Doing Dirty Debbie Ch. 04

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Chapter 1

After our last visit to the motel, we had not thought it terribly wise to return any time soon. They were probably still getting the smell out! However, that is not to say that opportunities did not present themselves. Debbie was still nervous and confused about her submission and conversion to toilet slave and whilst she would still ingest my waste on occasion when she was extremely turned on and in her “sub-space”, afterwards she would have a hard job reconciling her actions to her own self image.

I was still keen to push at her boundaries, though, and to find new ways to excite and amuse us. One such opportunity presented itself when she mentioned that she had recently befriended a lady who had moved to her sub division and who seemed in a similar position to herself – mid forties, divorced and with little desire to hit the bars and social scene. They had been to lunch together a couple of times and when her name came up in conversation – she was called Susan – I asked some more questions -at the right time and in the right way.

“So, Debbie,” I said. She was bent over grasping her ankles, her bright red ass showing the effects of a long and hard spanking, “Tell me about Susan.”

I took the paddle and hit hard on her right buttock, twice, then switched to her left. The crack echoed round the room, her beautiful ass cheeks jiggled, reddened more and relaxed.

“What do you want to know?” she murmured.

“Is she looking for a relationship or maybe just some cock, do you think?”

I returned to the attack, swatting hard and fast at her cherry red ass. Her body was glistening as the paddle continued its remorseless examination of her pain boundaries and her ability to absorb ever harder blows.

“I think right now she would just be happy to find a guy she could safely have sex with occasionally, she has too much going on for a relationship. But she’s kind of shy about going out and she’s nervous of internet sites so from what she says she doesn’t see much chance right now.”

The last came out in a hurry as the paddle finally began to get through to her. I moved behind her and shoved my cock into her glistening cunt. She moaned in satisfaction and pushed back as I gripped her hips and began to fuck her.

“What does she look like?”

“She’s short – about 5’3″ – and kind of round. You’d like her tits, they are pretty big on her.”

I continued to fuck her and reached round to frig her clit.

“Do you fancy her? I asked. “Would you like to squeeze her tits?

“Well…maybe…I’m not sure”

“I think you would, I think you would love to squeeze her tits and then eat out her cunt? Wouldn’t you?”

She was getting close to orgasm now, her cunt muscles gripping my cock. She didn’t reply. I stopped all motion.

“What’s wrong?” she whined.

“Just tell me – would you like to squeeze her tits?”


“Eat her cunt?”


“Lick her shit hole?”

No reply…

“Lick her shit hole?


“Say it!”

“I want to eat her cunt and lick her shit hole.”

At that I resumed the fucking and rubbed her clit hard until she spasmed on my cock, cumming hard.

At that I pulled out and told her to stay as she was. I walked over to my bag and took out my new toy – a rattan cane I had recently acquired. She looked over nervously as I walked towards her. I slowly stroked the cane over her ass.

“I think you are going to enjoy this,” I whispered.

I brought the cane back and took aim – it whistled down and exploded across her red and sore ass.

“Aaahhh..” she grunted. A response to pain is rare for Debbie – so this had obviously got to her. She swayed slightly in her stance. I waited for the pain to spread and then hit hard a second time, bringing up a second welt just under the first one.

“Mmm..” she groaned softly.

“Do you think she would like my cock in her cunt?” I asked suddenly.

The cane came down a third time, with a fearsome crack, biting deep and hard. Again she swayed slightly and grunted.

“Well?” I asked.

“Yes,” she murmured, “I think she would.”

“Would you like to see my cock in her cunt and lick her clit while I’m fucking her?”

Whack – the cane bit again.

“Yes. Oh God yes” she moaned.

“Want more?” I asked. She wiggled her striped ass in response. The pain had to be intense, she was shuddering now but wanted more.

The fifth hit went on the end of the first four and elicited another deep, satisfied grunt. I moved in position for the cross stroke to complete the gate. I slowly moved the cane down her ass, rubbing it gently in appreciation of her ability. I took it slowly back and could see her tense.

“Relax,” I whispered. she took a deep breath, letting it out slowly and I could see as she untensed her muscles, waiting like the good receptacle she is.

Thwack – the blow descended quickly and violently, the red weal crossing the other five. She bucked forward slightly but quickly regained her composure as my canlı bahis cock slid back up her cunt. She was so slick with juice I could hardly feel her, but she quickly got into rhythm and I reached round to rub on her hard clit, pinching it hard, which should have made her squeal, but only elicited a satisfied moan before she came long and hard, squeezing my cock with all her considerable might.

I pulled out and pushed her onto the bed where she kneeled with her red striped ass high in the air. I positioned myself behind her – we both knew what was going to happen now. My solid cock, wet with her juice, approached her brown shit hole. I positioned it up against her entrance and figured that no lube was needed – my cock was wet and anyway she needed to feel this. I started to push, her ring was tight and only a little greasy. She started to open and began to squeal as her the burn on her ring began. Another push, a few more millimeters in, a pant from her, a low moan and I keep pushing. This is sore on my cock as I get to her inner muscle and slowly open her up. One more push and my cock head pops into the inner space of her rectum.

“Aaahhh,” she squeals “God, oh God”.

“Ask for it you cunt,” I tell her. “Beg me to fuck your ass.”

“Oh fuck my sore ass, please. Fuck my ass. Fuck my shit hole. Ooohhh!”

This last as I push hard again, freeing my cock from its mid- point, and burying it deep in her. I feel the end of her rectum – the entrance to her colon, up against the end of my cock and give her some short, sharp strokes before settling into a steady rhythm.

“So,” I say. “Susan – set up drinks and dinner at your place next weekend. We’ll show her a good time. What do you say?”

“Mmm – all right.”

“Maybe I’ll show her how I fuck your ass. How you love to be my ass whore.”

I pull out and look down on her red ass and the gape of her open hole.

“I’ll let her see how your hole gapes open when I fuck it.” I said. She moans at the embarrassment in her head and I push back in, gripping her hips as I speed towards my climax, images of her gaping hole in my brain, the feel of her hot ass next to my groin, the smell of her ass wafting up as she starts to leak some brown juice.

“Come on my cock now you slut.” I command.

She reaches back quickly, rubbing her clit with hard strokes. Her ass contracts violently, milking the cum out of my cock and sending the room spinning round for me. I gasp and then pull out, my cock covered in cum and liquid shit, which is slowly running out of her ass and down her leg. I move round to her front and she slowly opens her eyes. Obediently her mouth opens and my rank, semi-stiff cock is swallowed up and given a thorough tongue cleaning; she swallows and licks, happy to be of service.

She finishes and I cuddle up to her on the bed. “That was great, ” I tell her. “But if we can seduce Susan, that could be amazing, don’t you think?’ She turns to me, gives me an evil grin and settles into my arms.

“I’ll do my best,” she promises.

Chapter 2

The arrangements had been made smoothly and by 6.30 that next Saturday I had already arrived at Debbie’s place. She had got it to herself for the evening so anything was possible. She was casually dressed in a low cut sweater with her best push-up bra pushing her tits well out from her body. A plain knee length black skirt looked conservative enough, but underneath she had on her best stockings and garter belt and, of course, no panties to obscure her beautiful bald cunt. Her clothes looked casual enough, nothing too obvious, but in a heartbeat a hand could be down the front of her sweater or her skirt could be flipped up.

As 7 p.m. approached I made her parade around with her skirt hoisted up. She had to bend over and part her ass cheeks while I closely examined and tickled her beautiful brown hole, inhaling the slight musk of her shit hole. Her cunt was already beginning to glisten wetly as arousal began to take over. Sitting now, she would rub her thighs together, so turned on she could scarcely sit still.

Then the doorbell rang and she hurried to greet Susan. A short, plump lady appeared with bobbed black hair and a homely face, a welcome sparkle in her eye. She was wearing a red sweater and when Debbie had said she had big tits, she wasn’t exaggerating. On a 5’3″ frame these must have been over 40″ with at least a DD cup. They wobbled invitingly as she came in and, on introduction, she gave me a warm hug which allowed me to feel how soft and mushy they were. I smiled over her shoulder at Debbie and mouthed, “Wow!” She smiled knowingly back.

She had reasonable definition to her body though, a little plump round the middle but then a full round ass encased in a skirt, similar to Debbie’s but with skin colored hose on underneath. With the introductions completed, I poured the ladies some wine and opened an IPA for myself. We settled into a rhythm of small talk and as Debbie served appetizers and finger food, Susan began to get stuck into the wine. Soon the innuendoes in the conversation bahis siteleri began and Susan was giving as good as she got, obviously enjoying the undertones of the exchanges.

Now I made an excuse and left the room, and as I exited, I heard Debbie ask Susan if she had made any progress towards a boyfriend recently. This was the critical part of our plan now unfolding. I left it a few minutes then moved into view of Debbie but where Susan could not see me. They were deep in conversation but Debbie caught sight of me out of the corner of her eye and casually reached up with her left hand to smooth her hair. This was our signal that all was going well and I could re-enter.

“There you are”, said Debbie with a smile. “Susan and I were talking about our sex lives just now.’

“What sex life?”, laughed Susan. “Nothing happening here!”

“Well, are you looking for a relationship or just a bit of fun?” asked Debbie.

“You know, with all I have going on I’d just like to be able to get laid with no strings attached occasionally.” She looked at me. “You must think I’m terrible,” she said, “Saying this in front of you and we’ve only just met…”

“Not at all,” I countered. “An attractive lady like you should have a good – no, great – sex life and not just you but some lucky guy is missing out on a lot.”

“Well, maybe we could help you,” Debbie ventured cautiously.

What, you know some guy who might fancy me, isn’t going to get hung up on a relationship, is someone I can get along with and is a good fuck?? Come on – tell me!”

Debbie got up and went to sit next to Susan. “I think you might find that Jon here meets all those requirements,” she said softly.

Susan’s face registered shock – she looked at Debbie to see if she was serious then over at me. I smiled encouragingly. “But – what about you?” she finally stammered.

I dropped into the space the other side of Susan from Debbie. “Susan”, I began “We like to be adventurous in all sorts of ways. Debbie is fine with it – providing,” I added, “That she can be there watching.”

I waited for this to sink in. She turned to Debbie who nodded and smiled encouragingly.

She turned back to me and I reached behind her to stroke her hair and looked her straight in the eyes. I descended towards her face, and meeting no resistance, kissed her warmly and deeply. Her tongue responded immediately and her whole body arched towards me. My right hand went to her left breast – it was huge and soft, even within her bra but I squeezed it hard and rubbed my fingers over the end to locate her nipple.

Susan pulled off me then. “These tits are amazing,” I whispered. “Are you feeling really adventurous now?” I asked in a sly tone.

“Why?” she murmured, as my hand continued to play with her huge tit.

“Well these are almost too much for one person to handle – do you mind if Debbie gives me a hand? You’ll have a lot more fun with two of us I think.” She looked puzzled and frowned. “Here, take a chance. If you don’t like it we’ll stop.”

I bent down to kiss her again and reached for her sweater, yanking it out of her skirt, giving access to the mounds underneath. I reached for her right tit and I heard Debbie whisk her own top off then reach for Susan’s felt tit. I quickly snuck my left had round the back and went to work on the bra fasteners – not easy but I soon had them undone and felt Susan tense as her mounds dropped down. I immediately felt for her nipple and felt Debbie doing the same on the other side. Her nipple turned out to be large and rubbery, stiffening as I rolled it between my fingers. I pulled out of our kiss and pulled her sweater all the way up to reveal her enormous, blue-veined mounds. Stretch marks across the upper surface showed the strain they were constantly under and they sagged, hanging low, not far above her waist.

Quickly Debbie and I whipped her sweater off and Debbie slipped her bra off too to join her friend topless on the couch. We glanced at each other then each dove for a nipple with our mouths. The nipple stiffened as I sucked on it and nipped it experimentally with my teeth. Susan groaned.

“Oh God, I don’t believe this,” she moaned. “You two are so bad.” We lifted her tits up and chewed more on her nipples. I reached over and gave Debbie’s right nipple a firm pinch and twisted it hard until she winced.

“Does she like it rough then?” asked Susan, with more than a spark of interest..

“It’s what she prefers,” I explained. “Debbie likes some pain with her pleasure and twisting her nips is just one of many things she likes.” There was a long pause.

“So do I,” murmured Susan.

I sat up and grabbed her nipple. Looking her in the eye, I pinched hard and started to twist, pulling the nipple out from her tit and causing the tit to lift up. A flicker of pain crossed her face, and then another as Debbie joined in on the other side, digging her nails into the nipple for added effect.

“Ooohh,” Susan squealed, “It’s been a while since anyone did that to me. Don’t worry, I’ll get used bahis şirketleri to it again.” She reached out and grabbed Debbie’s right nipple and gave it a solid twist and pull. The two locked eyes as each twisted the other’s nipple, trying to get a response. Then they pulled out , almost as if they were trying to pull the nipple off the tit and started yanking hard on each other’s nips. I had an idea.

“Ladies,” I said. “I think we can do better than that.” They looked at me. “Let’s have a tit torture contest and see who can withstand the most. Whoever loses – we’ll I’ll decide when we know who it is.”

I told the ladies to strip and in double quick time they were naked. While they were doing that I fetched our “bag of tricks” into the room and got out a few items for them to use. Susan’s naked form was impressive, her heavy blue veined tits hung low on her small body. She had a small round stomach and then a cunt with full labia with her hair trimmed short. Her ass was beautifully rounded and, to my eyes, perfect for a serious spanking. The girls were eyeing each other too.

“Have you been with other women?” Susan asked Debbie a little cautiously.

“Just a couple of times,” she replied, “But it is fun. Never with someone who likes what we like though,” she added with a smile.

“OK,” I said. “Let’s sort this out. You get a minute each to work on the other’s tits, this time will increase by 30 seconds for each round.. You can beg and moan as much as you like, but only the word “red” stops it. If you survive, the other one has to bring you to orgasm as a reward. I’ll tell you how each time. When one submits the other just has to survive a longer time unless they have already had their go for that round. First round hands and teeth only, after that you can use whatever you like. Right, let’s get this started.” I produced a coin. “Susan – heads or tails?”

“Heads,” she said nervously. I tossed – it came down a head. “Your choice.”

“I’ll go first,” she answered with a grin.

Susan grabbed Debbie by the hair, eliciting a gasp, and pulled her to the couch where she sat her down and knelt in front of her, between her splayed legs. I undressed and sat in a chair off to one side, stroking my cock in anticipation. As I motioned the minute had begun, Susan immediately grabbed a nipple in each hand and twisted mercilessly. She obviously wanted to try to get it over with quickly before Debbie could get high on the pain. She twisted each nipple hard and pulled out, stretching the tit out from her body, then digging her nails into the areola and the base of the nipple. Debbie flinched as she fought the pain but then grinned at Susan.

“Mmm – that’s so good,” she purred.

Susan looked shocked and pinched even harder, shaking the tit up and down, before grabbing the right tit and squeezing it hard as she brought her mouth down to bite the nipple. Debbie’s breathing got ragged and then Susan came up showing a set of teeth marks imprinted in Debbie’s tit and a small amount of blood coming from her nipple. She grabbed the two tits together and got a nipple into the grinding teeth on each side of her mouth and started to chew. Debbie’s tits were now hanging by her nipples as they were being chewed on. Debbie was gasping and squirming but it did no good, but already 45 seconds was up on the watch and it did not seem like a submission was coming. Susan abruptly pulled off and cradled Debbie’s right tit with her left hand, bringing her right hand down in a sudden flurry of blows to the breast and nipple. The tit was flaming bright red now but the watch ticked through to finish the minute.

“OK girls, end of the minute. Susan – rub Debbie off now. I’m sure she needs it.”

Susan put her thumb onto Debbie’s rock hard clit and rubbed frantically – in a matter of seconds Debbie exhaled hard as her orgasm hit. As she came to she looked down at her sore tits with a look that promised sweet revenge.

She told Susan to stand and bend from the waist and pulled an upright chair to sit in front of her. As I indicated the minute had begun Debbie launched a vicious assault on Susan’s jugs, slapping them with her open palm and alternating that with a series of shots to the nipples. The smacks resounded round the room and Susan started to squeal and whimper. Taking this as a sign of weakness, Debbie hit even harder and then suddenly grabbed the left tit with her hand, squeezing the huge mammary a few inches behind the areola. She hit the squeezed end hard then knelt down and took it in her mouth, biting down hard and appearing to chew on the stiff, rubbery nipple. She pulled off briefly and blood could be seen leaking from the nipple. Susan looked down and, taking a hand off her knee where she had been bracing herself, took her right tit in hand and said with a sneer, “So what did this one do wrong that you’re ignoring her?” With a snarl Debbie threw herself at the offered nipple, again biting hard and chewing fiercely and when the minute expired, blood was flowing from that breast too. Susan sat and spread her legs wide, showing the beautifully formed labia surrounding her sopping wet pink cunt. Debbie’s experienced fingers disappeared rapidly into her hole as her other hand sought her clit and Susan came rapidly with a long wail. One round each.

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