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I felt as though I was waking in the morning, all cozy with a blanket spread over me. Only the sounds of movement and hushed voices were definitely not from my apartment and not normal for waking up to. I forced my eyes open to the memory of the debauchery I had just participate in with Robert and James in front of Mr. Washburn. They were all there. Mr. Washburn was sitting on the couch leaning forward toward me. Robert and James were standing just beyond him and finishing dressing. I wasn’t lying in bed but on the floor and the blanket I imagined was really an afghan.

I received three simultaneous greetings, “Hey, there she is.”

I couldn’t have been out for long, if the guys were just finishing getting dressed. I smiled with more than a little embarrassment and rose to my elbows, causing the afghan slip down past my breasts. My impulse was to cover up but then decided there really wasn’t much need. They had seen everything in glorious detail and function.

“I’m sorry, was I out for long?”

Mr. Washburn’s voice was soft and soothing, “Nothing to be sorry about, dear Emma. What happened was amazing, at least to this old man.” He chuckled and smiled. “And, it has only been a few minutes.” He looked at me, the guys, and back to me. “Tell me something, dear, if it isn’t too personal a question. Does this happen to you often?”

I looked at each of them and giggled. “Blanking out? No sir. Never. I have never reacted from an orgasm like that.” All three of them were watching me, though I caught Robert and James exchange looks to each other with controlled smiles. I put my hands up to them and was pulled up to a standing position. Each of them held onto me as my legs felt wobbly for a moment. “Analytically, I might put that to two magnificent cocks fucking me and what you have provided to me. But …” I looked at Robert and James in the eyes, “to test that theory I probably need to perform many more trials.” They all laughed, hearing clearly my intention.

Robert and James apparently had somewhere else be as they nodded to Mr. Washburn, then came to me. Each in turn placed a large hand at the back of my hand to kiss me deeply while the other hand fondled a bare breast. They each also whispered something to the effect that ‘many more trials’ would be their pleasure. Hopefully it would be for them, but it would definitely be for me.

Mr. Washburn looked at me and asked if I was up for a little walk. I assured him I was now fine. He said he wanted to show me something outside. I moved to where my clothes had been dropped and bent down to pick up my panties. He stopped me, that he didn’t think that was necessary.

I looked at him questioning. “I assure you, dear. With Robert, James, the surveillance equipment they had installed, and the dogs, this property is very secure and private.”

He took me outside much to my initial discomfort and distress. He was so at ease of about it, I quickly felt wonderfully free to be outside in the sun and light breeze while being naked and led by someone clothed. I surveyed the property as he guided us toward the larger structure separated from the house and I asked about level of security. It is only for privacy, he just treasures it. Entry into the property is very controlled. Cleaning people come in Tuesday and Thursday. When the landscaping maintenance crew needs to come in it is on the same days.

He held my hand as he led me, but when we stopped to answer my questions about various things I spied around the property, one hand might point in some direction but one hand often found my body at my back or ass. It seemed obscene and delicious. Not only being outside naked, but I also knew the feeling of slickness at the insides of my thighs was leakage from a combination of my own juices and the cum left by the two guys.

The structure was built very similarly to the house in the materials used. I was trying to gage how large it was in terms of garages or storage sheds. At the doorway was a professionally inscribed and mounted sign, ‘Washburn-Trent Laboratory’. I looked at him uncertainly and he opened the door and flipped the light switch. The interior was largely a large open room with two offices to the left of the entry door and another door at the back, which he explained was to a storage room. The walls had lots of windows that provided natural light, but overhead were rows of lights. He didn’t know what it was originally intended for, but he had new ideas for it.

“A functioning lab?”

“For you, obviously, … I hope. I hired an engineering firm three months ago to design a lab for this building and it was remarkably easy to convert. Since the new projects are so sensitive and potentially ground-breaking, I hoped you might consider working from here.”

“But, three months ago was when we first talked.” He smiled. “You were that confident …”

He looked at me seriously. “Confident, no. Hopeful, yes. I could have discussed this with you, but I have learned a few things over these years and one is that sometimes taking some choices away and giving someone the thing they want the most is the best course to take.” He turned me by the shoulders to face him, his hands moving up and down my arms. If I had temporarily forgotten I was naked, I was instantly reminded. “I figured you wanted to use your mind on these projects with limited oversight and intrusion from the company. You, also, want your body to have more and more intense experiences. I wondered why they had to be separated. We talked about them being combined, so why not in the same location?”

“Mr. Washburn, what are you saying?”

“I want you here, not just to work but to live. The three of us want you here. It only makes sense. This makes your work private and easier but the commute would be a killer. And why would you want to live alone when you want to experience new things?” His hands moved under my breasts. He lifted them, his thumbs circling the nipples, which became instantly hard. “I admit our motives are not altruistic.” We both watched his hands for a moment, then made eye contact, again. “The house has so much room …”

I took the half step into him, my arms around his neck as I went to my tip toes to reach his mouth with mine. I pressed my body into his as we kissed. I pulled my head back to look at him. I knew I was dripping wet, again. “You’ve been planning this for a while.”

His hands were roaming my body and I loved it. So crazy. So wonderful. Finally, so open and accepting of opportunity from other’s desires and being open to experience them wholly myself.

“The lab, yes. The lab seemed like a good option from the start. You living here … that’s recent. But you’ll be safe to explore yourself here … both of you.” I lowered my eyebrows at him in question. He chuckled and a nipple was pinched. “Both of you … the slut and scientist. You can co-exist here.”

I accepted, of course. The new me doesn’t overthink these things. Then I looked him in the eyes, “Sir, I have güvenilir bahis sucked you twice, once to climax. Now, I can feel you are hard, again. I am so happy … and a little proud … how well this is working for you. Now, though, I would really like you to fuck me.”

His hands were holding my breasts. “Do you have any idea how long it has been?”

I pressed my palm into the front of his slacks against the hard cock underneath and squeezed. “Then, it is about time.”

I undressed him in one of the offices, placing his clothes on one of the chairs by the lone desk. When he was completely naked, I bent at the waist and sucked his cock even though he was already hard. His hands reached under me for my hanging breasts. I kissed him and asked if he wanted me bent over the table or lying on my back. Back it was. I sat on the edge of the desk, laid back, and opened my legs wide while rubbing one hand over my dripping pussy as I kneaded a breast. I was so ready to become his. After all that he had done, everything he had given, everything he has been to me, I needed to become his.

I reached between my legs and pulled him to me, his stiff cock first only touching my wet lips, then parting them, but finally, finally, sliding smoothly inside my pussy until after one long, continuous push, we were mated. I moaned and arched my back to press into him and he smiled down at me. There is a funny thing about giving and receiving. In its true form, there is no jealousy or comparison, there is only that moment of the giving and the receiving, the act of sharing. In this case, I had only moments before been fucked by two very big cocks. Now, I was receiving a very normal sized cock … and it was wonderful. We fucked comfortably and smoothly until I really needed to cum on his cock and beseeched him to join me, that I wanted us to cum together. He told me to let go and I accepted that and did. My breathing caught in my chest and my body tensed, my legs gripping around his waist tighter and at the same moment that my orgasm swept over me I felt his cock inside me jerk and pulse as he sent his seed into my pussy, coating my walls with more cum. I pulled him to me and crushed him with a hug, needing to feel his skin against my skin as we both rode through our climaxes.

I moaned and kissed and whispered my thanks and pleasure to him. He gasped into my ear and I sensed his feeling of overwhelming and I was delighted to have helped and been a part of his experience. At the same moment, I had something of an epiphany. Orgasms are one thing. I had spent time seeking ‘the orgasm’ without understanding what I was seeking. I had planned and organized and manipulated, but Mr. Washburn was correct that I hadn’t just been in the moment. Orgasms can span the spectrum from the overwhelming extreme of mind-blowing, body shaking events to the overwhelming feeling of your heart and soul wrapped in a warm embrace. That’s what this was. And, I loved the difference these three men could provide to me.

* * * * *

By the weekend my apartment was cleaned out of all my personal belongings including a couple pieces of furniture I wanted to be settled into my new room at the house. Mr. W (he wanted less formality but I could go only so far) gave me a room across the hall from his. The second floor was the bedrooms and was separated into two section by the grand stairway and two-story foyer. The side occupied by him (and now me, too) had two large master bedrooms, one viewing off the front and the other off the back, which was his. He didn’t know why the original owner did that unless the spouses didn’t sleep together. The other section, which was larger, contained four mini-bedroom suites with baths. That was the section where Robert and James lived.

The first floor contains his home office, separate sitting/reading/quiet room, kitchen/dinette, formal dining room, spacious formal living room, laundry, etc. with a very large deck off the living room. The downstairs, which is a walkout to the back, contains mostly the informal rooms: recreational (pool table, treadmill, stair-climber, weight machines and free weight), a media room with large screens for movies and watching sports, a large, basically empty room with matts the guys use for training, a steam room and sauna, and misc. storage space. It opens onto a large patio, pool, and hot tub.

Before long, my new lab was completed and ready for work. Everything I had been working on at the old lab in the Washburn Building was carefully collected, packaged, boxed and transported to the estate. I then unpacked, sorted and arranged everything just the way I wanted them to continue my research and development in the new lab. I made sure they had collected and moved all my notes, research, samples, prototype and component formulations.

In the meantime, though, I wasn’t left to my own devices too much. Mr. W and I sat down for numerous discussions about the project, projection of cost and materials for budgeting off the books from the company but still manipulated to be funded by the company. Robert and James had their own agendas for me, too. They decided that I was in need of some serious training and that they were perfect trainers for me. They broke it down in physical training and sexual training. Physical training was just what it sounded like and by the looks of their bodies and the equipment available downstairs I couldn’t argue with them. They started me into squats with weights, which I knew were great for the butt; bench presses with barbells and dumbbells, which were good for the chest muscles; pull-ups (I needed a lot of work to do those unassisted) and pull-downs on the weight machines, which really worked the large back muscles; and a whole other regimen including running (outside and treadmill), stair climber, and swimming laps. I was sore after the first few days until I got into the repeat cycle.

The sexual training a whole different thing. I had managed to take their cocks full depth in my pussy and I was able to suck them in my mouth but only to the start of my throat. I had experienced anal before in my previous escapades, but none of those men were anywhere close to having cocks like these guys. I was scared to even try anal with them. And, that was the problem in their minds. They had definite ideas of what a slut was and if I wanted to be a good slut, I needed some training. I needed to be able to deepthroat (even their cocks) and I needed to be able to be fucked in the ass (even their cocks). That, they told me, all led up to big cock air tight: having big cocks in all three holes at the same time. The idea gave me shivers … part excitement, part fear.

One night the three of us decided on a good fuck session in bed. That quickly became known by us as a possibility of falling asleep together after. As we reached the top of the stairs, they led me to the right and I assumed we were headed for one of their rooms. There rooms were across the hall from each other at the end of the hall. Instead, though, türkçe bahis they opened one of the other doors and stepped aside to let me enter.

“What’s this?”

They chuckled. “We cleared it with the boss. He’s letting us use this for our play room. It didn’t take us long to set it up.”

The bed was different from the others in the house. This one was pulled away from the wall and was a four-poster. Attached to the posts at different heights were heavy steel rings. In one corner was something that looked like a saw horse but with a lot of padding on the crossing piece. It also had rings attached on each support leg. They pointed to the two dressers along another wall. One drawer contained a large assortment of dildos for pussy and ass of varying sizes and lengths. Another had butt-plugs, hard rubber, glass, and shiny metal and many different sizes. Another drawer had cuffs with rings attached and I glanced back at the bed with new understanding.

“What the hell, guys?!?”

“Once we talked to the boss about this room, he added the idea of ‘probing’ your limits. We won’t rush into this stuff, though.” They had looks on their faces that sent shivers through me.

That night we fucked for three hours. I couldn’t get enough of them with images of them using that equipment on me. I had never really considered getting into bondage or pain, but elements of it suddenly became interesting. James started in my mouth as Robert put me on my hands and knees. They switched for a while, then Robert returned to climax inside me. Then it was James turn to choose and he went for cowgirl facing him while I sucked on Robert. Again, they switch before James returned to send his seed into my pussy. I cleaned Robert’s cock and worked on him right through my next orgasm. They took a break while I sucked on their cocks to rejuvenate them. When they got hard, again, Robert put me on my back. I gripped him with my legs, raising my ass to aid in his penetration, again while sucking on the other cock. This time Robert stayed on me until he came. James, fully ready now with additional sucking from me, hoisted me up while standing so I could wrap my legs around his waist. I reached down to aid in penetration of my sopping pussy, then hooked my arms around his neck, kissing him as he raised and lowered me on his pole. The contact with my clit was amazing and produced another shaking orgasm. Robert went a different way initially, to not be outdone by James. I was lying on the bed when he bent over, had me move my legs up past his head, then grabbed me around the waist and stood up. His mouth went to my pussy which was right at his chin. His cock was at my head so I opened my mouth and engulfed as much as I could. This didn’t bring either of us to climax but it was exciting. He brought me back to the bed where we finished off with me on my front, pressed into the bed and him fucking me from behind with his fingers tormenting my clit. After one more break, I sucked them each off one last time, requiring much more effort to finally accomplish it. Images in my mind of being strapped to the bed posts with dildos and vibrators in my holes while being lightly flogged over my breasts and clit flooded my mind.

My physical workout with the guys were generally done with me wearing a smallish sports bra and tight-fitting shorts, though they teased me endlessly to do it naked. I relented one day and we only got a partial workout in due to being m*****ed on the bench press bench.

Squats had become a big part of the workouts. Some days were with heavy weights and other days were with light weights or no weight to build up endurance and form. One day when it was supposed to be heavy weights, I found a stool in the area I normally did the weighted squats. On top of the stool was a black dildo barely smaller than their cocks. I looked at the guys with concern but they motioned me over, putting me into proper location with the bar on my shoulders after removing my shorts. The bar had only two – 10# plates on each side (I had worked up to 45# and 35# plates on each side for heavy days) so this was like another light day … except for the dildo.

Robert stood in front of me while James went in back. Robert gave me the instructions for the movement, “This isn’t a strength movement. This is all about controlling your body. To a large extent, much of all this is very beneficial to enjoying and giving good sex … endurance, control over your body’s movement, flexibility, and strength. We want you to do your normal squats in perfect control of your body so you will feel the head of the dildo and YOU move your body over it properly so you can fill that hot pussy of yours.”

I shook my head and started the movement. It was harder than you might think. Not being able to use my hands to guide the dildo and using your leg, butt, and core strength so that I didn’t drop too fast, be able to stop at the first touch of the dildo, then move forward, backward, or side-to-side very slightly for the dildo to part my pussy lips and enter. Only then to control my further descent over the artificial cock. It was much harder than I thought and my muscles were shaking and sweat forming after only a half dozen squats. Then, I was told to stop and James was doing something. On the next squat something was very different. The dildo didn’t have a massive head I had to wiggle my pussy over, this time the dildo had a pointy tip that easily parted my lips and entered me. As I descended over it, my pussy was opened more and more as the width increased. I started moving back up but was told to move further down. Just a little further down I encountered a much wider part that took more effort to get in. My pussy enjoyed the feel of the invading cocks and closed around them. This sudden change in thickness required me to almost have to push down for it to gain entrance. When it popped in, I gasped as a ball shape was now inside me. The shaft under the ball was much narrower. When I rose up, I encountered the issue. My pussy closed and the ball was suck inside. The weight on my shoulders made the effort harder as I had to maintain some form to not overly strain some other muscles or joints.

When I was standing, I racked the bar and turned around. Attached to the stool was a dildo shaped just as I imagined from the experience in my pussy. “What the hell?” I looked at the two guys who had obviously enjoyed my efforts very much. “What is that?”

James loosened the suction cup and handed it to me. “It’s a duplicate of a dog’s cock. That ball is what naturally forms when the dog has mated with his bitch. I guess it is nature’s way of trying to increase insemination of species by trapping the seed inside the bitch.”

Robert was behind me and released me from my sports bra and covered my breasts with his hands. “How did it feel?” He tweaked my nipples. I allowed my head to fall back against his chest as James came up to me from the front. He covered my mouth with his, his hands moving down my sides, one slipping güvenilir bahis siteleri between my legs that parted without my conscious thought. “Tell us, Em (my new nickname from these two). What did it feel like?”

I groaned under the attention. This was no longer unusual for me. Sex had very quickly become a standard part of my life. It might be teasing my body with displaying it, feeling it, toying with or I might be taken quickly in private or where others might easily encounter us. And, like so many other times in my day, I now needed some release. I knew what they were trying for and it was true.

“It was different.” I moaned as both pinched nipples and clit. “I’ll leave it at that. I thought …” I pressed my groin toward James, “… I … thought … I was going to cum.”

“What about now? Now that you know it is a dog cock? What do you think about it?”

Yes, I knew. I told them, “Oh, fuck … NO. An a****l? An a****l cock?”

They continued the tease, “Disgusting?”

I moaned under their stimulation. James knew I was dripping as he fingered me. Hell, Robert knew I was dripping even though he wasn’t touching me there. “Disgusting? … oh, yesssss … you guys … I … don’t know … what’s disgusting, anymore. But, so different and … it’s supposed to be wrong. I mean a … yesss, mmmmmmm … I mean a woman and dog?” I looked at James in front of me, “You won’t make me, will you? I mean … maybe … sometime, but I … don’t want to … not yet.”

There hands left me and if Robert had moved, I would have fallen backwards. I looked at them with frustration and desperate need. James was already opening the sliding door to the side of the patio. Robert took my hand and led out after him. We walked across the patio to the grass where James blew a whistle. From the side of the house came Duke, the German Shepherd at full run.

James had a devilish grin on his face as Duke sat in front of us, his tail wagging.

“You guys … I asked, no.” They smiled and I noticed Duke’s nose in the air straining in my direction. Then, it hit me … he was picking up my scent. The guys had me worked up, my pussy dripping and the dog had identified that.

They looked at me and smiled. What they saw was a slut in heat. My nipples were harder than ever, my hand with between my thighs with two fingers stroking my slit and clit. When I saw them watching, I suddenly realized and very self-consciously pulled my fingers away.

Robert’s eyes lit up. “Offer your fingers to him.” Jeez, what was he up to? I didn’t think they would force me to do something I really didn’t want to do, but I was too curious now. I lowered my fingers and the dog moved forward sniffing. His nose touched my fingers and began lapping with his tongue. They both came up to me with hands on my shoulders, pressing down, they softly encouraged me, “Lay down and open your legs. We know you want that tongue on you …”

Did they know me so well already or were they now comfortable that the slut was coming out of me more and more and ready for the next thing given me? Was I really opening up that fast? Did they somehow sense my mind might accept being licked but not fucked by a dog? Did I even know that difference consciously? But I did as they suggested. Don’t over think … accept … experience. The thoughts weren’t even conscious as much as a mantra deep inside me.

I lay down and spread my legs, bending my knees and splaying them out to the sides. The dog sniffed his way to my wet, displayed pussy in a moment and was lapping with his wide tongue immediately.

I heard the comments from the guys, but I was quickly slipping into a new state of euphoria. It only took me a moment to get past the idea that a dog was licking my pussy with his tongue frequently parting my lips, then another moment to get past any remaining hesitation about enjoying it so much. As much as I always enjoy the guys eating my pussy, Duke was doing it soooo much better.

When I orgasmed on Duke’s lapping tongue, I would have been VERY happy to remain just as I was for much more, but the guys had a different agenda and the dog’s licking me was only the beginning.

They moved in, separating Duke from my pussy, then encouraging me physically and verbally to roll over and get onto my hands and knees. I was still feeling the effects of the orgasm and not considering what might happen next. My body and mind didn’t care. It was so good I wanted more of something and it seemed the guys had something in mind for me so I just let them maneuver me how they wanted.

I felt something at my ass and my mind snapped into attention. ‘NO!’, my mind screamed. A tongue, but not … until I realized the feeling on my ass wasn’t the dog, it was hands. I glanced over my shoulder to find Robert aiming his cock to my gaping pussy. Then, my cheek was being touched. My attention going from my ass to my face, back and forth. James had his cock at my face. I opened my mouth automatically as Robert pushed his cock into me.


I was filled, again. Two big, black cocks at each end. My mind forgot about the dog instantly as I focused on the big cock in my mouth pushing at my throat while the cock in my pussy began taking me to another mountain peak of arousal. I was stuck between two cocks, unable to influence what was happening to me. The thrust on each end weren’t synchronized resulting in sometimes being bangs in opposing directions at the same moment or banged into the opposite cock. Soon, James’ cock was deep in my throat as Robert’s cock pushed at the depths of my vagina. Fuck after fuck these two stretched my ability to take cock in my pussy, ass, and throat. I loved their cocks! They were the ones who made me feel like the slut I desired to be. But my mind was going blank … not u*********s blank, but deliriously aroused blank. My mind was past anything but the fucking I was taking, enjoying, receiving, accepting … wanting!

After the three of us came, almost on top of each other, I fell completely to the ground. In time I was aware of the comments from behind me. “Jeez, have you EVER known anything like that?” “Fuck, I’ve never even dream of anything like that.” “Hottest thing I’ve seen … or felt.”

I rolled over onto my back, raised my head to find the guys looking down at me. I rose to my knees and crawled to them. I cleaned both of their cocks with my mouth and tongue. Once completed with that, I fell back onto my back and looked up at the guys. James’ face was a look of awe. Robert managed to speak, “Damn, girl … what a slut.”

James jumped in with, “Fuck, yea … of course, we mean that in a good way. What got into you?”

I smiled up at them, raised my knees and spread them out wide. Their eyes immediately dropped to my gaping pussy I was sure was still leaking cum. I put my arms out, “You two got into me,” I giggled. “I guess I was relieved you weren’t going to force me to do the dog.”

“We won’t do that Em. We’ll push your limits, for sure, but not where you don’t ever want to go.”

James, add, “We understand. No way we’re going to see you hurt and that includes being forced to do something you truly object to.”

I smiled, “That’s why I trust you guys completely.” I put my arms out to them, “Anyone for sloppy seconds?”

* * CHAPTER 4: SLUT IS ATTITUDE will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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