Domme on a Leash

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“Look can we just call the whole thing off? We were both drunk last night and things got a little out of hand. Maybe we could settle the wager another way?” Makayla argued, obviously displeased with the whole concept. The tall ebony woman seemed a little flustered, she who was normally so in control of everything. She was truly a beautiful woman, with thick luscious black hair down to the bottom of her back and deep passionate brown eyes Her figure was full and curvy, with natural 38 DD breasts that turned heads wherever she went and one of those asses that just seemed to have that perfect, lovely heart shape.

Her best friend Courtney laughed and shook her head “Oh no girl. You are not sneaking your way out of this one. You lost fair and square. Besides no one will recognize you at all with what I have planned.” She was everything Makayla was not physically. At just over five feet with a slender body, blonde hair with a hint of copper in it when it caught the light just right, and blue eyes which sparkled with playful intelligence. Everything about her made her seem frail and almost cherublike. Her angelic looks could be deceiving though, Courtney had a strong penchant for pain, particularly that of others.

They were standing in the living room of Courtney’s posh uptown apartment. At twenty seven years old, both girls earned a decent living and enjoyed the upper class lifestyle. They were both educated and intelligent women who liked to love life to the fullest.

Despite the physical contrasts between them, Makayla and Courtney were best friends and had been since childhood. They shared something else as well. Both were dominatrices and enjoyed being in control. They even rented a loft together that they had turned into their shared dungeon

Makayla protested a bit more “Come on Court. It was just a silly bet, besides how can you be so sure that no one will know it is me?” The bet had even been Makayla’s idea. Courtney and her had both brought a male submissive to their dungeon She had been certain that she could have brought her submissive to orgasm faster and had offered a little wager which the small blonde had been more than happy to accept.

Now as a result of that wager, Courtney would be in charge for a whole evening and she had something very special planned for her best friend. “I am sure Makayla, trust me. I would not take the risk of messing up our friendship over something trivial like having someone recognize you when we do this.”

The tall dark woman was unsure but Courtney insisted and finally ended up giving her a firm spank on the bottom and telling her she better stop arguing or things could be made to be much much worse. Makayla turned to her friend and gave the blonde her best pout.

Courtney burst out laughing and grinned as she gave her friend’s ass another firm swat “Don’t even try that with me girl, I have seen all your tricks since we have been friends all our lives. Trust me, everything will be fine” She stood up on the tips of her toes and gave her friend a gentle kiss.

The shorter woman lowered herself back down. She told her friend to wait a moment as she headed into her bedroom before returning, carrying a black latex bodysuit. The suit covered canlı bahis şirketleri from the neck down to the feet and had an armbinder worked into its design. Courtney ordered the ebony beauty to strip. Makayla glared back at her for a second and they shook her head in resignation before complying. She had lost the bet after all.

Makayla smiled at her friend and removed her top, then unclasped her bra, letting both fall to the floor at her feet. Jessica smiled as she saw her friend’s amazing breasts, plump and full but also firm and proud, crowned with nipples of the darkest brown, bordering on a blackish color. They were thick and erect, the perfect compliment to the girl’s massive tits.

The petite beauty helped her friend to step into the latex suit and began to pull it tight around her legs. Courtney worked one of the legs of the outfit up while Makayla pulled the other one up. It clung to her legs like a second layer to her skin. They continued to pull it up as Courtney smoothed out any small creases which formed in the latex. They got it up to the tall black woman’s waist and she then helped Makayla into the armbinder, pulling it up her long arms and finally over her shoulders before zipping it up from her navel to her neck. The busty beauty groaned a bit as her breasts were squeezed into the outfit as Courtney pulled the zipper shut. “Comfortable pet?” she asked her friend with a laugh, to which Makayla merely nodded.

Courtney laughed and gave her friend a playful yet firm smack on the ass “You know the rules Mak.. now respect them. You lost that bet so start playing by the rules of the punishment”

Makayla blushed and looked down, trying to hide her arousal as she whispered in a hoarse voice “Yes Mistress Eden, I am sorry” The use of Courtney’s domme name was strange to pronounce. She had heard it countless times from the lips of submissives who had served her friend over the years, but she had never once used it herself. Try as she might, she could not deny the effect saying it had on her pussy. She was aroused to call her best friend Mistress.

Courtney had been dealing with submissives for years and instantly recognized the signs of her best friend’s arousal, although she did not let on. The slow raspy breathing, the slight shiver in her body as she called Courtney Mistress Eden, and the soft lick of her lips were all dead giveaways. She smiled inwardly. She had never suspected that Makayla might be a switch. Perhaps the girl herself had never realized she had these submissive urges.

The diminutive Domme finished smoothing out the latex over her pet’s body and went back to her room , coming out with three light brown paper shopping bags. She set them down on the nearby table and rummaged through the first of them, pulling out a pair of 5 inch, locking ballet heels. She helped Makayla to sit back down and leaned in to help her into the heels, locking them in place on her feet and keeping her ankle tilted at a steep angle.

The next bag contained both a small red ball gag and a large dark leather hood. Courtney proceeded to gag her best friend, attaching it firmly in her mouth, before grabbing the hood to pull it over her head. It was a bit of a challenge getting canlı kaçak iddaa the girl’s dark hair into the hood, but Courtney had accounted for this and bought a slightly larger hood. Soon she was tying up the straps on the back and only Makayla’s mouth and eyes were apparent in the tight hood.

Out came the contents of the third bag, a thick black leather collar and a metal leash. She smiled as she ordered the taller woman, who was made even more so by the heels. Makayla struggled down to her knees as best she could and knelt up as her best friend attached the black leather collar to her neck.

The small blonde woman then leaned down herself to affix the metal leash to the collar and turned around, tugging on it and telling her friend to crawl behind her. She did not even give Makayla a chance to stand and she really had no choice but to follow on all fours behind her Mistress Eden. The buxom ebony beauty was starting to have serious doubts about all of this but it was of course much too late to protest now. She could do nothing but crawl helpless behind Courtney as she led her outside and to the car. She struggled to climb in, attached as she was in the armbinder and with those strict heels, finally managing to assume a somewhat comfortable position as Courtney buckled her belt before heading over to the drivers side and starting the car.

Courtney leaned over and pulled both of the eye holes on the hood closed, leaving Makayla entirely in the dark. She thought she managed to keep a decent sense of direction for the first few minutes but that soon fell apart as it became apparent that her Mistress of the evening was taking a devious pleasure in driving in circles to disorient her. She soon gave up entirely on trying to follow along and settled back as best she could while bound this way.

It was almost twenty minutes later when they pulled up and Makayla heard first the driver’s side door open and shut as Courtney, no wait, Mistress Eden stepped out of the car. She must not forget to address her as Mistress Eden tonight. A moment later the door to the passenger side of the car opened and she felt Mistress Eden’s small hand grab her by the elbow and help her out of the car

Mistress Eden placed a hand on the small of Makayla’s back and said, with a bit of laughter in her voice “Time to complete the outfit, pet” The tall, dark skinned beauty nearly moaned as she was called pet. She felt Mistress Eden wrap a long coil of rope around her thighs, coiling it around and around again until she had done so five times, she pulled the rope back down between the coils and cinched it nice and tight. The beautiful young Mistress was quite adept with the rope as she repeated the process at knee height and soon Makayla found herself quite severely hobbled.

Her arms still bound behind her and her eyesight blocked off by the hood, marching in the ballet heels, the tall woman was essentially helpless as her Mistress and best friend led her about by the leash. She was thankful for the flat even ground as she was led along. Her heart almost skipped a beat when she heard the voices of other people talking. She lost footing for a moment and it was all she could do to avoid falling to her knees.

Makayla canlı kaçak bahis heard a deep baritone voice welcome Courtney and she almost swooned as she recognized it. It was the voice of Brian, the doorman at Club Climax. Makayla was a regular at the club, but had never visited like this. She was suddenly very, very grateful for the gag. She whimpered as she heard Brian let them in, telling Mistress Eden to enjoy herself. She fairly swooned as Brian’s deep voice told her to have fun as well.

She was not too worried about being recognized as Courtney, well Mistress Eden and she had only come to the club together once, almost two years ago. Courtney opened her eyehole so she could see a bit and she found herself looking at the familiar club in a new way as she was led around on a leash by her friend. She could not deny that being here in this fashion was greatly arousing her. She could barely walk with her legs bound this way and stumble along behind Mistress Eden as best she could.

Mistress brought her to a table and had her sit opposite her. A waitress approached them and to her dismay, Makayla saw it was Sabrina. She was a friend and regular at the club when she was not working. She has often served the ebony dominatrix. Makayla had even drilled her to two orgasms with a strap on just the week before. She listened in a daze as Mistress Eden ordered for herself and informed Sabrina that her guest would not require anything. She was even more stunned when the waitress just walked away without a word. She felt very aroused as she realized this woman who had served her intimately less than a week before had failed to recognize her.

Mistress Eden reached under the table and gently caressed her thigh. Makayla whimpered weakly into the gag as she did so and she felt the heat between her legs double in intensity. In a strange way she felt empowered by the failure of both Brian and Sabrina to recognize her. It was as if the thin shell of latex encasing her body was a shield hiding her from the world and allowing her to experience something new within plain sight of people who knew her in a deeply different persona. She felt so deeply submissive to Mistress Eden and also so aroused to be able to experience this.

She left her guard down and the rest of the evening was one of the most enjoyable experiences of her life. She spent the entire evening gagged and encased in her shiny armor of fetish wear. It was in the early hours of the morning when she finally left the club, crawling on all fours behind Mistress Eden. She had not made it halfway across the parking lot before all the tension and stress left her body. She had made it through the evening and no one had found her out. The orgasms which overtook her were the most intense and satisfying she had ever experienced and she writhed on the floor as they hit her in waves. They came one after the other, each a little higher than the last until reaching a pinnacle of intensity, and then slowly diminishing until they faded into her core.

Mistress Eden had to almost carry her into the car and they only drove a short distance before she pulled over, tore Makayla’s hood from her head and kissed her with the deep urgent passion of a new lover. The kiss was true elation to both of them and it was a long, long time before either of them spoke again.

As they broke the passionate kiss, Mistress Eden said with a laugh “We have got to do that again.” Makayla could only smile and nod her agreement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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