Don’t tell Daddy Ch. 03

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***This is the story of Katie and Scott, which began in chapter one but with an added twist. This story is fictional and while Katie is based on a real acquaintance, the events of this story never occurred, at least not to my knowledge. The characters are all above 18 and none are truly related.***


A few months had passed since Katie and her “Uncle Scott” had hooked up. She rarely thought about it anymore but it had been several weeks since Derek had last passed through town and she was, well, in a word horny.

Scott Smith feels his phone vibrate and pulls it out to see a text from Katie.

“You busy?” It read.

Typing back he answers “not really, Johnny and I are hanging out at Earl’s.” Which Katie knew was their group’s watering hole of choice.

“Oh… (Frown emoji) nevermind.” She texts back.

He feels a familiar tingle of hope and tries to nonchalantly reply. “What’s up?” His friend Johnny notices the texting and asks.

“Ashley busting your balls again?” With a snort before taking a draw on his beer bottle. The next text causes Scott to almost drop his phone and Johnny gets a brief glimpse of the screen. “Who the fuck is that?” Seeing a nearly nude picture of a brunette in a sheer pink negligé but not seeing her face and knowing that Scott’s wife is bleach blonde. He grabs the phone from his buddy, whose reflexes are a little impaired after four beers. Seeing a familiar face now in the picture, with the caption ‘mom and dad are at grandma’s again.’ Johnny immediately recognizes Katie Wilson, their friends Mike’s 22 year old daughter. When did she get to be so hot, Johnny thinks before his trance is broken by the enormity of the situation. Johnny looks up at Scott and then almost falls off the chair as he starts to laugh. “Mike is going to kill your skinny ass and then Ashley is going to throw what’s left in the wood chipper.”

Scott begins to panic and tries to make an excuse but instead says “It was just one time and I honestly didn’t think It’d ever happen again.” Scott stammers as his eyes are downcast, trying to avoid Johnny’s gaze and he tries to unsuccessfully take his phone back.

Feeling it vibrate again, Johnny rips it back to see the latest text. “What did your dumb ass do Scott?” he shakes his head in disbelief at his friend. “I was just thinking that the two of you were you know sexting. Are you telling me that you fucked Mike’s daughter?” He says a little too loudly as his friend Scott looks around to see if anyone else heard him. Johnny feels the phone vibrate in his hand a second time.

“You there?” Katie texts wanting a response.

Johnny looks at the screen for a few seconds, studying the picture of his friend’s nearly nude daughter and feeling his cock stiffen. Wondering now what that tight little body would feel like and how those sweet lips would look sucking on his cock . “Yeah but this is Johnny.” He types. “We need to talk little girl. Scott and I are coming over.” He grabs Scott by the arm pulling him up and slapping two $20.00’s on the bar top, motioning at the bartender that they are closing out. “Let’s go!” he says pushing Scott to the door ahead of him.

“Fuck!” Katie says out loud, staring at the screen in her hand in disbelief. ‘Uncle Johnny saw the picture she sent to Scott’, she’s thinking to herself. What am I going to do? Should I leave? She thinks. Looking at the picture she can clearly make out her nipples, her breasts, pretty much everything through the light pink sheer material. She feels herself getting wet at the thought of having casino siteleri exposed herself to another of her dad’s friends but panicked none the less. “Fuck!” She exclaims again.

Johnny is part pissed off and part aroused as he climbs into his truck. “What the fuck Scott?” He mumbles to himself, staring at his friend. Still mulling over what he’s going to say to Katie, knowing exactly what he wants to do to her after seeing that photo and knowing about she and Scott fucking makes matters worse. It’s a temptation he doubts he’d be able to resist. No way she’s still half naked he muses as he hits the gas. No use giving her any extra time to change, he thinks grinning to himself as he beats a red light.


Katie watches the headlights cross into the circular drive and illuminate the front of the house momentarily. She listens as the truck doors shut and then the dreaded knock on the door. She lingers for a second before moving to the door now wearing a robe over the sheer nightie, not having attempted to change, only covering up a little. She opens the door and silently moves aside and let’s the two enter. She feels Johnny’s glare burning into her as he moves past her. “Uncle Johnny, I can explain.” She finally mutters.

“Okay. I’m listening and I don’t think you need to be calling either one of us Uncle anything.” He says. Exchanging looks between the two others in the room.

“Okay” she almost whispers. “Scott came over to see daddy but he wasn’t here and it just kind of happened. He and Ashley were having issues and it was just sex, you know?” She rambled looking up at him pitifully with her big brown eyes.

“No, I don’t know.” Johnny snaps back. “Your dad is going to freak!” He says loudly concentrating on Katie now. “What about tonight? Was that just going to happen too? What about Ashley? You don’t care if you break them up?” Lecturing Katie now as if she was his own daughter.

“They don’t have to know!” She pleads.

“How is that supposed to work?” He asks and Katie freezes not knowing what to say in reply.

Scott who had been quiet up until this point blurts out. “She likes you too.”

Katie’s eyes go wide in disbelief that this is what he decides to contribute to the conversation. “SCOTT!” She groans through gritted teeth.

Johnny looks to Scott, then to Katie and then back at Scott. “What do you mean?” He asks. “What does he mean?” He asks looking back at Katie, whose eyes immediately look straight at the floor. “Katie?” She hears him say.

“Well, it’s not entirely untrue. It was more of a joke than anything but I mentioned you as another one of Daddy’s friends that I’d, well, strip for.” She looks up slowly and sees Johnny’s jaw open slightly in disbelief.

“You stripped? For Scott? Like a show?” He asks still trying to process this latest revelation.

“Well, sort of I guess? That was all I intended but then I saw his cock and it was big and thick. So I decided to give him a blow job and things just sort of got out of hand from there.” She sits and awaits his judgement. “Please Johnny, don’t tell daddy and I promise it’ll never happen again.”

Johnny looks at her for what seems like hours to Katie. “That’s not going to work, it’s going to be happening again.” He says finally. “Get up!” He says sternly. She hesitates which causes him to repeat himself. “Get up!” Johnny starts to undo his belt.

“Johnny.” Scott begins to protest but is cut off by Katie.

“It’s okay Scott.” She stands as she watches Johnny open his pants.

“Get güvenilir casino over here!” Johnny commands Katie. “And loose the robe.”

She moves slowly towards Johnny taking the robe off letting it fall to the ground. She sees him reach into his pants and pull out his own thick cock for her. Examining her body which is now plainly visible for both men to see. While not fully erect he seems to be Scott’s equal, she thinks, if not a little bit bigger. Johnny standing at 6’2″ and 200 pounds was in slightly better shape than Scott. Also given his 50th birthday was a few months in the rearview mirror, in great shape compared to most men his age. Johnny was slightly grey, with mostly brown hair, steel blue eyes and he was definitely the alpha of the two, which Katie found herself drawn to in the current situation.

Scott decides to chance his luck and moves over to where the two now stand. Johnny and Scott watch as she sinks to her knees in front of Johnny. The negligé not hiding any of her body. Certainly not her perky breasts and erect nipples standing up under the see through material.

“That’s fucking hot.” She hears Johnny say as she grabs his now erect cock and kisses the tip while looking up at her dad’s two buddies. Scott his other friend taking up position next to them with his now hard cock in hand, stroking it as he watched. “You going to suck me or just play with it?” Johnny asks. He’s rewarded with Katie’s mouth moving over the head and down the shaft. He watches as she pleasures him with her mouth and tongue. Sliding up and down the length with her mouth she reaches up and grabs Scott’s hard cock, beginning to jerk him while bobbing back and forth on Johnny’s length. The moans from the three of them are intermingled and filling the room. Finally Johnny takes hold of Katie’s ponytail and pulls her off of his cock.

He’s much more forceful Katie thinks to herself as she looks up with tear filled eyes, from the slightly painful hair pulling. “Are you going to fuck me now?” she asks, wanting a cock in her pussy and not really concerned about whose that would be at the moment.

“Damn right I am!” He replies pulling her to her feet and marching her down the hall to the where the bedrooms are. They reach Katie’s bedroom and go in without so much as a look or a word between the two of them. Scott follows unsure at first but wanting to be a part of whatever this was. Scott then watches as Katie without any prompting removes the nightie, pulling it off over her head leaving her naked for Johnny as he strips in front of her. The two then begin to kiss, Johnny’s hands kneading one of Katie’s small tits the other hand on her firm heart shaped ass. Scott late to the party is left to watch. Johnny manuevers Katie without words into position on her bed, putting her on her hands and knees facing away from him. She looks back at Scott, motioning to him he thinks with her eyes for him to join them.

Finally in motion, Scott removes his clothing and joins Katie on the bed as she leans forward, moaning and exclaiming “fuck! That’s big!” Johnny pushing his cock forcefully into her over and over again. As she has become accustomed to Katie begins to cum from the cock inside of her stretching her tight pussy. Her moans an almost rhythmic series of “Oh’s” she grips Scott’s cock in her hand and Johnny’s with her pussy as the orgasm crests. She looks up at Scott smiling when it ends and maneuvers his thick cock to her mouth. The two “buddies” of her dad now spit roasting Katie on her own bed.

Johnny able to move again canlı casino now that she’s finished cumming forcing her deeper onto Scott’s cock with each thrust. “Look at that little cock slut.” He says watching her being impaled at both ends. He thrusts harder and hears her gagging on Scott’s thick cock but doesn’t slow his pace, trusting that she’ll somehow figure it out.

Katie is in heaven even though she’s being treated roughly by Johnny. She’s never had two cocks at once before and definitely not been called a “cock slut.” At least never that she’d heard. It somehow made her hornier wanting to live up to the mantle. She wanted to cum again but knew that would slow Johnny’s assault on her pussy so she tried to hold it off. Until…

Johnny grips her hips tightly and begins to thrust violently into her causing her to have to pull Scott out of her mouth. He begins pounding against her ass until she feels him clenching her hips even tighter with a final thrust his cock contracts sending his cum shooting deep inside of her. “FUCK!” She screams as she starts to cum again milking Johnny’s cock with her contractions and squeezing Scott’s in her hand.

Scott seeing Johnny pull out knows that they’re both done but he’s not and he finally takes charge after witnessing one of the hottest things that he’s ever seen. He pulls Katie forward and gets her on her back, he quickly moves between her legs and pushes his cock into her now sloppy but still very tight pussy. Katie content to being fucked again moves at his direction making it a smooth transition between cocks.

Johnny takes up a spot on his knees next to Katie’s face and lowers himself to where she is able to begin licking and sucking him clean. “You love these big dicks don’t you Katie?” He moans as her hand closes around his cock and she looks up at him, those brown eyes gleaming like he’d never seen before. “Don’t worry kid, I won’t tell your dad.”

Scott thrusting hard into her now knows that he’s close to loosing it as well but wanting to feel her sweet pussy squeezing him like the first time they fucked and he’s sure that Johnny just experienced at least once. He watches her gobble Johnny’s cock up again with an eagerness he’s only seen in a porn movie. “Fuck, you look hot with a cock in your mouth.” He says as she licks and sucks on his friend’s big dick. It doesn’t take him long to feel the urge to cum and he begins to fuck her wildly.

Katie again pulls the dick from her mouth as she is being pounded relentlessly. Her “Uncle Scott” more than adequate and her arousal level off the charts the two of them cum almost simultaneously. He thrusts deep and she wraps her legs around him pulling him tight against her as she moans and screams his name. “Scott!! Fuck!”

Johnny backs away taking in the scene, wanting to continue to wear this tight little body out but knowing that his wife is going to be looking for him soon, if she’s not already. He starts to get off the bed as the two break from their embrace. She looks up at him hopeful, almost pouty. “No more.” He says and after a long pause. “Tonight” with a wink, which draws a grin from Katie. “I’ve got to get home before I get myself into a world of hurt.” He tells her as he gathers his clothes to get dressed.

Scott gives Katie a long deep kiss before remembering that she had just used her tongue to clean her buddy’s dick. “Oh well.” He thinks to himself, too late now as he pulls back and gets up to dress as well.

The three of them say their goodnights at the front door, Katie still nude. Both men kissing her and feeling her tits and ass once more before leaving. Still horny after a night full of firsts for her, she closes the door behind them. Her vibe awaits, along with the memory of their activities and the fantasies of nights the three will have in the future.

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