, but also managed to make a ponytail seem acceptable in a professional environment.

We met at her car, me toting the bag I had packed with essentials plus a bathing suit and old t-shirts if things got really deep. It went into the trunk. We went into the front seats, checked traffic, and pulled away. I figured damn well Hope’s mind was leaving work behind, not to think about it again until it was required on Tuesday. She smiled on the entire drive to her house. I finally asked if her face hurt as we pulled into the driveway. This earned a throaty laugh as we grabbed our personal türkçe bahis stuff and walked toward the back door. It was a nice sound that fit with her naturally low, mellow voice; I very much liked hearing her speak.

The door opened to reveal a narrow hall entry with a door on the left and right. Directly ahead at the end of the hall was the kitchen. Hope told me the left door was a laundry area and the right was one of two bathrooms. She led the way into the kitchen. To the immediate right was the living room.

“Go ahead and drop your stuff in there,” she said, pointing to the living room. I entered and noticed the staircase on the nearest wall. I dropped the bag next to it, out of the way. I stepped back into the kitchen and sat at one end of the table, out of the way of traffic and appiances.

“I’m only planning spaghetti for dinner. I’m going to change and then it’ll be about 15 minutes and we can eat,” Hope decided. I responded that was fine. She said that I could go up the stairs and use the first room on the right. I thanked her and took my bag upstairs. I ditched my presentable attire for the bathing suit and a t-shirt.

I traveled back down the stairs in less than ten minutes. I parked myself in a recliner facing the kitchen and watched my new lady friend stir the pot of pasta on the stove. She was dressed in faded sweats and a loose t-shirt.

Hope put the spoon down and padded gracefully over to the recliner I occupied. She studied my clothes. She eased herself into the oversize chair as I slid to make room. We sat hip-to-hip. Close. She swung her legs into my lap.

“Both of us are ready for action, I see,” she said.

“I guess we are,” I agreed. She got up to check and stir the spaghetti. She returned and very carefully sat herself in my lap so we were face to face. She leaned toward me and put her lips next to my ear.

“Before we sit down to eat, would it be ok if I passed gas with you?”

“I suppose we might as well try something,” I answered. Hope leaned over again to tenderly kiss my cheek. Then she sat back and rested her hands on my shoulders. She took a breath and slowly let it out.

There was a sudden loud, long rumble that I felt in my thighs where Hope’s ample and shapely ass rested. Hope leaned ahead to hug me. A somewhat intense sulfur smell hit my nostrils.

“Oh, yes,” Hope said quietly. “They usually smell like that too. Evan, are you okay? Be a shame if you passed out on me,”she decided.

“I guess I’m fine. I’ve never had a woman pass gas on my lap. I could feel it, and it was loud. Then there was the smell,” I responded. “I guess I kind of liked the way it felt.”

“Thank you for letting me break the ice. It was very enjoyable for me to sit on you and share that. Let’s go eat, and then we can cuddle and maybe plan a trip or two to the bathroom.”

We departed and took up spots at the kitchen table where Hope served the pasta and added sauce. She sliced part of a loaf of bread and we enjoyed the meal. We didn’t really talk, but this kinky redhead gazed at me with a gentle, contented expression all the way through the meal.

,We finished and cleared dishes and handled cleanup. We returned to the living room where Hope steered me to the couch, took a seat, and guided me carefully onto her lap, sitting sideways.

“Evan, that was very nice,” she said softly as she wrapped both arms around me. I slid an arm around her back. She studied my face and slid a hand onto my chest.

As she found my heartbeat, she said, “Oh, Evan…you have nerves, hon?” She turned my face so she was looking directly into it. “Don’t worry. I promise not to suddenly ambush you and drag you to the toilet and do nasty things to you. I’ll always tell you what I want when, and there’s always room for discussion,” she assured me, holding my face in both hands, as she kissed my cheek.

“Ok, I’ll keep that in mind. I just don’t know what to expect,” I admitted shyly. “Thirty-one years old and I feel like a scared kid.”

“Don’t be scared. I know I can help you enjoy yourself. If you’re thinking something, tell me. Both of us can get things we want to enjoy. It isn’t just about me.”

“Now, as for what to expect…one day at a time. Tonight, I would definitely like to pee all over you. You said you’d dreamed about that. I’m going to be your genie. As many wishes as you want for four days. Ask. I am also going to take a shit, but you don’t have to participate there if you are uncomfortable. Do I want you to? Yes, absolutely. Recall that I want a partner for that. It is a goal I don’t plan to adjust or quit on. But it also takes time and can’t be forced on someone. If you allow me, I’ll take you there as carefully as I know how in the brief time we have.”

“Um, thanks. I’ll try not to wimp out on you,” I said.

“Would you like to cuddle with me?” Hope asked.

“Yeah, that sounds fine,” I agreed. We shifted around so I was in her lap with both her legs and one arm loosely wrapped güvenilir bahis siteleri around me.

“You’re not a wimp,” she said. “You feel this? Do you like it? Relax. Let yourself enjoy it. I don’t mind.”

So I relaxed. I took in the feel of Hope so intimately close to me. I could smell her perfume and her clean skin and hair. Weird how those smells linger after a person is out of their everday clothes, I thought.

Hope and I sat, her shifting occasionally to give me something new to experience or to keep herself comfortable. After forty-five minutes, an attractive lady dropped the bombshell that would set us on our course for four days.

Chapter Three

“Evan, my bladder is really full and I think I’m ready to show off and get you wet with a golden shower.”

I blinked and swallowed hard. “Well, you don’t beat around the bush. I guess I can appreciate that,” I said. “Where are we going?”

“Upstairs. End of the hall is the other bathroom,” Hope replied.

I peeled off my socks and t-shirt, two things I figured didn’t need to get wet if this woman could piss like a racehorse. I didn’t think she was lying about that; plus, if watersports turned her on, she’d probably been using techniques to increase her bladder capacity. I hit the stairs first and made my way to the top.

Yes, there was a closed door at the end of a medium-length hallway. I looked back at Hope to make sure I had the right idea. She nodded. I walked to the end of the hall and stepped into the small room, which contained toilet, shower and sink.

By now Hope had joined me and said, “In you go. The shower is easiest for cleanup and getting us clean.” I stepped in, the stall privacy door open. She stripped off the sweats and shirt, then made a show of losing her expensive-looking set of black lingerie. She made three or four steps to the shower like a model on a runway, unabashedly swinging her hips and cranking up a mischeivous smile.

I elected to sit myself on the bottom of the stall and lean against one end. Once Hope stepped inside, she knelt and straddled the area right over my pelvis. Before she threw caution to the wind and let her bladder do the talking, she leaned in and nuzzled my left cheek. She breathed gently and said quietly, “Hmmmmm, fun, fun….”. She looked me in the face and I couldn’t resist saying,”Good God, do you have to tease me, devil woman? You are a wild redhead.”

She suddenly collapsed into me, laughing silently. “All right. Relax….here comes the rain,” she warned, adjusting herself. Hands on my shoulders and legs spread, I shortly felt a stream wetting my lap. It soon gained intensity, soaking my thighs and running down my legs. I heard it hissing as it hit the fabric of my bathing suit.

At first, my startle reflex made me jump. The I heard Hope exhale loudly, moaning as her bladder found relief. Things got very warm around my groin, and it wasn’t just my erection. Hope’s piss was awfully warm. I relaxed, tension going out of my legs and back and shoulders. So this is what it’s like to let a lovely woman piss on you, I thought. I sighed and let the feeling overtake me, feeling content and letting my standard equipment swell to glory without fighting it at all.

I watched her stream of urine die out, noticing that her pussy was fully, wonderfully shaven. My hands found her waist, just above the hips. I looked into her face. The faint smell of pee hung around us. Hope was grinning, but also had that gentle look behind her smile. She was trying to assess that she hadn’t been to sudden and gone too far too fast.

I felt compelled to say, grinning myself while we looked at one another, “That…was…fantastic. Please feel free to repeat that very sexy activity any time you choose. Wow!”

Hope’s laughter filled the shower space. “It was damn good for me too. Thanks for being my target. I promise to give you as many encore performances as my bladder can provide in the next three days.”

She continued, a nervous look sweeping her face. “But, I have news. I have to take a dump, and it is wanting out, right now,” she informed me. I looked at her and said nothing. I wasn’t sure about this part, and left it out during any prior conversation. Finally I said, “I don’t know, Hope. I don’t thnk I’m ready to handle that.”

She gazed at me, serious but soft. “I want you to stay. The first time is the hurdle we gotta clear,” she said. “Think of it this way. My well-rounded ass is going to make a delivery. My cheeks are going to slowly bloom open and slowly, slowly drop a big, warm load, right about there.” She placed a hand into my groin, finding and gently massaging my semi-hard cock. “You get to watch,”she whispered, with another grin.

I sat looking at Hope. Her physical assets; smooth skin, ample figure, long legs, fine headlights and posterior. The wonderful red hair that was worthy of lust by itself. A beautiful second set of lips between her legs…God, she was gorgeous, and I was only looking.

I leaned forward and said quietly into her ear, “Go ahead. Don’t rush, but try not to torment me. Enjoy yourself while it happens within you. Give me the biggest, warmest gift from inside yourself that you can manage,” I granted.

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