Double Tease and Denial

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“Hi sweetie, how was your day?”

My wife, Patricia, greeted me at the door with a smile, and not much else. She had panties on.

“Good, but I’m tired. It’s been a long week.”

Patricia let me put my shoulder bag down before she took me in her arms and kissed me. I held her in my arms for a while before I heard her say, “Richard’s coming over tonight.”

Great. Now instead of spending the evening relaxing, I’ll spend the night locked in the basement. I do that for her so Patricia and Richard can have the rest of the house to themselves.

I let out a sigh and followed Patricia upstairs to the bedroom. It was a few minutes after 6. After I undressed, I stood in the corner with my hands behind my back. Patricia went into the bathroom to take a shower.

While Patricia was in the shower, I thought about how much I enjoy her sexually teasing me. She has total control of my orgasms. She keeps my cock locked up in a stainless steel cock cage. The only time she takes the cage off is when she teasingly masturbates me.

Once or twice a week, Patricia has me undress and lie down on the bed. She chains my wrists together to the headboard, and my ankles together to the footboard. After I’m chained securely to the bed, she gets the cock cage key from her jewelry box, and unlocks my cock cage.

My cock cage key hangs from a gold necklace. She wears the necklace when we go out together, or when she goes to see Richard. If anyone asks her about the key, she calmly tells him or her about my cock cage and how she sexually teases me.

After Patricia puts the key away, she takes off her clothes, and straddles my thighs. She puts baby oil on her right palm, and strokes my cock. Since I’m locked up, it doesn’t take long for me to get hard and ready to cum.

Patricia’s masturbated me hundreds of times, and she can feel through her fingertips when I’m about to cum. Right when I’m almost ready to cum, she calmly takes her hand away. She’ll say something like; “I need to stretch my fingers for a while.” She waits until I get flaccid enough that the head of my cock is touching my abdomen or leg before she resumes stroking.

Patricia brings me to the edge of orgasm anywhere from 6 to 12 times. Then, she’ll stop, clean my cock and balls with a washcloth, and wait for me to calm down enough to lock back up. Sometimes, she’ll squat over my face and have me get her off orally once or twice. Afterwards, she’ll lie on the bed next to me relaxing, while my cock throbs from her teasing.

Around once a month, after the edging, Patricia will let me have an orgasm. It’s usually a big explosion. She’ll lie on the bed next to me for a while, clean up my cock and balls with a washcloth, and lock me back in the cock cage. After the cock cage is securely locked on, she’ll unlock my wrists and ankles from the bed.

Patricia also has total control of her orgasms. I use my mouth, hands, or vibrators to help her orgasm as much as she desires. Depending on how she feels, I help her have about 20 — 30 orgasms a month. I’m pretty sure she masturbates while I’m at work as well.

About two years ago, Patricia decided she wanted a boyfriend. We weren’t fucking, and we weren’t going to fuck. Patricia and I talked, and I saw bahis firmaları how much she missed fucking. I wanted her to be happy and sexually fulfilled, so I gave her my blessing to find a boyfriend. She met Richard a month or so later, and has been seeing him since.

Once or twice a week, she goes over to Richard’s place to spend the night. She comes home the next morning, after I’ve left for work.

About a year ago, Patricia told me that she wanted Richard to come over and spend the night once in a while. She gave me a week to figure out where I would spend the night while Richard was in our home. I decided I would lock myself in the basement, so they would have the rest of the house to themselves.

Patricia came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head. She sat down at her make-up table. I liked the way she looked with no makeup, but she always made herself up for Richard.

After Patricia finished putting on red lipstick, she got up and put on a red negligee. I liked seeing her naked, and she obliged me at times, but she always put a negligee on when Richard came over.

Patricia came over to where I was standing with the cock cage key and my Kali’s teeth cock cage. I wondered why she wanted me to wear the Kali’s tonight? Usually, she had me wear the Kali’s because she wanted to torment me.

Sometimes, Patricia has me wear the Kali’s when she’s relaxing in bed and I’m helping her have lots of oral orgasms. It’s difficult for me to ear her pussy and not get erect. Other times, she’ll walk around the house topless while I’m wearing the Kali’s. She knows how much her breasts arouse me, especially when all I can do is look at them.

Yep, I’m not allowed to touch my wife’s breasts without her permission. I have to earn my breast caressing time. Patricia lets me touch her breasts for 2 seconds for each orgasm I help her have. I have to accumulate at least a minute of time before she’ll sit down and let me caress her breasts. It’s another way for Patricia to tease me with her body.

Patricia unlocked my stainless steel cock cage, and locked the Kali’s on my cock. It hurt at first, but my erection subsided after a couple of minutes.

Patricia followed me into the basement. As I walked over to the corner of the basement, I saw a naked woman, on her knees, gagged with a whiffle golf ball gag, her wrists locked behind her back to the basement wall.

“Surprise!” Patricia exclaimed. Yep, I was surprised. Now I knew why Patricia locked the Kali’s on me. It was going to be a long, painful night, chained next to a naked woman. I saw that she had another whiffle golf ball gag in her hand. “Put this on, lock yourself to the wall, and I’ll explain.

I buckled the whiffle golf ball gag on my head, and knelt down on the floor by my chains. I locked my leather wrist restrains behind my back to the ends of the chains. I looked up at Patricia, and she was grinning.

“This is Richard’s wife. He came over before you got home, and locked her to the basement wall. She enjoys bondage and sexual teasing as much as you do. Richard and I thought it would be a great idea to introduce you two.

“However, we don’t want you talking to each other tonight. That’s why you’re wearing the whiffle kaçak iddaa golf ball gags.

“Oh, one more thing. If you touch her in any way, not only will I punish you, but I’ll let Richard punish you too.”

Patricia turned the baby monitor on, and went upstairs. It was just before 7. I sat down on the floor. She turned the basement light off when she reached the top of the stairs.

When I could see again in the dim light, I saw that the woman was still on her knees. I relaxed as much as I could. I knew we were spending the night locked in the basement. I wondered if she knew?

After a few minutes my eyes adjusted enough that I could see the woman better. She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair and nice size breasts. Her areolas were amazing. They had to be at least 4 inches in diameter. Her nipples looked like little dark brown bumps on a tropical island. I winced as Kali’s teeth dug into my arousal. Yep, Patricia had found a new way to torment me.

Around 8:15, I heard the doorbell ring through the baby monitor, and smiled. Finally, I’d have something else to distract me from the naked woman’s breasts. Something that would cause me less pain from Kali’s teeth. Richard was here. I heard them greet and walk into the dining room over the baby monitor.

I heard Richard ask, “What’s for dinner?”

“Sirloin steak, mashed potatoes, and peach pie for dessert,” Patricia replied.

My stomach growled. I hadn’t eaten since lunch and wouldn’t be eating until tomorrow afternoon. I wondered when the woman last ate.

The woman had been kneeling upright since I locked myself in the basement. I saw that she was still on her knees but almost sitting on her ankles. I’d seen petite women do that, but not a woman as curvy as her.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the dinner conversation. It was the kind of dinner conversation any couple might have. The woman and I weren’t mentioned.

After dinner, Richard and Patricia went into the living room and turned on the TV. As to whether or not they watched TV, I have no idea. If Patricia wanted to say something and not let me hear it, all she had to do was turn the baby monitor transmitter off.

The TV was on for a couple of hours. Sometime during that time, the woman went back to kneeling upright.

Richard and Patricia went upstairs to the bedroom around 11. Soon afterwards, the sounds of sex came over the baby monitor. I don’t think they were putting on a performance, but it’s hard to be sure. They were definitely more enthusiastic than I was used to hearing.

I was more interested in the woman’s reaction. When she heard the sounds of sex, she rocked back and forth on her knees, like she was getting fucked. I could see by her erect nipples that she was aroused listening to the fucking.

After a while, I heard Richard command, “Slave, you can relax now.” The woman sat down. I was impressed that she could kneel for so long. Sure, the floor was carpeted, but the sub-floor under the padding was concrete. I don’t think I could kneel for that long unless I was bound in a kneeling position.

I was tired, so I lay down as best I could. The woman and I were sharing a corner of the basement, and there wasn’t much choice in the way I could lay kaçak bahis down. My head was facing the corner. After a while, the slave woman lay down with her head facing the corner. I couldn’t touch her, but I could hear her breathe.

When I woke up, the basement was brighter from the morning sun. I looked over at the clock on the opposite wall. It was 6 in the morning. During the week, I get up at 3:30 to get ready for work, and sleeping chained and naked on the floor doesn’t lend itself to a long night’s sleep. For me, this was the most boring time.

The slave woman woke up around 7:30. She sat up, and we sat in the basement looking at each other until Richard and Patricia woke up a bit after 10. Well, they may have woken up earlier. We heard the sounds of fucking a bit after 10.

The slave woman closed her eyes and her nipples hardened to the sounds. I was amazed at how much she seemed to really enjoy listening to her husband fuck my wife. I don’t ever fuck Patricia. I wondered if Richard fucked the slave woman.

About 15 minutes after the sex sounds stopped, I heard Richard command, “Slave, stand up.”

The slave woman stood up. I saw that she was wearing black stiletto ankle strap pumps. The heels had to be 5 inches, maybe 6. No, there was no platform, either. I also noticed that she was wearing a leather chastity harness. The leather was a light tan, almost the same color as her skin.

I heard the shower running. After 25 minutes, I heard Richard and Patricia heading to the dining room for brunch. Again, I won’t bore you with the conversation. They talked about when they would see each other again.

In times past, this was about the time that Richard would leave, and Patricia would come down to the basement and unlock me. But with the slave woman here, I had no idea what was going to happen next. I was hungry and thirsty, and I assume the slave woman felt the same way.

About 12:30, Patricia came downstairs with two plates of food. She put my plate down on the floor in front of me. She brought a TV tray table over, placed it in front of the slave woman, and put her plate on the TV tray table. There were scrambled eggs and buttered toast on the plates. I heard her laughing as she went back upstairs. Since the slave woman and I were chained and gagged, all we could do was look at the food.

A few minutes later, I heard the TV through the baby monitor. It appeared that Richard and Patricia were going to make a day of it. Now, I wondered how long we were going to stay chained in the basement.

A couple of hours later, I heard Richard command, “Slave, you can relax now.” The slave woman sat down on the floor. By this time, the food was cold and no longer tempting.

Around 3, Patricia came downstairs. She looked at the plates, looked at us, and said, “Well, I guess you weren’t hungry. You won’t mind if Richard and I spend another night together before we unchain you. I heard her laughing as she went back upstairs.

Richard came down the stairs about 10 minutes later. He took the keys off the hook on the wall, and unlocked his slave. He helped her up, and helped her upstairs. About 20 minutes later, Patricia came downstairs and unlocked me.

After I took a shower and got dressed, Patricia made me a nice lunch. A turkey sandwich and potato salad, with all of the cantaloupe slices I could eat.

I wondered when I would see Richard’s slave woman again? I wondered if I would get to talk to her?

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