Doctor’s Physical Exam

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I recently had a very interesting doctor’s appointment.

It had almost been 10 years since I had been to the doctor and my wife was bugging me about getting a physical. At 54 years old, I could see the wisdom of her concern with all the problems men my age had with cancer and heart disease. When I finally relented, I found out my retired military insurance had changed and I had to find a new doctor off base. My HMO gave me a list of doctors to choose from, but all of the doctors close to home were not taking any new patients. I finally found a doctor about 13 miles away in a small town just to the west of the city who agreed to make an appointment for me in a week. It was on the way to work, so I asked for an early appointment, and the receptionist booked me for 8:00 am the following Monday morning.

I arrived at Dr. Pat Frazier’s office about ten minutes early for my appointment, and went through all of the preliminary paper work requisite to starting a new patient file. Once that was complete, the nurse escorted me back to an exam room and took my blood pressure, which was slightly high, and temperature, which was normal. She told me the doctor would be with me shortly.

I sat down in a chair and began to read all of the charts on the wall, learning about breast exams, cervical cancer, and other woman related medical conditions. It was almost as if I was in an OB-GYN clinic.

Before long I heard a knock at the door so I stood up, and to my surprise the doctor, wearing a white lab coat over a pink silk blouse and white pleated skirt, was a woman. She introduced herself as Patricia Frazier as she stuck out her hand. She was slightly plump, about 35 years old, and had a pretty face with soft reddish brown hair cut in a school girl pixie style. I shook her hand and sat back down as she pulled a chair over in front of me and sat down.

“Well why are you here today Mr. Roberts,” she asked?

I explained that it had been over 10 years since I had been to the doctor and my wife felt it would be a good idea to get a physical. She agreed, and noted my blood pressure was slightly elevated. She recommended some dietary changes before she would consider medication. I asked her what was her opinion of the Atkin’s diet, and she enthusiastically endorsed it. She then explained that she was going to give me a thorough physical, but that she recommended I see a specialist to get a colon exam as well, since I was over 50 years old, and they were recommended every five years. She also said they would draw some blood and send it off to the lab for some routine tests.

With that she stood up and told me to take off my shirt and my shoes and socks and sit on the exam table. As I began casino siteleri to unbutton my shirt, she turned toward the sink and began to wash her hands. I took this opportunity to look her up and down from the rear, and was pleasantly surprised to see she had a very curvaceous rear end. She also had very nice looking calves with thin ankles. As I sat down on the exam table she turned around I was able to sneak a quick glance at her ample bosom which filled the front of her lab coat. I also noticed the conservative V-neck pink silk blouse allowed just a hint of cleavage to show, but was very professional looking.

She began by listening to my heart and lungs. Her hands were very soft and warm to the touch on my back as she moved her stethoscope around on my chest. She then placed her hand on my chest and asked me to take several breaths, in and out, as she moved the cold stethoscope around my back. My nipples had hardened under the soft warm touch of her hands as she listened intently to my breathing. She then looked into my ears with one of those little pointed flash lights. Instinctively I breathed deeply through my nostrils in an attempt to discover what she smelled like as she hovered over me. She had a nice clean, freshly showered scent.

“Well every thing sounds OK and your ears are clear. Lie back an the table and lets take a look at your stomach,” she said. Obediently I lay back and she began to probe my abdomen with her soft hands. The touch of her hands on my bare flesh caused me to develop goose bumps. “Are you cold,” she asked? Of course I wasn’t, but I nodded in the affirmative, “A little bit.” She also check my feet, ubbing them inher soft warm hands.

“Well every thing seems to be fine so far,” she said. “We’ll go ahead and do a testicle exam, then check your prostate. Do you perform testicular exams on yourself,” she asked. I told her I did not do it routinely, but I had been told by my former doctor that it was a good idea. She agreed it was an important part of preventive medicine as testicular cancer was more prevalent than one would think. She told me to look for any knots or bumps on my testicles which could be tumors. She also explained she was going to check my prostate, but that she would need to call in the nurse during the procedure. I told her that would not be a problem.

“Just wait here a moment, and I’ll be right back,” she said as she left the room and closed the door behind her.

I was a little nervous about having to expose my most intimate body parts in front of this young doctor and her nurse, not so much out of embarrassment, but I was worried I might inadvertently become aroused, which would be embarrassing. She was young enough canlı casino to be my daughter, though her nurse was probably in her mid 40’s. It was somewhat erotic to me to think that a strange young woman was going to fondle my most private parts while another woman looked on. What would be going through their minds? Surely neither would consider it a sexual situation, even though I could feel my penis begin twitch and swell slightly, as my mind continued to dwell on the erotic aspect of it all.

I could hear the doctor talking to someone out in the hallway. She was discussing her children and her struggles to get them ready for school that morning. Here I was, worried about controlling my erection, and the doctor was totally oblivious to my predicament as she discussed the normal domestic concerns of a young mother.

Just then there was a knock on the door and in walked the doctor with her nurse close behind who closed and locked the door.

“Mr. Roberts, this is nurse Marsha. She is going to assist me in this part of the examination as we discussed. Now if you would just stand up here and drop your pants and underwear we’ll get started.”

As I stood up at the end of the exam table, the doctor sat down on her stool in front of me. I slowly began to unbuckle my belt and trousers and hooked my thumbs inside the waist band and pulled my slacks and boxers down to my ankles. As I stood up I could feel that my penis was slightly elongated but still hanging downward for the moment. I tried to think of anything else that would help me control myself as the doctor reached out with her left hand and cupped my heavy scrotal sac while she began to press the fat pad around my pelvic area, feeling for any lumps. I glanced down at her face, which was directly in front of my penis, as she professionally began to roll my testicles in her soft fingers. From my vantage point I could see down the top of her blouse. To my surprise, the top button was unfastened, offering me a view of her deep cleavage. I was almost positive that it had been buttoned up before she had left the room to get her nurse.

I could see the nurse, off to the side, with my peripheral vision. My penis began to elongate slightly as the doctor continued her manipulation of my tender balls. “I can feel a small bump at the bottom of your left testicle,” she explained as she softly rolled my balls in her warm fingers. She then grasped my penis and began to stretch the skin back tight and rolled my flared plum-sized glans between her fingers, looking for any irregularities. She sqeezed my glans in a manner which allowed her to look inside the urinal slit, which by now was leaking profusely with pre-seminal fluid. She lifted kaçak casino her thumb and began to spread the slick clear fluid around the head of my penis. The manipulations of her soft warm hands had caused me now to develop a semi-erection, which swayed back and forth in front of me as she turned away and began to put on latex exam gloves.

“Turn around now Mr. Robert’s and bend over the table so I can check your prostate. As I turned around, I glanced at the nurse’s face and noticed her gaze was fixed on my semi-swollen member. I leaned over the table and supported myself with my elbows. “Spread your legs a bit more,” the doctor ordered as I felt her grasp my buttocks with both hands and spread them apart. I knew my low hanging scrotal sac was clearly visible to both women as I leaned forward, and the nurse would have a clear view of my now swollen penis from the side.

“Go ahead and apply the KY jelly Marsha,” she said to the nurse. I could hear the lube squirt out of the tube and begin to run down the crack of my ass. “Rub some on the anus,” she directed. I could feel the nurses fingers scooping up the lube and rub it into my dark nether hole. My penis leapt to full attention as my knees slightly buckled with erotic excitement.

“OK, you’re going to feel some pressure,” the doctor warned as she released my buttocks and placed the middle finger of her right hand against my sphincter muscle and began to press it home. “Just try to relax,” she said as she slowly pressed her finger deep into my ass. I was overcome with erotic delight as she began to violate my ass with her soft warm finger. “OK, there’s your prostate,” she said as she began to rub her finger along my inner orifice. “It appears to be normal,” she explained as she continued to rub her finger against it. Suddenly I felt an orgasm begin to build uncontrollably. I had never felt anything so stimulating in all my life. As she withdrew her finger thick white sperm began to ooze from my penis and drip onto the floor. My knees buckled slightly as waves of pleasure spasmed through my loins.

“OK, Mr. Roberts, everything looks fine, she said as the nurse placed a box of tissues on the table for me to clean up with. I could only wonder if they knew that I needed to clean up both the rear and the front. As the doctor stripped off her gloves I wiped up the lube between my ass cheeks, then tried to discreetly clean off the remaining sperm on my penis. I looked down and could clearly see my sperm on the floor. I bent over and quickly wiped up the mess as quickly as I could.

As I pulled up my underwear and slacks, I was amazed that neither the doctor nor the nurse appeared to be aware that I had just had an orgasm in front of them.

“OK Mr. Roberts, you can get dressed and Marsha will be back in to take those blood samples.”

With that the doctor walked out of the room and I quickly wiped up the remaining sperm on the floor and sat down to await the nurse.

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